Three sims facing different directions all wearing various sims 4 cc earrings

50+ Sims 4 CC Earrings To Complete Your Sim’s Outfit

Wearing interesting jewelry is a great way for your sims (and you IRL) to show off your personality and make your look more interesting. There are so many types of Sims 4 CC Earrings to wear, from studs, to dangly to hoops and they all look amazing on your characters.

Downloading a bunch of custom jewelry and accessories is the best way to totally customize your sim’s looks and make the game more unique for you.

Sims 4 CC Earrings for Adults

The types of earrings you’ll find in this category are going to be a little more mature than the other two categories. Adults want to look professional in some situations and just look beautiful in others and the different kinds of earrings can reflect that.

Cherry Sims 4 CC Earrings

Get ready to add a touch of playful charm to your Sims’ wardrobe with the Cherry Sims Earrings, lovingly crafted by the talented Pralinesims! The elegant studs feature a slim golden bar holding a pair of charming green leaves, along with delicate golden cherry stems that gracefully extend into two delightful red cherries. 

Perfect for casual outings or whimsical parties, these earrings are a charming addition to your Sims’ fashion repertoire.

An adult sim with dramatic eye make up who has brown hair and blue eyes. They are wearing a pair of dangly earrings that look like a cherry with gold metal.

Floral Pearl Earrings

Introducing the Floral Pearl Earrings, an exquisite custom content addition for the Sims 4, thoughtfully designed by the imaginative GIULIETTASIMS. These captivating accessories showcase 10 swatches of delicate flowers, each featuring a lustrous pearl at the centre, providing a myriad of choices to complement your Sims’ ensembles.

Enhance your virtual characters’ appeal (including vampires, aliens, and mermaids) with the enchanting Floral Pearl Earrings, and let their grace and elegance shine through in all their Simlish adventures!

A sim with silver blonde hair in a side braid with face framing pieces. They are wearing a pair of turquoise cc flower earrings.

Squaretacular Sims 4 Earrings

Discover the stylish Squaretacular Earrings, a chic custom content creation for the Sims 4 by the innovative alexaarr. These fashionable accessories feature attractive rhombus earrings dangling gracefully on a hook at the earlobe, adding a touch of sophistication to your Sims’ looks.

With 9 swatches to choose from, finding the perfect match for any outfit becomes a breeze. These trendy earrings are designed to seamlessly blend with your virtual characters’ personalities, making them a must-have for all Sims 4 aficionados.

A character from The Sims 4 in a denim jacket with sherpa at the collar. They have brown hair and brown eyes and are wearing a pair of diamond shaped earrings.

Fan Earrings

Embrace the unconventional with the Fan Earrings, an artistic custom content creation for the Sims 4 by the brilliant Nords. These uniquely designed accessories boast an interesting form, reminiscent of a mini purse, held by two small strings meeting a little ball at the earlobe.

The diverse selection of 15 swatches, each featuring captivating duo hues, presents a total of 15 combinations to delightfully accessorize your Sims’ outfits. Originally showcased in the Island Living Pack, these earrings are available for teen-elder females, offering a quirky yet chic style statement.

A sim with their brown hair in a bun on the back of their head. They are wearing a bright yellow halter shirt with gold fan earrings.

Fine Ball Multiple CC Earrings

Dive into the world of chic accessorizing with the Fine Ball Multiple CC Earrings, an elegant custom content creation for the Sims 4 by the gifted GIULIETTASIMS. These tasteful earrings feature small balls adorning hoops in three sizes, thoughtfully placed along the ears and available in 4 swatches.

Perfectly suited for humans, vampires, mermaids, and aliens, this feminine style choice beautifully complements any look. Your Sims exude sophistication with these refined earrings, making a stunning impression in every interaction!

A sim from The Sims 4 who has black hair in a high pony with a side bang. They are wearing a bright red tank top with gold cc earrings.

La Luna Earrings

Infuse celestial charm into your Sims’ lives with the La Luna Earrings, a magical custom content creation for the Sims 4, masterfully crafted by the inventive Nords. These enchanting accessories showcase a small cluster of three little moons combined, available in 10 captivating swatches.

Designed for females from teen to elder, the La Luna Earrings lend a touch of ethereal beauty and allure to their virtual personas.

A sim with their hair in a fancy back bun who is wearing a pair of white earrings that are three white dots in a triangle shape.

Strawberry Stud Earrings

Add a dash of whimsy to your Sims’ wardrobe with the Strawberry Stud Earrings, another lovely custom design by GIULIETTASIMS. These charming accessories are intricately crafted to resemble real strawberries, available in three elegant swatches – gold, silver, and rose.

The feminine style of these earrings effortlessly enhances the allure of humans, vampires, and aliens alike.

A sim with their black hair in a bun on top of their head. They have large eyelashes and are wearing a pair of silver cc strawberry earrings.

Eggplant Sims 4 CC Earrings

Unleash your Sims’ quirky side with the Eggplant Earrings, a fun and distinctive mod creation by the ingenious nach0sims. These creative accessories feature a very versatile pair of earrings, showcasing a unique eggplant shape that dangles playfully in three different styles.

Perfect for adding a touch of whimsical charm to any outfit, these earrings are sure to become a conversation starter at your Sims’ virtual gatherings.

A gif of a sim wearing a pair of bright gold earrings that are in the shape of an eggplant emoji.

Nia Chain Hoop Earrings

GIULIETTASIMS has created this incredible custom content piece for the Sims 4, perfect for anyone looking to add some bold style to their Sims’ wardrobe. The Nia Chain Hoop Earrings are an eye-catching addition to any outfit, featuring large, oversized chain hoop earrings with a convenient latch hook.

Available in four stunning metal colors, these earrings are a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward Sim. As always the creator’s commitment to designing for all players, including vampires, mermaids, and aliens, GIULIETTASIMS ensures that everyone can enjoy these amazing creations.

A sim who has long dark brown hair and green eyes. They are wearing lots of lip gloss and a gold necklace. They have on a pair of sims 4 cc earrings that are a muted gold with balls and chains.

Glimmerbrook Earrings

Access a world of enchantment with the Glimmerbrook Earrings, a mesmerizing Sims 4 custom content creation skillfully designed by the inventive alexaarr. Inspired by the magical Morgyn Ember from the Realm of Magic, these captivating earrings feature a design that perfectly matches the necklace pendant, offering two distinct versions – one stud and one hanging, both embracing a small Crescent Moon – for versatile styling options.

With 17 spellbinding swatches, including 9 solid metal shades and 8 two-tone metal shades, the Glimmerbrook Earrings bring a touch of sorcery to your Sims’ accessories collection.

Two squares that have witches in them. Both of them are wearing a pair of earrings that are in a diamond shape with a moon in the middle, one is a stud and the other is dangling.

Bare Hoop Earrings

Embrace the art of minimalism with the Bare Hoop Earrings, a versatile custom content creation, brilliantly designed by Christopher067. This set of mix-and-match huggie hoop earrings features three distinct bare hoops that can be combined for a personalized style such as adding hearts or stars.

With a selection of eight captivating colors, they offer endless possibilities for your Sims to express their understated elegance in every Simlish interaction.

A character from The Sims 4 who has red hair and hazel eyes. They are wearing three small hoops as their earrings and there are hearts and stars hanging from the bottom of them.

Pearl Cross Hoop Earrings

Indulge in the sublime fusion of elegance and spirituality with the Pearl Cross Hoop Earrings, another exquisite custom content creation for the Sims 4, by the remarkable GIULIETTASIMS. These captivating accessories feature a harmonious blend of pearls and cross motifs, exuding a feminine charm that is both delicate and enchanting.

Available in four stunning colors – yellow, white, rose, and black – as well as a full metal and pearl version, these earrings offer a total of eight swatches to choose from.

A sim with black hair and green eyes who is wearing a choker necklace with small pearls. Their black hair is half up with a bang and they are wearing hoop earrings with a cross dangling from the bottom.

Tinka Sims CC Earrings

Add a touch of charm to your virtual wardrobe with the Tinka Sims Earrings, a delightful custom mod creation by the inventive NORDS. These cute and gleaming earrings capture the essence of playful elegance, featuring a dangling hoop that gracefully holds a captivating teardrop shape.

With a choice of five alluring swatches, these earrings cater to female Sims from teen to adult effortlessly elevating their style quotient.

A sim who has dark brown hair that is in a high ponytail braid. They are wearing a turtleneck shirt and bright gold earrings.

Heart Gemstone Huggies

Infuse your Sims’ lives with a touch of romance and elegance with the Heart Gemstone Huggies, a charming custom content creation again by the GIULIETTASIMS. These enchanting huggie earrings feature heart-shaped gemstones that sparkle with love and beauty and are accompanied by two additional shiny rhinestones on each of them.

With a choice between yellow and white gold settings to perfectly complement the 10 stunning gemstone options, including diamond, blue topaz, blue sapphire, Mahenge spinel, just to name some of them, these earrings provide a versatile and feminine style choice for humans, vampires, mermaids, and aliens alike.

An image of ten huggie earrings that have a colourful heart gem at the top and two diamonds beneath.

Large Heart Hoops

Celebrate love and style with the Large Heart Hoops, a unique custom content design by the inspired PURESIMS. These elegant earrings feature long, dangling heart-shaped hoops that thread directly through the ear, exuding grace and charm.

Your Sims’ hearts will dangle with joy and fashion flair in every memorable moment, as these delicate accessories come with five mesmerizing swatches that can be easily mixed and matched to suit any outfit or mood.

A sim with their long brown hair in a low pony tail who is wearing a pair of hoop earrings that are in the shape of a heart.

Chanel Earrings N04

Indulge in the world of high fashion with the Chanel Earrings N04, a remarkable custom design for your Sims 4 game, by GIULIETTASIMS. These eye-catching earrings are inspired by the iconic Chanel brand, emanating a striking resemblance to their real-life counterparts.

With four exquisite swatches to choose from, these accessories radiate a feminine aura, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. True to GIULIETTASIMs’ signature inclusivity, these earrings are thoughtfully designed for humans, vampires, mermaids, and aliens. 

A sim with black hair and brown eyes who is wearing red lip gloss. They are wearing a pair of Chanel earrings.

Benevolence Sims CC Earrings

Jazz up the essence of grace and subtlety with the exquisitely crafted Benevolence Earrings, a refined custom content creation named after its talented designer. These sophisticated earrings feature a petite stud supporting a delicate chain that cascades into a double rhombus hanger, displaying an air of elegance and finesse.

Available in five alluring steel hues, these accessories effortlessly complement any outfit, adding a touch of refined charm and will turn heads wherever your Sims go.

A sim who has black hair and light blue eyes. They have a tan shirt on and are wearing a pair of dangly earrings that are two diamond shaped pieces of metal.

Neva Earrings

Discover a new realm of elegance with the Neva Earrings, an innovative custom content creation for the Sims 4 designed by MURPHy. These captivating ear piercings offer a refreshing alternative to traditional earrings, and let your Sims experience a new level of style and sophistication while slightly pushing the limits of traditional earrings.

An astonishing array of 32 color choices allow for unparalleled personalization, catering to each Sim’s unique taste and personality.

A sim with red hair and dark red lipstick who is wearing a cuff earring with leaves.

Big Cassiopeia Hoop

Enter a realm of enchantment and charm with the Big Cassiopeia Hoop design by content creator GIULIETTASIMS to add a fairy tale-like touch to your Sims’ wardrobe.

These enchanting earrings are a larger interpretation of the popular star hoop earrings, standing out with a dazzling array of stars gracefully encircling the hoop’s diameter. Offered in four spellbinding colors, these striking accessories, as always, cater to the feminine style preferences of humans, vampires, mermaids, and aliens alike.

A female character from The Sims 4. This sim has black hair (half-up half-down style) and are wearing blue eye shadow on both the lid and lower lash line. They have red lipstick on and large hoop earrings that have small stars going all the way around the cc hoops.

Honeycomb Earrings

Let your Sims adorn their ears with the charming Honeycomb Earrings, exquisitely designed by the talented creator alexaarr! These delightful earrings showcase a delicate bee, buzzing with purpose, nestled within a hexagonal frame.

Suspended elegantly from the earlobe, the earrings add a touch of whimsy and charm to any Sim’s look. Create a buzz and transform your Sims’ virtual wardrobe choosing from an array of 20 stunning swatches, and allow your Sims to express their unique style while paying homage to the hardworking bee.

A sim with wavy brown hair and brown eyes who has dark red lipstick. They are wearing a yellow t-shirt and overalls with a pair of honeycomb earrings with a small bee in the middle.

Hoops & Leaves Sims 4 Earrings

Step into the enchanting realm of your Sims world and let them express their unique style with the Hoops & Leaves Earrings. This custom content was crafted by the ingenious creator Nords. As we know, there’s always room for more versions when it comes to accessories, and Nords brings us a new iteration of the beloved Hoops & Leaves Earrings.

This version caters to those Sims who prefer to skip piercings but still desire an elegant touch to their ensemble. Fear not, as these earrings, available in four stunning variations, effortlessly complement every shape and size of ears without the need for a helix piercing.

A sim with their brown hair slicked back and brown eyes. They are wearing small hoop earrings that have a small feather dangling from the bottom of their sims 4 cc earrings.

Big Wavy Hoop Earrings

Unleash your Sim’s inner fashionista with the Big Wavy Hoop Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, designed by the GIULIETTASIMS. These captivating earrings are an upscaled version of the classic wavy hoop, providing a stunning and bold statement that’s sure to turn heads in any Sim gathering.

Available in four luxurious finishes, including rose gold, gold, silver, and platinum, these hoops effortlessly elevate your Sim’s style quotient.

A character in the sims with their hair in braids, dramatic eye shadow and lip gloss. They are wearing wavy hoop cc earrings and a wavy choker necklace.

Solar Earrings

Illuminate your Sim’s world with the celestial charm of the Solar Earrings, a custom content crafted by the innovative creator ilkup. These heavenly earrings feature intricately designed sun and moon cutouts, available in three enchanting versions and six radiant tones.

Each pair showcases either the sun or moon linked to a smaller celestial counterpart or directly attached to the subtle ring running through the earlobe. These unisex and shiny accessories add a touch of cosmic allure to your Sim’s wardrobe, making them the perfect choice for stargazers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

A sim with their black hair in two large low pig tail buns. They have small earrings in the shape of the sun and a moon.

Osoon Sims CC Earrings

Boost your Sim’s accessory game with the Osoon Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, thoughtfully designed by the imaginative creator Osoon Sims. These contemporary earrings make a chic statement, available in five elegant tones, featuring classic gold, rose, and bold black options.

Each earring is composed of a delicate rod connected to a small hoop that gently clasps the ear, topped off with a striking square accent piece for added sophistication.

A sim with black hair who is wearing sims 4 cc earrings.

Pretty Heart Hoops

Enhance your Sim’s collection of accessories with the Pretty Heart Hoops. A custom content lovingly crafted by GIULIETTASIMS. As a delightful counterpart to the hoops adorned with stars, these charming earrings feature adorable hearts encircling the hoop, creating an enchanting aura.

With four captivating swatches to choose from, these feminine accessories are perfect for humans, vampires, mermaids, and even aliens. All your Sims characters can express their affectionate side and spread the love with these romantic hoops.

A sim with dark hair in a pony tail and brown eyes. They are wearing a pair of hoop earrings with small hearts around the hoops.

Coconut Cocktail Earrings

Infuse your Sim’s style with a tropical vibe by adorning them with the Coconut Cocktail Earrings. ALEXAARR created this brilliant custom content for your game. These unique and scrumptious island and beach-themed earrings evoke the spirit of a sun-soaked vacation, adding a touch of whimsy and fun to any ensemble.

Choose from three delightful swatches to perfectly match your Sim’s mood and outfit. While they bask in the warmth of island life these refreshing earrings, bring a splash of paradise to their everyday fashion.

A sim with their blonde hair half up half down with the up in two space buns. Their earrings look like a tropical vacation drink inside of a coconut.

Peach Sims 4 CC Earrings

Invite playful elegance in your Sim’s wardrobe with the Peach Sims Earrings, a skillfully designed custom content by visionary christopher067. These captivating earrings feature a circle stud complemented by two different sized dangling hoops, adorned with white studs to brighten their overall appearance.

With a selection of eight stunning metal colors, these versatile accessories are perfect for adding a chic and sophisticated flair to any ensemble, and express a unique fashion sense.

A sim with short hair half up half down. They are wearing an orange tank top and earrings.

Nova Star Hoop Earrings

Introducing yet another artistic creation by the brilliant GIULIETTASIMS are the Nova Star Hoop Earrings. Radiating celestial allure, these medium-sized earrings are expertly crafted in the shape of a star, connecting directly to the ears to infuse any Sim’s appearance with an enchanting touch of cosmic grace.

With four mesmerizing hues to choose from, these delicate and feminine accessories are perfect for adding a sophisticated glimmer not only to human Sims but also to a diverse range of spiritual beings in the game, allowing players to explore and express their unique sense of style across the galaxy.

A sim with black hair who is wearing a ton of jewelry.

Starry Night Sims CC Earrings

Immerse your Sim in the magic of the night sky with the Starry Night Sims Earrings, a  custom content designed by alexaar. These asymmetrical earrings feature a tragus piercing on the right side and a third earring on the left side, adding a captivating twist to your Sim’s accessory collection.

Quickly becoming a new twinkling favorite, these earrings boast 10 mesmerizing swatches, offering endless opportunities for mixing and matching.

A sim with short brown hair with a braided headband. They are wearing a black lace shirt and a set of gold earrings.

Sutton Big Hoops

With this custom content designed by nach0sims for the Sims 4, any player can bring out the bold and daring side of their Sim’s style. The brilliant Sutton Big Hoops are statement-making earrings and so large that even a corgi could jump through them.

With three captivating swatches to choose from, these hoops add a dramatic flair to any ensemble, allowing your Sim to stand out in a crowd by making a lasting impression with an unapologetically style choice.

A gif of a sim who is wearing very large hoop earrings that go down to the sim's shoulder.

Camellia Hoop Earrings

Dive into a world of blossoming style with the Camellia Hoop Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, another exquisite design by the GIULIETTASIMS. These medium-sized hoop earrings resemble enchanting flowers, evoking a vibe of summer and joy. Available in four delightful swatches, they provide a feminine style choice that perfectly complements any outfit.

GIULIETTASIMS is a designer mindful of the style needs of not only humans but also vampires, mermaids, and aliens, they ensure that these alluring earrings flawlessly enhance the accessory collection of any Sim, regardless of their origin.

A sim with black hair and a cloud shaped noise ring. They are wearing a matching pair of earrings.

Vignette Crystal Sims 4 Earrings

Your Sims will sparkle and shine with the exquisitely designed Vignette Crystal Earrings, a custom content created by the ever-talented GIULIETTASIMS. These delicate and beautiful crystal earrings feature a captivating arrangement of crystals set upon three gold or silver twigs, adding a touch of refined elegance to any Sim’s ensemble.

Perfect for special occasions or simply to elevate a casual look, these stunning earrings bring a dash of sophistication to your Sim’s earrings collection.

A sim wearing their black hair in a bun with earrings that look like snowflakes on a branch.

Sims 4 CC Earrings for Kids

We really get to have more fun in the kid’s earrings category than we do in an adult category. These Sims 4 CC Earrings get to be a little sillier, more fun, and more adorable. They can be paired with such fun kid’s outfits to really show off who your sim’s kids are in their personality.

Macaron Earrings

Introducing the delightful Macaron Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, and designed by the imaginative Maxis Match CC World. These charming earrings transform cute little pastries into an adorable accessory for your Sim’s kids to wear, suitable for children and toddlers alike.

A feminine fashion choice perfect for everyday wear or parties, these earrings cater to all occults, making them an irresistibly and enchanting addition to your Sim’s accessory collection.

Two toddlers and two children from The Sims 4. They are all wearing earrings that look like the popular dessert of macarons.

Sweetheart Stud Earrings

Presenting a charming touch to your little Sim’s accessory collection with the Sweetheart Stud Earrings a lovingly designed custom content by the gifted GIULIETTASIMS. These shiny heart stud earrings, framed in a golden setting, add a hint of sparkle and affection to any outfit.

With the heart crystals available in 10 enchanting hues, there’s a perfect color to match every mood and style.

A sim with reddish brown hair in two dutch braids. They are wearing small gem earrings that are light blue and gold.

Monstera Sims 4 CC Earrings

Grace the earlobes of your little Sims girl with the exquisite Monstera Sims 4 CC Earrings, a captivating custom content addition to the Sims 4 world, crafted by the talented GIULIETTASIMS.

These charming earrings boast a simple golden hook, beautifully embellished with a golden monstera leaf, imparting a delicate and elegant touch to any Sims girl’s attire. Offering three more gold tones to choose from, this accessory effortlessly complements each Sim’s individual style.

A sim with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. They are wearing blush and lip gloss and a pair of dangly earrings in the shape of the Monstera plant leaf.

Dangly Bow Earrings

Celebrate playfulness and charm with the Dangly Bow Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, artfully designed by the creative Suzue. These delightful earrings are available in five swatches, offering variety for your little fashionista.

Specifically designed for female children, these earrings come with two style choices: let your Sim wear the bow at the ear or opt for the ball, allowing them to express their individuality.

A sim with their blonde hair in a back bun in The Sims 4. They have freckles and lip gloss and are wearing a pair of dangly earrings that are small circles with a bow at the end.

Cherry Sims 4 Earrings

Indulge in the fruity charm of the Cherry Sims 4 Earrings also a custom content, lovingly crafted by the imaginative Suzue. These spirited earrings, bursting with color and available in eight vibrant swatches, introduce a refreshing dose of cheerfulness to your little Sim’s wardrobe, effortlessly brightening up any outfit.

The endearing design showcases a pair of cherries, their stems intertwined at a leaf, as they dangle gracefully from the earlobe. Perfect for any occasion, these versatile earrings allow the little Sims to express their love for nature’s sweet gifts while exuding a sense of fun and whimsy.

A sim with dark hair in a bun, wearing pink rounded eyeglasses and a pink shirt. They are wearing dangly earrings that are the shape of cherries.

Mariposa Butterfly Earrings

Recognizing the need for more accessories for children, mod creator GIULIETTASIMS crafted a cute, girly, and shiny treasure that even many little girls in real life would adore, the Mariposa Butterfly Earrings.

These captivating butterfly earrings feature a precious stone in the center, available in seven vibrant color choices. While the marquise cut diamond option might seem pricey, let’s pretend it’s a synthetic diamond for a touch of luxury lighting up those little Sim’s eyes without the cost.

A sim with side parted blonde hair with one side of it tucked behind their ear. They are wearing a small stud earring in the shape of a butterfly.

Strawberry Sims CC Earrings

Admire the charm of Strawberry Sims CC Earrings, a delightful custom content addition thoughtfully designed by the talented FABIENNE. These captivating earrings, converted from an adult version into 18 vibrant swatches, feature adorable little fruits dangling securely on a golden hoop, perfect for when your Sim kid gets a little wild.

The intricate design of these earrings boasts a true-to-life recreation of a strawberry, complete with delicate leaves. This charming accessory adds a touch of whimsy and a burst of colour to any little Sim’s wardrobe, enhancing their playful and lively spirit.

A toddler and an adult in The Sims 4 who are both wearing dangly strawberry earrings.

Panda Earrings

Get ready to add a dash of enchantment to your Sim kids’ wardrobe with the Panda Earrings custom content, lovingly crafted by Mydarling20 for the Sims 4. These charming earrings feature a little panda design, making them an irresistibly cute accessory for your young Sims to sport.

Available in a diverse palette of six delightful colours, they offer a versatile choice for various outfits and styles. These Panda Earrings not only serve as an adorable fashion statement but also become a treasured companion for your Sim kids throughout their playful adventures.

A sim with their brown hair in pig tails with face framing curly pieces coming down. They have a pink shirt on and large panda face earrings.

Hello Kitty Stud Earrings

Delight in the charm and playfulness of Hello Kitty with these beautifully designed stud earrings, expertly created by GIULIETTASIMS. This custom content for the Sims 4 is perfect for Simmers who adore the iconic kitty. Available in two gold tones and one silver, each earring is adorned with sparkling crystals and features an enchanting bow.

These irresistible studs are sure to brighten up your Sims’ wardrobe and add a touch of whimsy to their everyday style. Don’t miss the chance to bring a smile to your Sims’ faces with these delightful Hello Kitty accessories!

A sim with blue eyes and brown hair. Their brown hair is in a side pony tail with one side showing off their ear. They are wearing a pair of gold earrings that are in the shape of Hello Kitty.

Minnie Stud Sims CC Earrings

Delve into the magical world of Minnie Mouse with the Minnie Stud Sims CC Earrings, an enchanting custom content brought to life by the GIULIETTASIMS. These earrings, designed for your little Sim lady, feature eye-catching birthstones surrounded by a delicate golden setting.

With a subtle homage to the beloved Minnie Mouse, these earrings strike a perfect balance between cute and elegant. Elevate your Sim’s style with these delightful accessories that showcase both their Disney devotion and unique personal flair.

A sim with their hair in high braided pig tails and they are wearing a pair of stud earrings with three gems that are in the shape of a minnie or mickey mouse.

Marvell Hoop Earrings

Revel in the geometric charm of the Marvell Hoop Earrings, a custom content addition to the Sims 4, masterfully crafted by PlayersWonderland. These delicate and unique earrings feature a captivating heptagonal hoop design, perfect for young Sims who wish to express their individuality and want to make a statement.

Available in six mesmerizing colour variations, these larger-sized earrings are sure to make a stylish statement in the virtual world.

A sim with light brown hair in a pony tail and they have bangs. The sim is wearing a pair of earrings that are in the shape of a hexagon.

Sims 4 CC Earrings for Toddlers

Toddlers are my favourite group to find custom content for because they are so cute, and because we don’t have enough toddler content in-game as it stands. These are my favourite types of Sims 4 CC Earrings because they just get to be silly, but can also be so grown up and give your toddlers a really fun look. You’ll definitely want to find a custom toddler hairstyle to show these off too!

Princess Earrings

Transform your little Sim’s world into a fairytale with the enchanting Princess Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, lovingly designed by Suzue. These adorable earrings boast a captivating design featuring two hearts separated by mesmerizing balls, making them the perfect accessory for your female toddler.

With eight colour choices to pick from, your little princess will surely feel the magic as she adorns herself with these delightful earrings.

A sim with reddish brown hair and brown eyes and tons of freckles. This Sims 4 toddler is wearing a pair of dangly earrings that are hearts cascading down from two small circles.

Small Heart Hoops

Infuse your little Sim’s wardrobe with a playful twist using the Small Heart Hoops, again an artful custom design by GIULIETTASIMS. These heart-shaped hoops, while simple in design, bring a delightful flair to any ensemble, threading through your little Sim’s ears for a charming and spirited appearance.

Available in two gold tones, rose gold, and silver, these captivating earrings provide versatility and a touch of magic to complement any outfit.

A sim with their light blonde hair in pig tails with bangs, they are wearing a light blue sweater and have green eyes. For their cc earrings they are wearing a pair of small hoops in the shape of a heart.

Kitty Earrings

Celebrate the irresistible charm of feline friends with the Kitty Earrings custom content for the Sims 4, lovingly designed by Suzue. This enchanting design features small, adorable kittens dangling playfully from a simple hook, with their eyes represented by tiny, captivating balls that sway along with your toddling Sim.

These delightful earrings are a testament to the talent and creativity of the designer, adding a touch of whimsy and joy to any young Sim’s outfit.

A sim with rose gold hair who is wearing a pair of black cat earrings.

Star Drop Earrings

The Star Drop Earrings twinkling with celestial charm are designed by GIULIETTASIMS, one of the main custom content creators for the Sims 4. These stunning earrings showcase radiant stars available in two silver, one yellow, and one rose gold option, making a dazzling statement that won’t be overlooked and elevates any Sim’s toddler’s look to new heights.

The eye-catching accessory is not only durable, but also brings the magic of the stars straight to your young Sims, adding a touch of cosmic wonder to their everyday style.

A sim with their curly hair natural and their edges laid. They are wearing a gold zig zag headband to push it back. They also have on a pair of star drop earrings.

Flower Diamond Stud Earrings

Bursting with vibrant charm, the Flower Diamond Stud Earrings were created by feyona as custom content for the Sims 4. These adorable studs boast a selection of 15 colours, with the first three swatches showcasing metallic textures and the remaining options featuring lively, nearly Maxis Match plastic hues.

Each earring spotlights a crystal at the heart of the flower design, amplifying the sparkle and adding a delightful touch to the toddler’s wardrobe. These radiant earrings are sure to brighten up any look and keep your Sims shining all day long!

A toddler with black hair on top of their head in a curly bun. They have light brown eyes and are wearing a pair of yellow flower earrings.

Feather Sims CC Earrings

Add a touch of nature-inspired charm to your Sim toddler with the Feather Sims CC Earrings, brought to the game by another custom content creator named Andreyloversims.

These captivating dual-tone feather earrings are available in 8 delightful shades, making for a unique and appealing accessory that will effortlessly enhance her style. Let her express her individuality with these enchanting earrings, and watch as her creativity soars to new heights.

Three toddlers with their hair in pony tails who are wearing simple clothes and a feather earring.

Flower Snowflake Earrings

GIULIETTASIMS works endlessly for the Sims game and here is another delightful piece of her custom creation. Be enchanted by the magical charm of the Flower Snowflake Earrings for your little Sim girls. These enchanting earrings seamlessly shift from radiant crystal flowers in the summer to mesmerizing crystal snowflakes in the winter, perfectly complementing your little one’s seasonal style.

Boasting 8 vibrant tones, these twinkling earrings will undoubtedly let your little girl dazzle and outshine the rest, adding a touch of whimsy to her everyday outfits.

A toddler in The Sims 4 who has very light blonde hair and is wearing a zig zag blue headband. They are wearing earrings that are a snowflake stud with a small dangling gem.

Simple Pearl Earrings

Designed by Victor Miguel, the Simple Pearl Earrings  are a masterful custom content addition for the Sims 4. These petite and winsome pearl studs are available in a remarkable assortment of 20 colours, catering to each girl’s unique taste and personality and surely will become a cherished staple in your little Sim’s wardrobe.

The epitome of grace and sophistication, these lustrous and polished pearls not only enhance any outfit but also make the young Sim feel like royalty

A blonde haired toddler who has their hair in pig tails and bangs. They are wearing a pair of small stud earrings in light blue.

Seahorse Stud Earrings

Bring the magic of the ocean to your little Sim’s wardrobe with these delightful Seahorse Stud Earrings, created by GIULIETTASIMS. With eight unique dual-colour combinations, these charming seahorses sparkle with tiny, colourful crystals.

Ideal for young Sims with an unquenchable love for the beach and sea, these earrings are sure to delight and impress with their entertaining and attention-grabbing design.

A toddler from The Sims 4 who has brown hair in space buns and brown eyes. They are wearing a pair of rose gold stud earrings that look like a seahorse and have small gems inside of them in different colours.

Flower Sims 4 Earrings

Celebrate the spirit of spring and summer with these enchanting Flower Sims 4 Earrings by My Stuff. These adorable daisy studs come in eight delightful options, ensuring the perfect look for casual, party, and formal events alike.

As your little Sim dons these charming earrings, they’ll radiate the warmth and joy of the sunny seasons, adding an extra touch of fun to your Sim gaming experience.

Two toddlers from The Sims 4 who are wearing summer dresses and flower necklaces. They are also wearing earrings that match the necklaces and are a small daisy.

Shell Drop Earrings

Bring the enchanting spirit of the sea to your little Sim with the Shell Drop Earrings, a delightful creation by GIULIETTASIMS. These captivating earrings showcase golden or silver shells, each cradling a larger, colorful shell with a mesmerizing dual-tone, nacre-like appearance.

As your young Sim wears these charming earrings, they’ll radiate the whimsical vibes of mermaids, adding a touch of alluring magic to their everyday adventures.

A blonde haired, green eyed toddler from The Sims 4 who is looking right at the camera. They are wearing a pair of drop earrings that are in the shape of a shell and they are also wearing a pearl rainbow headband.

Butterfly Wire Earrings

Fluttering butterflies are a symbol of transformation and change, and with these butterfly wire earrings, your little Sim can embrace the beauty of these magnificent creatures. Designed by the talented creator GIULIETTASIMS, these earrings feature delicate cut-out butterflies held by a secure clasping hook.

With two swatches to choose from, the little one can rock a girly and whimsical style. These earrings aren’t just limited to human Sims, either – vampires, mermaids, and aliens can also embrace the charm of these butterfly earrings and add a touch of magic and transformation to the game.

A toddler from The Sims 4 who has red hair and green eyes. They are wearing a pair of cc earrings that are dangly gold metal in the shape of a butterfly.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Earrings

Wearing these different Sims 4 CC Earrings is going to give your sims so much power. They will be stylish, they will look cool, and you’re going to love spending extra time in create-a-sim just to use these. Maybe you’ll even use the full edit mode cheat just to add some of these earrings to the townies, happy playing!

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