25+ Options for Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC That You’ll Love

When we’re talking about beautiful pieces of custom content for The Sims 4 we often think about clothing and especially dresses. However, not all players want to have short sleeve dresses on their sims and these Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC options are going to allow you to cover up your sim’s arms and keep them warm.

Of course, these aren’t all modest dresses! We added a few that have some cut outs, are mesh, and show a bit more skin too so long-sleeve doesn’t have to mean modest.

Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC for Adults

The first category for dresses is going to be for your oldest sims, this is going to include everyone from teenagers to elders which is awesome. These dresses are going to cover so many categories from dresses your sims can wear out on the town to gorgeous dresses you can wear everyday as a simple outfit for hanging out at home.

Gwen Long-Sleeve Dress

The first dress on this list is the beautiful Gwen dress that lets your sims be sexy without showing too much skin, and keeping them warm up top. This dress has a beautiful scoop neckline with long sleeves that go all the way to the wrist.

The dress goes all the way down to your sim’s ankles with a beautiful slit on either side of the leg allowing the dress to be sexy. The colours on this one are great too with dark winter and fall tones that you’ll swoon over in create a sim.

Two characters from The Sims 4 who have their arms around one another and are wearing the same long-sleeve cc dress that has a large slit.

Pinafore Your Thoughts Dress

Putting a dress over a long sleeve shirt is such an adorable look and this pinafore dress style is extremely popular, especially in Europe. The shirt underneath the dress is so beautiful with bell sleeves and a turtle neck and a wavy hem.

The dress on top is a mini-length with adorable floral embroidery on the skirt and a beautiful cup shaped top. This is the dress for your sims who want to live in a meadow and raise their own chickens.

Two sims who have their faces cropped out of the image and are wearing a pinafore dress.

Embroidered Denim Dress

Denim is one of the most popular and universally loved fabrics out there and this denim dress takes it to a whole new level. The style of this dress is super classic with a collared shirt with pocket being long enough to be a beautiful dress.

The star of this dress is definitely the embroidery at the bottom with beautiful florals really bringing it all together. This dress isn’t for your more modest sims however, the hem is definitely short so that’s something to consider.

two sims with black hair wearing collared button down denim shirts with embroidered flowers.

Multi-Colour Mini-Dress

We are no long in the everyday clothing category with this sequinned number, that’s for sure. This dress is so much fun with the dress being a mini-length, and there being two super fun cut outs on the back around the shoulder blades.

The dress is covered in a bunch of sequins that are in a rainbow cascading order which makes it a great dress for pride or just to show off some of your favourite colours. Find an amazing custom hairstyle and you’ll absolutely love this one.

A sim with white hair wearing a rhinestone rainbow dress.

Fiore Dress

Our next dress is this absolutely beautiful Fiore dress with so many gorgeous details. The creator definitely put some effort into this one with cut outs on the chest, fun ties as the straps, a cinched waist and buttons going down the front.

The patterns and solid colours are gorgeous too and give you options that will look great on every skin tone. This dress is also an amazing option to wear to a backyard wedding as a custom wedding guest dress, it just has the perfect small wedding vibe.

Three different sims all wearing the same dress.

Cersei Long-Sleeve Dress

If you’re working your way through any sims challenge that will have your sims living in a different time period, you may want to have some clothes that fit the style. This dress definitely belongs to a gorgeous princess and is style after a Game of Thrones character.

The dress has a fun off the shoulder style with gorgeous bell sleeves and a hem that goes all the way to the ground. The pattern on this sims 4 long-sleeve dress cc option is super subtle too instead of being in your face, and it comes in fifteen swatches so there’s something for everyone.

The same sim four times with blonde hair and an old victorian style dress.

Transparent Dress

Just because we are talking about long-sleeve dresses doesn’t mean that all of these dresses need to be modest, you can add a bit of sexy to your outfits too. This dress is so much fun and such a unique style that would be perfect for your sims to wear to a party or out on the town.

This dress has a collar, buttons going down the front, and a bunch of fun panels that cover specific parts of the body while leaving much of your sim’s body out in the open. It’s definitely a beautiful option and you’ll be impressed with how good your sims look.

The same sim who is wearing a bra underneath a mesh see-through long-sleeve cc dress from The Sims 4.

Button Down Dress

If you want your sims to have possibly the best casual long-sleeve dress, look no further. This dress is so great with a gorgeous silhouette and the perfect set of swatch colours with beautiful purples, greens and blues.

The dress starts with a collar at the top, buttons going down to the waist and some pockets on the chest. The sleeves go to the wrist with a small cuffed section making the dress look even more thought out and absolutely gorgeous.

Two sims with mousy expressions who are wearing a fitted collared shirt dress in purple and black.

Beaded Long-Sleeve Dress

If your sims planning a night out in San Myshuno and is looking for the best dress, you can definitely have them wear this little beaded number. This dress somehow has your sim’s entire front covered but is still extremely sexy and will make them look amazing.

This dress hugs your sim’s every curve in the front and has an exposed back with a zipper going all the way toward the bottom. On the front there are hundreds of little silver beads really showing off a gorgeous geometric style!

A sim with their black hair in an up-do who is wearing a long sleeve black dress, on the back of the dress there is a zipper and the front is covered in silver beads.

Verona Sims 4 CC Dress

Our next dress is a gorgeous and very trendy corset style dress. This dress checks all the boxes for a perfect corset dress, a beautiful rounded cup, a set of puffy sleeves, and a bunch of beautiful colours to choose from.

The best thing about this dress is that you can totally change how fancy it is by adding some fun custom accessories to the look, but the dress can shine without it too.

A female character from The Sims 4 who has their head cropped out of the image. They are wearing a long sleeve corset mini dress cc in hot pink.

Boho Dress

This item for an amazing sims 4 long-sleeve dress cc option is a beautiful boho style dress with tons of fun patterns, and a large chest cut out. This dress looks so great on your sims with a large v-neck and two straps holding it together in such a beautiful way.

This dress feels like something you’d want to wear to a brunch with your best friends, or to a nice dinner to celebrate someone. It’s really beautiful and has so many gorgeous details.

The same character from The Sims 4 three times, this sim has dirty blonde hair and is wearing a  choker necklace. They are wearing a long sleeve cc dress that has boho design elements and shows off the sims chest.

Monica Long-Sleeve Dress

If you’re looking for a great dress to wear to a party or out with friends in The Sims 4 you don’t have to look much further than this gorgeous Monica long sleeve dress. This dress has a nice loose top with a gorgeous fitted skirt giving you that shape contrast that is such a good look.

The top of this dress has a straight neckline with a spaghetti strap top that has a cold shoulder with detached sleeves with a puffy style. There is a thin piece of fabric around the waist that connects the top to the skirt and the skirt has a beautiful pattern on the sides.

The same sim three times wearing the same dress. This long sleeve dress has detached sleeves and spaghetti straps and a fun mandala pattern on the skirt.

Beatrice Long-Sleeve Dress

When I look at this dress my brain wants to create an evil school headmaster who is going to have a bunch of children living in their care and they have a bad living situation and you have to try to make it better by eliminating this woman or something.

This dress just feels evil to me for some reason, it’s beautiful, extremely well made, but just looks evil.

A sim standing in a vintage looking room wearing a dress that you'd imagine on a headmaster at a fancy school.

Ronnie Dress

Are your sims trying to get an A in University? Are they joining clubs and trying to learn and want to look the part? Okay, so then you need to have the Ronnie Dress in your game.

This dress starts with a beautiful long white collared button down shirt with the top button undone to show off a bit of your sim’s chest. This white shirt goes down to the length of a mini-dress and on top there is a beautiful cashmere looking vest with ribbed detailing around the edges.

The dress is such a gorgeous style that will look absolutely incredible in the game!

A sim with a dark complexion and dreads who has a headband keeping the dreads out of their face. They are wearing a cc long sleeve button down collared shirt dress with a beige vest on top.

Wool Sims 4 CC Dress

For some reason humans have decided that we love to put a dress over top of a shirt, and I’m glad we did. This is such a beautiful style for you and your sims too. This wool dress is one of my favourite versions of this with a beautiful ribbed detail and gorgeous draped pockets.

The shirt is a white long sleeve turtle neck and on top you’ll find a grey mini-dress with white ribbing. It’s just so gorgeous!

The same sim twice wearing a white long sleeve turtle neck underneath a grey corded dress that has pockets and a scoop neck.

Denim Shirt Dress

If the first embroidered denim dress wasn’t for you, maybe this next one will be. This denim dress has a more subtle style without all of the flowers being embroidered on the bottom.

To set this dress apart from just a simple denim dress there are horizontal lines going across sectioning off the dress. There aren’t just blue denim swatches either, there are black and green swatches too that are just as beautiful.

The same sim twice, one with their hair in a bun and the other with their hair down. Both versions of this Sims 4 character are wearing a long sleeve dress made of denim that has horizontal detailing and pockets on the chest.

Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC for Kids

Shopping for custom content is fun for adults but even more fun for the younger age groups. These pieces of Sims 4 Kids CC are so much fun because you get to bring in so many fun colours and styles that adults just can’t pull off.

Caroline Sims 4 CC Dress

Our first option for a sims 4 long-sleeve dress cc for kids is this beautiful formal dress with so much going on that your sims are sure to look amazing. This dress is bright yellow or even gold and has beautiful red detailing around the waist and at the bottom of the dress.

The pattern on the dress has so much going on with all sorts of different flowers on it and small birds too, which are beautiful. This is a great dress to wear to a wedding, a fancy birthday party, or just for a game of dress up.

The same child-aged character from The Sims 4 who has long brown hair and are wearing a bright gold dress with flowers and a red trim and belt.

Wisteria Dress

There is nothing better when planning an outfit than just throwing on a single article of clothing and looking amazing and this Wisteria dress is doing just that. This dress has a rounded high neckline with a beautiful cinched waist that adds some flair and keeps the outfit fitted.

The patterns on this are where it shines, there are sixteen plain coloured swatches and six gorgeous floral patterns which are my favourites for sure. The colours are great with bright colours that you’d love to have your sims wear.

Two sims, one with blonde hair in a braid crown and the other with long black hair. They are both wearing long-sleeve mini dresses with flowers on them.

Gardi Long-Sleeve Dress

Our next dress is a very grown up look for your children, but done in a way that keeps it fun and child-like. This is a dress that I would wear as an almost 30 year old lady, so you know its gorgeous.

This dress has a straight across neckline with beautiful frills and some sleeves that are attached with a small piece of fabric at the arm pit. The dress has a cinched elastic waistband that helps keep the dress fitted and the dress just looks so adorable on your sims.

A sim with curly brown natural hair wearing a flower necklace. Their dress has a straight neckline with detached sleeves.

Pinafore Dress

Most of the dresses I chose for children are a little more formal because it’s a lot harder to find gorgeous formal clothes for children. However, this long sleeve pinafore dress had to make the list because of how much fun these options are.

This dress has a scoop neck three-quarter length shirt underneath an overall dress that ends mid-thigh. The overall dresses have such fun patterns with funny looking sea shells, adorable cherries or beautiful bright colours that have more fun shirts underneath. You can definitely add some kid’s accessories to bring the whole look together too!

The same blonde sim twice and a different brown haired child in The Sims 4 in the middle. These sims are wearing overall dresses with long sleeve shirts and fun patterns.

Hyacinth Long-Sleeve Dress

Whoever decided to pair gorgeous knit sweaters with beautiful floral skirts deserves an award for bringing something so gorgeous into our world. This custom content creator killed it when they made this version for The Sims 4 too.

In this dress you have an absolutely gorgeous silk skirt with small minimalistic flowers on it in bright colours, this skirt is high waisted and such a stunner. On top you have a high neck knitted sweater in bright colours like teals, pinks and blues that are really just going to steal the show.

Two sims, one with curly hair and one with black hair, they are wearing floral skirts under knitted cropped sweaters.

Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC for Toddlers

My favourite category of custom content to shop around for is always going to be toddlers because they are just so cute. These sims don’t have much in the base game since they didn’t even exist so we have to find the best types of cc for them out there!

Hearts Long-Sleeve Dress

The thing about toddlers is that their custom content gets to be so much fun and have such fun patterns and this heart dress is a perfect example of that. What adult could get away with a skirt covered in super small hearts at their office job? Not me, that’s for sure.

This dress has a beautiful skirt covered in small hearts with a long sleeve sweater with three gorgeous hearts across the chest and the sleeves have a small cuff in the same colour as the hearts to bring it all together. You can pair this with many custom toddler accessories to make the look really come together.

two toddlers from the sims who have their arms around each other and are wearing matching heart dresses.

Reindeer Sims 4 CC Dress

If you’ve ever visited this website before and read one of my articles I always like to slip in some Christmas custom content because it’s the happiest time of the year! During the holidays you get to wear ridiculous outfits covered in funny patterns and no one can judge you for it.

This gorgeous toddler Christmas dress is so much fun with beautiful polka dots all over it would be cute even without the adorable reindeers on either side. There is so much fun to be had here!

The same brown haired toddler three times showing off variations of the same red polka dot Christmas dress.

Knit Sweater Dress

I have a few hobbies, they include playing The Sims, talking about Taylor Swift and learning to make things out of yarn so this knit sweater dress had to make the list. This dress has so many beautiful knitted details on it and it is just so impressive that it exists.

There is a gorgeous brightly coloured ribbed collar with fun details draping down to a simple solid coloured section. Then at the skirt there are fun stripes in different fun styles that are so much fun to knit. This is a great dress for the winter months for sure!

Three blonde toddlers from The Sims 4 who are all wearing different swatches of the same long-sleeve dress that is knitted

Multi-Coloured Floral Dress

Our next long-sleeve dress is probably the perfect wedding guest dress for a toddler, like for real this is so cute. This dress has a right at the elbow sleeve and the dress is a light yellow colour and the other swatches are gorgeous too.

The dress cinches at the waist and is then covered in absolutely beautiful roses all over the dress. It just looks so gorgeous on your sims and adding the perfect custom hair to the look will bring it all together.

The same blonde toddler from The Sims 4 three times, this toddler is wearing a light yellow long-sleeve dress with roses on it.

Robin Sims 4 CC Dress

This dress is such a great everyday dress for your toddlers that can just be thrown on as you run out the door for a Target run IRL. Unfortunately we don’t have target in The Sims, so maybe your sims can wear this to the park. These dresses have beautiful patterns with a 3/4 sleeve and a beautiful rounded neckline.

Honestly, these patterns would make the perfect custom wallpapers for your sim’s home, is that a weird thing to think? Maybe. However, I really want this on my walls.

Two toddler aged characters from The Sims 4. The first sim is wearing a long sleeve dress cc option with blobs and polka dots and the other sim has a black and white polka dot dress.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC

These are some of my absolute favourite Sims 4 Long-Sleeve Dress CC options are it just makes me so happy. They are great for wearing in the early fall or late spring when the weather is good but not quite good enough to have your full arms out, you know? Anyway, happy playing!

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