40+ Sims 4 CC Kits You Need in Your Game (Custom Kits)

There is nothing better than grabbing a set of custom content to add to your game and get a bunch of goodies right away, and these sims 4 cc kits are some of my favourite options. Kits are great because they’re small and super focused on a single topic.

We’ve gotten some interesting kits in the real game but custom content is free so this is so much more fun and lets you add so much to your game without paying. You can find create a sim kits and also furniture kits so you can customize your home too!

Clothing Sims 4 CC Kits

1. My Dream Wedding Kit

Weddings are one of the most important days of your sim’s lives and looking great at their wedding is very important. This My Dream Wedding Kit takes the items from My Wedding Stories and adds-on to them to make them even better.

sims 4 wedding kit

2. Wildflowers Kit

Are you looking for custom content that will make it feel like your sims should be frolicking through a forrest and talking to fairies? This wildflowers items are so adorable and feminine and look amazing on your sims. There are skirts, pants, tops and dresses as well as 3 absolutely gorgeous options for your sim’s hair.

sims 4 cc kits

3. Pretty Little Things Sims 4 CC Kits

These sims 4 cc kits can’t help but be the most adorable and this set is perfect for fall. We start with an adorable sweater and pair of sweatpants for kids, and a full outfit for both masculine and feminine sims.

These clothing pieces honestly feel like the types of items your sims would wear when taking an adorable picture together in a pumpkin patch!

pretty little things kit

4. Boudoir Collection

We are definitely lacking in the underwear category for The Sims 4 with many of the items feeling extremely old-school and boring. We need options for Bella Goth to wear at night when she is definitely controlling Mortimer. These pieces in this collection are so gorgeous with cute teddy options, rompers and simple underwear for both masculine and feminine sims.

sentate boudoir collection

5. Flower Market Sims 4 CC Kits

If you picture the kinds of clothes you’d wear to a fun Sunday brunch, you’ll find them in this flower market kit. This pack has gorgeous dresses, tops and even a beautiful floral skirt with a small slit. These are so beautiful and can be mixed and matched with other items in the game to make a beautiful outfit.

flower market kit

6. Senior Year Collection

For whatever reason there is no clothing that is focused on just teens in The Sims 4. Everything we get can be worn from teens to elders so it always skews a little older. This senior year kit is great because it allows your sims to have clothing that feels entirely youthful and fun!

This kit has things like a sweater with a turtle neck underneath, baggy t-shirts, and a gorgeous shirt with a chain off to the side. These are so fun for your younger sims!

sims 4 cc kits

7. Back to the 60s

Throwback clothing is such a fun thing in The Sims 4 because you can really mix and match these items so nicely with more modern looks. You also have the option to use these in sims challenges like the decades challenge! This pack brings your sims right back into the 60s with fun patterns, colours and shapes that we just don’t see anymore.

retro kit

8. Miracle Sims 4 CC Kits

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree! If you’re looking for gorgeous clothing items for your sim’s to wear when they are decorating the tree or opening presents you need the miracle pack. This is such a beautiful set of cozy winter clothing. This has gorgeous sweaters, skirts, and pants that will make your sims look so great!

sims 4 cc kits

9. Daylight Collection

The next item on our list of sims 4 cc kits is the daylight collection that has a bunch of gorgeous items. It starts with two beautiful hairstyles, one with a centre part and curls and the other having the hair down in waves with the top being in a bun on top of the head. It also has two tops as well as a skirt and a pair of gorgeous plaid pants to really bring the style in.

daylight fit kit

10. Menswear Fashion Part II

Anytime that EA released a new expansion pack it seems like feminine sims get more than 75% of the assets, leaving much to be desired for masculine sims. Thankfully, this menswear fashion set will add a whole bunch of fun everyday items for your sims to wear. There are eleven options for shirts, five options for pants, two pairs of shoes and even a bracelet.

menswear fashion part two kit

11. City Adventurer

If your sims are total City Natives you are definitely going to want the city adventurer pack in your game. This set of clothing is so much fun and really helps to show off your sim’s style. This pack starts with a gorgeous set of flannel button down shirts, a sweater that has a cute chain details round the neck and even a bucket hat and fun pair of socks!

city adventurer custom content kit pack

12. Bridal Kit

Are you looking for even more wedding custom content for your sims? Well, this small bridal kit has two very gorgeous dresses for your sims to wear. These dresses have such fun details and design elements that your sims are guaranteed to impress on their big day.

sims 4 bridal kit

13. Unicolore Sims 4 CC Kits

If you want to add a ton of clothing items to your game all at once, the Unicolore Kit has 51 items for your game! These items range from 10 different hairstyles, to sweaters, pants, jackets and even a cute watch to add as an accessory. These items are so beautiful and trendy and can be worn by so many of your sims.

sims 4 cc kits

14. Athletic Sims 4 CC Kits

Athletic clothing is a very popular way to dress these days, so it only makes sense to have more options for your sims to wear in their lives. These athletic pieces are awesome because the come in really fun, bright colours but with simple shapes and designs to keep it simple and wearable.

athletic outfit kit

15. Modern Menswear Add-Ons

Add-on kits are some of my favourite ways to expand upon the kits that EA creates and this Modern Menswear add on kit is awesome because it slightly edits the items in that pack. There are so many fun pieces in that kit but this somehow makes it even better.

modern menswear add on kit

16. Wedding Collection

There are so many styles of wedding dresses out there and as someone who is planning a wedding, it can be frustrating to find the perfect dress IRL. Why not make it easy for your sim’s and add this gorgeous wedding collection to your game?

These dresses are so gorgeous and modern while bringing in some classic styles and shapes for your sims. These are so gorgeous!

sims 4 cc kits

17. Carnaval Streetwear Add-On Kit

Add-ons are a great way to get even more items that perfectly fit the style of items you’ve already purchased in the game. This Carnaval Streetwear add-ons kit really expands upon the concepts and fun shapes in that pack and brings more for your sims to wear.

add on kit

18. Wedding Make Up Sims 4 CC Kits

The makeup we have in the game is honestly a little wild, thankfully we can now adjust colours and saturation to make them more wearable but the styles for much of it is just not the vibe, so custom make up is necessary. This wedding make up kit is amazing because it covers all of the really classic and simple wedding looks that you want your sims to have. It has awesome neutrals for both your sims eyeshadow and lipstick.

sims 4 makeup kit

19. Throwback Fit Kit Add-Ons

When we get kits and stuff packs that are focused entirely on clothing they often leave a lot to be desired. These packs are good, but will they ever be great? Well, many creators take these and create add-on packs that allow you to get more pieces in your collection and make it so everything matches really nicely.

throwback fit kit

Furniture Sims 4 CC Kits

20. Home Office Kit

With the influx of humans working from home our sims can also start working from home with many careers too! If you want your sims working in the freelance career or just have them be a writer from home you’ll need them to have a beautiful space to work from.

This home office sims 4 cc kit is really beautiful with simple lines and curves and so much realism. The computers in this set are great because they have every possible configuration for work from home. There’s an apple iMac, a computer screen with a laptop docked next to it, and even one with two screens!

sims 4 cc kits

21. Child Dream Sims 4 CC Kits

Kid’s bedrooms are one of the most fun areas to decorate in The Sims 4 and they truly allow you to let out your creativity. This set of kid’s furniture really lets you show your sim’s personality and has so many small decorative objects to work with.

This set has gorgeous piggy banks, llamas on the floor, a cute poof with a blanket draped over it and even a fun tent for your sim’s to hangout in. The furniture pieces are classic and gorgeous to work in so many rooms too!

child dreams kit

22. Oak and Concrete Patio Kit

Whenever I create a home that has a patio I’m never sure what to add out there. The oak and concrete patio kit is amazing because it has so many items to make this decoration easy as pie. You’ll be able to create really gorgeous areas for your sims to relax.

oak and concrete patio kit

23. Cozy Backyard Sims 4 CC Kits

Unless you have The Sims 4: Perfect Patio installed in your game you’ll be lacking any good items for your sim’s backyard. This cozy backyard kit is going to completely fill that void for you. This pack starts with gorgeous set of wicker furniture including a chair, a couch, two tables and a small ottoman. These have fun patterns like orange and white stripes to add some design love to the outdoors.

The decor objects in this are amazing too, with fun lights, a fireplace, a small tray with flowers and a tea pot and some gorgeous plants to decorate with.

patio kit

24. Kid’s Bedroom Kit

The next option on this list of sims 4 cc kits is this gorgeous kid’s bedroom furniture. This set of furniture is so much fun for you to add to your game because it comes in such fun colours and patterns. The bed is super fun and has a colourful headboard and base and the blankets are covered in cute illustrations.

You can also add a fun mirror, ottoman, dresser and so much more to really make your sim’s bedroom unique. My favourite piece is the small stepping stool that you can add to random spots in your home to show off how small your young sims are.

sims 4 cc kits

25. Super Streamer Sims 4 CC Kits

There is a very specific aesthetic when it comes to a streamer’s bedroom and this kit really picks that up perfectly. It starts, of course, with a desk fitted with a computer, a microphone and even the microphone mixer to make it seem extremely realistic.

This also has an entire bedroom set that comes in fun colours and small realistic decor objects like a tray with candle, plant and some remotes inside. Oh, and of course we have a ring light!

streamer kit sims 4

26. Ayumu Kit

The best thing about sims 4 cc kits is that they don’t need to be huge and can really focus in on a single idea and make it perfect. This small set starts with a gorgeous sideboard that has some fun u-shaped details on the front and will let you display items like the lamp, or a set of books. This is so beautiful!

madlen home kit

27. Lilla Toddler Bedroom

There is a bunch of really great toddler furniture custom content for you to download and this kit of toddler bedroom furniture is really fun. It has a gorgeous metal toddler bed with tons of pillows to make it look more comfortable, an open air clothing system and some cute wall decor.

lilla toddler bedroom

28. Dining Room Sims 4 CC Kits

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc kits is this beautiful Dining Room set. In this set, the star of the show for me has to be the leaning full-length mirror that is so beautiful and minimalist so it can work in many homes. All of the furniture is in a mid-century style and there is even a beautiful small record player for you to have in your sim’s home.

sims 4 cc kits

29. Modular Sofas Kit

With Dream Home Decorator we got some gorgeous modular sofas to work with in the game and they are just so gorgeous but they could always be better. This modular sofas kit allows you to have even more options for a modular couch system in your game and these come in such beautiful colours.

modular sofa kit

30. Happily Ever After Sims 4 CC Kits

Although we got an entire game pack devoted to your sim’s weddings we still can never have enough great wedding decor. This happily ever after sims 4 cc kit is amazing because it has everything you need for a traditional looking wedding. There are chairs, tables, and so much decor including gorgeous confetti balloons!

wedding kit

31. Master Bedroom Kit

This master bedroom kit is such a gorgeous option for creating the most beautiful primary bedrooms in your sim’s homes. It starts with a beautiful bed with a fabric headboard and cute blanket detail at the edge. There is matching bedside tables, an armoire and even a simple fireplace.

For decor there are plants, wall art, and an extremely adorable ottoman poof that is so gorgeous. There are even fun curtains to complete the look!

master bedroom kit

32. Holiday Mini Pack

The holidays are the best time of the year so things like this Holiday Mini Pack make it even more fun to play through in the game. This small set of items are a great sims 4 cc kit and can help you decorate your sim’s home for Winterfest.

In this kit there is a gorgeous set of hanging stockings to put over a fireplace, a cute ottoman with festive blanket, a cute curtain with hanging stars and other small pieces of decor. Great for making sure that you make a good impression on Father Winter.

33. Classic Kitchen Kit

Kitchens are the heart of the home and are a big part of my mods folder. We don’t have enough beautiful kitchens to play with! This classic kitchen kit is perfect to make a modern looking kitchen that still has that classic country flair.

These kitchen counters are gorgeous coming in beautiful colours but also fun neutrals with a gorgeous farmhouse sink. The fridge and stove come in bright and fun colours too, and there is fun wash cloth hanging details and tea pots to stare at!

sims 4 cc kits

34. Fashion Store Kit

If you have The Sims 4: Get to Work you may wish to start a retail store in your game as a way for your sims to earn their income. However, starting a retail store is more difficult than we think because most of the retail items in the game aren’t too aesthetically pleasing.

This fashion store kit is great because it can help you make an absolutely beautiful store for your sim’s to own and other sims to shop at!

fashion store kit

35. Woodsy Witch Kit

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc kits is the Woodsy Witch Kit that brings a bunch of fun new items for your witch sims. These are all really gorgeous with tons of fun objects like an adorable star shelf, a broom to hang on the wall, and tons of different candle decor. There is so much you can do with this especially if you pair it with the furniture from Realm of Magic.

woodsy witch cc kit

36. The Kerv Collection

The kerv collection is just so beautiful, how could you not immediately add this to your game? This collection has a bunch of fun furniture.

In this set you’ll get an entire dining set with a fuzzy rug too, the chairs are very gorgeous with curved backs and round seats, and the lamp is so beautiful and perfect for over a couch too!

The stars of this set for me are definitely the two mirrors. The first one is a curved top full-length mirror that leans up against the wall and the second is a beautiful wavy mirror for use in bathrooms or above furniture.

kerv collection

37. Incheon Add-On Sims 4 CC Kits

The Incheon Arrivals Kit focused solely on clothing that your sim’s can wear at the airport, but there was no furniture added with this kit. Using an add-on kit is great because this one can add some fun decor objects for your sim’s home to match with their new outfits.

This add-on pack is great because it has some decorative suitcases to put in your sim’s home as well as a bed, some chairs and a table that are all gorgeous with clean lines and neutral colours.

sims 4 cc kits

38. The Art Room Kit

There are so many fun hobbies in The Sims 4 but with many of them we don’t have a lot of good clutter objects. This art room kit is going to take your sim’s painting skill to the next level by making their artist rooms feel so gorgeous.

This set comes with a gorgeous wood desk where your sim’s can think of their incredible new ideas, a gorgeous easel with straight lines and fun clutter on the shelf and some other ways that your sims can store their goodies. Such a fun set!

hobby kit

39. Serene Bathroom Sims 4 CC Kits

The Serene Bathroom set is a really great option for a bathroom with clean lines, neutral colours and gorgeous design.

There are gorgeous wood details on each item to match the items together and even small clutter objects to decorate with.

This bathroom set is going to make your sim’s feel like they are living in an actual spa if you use it at home but it can also be used to decorate a real spa!

bathroom kit

40. Uma Living Kit

There is nothing that has my heart more in The Sims 4 than mid-century modern furniture so this Uma Living set really takes my world by storm. This starts with one of the most voluminous and beautiful plants I’ve ever seen that takes up so much space and just looks amazing in your sim’s home.

Next up, you have a gorgeous love seat and chair that have a cute fuzzy detail over top and match perfectly with the glass top coffee table. There is a gorgeous long and fun side board where you can store all of your favourite sims stuff and imagine that the drawers are full of all your sim’s custom toys.

uma living kit

41. Blockhouse Kids Sims 4 CC Kits

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc kits is the blockhouse kids set that can help you decorate a really fun kid’s bedroom. This set comes with a single bed, a bookshelf, a gorgeous armoire and more.

The star of the show is definitely the bed for me. Like many custom content beds this one has the base of the bed and the blankets separated so you can use whatever blanket colour you like with your favourite wood tone to truly customize the look.

sims 4 cc kits

42. Blockhouse Bathroom

Decorating bathrooms is never that fun anymore since there are only so many configurations of toilets and sinks you can create. This blockhouse bathroom set is awesome and can really add some fun colours and styles to your game.

This set comes with one of the most interesting standing showers I’ve ever seen with rounded edges just looking so great. There are a lot of fun curves in this set, even the mirror is rounded and absolutely beautiful! Just add a small custom toddler potty to the corner and you’re good to go.

sims 4 cc kits

43. Nora Living

Are you looking for gorgeous minimalist furniture for your sim’s home? Well, look no further than Nora Living. This options for sims 4 cc kits in your game is amazing with a gorgeous couch set, a bookshelf, and a beautiful round wood coffee table.

The star of the show is definitely that large bookshelf with rounded shelves and a gorgeous slatted bottom layer where you can show off your favourite sims clutter!

sims 4 cc kits

44. Sue Nursery

We are really lacking in beautiful baby and toddler furniture in the game so this Sue Nursery kit is a must have for me. This set has just about everything you need to make an adorable room!

It starts off with the perfect small dresser for a nursery or child’s bedroom in great wood and neutral tones to match with every room. You then get gorgeous clutter objects that you definitely need.

My favourite piece has to be the little crochet avocado that would look so cute on any shelf in your sim’s home!

sims 4 cc kits

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Kits

There are so many amazing options for custom content packs for this game but these sims 4 cc kits are some of my favourites. Getting these small groupings of items is so much more fun than giant themed packs of items and objects really allowing you to mix and match. Happy playing!

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