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25+ Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters You Need in Your Game

When the weather gets a little colder in The Sims 4 and fall arrives you may be looking for the perfect sims 4 cc toddler sweaters to add to your game. You can’t just let your toddlers out in the winter in a t-shirt and diaper! That would be toddler abuse!

Thankfully there are amazing custom content creators out there who make absolutely beautiful toddler sweaters that you can add to your game and play with your toddlers in some of the cutest outfits ever.

These sweaters range from a simple hoodie to gorgeous cardigans and of course, beautiful knit sweaters that will make your toddlers look so sophisticated.

The Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

1. Fall Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

First up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler sweaters is this adorable fall themed sweater that has tons of fun swatches. The base of the sweater is a gorgeous knit that comes in a bunch of colours so you can definitely find a colour that best suits your toddler.

The designs on the sweater range from fun designs like a pizza to simple striped designs and even designs with animals on them that your toddlers will love.

These are perfect to wear with your favourite custom accessories to really show off your sim’s personality and make the sweater pop.

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

2. Robin Sweater

The next sweater on this list is so darn precious! It starts at the top with five small overlapping circles that have the letters of HAPPY inside of them. Underneath the happy is a cute little bus with two animals inside and a small heart showing their love for each other.

This is extremely cute and perfect for the toddler age group in the game. Wear this with a perfect pair of pants, or even just with a diaper and your toddlers will look so cute.

My only issue with this sweater is that most of the time when there are words on clothing in english, it throws me off and I’d prefer if it were written in Simlish.

happy animal in bus top

3. Collared Crewneck

There aren’t a ton of super trendy options in the vanilla game but this collared crewneck is so trendy and will make your toddlers way cooler than you.

This shirt is a simple sweater with small lettering in the middle of the chest. The sleeves go down to the wrist with a slim arm on the biceps and more bunching at the forearms.

At the top of the sweater you’ll find a gorgeous collar with a plaid pattern in a contrasting colour so it really pops off.

This has such amazing potential as a gorgeous custom outfit piece and can be paired with so many items!

collared crew neck

4. Noelle Sweater

There is nothing more fun than the holiday season and your toddlers deserve to show Father Winter how much they love the season. This gorgeous Christmas sweater comes in three different swatches each with a different vibe.

The green version of this sims 4 cc toddler sweaters option is gorgeous in a darker green with a gorgeous Christmas tree right in the middle. The blue option has a fun snowman, and the red version has basic Christmas sweater arms and a messy Merry Christmas across the chest.

This would be so cute with a fun curly toddler hairstyle so it can feel like your toddler is really ready to see Father Winter.

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

5. Striped Toddler Hoodie

We don’t always have to put our toddlers in fancy knit sweaters, sometimes a hoodie is all we need. This striped toddler hoodie is a really simple option with a cute R decal on the right side of your toddler’s chest.

This sweater has a bunch of different swatches, some with gorgeous stripes and some in solid colours. One of my favourite smaller details in this is that your toddler’s hoodie strings are mismatch because they were probably playing with them or something!

Imagine your toddler learning to use their custom potty while wearing this! Just so cute!

striped hoodies

6. Patterned Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

These patterned sweaters feel so retro and absolutely hilarious to me, they’re just so cute. They start at the top with a mock neck that matches the bottom of the sweater and the cuff of the sleeve.

The body of the sweater comes in all sorts of fun patterns like florals, smiles, butterflies and cheetah print. Having this many fun swatch options really gives you the opportunity to show off a ton of your toddler’s personality.

Pair this with a simple pair of pants and a fun pair of shoes and you’ll have the coolest toddler in town.

80s inspired sweater collection

7. Long Sweater

Sweaters don’t need to end at the hip, there are tons of fun sweater dresses out there that your toddlers can wear too. This long sweater dress is so cute and can be made even cuter if you wear a pair of accessory tights or socks.

If you want to take advantage of how cute your toddler looks in this outfit you should definitely grab yourself some custom toddler poses to really take some great screenshots!

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

8. Happy Fall Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

There is nothing better than being able to grab multiple gorgeous items at one time and this will give you five different sims 4 cc toddler sweaters to add to your game. The first option is a really fun hoodie sweater dress and there’s also a more formal knit sweater dress to wear.

There are also five tops that you can wear with custom jeans or a cute skirt, and pair them with the cutest shoes you’ll absolutely love these outfits!

collection of fall sweaters

9. Tyler Sweater

If you’re looking to make your toddler look a lot more mature this Tyler Sweater is so darn cute. This one starts with a simple white button down shirt underneath a sweater with a deep V-neck.

The sweater is fitted at the wrist and right above the wrist you’ll see two adorable stripes that match the outline of the V-neck. This would be so cute with a pair of custom eye glasses to really make your toddler look grown up all at one time.

sweater with deep v neck

10. Jairo Sweater

There aren’t many sweaters in the game that are a perfect transition piece from summer to fall but this Jairo top is probably the best option. This sweater isn’t too thick and looks like a thin sweater that would look awesome on those chilly September days.

This sweater has a gorgeous body of stripes that are white and the arms are solid coloured. The sweater is fitted at the wrist and the bottom allowing for your toddler to look really adorable and put together all at once!

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

11. Animal Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

Sometimes we want our toddlers to look extremely young and adorable and these toddler sweaters are the best for that. These sweaters come in fun colours like purple, blue, green and a few nice neutrals.

On the chest of the sweater is a cute tiger that sometimes can even be dressed as a pirate. You may as well always use the pirate option or just dress your toddler in a custom pirate costume instead. These are definitely extremely fun and look adorable on any toddler.

animal sweaters with tigers

12. Layered Mock Neck

There isn’t much that makes me insecure anymore but this look a toddler makes me feel inferior. This layered mock neck is awesome because it starts with a simple black mock neck underneath a brightly coloured fun sweater that is doing a simple french tuck into your sim’s pants.

This looks super cool on your sims and I can’t even imagine looking this cool when walking down the street.

layered mock neck

13. Champion Hoodies

Champion is an extremely popular hoodie brand that many people have in their closet right now, so why not bring that into the game? These champion hoodies are amazing and make your toddlers look super stylish.

This sweater comes in 16 different swatches with all of the colours being super trendy and fun without being too bright and out there like much of the toddler clothing in the game.

champion brand hoodie for toddlers

14. Simple Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler sweaters are these simple gorgeous sweaters. The colour swatches on these are gorgeous and so much fun and the knit detail is so beautiful.

The cutest detail of this sweater is definitely the sleeve’s wrist detail. This starts with a cute tight wrist that goes into a frill that then goes to the rest of the sweater. It’s an extremely simple detail that brings this sweater to the next level and lets it be more interesting than something basic.

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

15. Alphabet Sweater

There is nothing more important for your toddlers to start learning than the alphabet, so why not put it on their clothes? This alphabet sweater is so much fun for your toddlers to wear and feels really relaxed and adorable.

This starts with two arms that are covered in letters with the wrist being in the same colour as the body of the sweater for a cohesive look. It’s definitely a simple item but it does get the job done!

sweater with alphabet arms

16. Jannes Sweater

Colour block is a really fun way to take a single colour sweater and completely flip it on its head. This colour block sweater starts with the top half being a bright green and the bottom being another fun colour that matches the bottom of the sleeve.

These types of sweaters are so fun because they are bright and happy for the kids but aren’t covered in wild patterns or crazy colours. Definitely make your toddlers look extra cute while they crawl into their gorgeous custom bed at the end of the day.

colour block sweater

17. Valentines Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

There is nothing more precious than covering a toddler in a bunch of hearts. They are just such a loving and adorable age group that hearts make it even more adorable.

These unisex valentine’s sweaters are so perfect for your toddlers! They have a subtle knit detailing behind the fun heart pattern and these would look so adorable while your toddler plays with their favourite toys with their siblings.

sweater covered in hearts

18. Tatjana Hoodie

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler sweaters is another hoodie, but not all hoodies have to be boring. This hoodie is anything but boring!

This one has a pretty simple silhouette at the top until you hit the hip where it flairs out in an adorable peplum. The little detail is such a game changer and looks so cute with a pair of tights or tight jeans.

cute sweater with peplum

19. Robin Sweater

The Robin Sweater is a really beautiful option and honestly, a peter pan collar really takes any piece of toddler clothing to the next level for me.

The base of this sweater is extremely simple and a single colour like a light blue which is so gorgeous. On the back where the peter pan collar splits there is a gorgeous set of two small buttons going down the back.

This sweater is awesome and can be dressed up with a nice skirt or pair of fancy pants, or can be dressed down with Pjs or sweaters. It’s such a fun and versatile piece of clothing.

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

20. Knit Cardigan

There is nothing cozier then wearing a comfortable cardigan on a crisp autumn morning. This toddler cardigan is so adorable and absolutely looks like something the coolest toddler would wear.

This cardigan comes in really fun colours with a simple V-Neck shirt underneath so it can be worn as a casual outfit or with some nice accessories to bring it to the next level!

knit cardigan for toddlers

21. Fluffy Friend Sweater

Who wouldn’t want a pooh bear themed sweater? This is something I would 100% have in my closet especially since it looks extremely fluffy.

This sweater starts with a gorgeous fluffy base that just looks so comfortable and has an adorable face of pooh bear on the chest. There are also swatches for other Disney characters like Dumbo or Lots-o-Huggin Bear from Toy Story.

winnie the pooh sweater

22. Luca Sweater

Hoodies don’t always have to be boring and this Luca sweater adds the smallest cute detail to bring it to the next level.

Underneath the neck of this hoodie is a gorgeous mock neck sweater with line detailing that really brings it to a more adult level than a traditional hoodie. You can definitely pair this with a fun pair of custom earrings and really bring the look up a notch.

luca sweater for sims

23. Meow Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

We all know that toddlers love their pets and want to show that off at any opportunity. This meow sims 4 cc toddler sweaters option is great because it has a simple face of a cat on the chest.

This is really fun because it’s a more simple and subtle design compared to some cat sweater options I’ve seen for toddlers in the past.

sweater with cat face

24. Teddy Bear Hoodie

We all know how much toddlers love their teddy bears and this hoodie can let them show that off all the time.

This hoodie is so cute with the top half of the hoodie (and the hood) being white and the bottom half of the sleeves and body being a fun colour with the design of a bear at the bottom.

This would be a great piece to wear as your toddler’s pyjamas or as a fun outfit to wear to the park!

toddler bear hoodie  sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

25. Mika Sweater

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc toddler sweaters is the Mika Sweater. This one is a gorgeous knit sweater that comes in fantastic colours like greens and blues.

This toddler is so cool they are even wearing a fun across shoulder bag where you can only imagine they’re carrying around candy or toys.

toddler sweater with back bag sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

26. Fun Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

We don’t need every single sweater in our sim’s game to be super grown up and mature for our toddlers, sometimes we need to let them have some fun. These sims 4 cc toddler sweaters are great because they are covered in things like camouflage or dinosaurs.

When paired with a simple pair of custom pants your toddlers will be looking cuter than ever!

sims 4 cc toddler sweaters

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Toddler Sweaters

There is nothing cuter than a toddler wearing a sweater that would look amazing on an adult sim. It makes them look so cute and mature and these sims 4 cc toddler sweaters can really get that job done. Sweaters really look adorable on toddlers and are my favourite way to make them dress. Happy Playing!

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