25+ Sims 4 CC Sunglasses To Keep Your Sims Eyes Protected

When the weather gets warm and the sun gets brighter we need to start wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes, or just to have a fashion statement. These are some of my absolute best Sims 4 CC Sunglasses that must be in my mods folder at all times.

The sunglasses we have in the regular game are pretty boring and are definitely a low-priority item for the sims team to be adding to the game. This makes it so we get them very infrequently, so custom content is the way to go.

Sims 4 CC Sunglasses for Adults

Adults are usually wearing boring sunglasses but that doesn’t have to be the case for your sims. On this list you’ll find traditional styles for Sims 4 CC Sunglasses, but also fun styles that can elevate your sim’s looks and make them look extremely cute. You’ll need to also find the best custom outfits to pair them with!

Rimless Wings Sunglasses

Watch your virtual world come alive with magic and flair and unleash your Sims’ inner fashionista with the whimsical Rimless Wings Sunglasses mod by GiuliettaSims! These enchanting shades feature delicate feather-shaped lenses, adding a touch of ethereal elegance to any ensemble.

The sunglasses are not only a fabulous feminine style choice but also versatile, with 12 vibrant swatches to match any outfit or mood. And the best part? No Sim is left behind – these chic accessories are available for humans, vampires, mermaids, and aliens alike.

A sim with their black hair in a pony tail. They are wearing disco ball earrings and have brown eyes. They are wearing pink sunglasses that look like a bird's wing.

Glam Sims 4 CC Sunglasses

Step into the dazzling world of fashion with OranosTR’s Glam Sunglasses. This mod is perfect for Sims seeking a bold and stylish statement piece. With its distinctive oversized cat-eye design and a double rim adorning the top of the lightweight metallic frame, these sunglasses exude confidence and allure.

They come in an abundant palette of 8 stunning colours, ensuring that your Sim can effortlessly coordinate their shades with any outfit.

A sim with red hair wearing a choker. They are wearing a pair of sunglasses that are large.

Summer Sunglasses

Embrace the sunny side of life with These chic sunglasses designed by BewitchedSims’. Boost your Sims’ fashion prowess by bringing a touch of refinement and elegance to your Sims’ wardrobes. The sunglasses feature intricate patterns on the temples in three distinct versions.

Designed to suit both male and female Sims, these shades offer a stylish accessory that complements any outfit or occasion. The dark lenses provide an air of mystery and allure, perfect for Sims who want to make a fashionable statement. 

A sim wearing a white lace shirt with sunglasses and their brown hair in a long pony tail.

Exov Sunglasses

Explore the realm of fashion-forward eyewear with the Exov Sunglasses masterfully created by Pralinesims! These attractive aviator sunglasses boast a sophisticated frame style, designed to appeal to all genders and elevate your Sims’ fashion sense.

With an impressive selection of 25 colours, the Exov Sunglasses ensure your virtual characters always look their best, no matter the outfit or occasion. The mod also features see-through lenses in a variety of hues, adding a unique and modern twist to the classic aviator style.

A pair of bleach blonde haired sims who both have earrings and light blue shirts. They are both wearing cc aviator sunglasses in the Sims.

Retro Tiny Sunglasses

Get ready to turn back time and embrace a touch of nostalgia with OranosTR’s Retro Tiny Sunglasses! These charming shades feature attractive small lenses in a stunning array of 30 colours, all encased in a flexible metal frame.

They add an intellectual flair to any ensemble, giving your Sims that perfect balance of style and sophistication. Infuse your virtual world with a hint of retro chic, and let your Sims make a statement with these delightful accessories. 

Two male sims wearing beanies and jackets. They are both wearing tiny oval sunglasses.

Technologic Sims 4 Sunglasses

Introducing the Technologic Sims 4 Sunglasses, a dazzling custom content mod crafted by the ingenious creator toksik! This model bestows your Sims with elegant aviator sunglasses featuring silver or golden frames, topped off with an additional rim for that extra touch of panache.

The slightly see-through lenses, available in eight distinct colours, add a dash of character to your Sims’ wardrobe, while the unisex design ensures all Sims can flaunt their style with pride.

A male and female sim who are looking off to the side and wearing a pair of modern aviator sunglasses.

Gaby Sunglasses

Let your Sims channel the timeless elegance of the silver screen with the Gaby Sunglasses, a chic and trendy model meticulously crafted by the talented creator, SLYD. Inspired by the iconic accessories worn by Alicia Vikander in the movie ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’.

These round frame acetate sunglasses and hoop resin earrings are the perfect fusion of retro and modern aesthetics. Choose between the classic white or black frames, and marvel at the attention to detail showcased in the double rimmed design.

A character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a white shirt, they have brown hair and are wearing a pair of rounded sunglasses with a rim.

Elisa Sunglasses

Feast your eyes on the Elisa Sunglasses, a sleek and stylish mod lovingly designed by the creative genius of serenity-cc. These sunglasses boast a round, lightweight metal frame that embodies both sophistication and practicality.

And with nine cool hues to choose from, including the ever-classic black, your Sims can effortlessly switch up their look for any occasion. These Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory to help your Sims make a bold fashion statement while basking in the virtual sun and embracing their true selves. 

A sim with light pink hair in braids toward the back, wearing a pair of rounded pink sunglasses.

Deal With It CC Sunglasses

Get ready to turn heads with the “Deal With It” Sunglasses, an unconventional and bold model masterfully designed by the imaginative creator, Mr. Alex. These unusual black sunglasses captivate with their ragged rim and opaque lenses.

The striking white contemporary patterns on the lenses make the ultimate statement. Perfect for Sims from teen to elder and suitable for both genders, the “Deal With It” Sunglasses offer an edgy touch to any outfit. 

Two sims. There is a blonde sim wearing a Lisa Simpson sweater and a brown haired sim wearing a strawberry sweater. Both sims are wearing a pair of sims 4 cc sunglasses that are pixelated.

Sirheo Sunglasses

Behold the Sirheo Sunglasses, an alluring model meticulously crafted by the artistic virtuoso, toksik. This fresh take on cat-eye glasses showcases unmatched elegance that adds a touch of glamour to your Sims’ ensembles.

Featuring two-hue lenses and the choice of either golden or silver accents and frames, these sunglasses are the epitome of style and sophistication. The unisex Sirheo Sunglasses are available in three stunning colours, making them a versatile accessory for any fashion-conscious Sim.

A sim with dark brown hair who is wearing a pair of drop earrings with the letters to LOVE on them, they have black nail polish and their hand is on their lip. They are wearing a pair of sims 4 cc sunglasses.

Square Sunglasses

Presenting the Square Sunglasses, a striking style ingeniously designed by the renowned creator, DarkNighTt. These eye-catching sunglasses boast a unique and bold style with 10 vibrant frame colours to choose from.

The lenses, sitting comfortably a little deeper on the nose, allow your Sims’ eyes to peek above, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue. With their distinctive design, the Square Sunglasses are the perfect addition for Sims seeking to express their individuality and exude confidence and charisma!

A sim wearing a black sweater over a white button down, they are wearing their hair in a bun and are wearing a pair of straight across black and gold square sunglasses.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Dive into the world of Sims 4 with a fashionable twist by adding Mirrored Sunglasses to your game! Created by the talented Pralinesims, these mirrored aviator sunglasses are a delightful addition to your virtual wardrobe.

Available in a dazzling array of 20 colours and suitable for all genders, they bring a fresh, modern take on a classic style. With their sleek metal frame and eye-catching colour palette, these stunning shades are a fantastic way to inject some fun and personality into your Sims’ style.

Two sims with bleach blonde hair who have brown eyebrows. They are both wearing a pair of aviator style sunglasses with mirror lenses.

Xoev Sunglasses

Get ready to jazz up your Sims 4 experience with the Xoev Sunglasses, skillfully designed by the imaginative Pralinesims. These simple yet chic round sunglasses are perfect for Sims who appreciate understated elegance.

Presenting a choice between silver or golden metal frames, these modish shades also offer a selection of 10 vibrant colours for the see-through lenses. They bring a touch of effortless sophistication to your Sims’ wardrobe, while allowing them to express their unique sense of style.

A female sim with bleach blonde hair and a male sim with black hair. These sims are both wearing metal rimmed round sunglasses.

Cat Eye Sims CC Sunglasses

Make way for these captivating Cat Eye Sunglasses, masterfully crafted by the inventive Mr.Alex. Exclusively designed for female Sims, these bold cat eye glasses feature a wide frame that exudes confidence and celebrates feminine power.

The dark lenses bring an air of mystery to your Sims’ look, while the frames come in a variety of 8 vibrant colours to perfectly complement their style.

Two sims, one blonde one brunette, wearing rounded bottom cat eye sunglasses.

Retro Heart Sunglasses

Integrate a touch of whimsy to your Sims 4 experience with the delightful Retro Heart Sunglasses, lovingly designed by the creative magpiesan. These adorable tiny sunglasses, feature heart-shaped lenses, and are perfect for both male and female Sims, from teens to elders.

With an impressive selection of 24 swatches, you can find the perfect colour to match your Sims’ individual style. The delicate yet durable frame ensures that these charming shades can be a multifaceted and long-lasting addition to your virtual wardrobe.

Two sims wearing turtlenecks and jackets and have black hair. These sims are both wearing a pair of small heart shaped cc sunglasses.

Double Layer Sunglasses

Spice up your Sims 4 adventures with the intriguing Double Layer Sunglasses thoughtfully designed by the visionary DarkNighTt. These unusually styled sunglasses provide an innovative twist to conventional eyewear, creating the impression of a screen layered over the lenses.

With a striking selection of 20 colours your Sims will never run out of options to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd.

A sim who is standing on a beach with a tropical location in the background. They are wearing a pair of rounded sunglasses in black that have a red frame on top.

Mr Alex Sims CC Sunglasses

Cherish your Sims 4 experience with the daring Mr. Alex Sims CC Sunglasses, expertly designed by the artistic Mr.Alex. These eye-catching sunglasses, boasting a stunning variety of 20 colours, cater to both genders and accommodate Sims from their teen years all the way to elderhood.

The frames take inspiration from the boldness of cat eyes, featuring pointing outer edges and some of them come with striking patterns gracing the top of the frame. They are perfect for fashion-forward Sims who aren’t afraid to make a statement and showcase their impeccable sense of style.

A sim who is wearing a red turtleneck under a leather jacket. They are wearing a pair of sims 4 cc sunglasses.

Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses

Immerse yourself in the fashionable world of Sims 4 with the chic Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses, another remarkable creation by the talented Mr.Alex, a true connoisseur of cat eye sunglasses.

These sunglasses are exclusively designed for female Sims who appreciate the allure of a classic cat eye silhouette with a rounded twist. They are a stunning addition to any virtual wardrobe, captivating a selection of 7 colours and letting your Sims flaunt their fabulousness!

Two sims with their hair down who are making snarly faces. They are both wearing small rounded sunglasses.

Sparkle Sims 4 Sunglasses

Welcome the glamour and glitz of the Sims 4 world with the dazzling Sparkle Sims 4 Sunglasses, meticulously designed by the gifted Suzue. These radiant sunglasses cater to both female and male Sims, from teens to elders, ensuring everyone can shine with style.

The round frame bursts with a kaleidoscope of colour and sparkle in 15 mesmerising swatches. The attractive lenses, designed to let your Sims’ eyes shine through, add an extra touch of charm to these eye-catching shades.

A sim with brownish-red hair who is wearing large round sunglasses. This Sims 4 character's glasses are brightly coloured in gold with sparkles.

Sims 4 CC Sunglasses for Kids

You can’t only decide to download Sims 4 CC Sunglasses for your adult sims, we need them for kids too! It’s fun to download them for kids because they can be hilarious shapes and styles instead of just traditional black frames. You can wear these as well as many other kid’s accessories and make your sims look so adorable.

Simple Children’s Sunglasses

Include a touch of charm to your little Sims’ lives with the Simple Children’s Sunglasses, lovingly created by irisflor123. These delightful sunglasses are designed exclusively for children, both girls and boys, ensuring your young Sims can step out in style.

The collection includes 2 semi-transparent and 2 opaque options, offering a variety of choices to suit their playful personalities. They are a perfect reminder not to forget the smallest members of your Sims families as they explore their virtual world. 

An ombre background from yellow to green with two kids on top who are both wearing white sunglasses.

Avant Children’s Sunglasses

Bring a splash of colour and fun to your little Sims’ lives with the Avant Children’s Sunglasses thoughtfully crafted by talented Suzue. These trendy shades are designed with children in mind, making sure they don’t lag behind the grown-ups in the fashion department.

With a selection of 10 swatches, ranging from lovely pastel hues to bolder shades, these sunglasses are perfect for both female and male children. They add a playful and fashionable touch, allowing your little Sims to make a statement as they enjoy their virtual adventures.

A sim with their hair in a high pony tail who is wearing a pair of Ray Ban style cc sunglasses.

Floral Sunglasses

Brighten up your Sims 4 experience with the delightful Floral Sunglasses, charmingly designed by the creative MahoCreations. These enchanting shades are perfect for adding a touch of cheerfulness to sunny days, with a comfortable frame designed to fit a child’s face flawlessly.

Available in 27 stunning colours, these sunglasses cater to girls and boys. The structured pattern along the frame is beautifully adorned with happy flowers making these Floral Sunglasses a playful and heartwarming addition to any virtual wardrobe.

A blonde child in The Sims 4 with long hair. They are wearing a pair of small rounded sunglasses with flowers on the edge.

Whovian Tardis Glasses

Embark on a thrilling journey through time and space with the Whovian Tardis Glasses, expertly crafted by the inventive DragonQueen. This unique collection of unisex glasses is designed for both adults and children, allowing all Sims to view the universe with the eyes of a Time Lord.

The set features three captivating styles: regular glasses with blue-tinted lenses, dark sunglasses, and sunglasses with a mesmerizing galaxy screen on the lens. Each frame is adorned with the iconic Tardis in flight, adding a touch of Whovian magic to your Sims’ style.

The same brown haired sim 3 times, this sim is wearing different blue outfits each time but every version is wearing a pair of blue sunglasses.

Retro Floral Sunglasses

Step back in time and embrace the flower power era of the early 70s with the Retro Floral Sunglasses, brilliantly designed by the creative Pelineldis. These cool sunglasses are exclusively crafted for young Sims girls and come in five mesmerizing colour variations.

The unique design features a subtle cat-eye effect, achieved through the clever placement of the flowers along the edge of the frame. They will bring a touch of nostalgia and fun to your Sims 4 experience, allowing your little Sim girls to showcase their love for retro fashion and make a groovy statement in their virtual world.

A sim with their black hair in a bun is wearing a black and white shirt with a peter pan collar. This sim is wearing a pair of Sims 4 CC Sunglasses that are rounded frames with small flowers on the top of the rim.

Sims 4 CC Sunglasses for Toddlers

My favourite kind of custom content to look for is always going to be toddler custom content because it just gets to be so adorable. These pieces of Sims 4 CC Sunglasses are great because they’re super cute, super fun and super fresh.

Cat CC Sunglasses

Engage your young Sims in a world of delightful style with the Cat CC Sunglasses, carefully designed by the talented GIULIETTASIMS. Featuring 22 enchanting swatches, these sunglasses provide a whimsical accessory for girls and boys, adding a touch of fun to their everyday adventures.

These endearing shades are available for humans, vampires, mermaids, and aliens, catering to toddlers and older kids alike. They truly take cuteness to another level, allowing your young Sims to match with their supernatural friends and express their unique personalities.

A sim with dark curly hair and laid edges wearing a green and white striped sweater. They are holding a pair of cat or tiger inspired sims 4 cc sunglasses onto their head.

Kelly Sunglasses

Prepare yourself to add a dash of stylish charm to your young Sims girl’s wardrobe with the Kelly Sunglasses, exquisitely designed by the remarkable Feyona. These sunglasses, crafted especially for girls, boast a feminine design and are available in 10 vibrant colours.

The lenses feature a captivating gradient effect, with hues growing lighter toward the bottom, allowing the girl’s eyes to shine through. The lightweight yet durable frame sports a subtle golden shade, completing the adorable look and adding a delightful mix of fashion and fun into their virtual world.

A sim with brown hair in a side bun who is wearing a butterfly necklace and earrings with a denim vest and white tank top. They are wearing sunglasses.

Bunny Sims CC Sunglasses

Introducing the Bunny Sims CC Sunglasses, passionately designed by the talented Feyona, bringing a burst of delightful charm to your game. These super cute bunny-shaped sunglasses are crafted especially for toddlers and come in 15 vibrant swatches.

The bridge is cleverly designed to showcase a bunny nose and teeth, adding an extra touch of playfulness. Watch as your tiny Sims enjoy sunny days and outdoor adventures with these enchanting sunglasses, turning heads and melting hearts in their virtual world.

A sim with brown hair side parted who is wearing a light blue sweater and a pair of blue sunglasses that make the sim look like a bunny rabbit.

Rimless Bat Sunglasses

Watch your young Sims express their creativity and flair with these fun Rimless Bat Sunglasses, capturing the spirit of imagination in their virtual adventure. They are masterfully designed by the innovative GIULIETTASIMS, and these unique sunglasses ensure the little Sims won’t be left behind when it comes to making a statement.

Perfect for any day, not just Halloween, these bat-inspired shades come in 15 versatile swatches. They are not only available for human children but also little vampires, mermaids, and aliens.

A sim who is wearing a red sweater with black polka dots. The Sims 4 character has brown hair and is wearing a pair of cc sunglasses that look like a bat wing.

Rosie Sunglasses

Explore the enchanting world of Rosie Sunglasses devotedly designed by the ingenious GIULIETTASIMS. These delightful sunglasses, converted from an adult version inspired by Chloe, are thoughtfully crafted for toddlers and come in an array of 14 vibrant colours.

The gradient effect allows the little eyes to sparkle behind the lenses, adding a touch of magic to their look. These sunglasses are also available for the tiny vampires, mermaids, and aliens in your virtual universe.

A toddler from The Sims 4 who is wearing a yellow shirt with ruffle sleeves and a yellow daisy hat. They are wearing a pair of cc sunglasses that are bubbled.

Avant Sims 4 CC Sunglasses

Unveil the captivating Avant Sims 4 CC Sunglasses thoroughly designed by the talented Suzue. Your Sims mini-fashionistas, boys and girls, will enjoy the same level of sophistication as their older counterparts, thanks to the gentle cat eye shape and generously sized lenses that shield their sensitive eyes.

Add a touch of elegance and charm to your youngest Sims’ wardrobe choosing from 10 swatches and cater to their unique, growing personalities.

A sim with their hair in french braided pig tails wearing a striped shirt. They are wearing a pair of ray ban sunglasses.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Sunglasses

These are my absolute favourite options for keeping your sims looking cool, and keeping their pixelated eyes protected in the warmer months. They are so great because they can be all sorts of shapes and styles, and even be entirely non-functional in some of their shapes but they look so good. Happy Playing!

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