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35+ Sims 4 Toddler CC Outfits That are Better Than Anything In-Game

There is nothing better than finding perfect sims 4 toddler cc outfits for your mods folder. These outfits make your toddlers look so much more adorable and are necessary since we have a lack of awesome toddler clothes in the game.

When you pair these toddler outfits with a perfect pair of custom toddler shoes you can create the perfect outfit for your most adorable little ones in the game.

The Sims 4: Toddler CC Outfits

1. Kimi One Piece

First up on our list of sims 4 toddler cc outfits is the fun Kimi one piece that looks so cute and mature for your toddlers. The top of this is a gorgeous collared sweater that looks more like something you’d wear to university than to day care.

The sweater is tucked into a gorgeous plaid skirt that hits mid-thigh and looks so adorable with a pair of long socks.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

2. Velvet Holiday Dress

There are some dresses and outfits that are just perfect for the holiday season and this velvet dress is exactly that. This dress is so cute and would look great at your next Winterfest party.

This dress is a solid colour in velvet with the green being the cutest and there are two adorable details. First we have a fun peter pan collar that adds some mature details to the top and the middle of the outfit has a belt with a bow which is so cute.

holiday dress for toddlers

3. Jona Jumpsuit

The Jona jumpsuit is a great outfit option for your toddlers and starts with an adorable striped t-shirt underneath. The jumpsuit overalls start at the top with a fun buckle design on the straps, a cute pocket in the middle of the chest that has a small animal drawn on it.

The waists cinches in the middle and goes down into a pair of tailored shorts for your sims to wear while they use their custom potty chair for the first time!


4. Smiley Gingham Set

The smiley gingham set is such a fun option and starts with an adorable t-shirt that has fun smiley face details on it. The shirt is matched perfectly with a pair of full-length gingham pants that are so fun for a toddler. This will look awesome on every sim!

smiley gingham

5. Tied Romper

Next up on our list of sims 4 toddler cc outfits is this adorable tied romper option that has a fun plaid pattern. This outfit starts at the top with a set of straps that are tied in a cute bow at the top and it goes down to a fun romper with bloomer type shorts.

cute outfit for toddlers

6. Print Mix Bloomers

Wearing bloomers is a rite of passage for toddlers and every toddler looks cute in them and these print mix bloomers are perfect. When you add these sims 4 toddler cc outfits to your game you’re never going to turn back.

These blooms are a nice striped pattern that match perfectly with a t-shirt stripe for the outfit. Over the bloomers and shirt you’ll see a really fun skirt that allows your sims to play and have fun without them being in a regular skirt.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

7. Denim Overall Dress

This denim overall dress is so gorgeous with so many small adorable details for you to stare at. The overalls are put above a fun loose sleeve sweater with fitted wrists.

The overall dress is so beautiful with the straps having large buckles that add so much. The dress has a cinched waist with an elastic waist and small pockets at the bottom.


8. Sailor Onepiece

When thinking of sims 4 toddler cc outfits a sailor outfit may not be at the top of your mind but this sailor one piece is amazing. This outfit has me wanting to throw my toddler on a boat and watch them figure it out.

This outfit is so fun with a bow, stripes, and a pair of adorable shorts for your sims. A must have!

sailor outfit for toddlers

9. Sasha Set

This Sasha set makes me feel like a loser and this kid is way cooler than me, for sure. The outfits starts with a pair of nicely fitted shorts that go to mid-thigh which is a great length for toddlers.

The toddler sweater is perfect with a bit of a french tuck at the front and the rest draping toward the back. The sleeves are fitted around the wrist making it look super adorable on your sims.

sasha set

10. Toddler Cardigan Dress

Why are cardigans on young sims the cutest thing ever? This cardigan dress is so fun and young.

This dress starts with a fun two-tier skirt that leads up to a belt that matches the stripes on the shirt under the cardigan. The cardigan is what really brings it all together with the top button being done up making it look fancy!

adorable dress for toddlers

11. Puff Sleve Blouse & Bloomers

The whole concept of toddlers wearing bloomers is just one of the cutest things ever, they really make these kids look so sweet and are such a better option than traditional toddler shorts.

The top of this outfit is a really beautiful puffy sleeve shirt with fun floral patterns and even has a really beautiful peter pan collar for your sims so you can have them look cuter than ever.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

12. Ciki Hoodie Set

Are you looking for a perfect full body comfort outfit for your toddlers? Look no further than the Ciki Hoddie Set. This set is one colour throughout and comes in some more neutral options making your toddlers look comfortable without wearing super bright wild colours.

Both the sleeves and the pant legs taper in at the bottom and truly make your sims look put together without having them wear a dress!

hoodie set

13. Gingham Belt Dress

Sometimes its really fun to make your sims wear an outfit that looks a little more grown up. This gingham belt dress is so fun with the top of it being a t-shirt with a small mock neck and goes down into a fun gingham skirt.

To separate the two sections there is a beautiful but simple belt that really just brings it all together. This looks amazing when your sims have custom curly hair as it just makes them look so mature!

gingham belt dress for toddlers

14. Birthday Dress

Simple dresses are my favourite options for sims 4 toddler cc outfits because they make your toddlers look really put together and can truly make your sims look like amazingly organized parents. This birthday dress is awesome because its simple and multi-coloured without being too childish.

The dress starts with two straps that have fun bows, then goes into a two-tier ruffle with each layer in a different colour and the base of the dress coming down to right above the knee in a different colour. Super fun!

layered ruffle dress

15. Toddler Vampire Suit

When we got vampires we didn’t really get much for toddlers who had just been introduced weeks earlier so there really aren’t any toddler themed vampire outfits. This toddler vampire suit is so fun for sim who’s dad is Caleb Vatore and needs to show off their future master vampire skills.

vampire suit

16. Paula Dress

There is nothing cuter than a toddler in a formal toddler outfit and this Paula dress is great for your next big event for your sims. This dress is so cute and brings my favourite toddler pattern, polka dots, into the outfit.

The dress starts with a pair of straps that tie in a bow at the top and go down to a fitted straight neckline area that is covered in polka dots. Then the dress flairs out until the top of the knee and it just looks so cute, perfect for your next sims wedding!

polka dot paula dress

17. Ribbon Sweater Dress

Strawberry themed clothes see to be all the rage lately and this ribbon sweater dress is such a cute option. This dress has a base of a sweater that has a scoop neck and puffy sleeves that taper in at the wrist.

The pattern on this is strawberries and just looks so cute and the star of the show is a giant bow in the middle of your sims’ chest that really just brings it all together.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

18. Strawberry Romper

Going right along with the strawberry theme we have this fun strawberry romper for your toddlers to wear. The outfit starts with spaghetti straps at the top that are tied in a little bow and then it goes down to a two-layer ruffle on your sim’s chest.

Below the ruffle you’ll find the base of the outfit that goes down int shorts and is covered in an adorable strawberry pattern that you must have in your game.

strawberry outfit

19. Toddler Cardigan Outfit

There is just something really adorable about a cardigan on a young sim and this toddler cardigan outfit won’t disappoint. This outfit starts with the perfect pair of ripped toddler jeans that are ripped on one leg at the knee and the other just above it, with a cool wash too.

The top half of the outfit has a simple t-shirt in fun colours and a cardigan on top that is two-tone with the base being one colour and the edges being a nice grey. Works great for cute toddlers who want to look grown up!

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

20. Tied Shirts

There is nothing worse than thinking a toddler looks cooler than you but with this tied shirt outfit you’ll definitely think that.

This amazing choice for your sims 4 toddler cc outfits folder has a fun long t-shirt for your toddlers with fun designs on the chest which would be cute enough on its own, but then it ties a nice flannel around the waist to look super cool.

When paired with sneakers and socks you can really have a cool looking sim!

cool toddler outfit

21. Izzy Dress

The Izzy dress is such a cute outfit for your sim to wear on a warm summer day, or even to a formal event if you have the right custom toddler accessories to make the look perfect.

This dress has nice thick straps at the top and goes straight down to the hip then flairs out to loo super adorable in a gingham pattern!

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

22. Piper Overalls

There is so much love to go around when it comes to toddlers and these two options for sims 4 toddler cc outfits show off hearts so nicely. The first outfit is a pair or 3/4 length overalls with a cute white t-shirt underneath and heart patches at the hip.

That white shirt continues to the second outfit with this dress having a large heart in the middle of the chest and the skirt flaring out and being super cute. Pairing this with a fun custom toddler hairstyle can make the sim the cutest ever.

overalls for valentines

23. Oliver Overalls

Are you looking for the perfect option for custom toddler formalwear? This set of Oliver overalls is such a cute option to really keep your toddlers looking sweet without making them wear too much of a formal outfit.

This has an adorable pair of shorts that hit just above the knee and have a fun dress shirt tucked in, the shorts are held up by a fun pair of suspenders and a fun bowtie really just ties the outfit all together.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

24. Simblreen 2020 Mini-Set

Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best choices for sims 4 toddler cc outfits and these from this mini-set are awesome. This set has a pair of either cuffed shorts or cuffed jeans as well as an adorable long-sleeve with design on the front or a puffy sleeve top with a bow.

These are such simple and regular outfits that definitely need some custom toddler accessories to really make them fun!

mini set for toddlers

25. Taylor Dress

Having adorable toddlers wear adorable toddler dresses just makes me so happy. Toddler dresses are so fun and this one would work perfect for a family who lives in Strangerville.

This dress is very country themed with a fun collar, rolled sleeves and a really cute belt and belt buckle. It’s a really fun casual outfit for your most adorable toddler.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

26. Jogger Set

There aren’t many cute comfortable outfits for toddlers in the base game of The Sims 4 but this jogger set makes up for it for sure. This set has fun bright colours and cute designs on the front of the sweater!

My favourite part about this look is that you can mix and match the colours by choosing one colour for the bottom and a different one for the top.

sims 4 toddler joggers

27. Isaac Outfit

Are you looking to have your sim look like a superhero without wearing a custom toddler costume? Well, this next option for sims 4 toddler cc outfits has a really adorable cape to make your sims feel super.

The base of the outfit is an adorable onesie in a solid colour and the trim around the sleeves and bottom of the outfit match the base colour of the cape to keep the look consistent. The cape is so cute with patterns like giant stars that just make you happy as your toddlers are sitting in their custom toddler beds.

super hero

28. Play Date Mini Set

Are you looking for a great hot weather outfit for your favourite toddler? Well, this play date mini set has two incredible and adorable options for your sims. The first is a pair of simple shorts with a cute top that has ruffle sleeves, simple and adorable!

The second outfit is my favourite, a pair of gorgeous brightly coloured overalls that have flowers and bumble bees on the front. You’ll see a sim wearing this have a definite interest in Bertie’s Bee Box as they get older!

play date mini set sims 4

29. Rainbow Sundress

There is no other option for sims 4 cc toddler outfits that screams summer then this one. This rainbow dress shows off the sun by having an adorable smiley sun hanging out behind a cloud on a gorgeous blue polka dot background.

The bottom half of the dress has fun layers of colour with some having polka dots for extra flair. The scalloped edge at the bottom of this cute dress really just ties it all together. Just imagine your sims playing in their custom bedrooms with this outfit, so cute!

cute dress for toddlers

30. Layered Dress

Layering a simple spaghetti strap dress over a t-shirt is such an adorable look for toddlers and this one is the perfect choice. The colours compliment each other so well and the look is so adorable. Imagine how cute your toddlers will be learning to potty on their custom potty chair when wearing this outfit!

layered dress

31. Cutie Pie Outfit

There is something so sweet about this cutie pie outfit option for toddlers. This outfit has a really cute pair of super patterned pants that show off your sim’s personality, and when paired with a fun coloured top that has a cute peter pan collar you’ll never think your toddlers are cuter.

The best part about this outfit is the tiny details on the collar where you can see strawberries, rainbows and more depending on the style on the pants. Your toddler won’t need a pair of custom glasses to see how cute they look in this outfit!

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

32. Fantastic Play Date Romper

A simple way to make your toddlers look really sweet is to throw them in a romper! This play date romper has so many gorgeous colours and patterns that your sims can really show off their personality with it.

This is such a beautiful outfit that has such potential and when you wear it with a curly toddler hair your sims will never look cuter. These are amazing as a hot weather summer outfit!

play date rompers for kids

33. Zyaire Jacket & Jeans

There are some of us that want our toddlers to look cute and others that want to make toddlers look cool. This jacket and jeans option for sims 4 toddler cc outfits definitely falls in the cool category.

This outfit has jeans that are skinny and make your toddlers look so grow up, and when paired with this adorable jacket with double chest zippers and a gorgeous texture you’ll think your toddler is cooler than ever. Pair this with a pair of custom toddler shoes and you’ve got the best outfit of all time.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

34. Patch Overalls

There is something exceptionally adorable about wearing overalls and these cow overalls are definitely top five of all time. Imagine your toddler walking around your house looking like a cute cow!

These overalls have a cute pocket at the top with cow print and a small cow hanging out, while the knees of the overalls have a gorgeous cow patch sitting on it. It’s perfect for when your toddlers want to sit on the floor playing with their custom toddler toys and just have a great day looking cuter than ever.

toddler cow overalls

35. Poupée Onesie

The next option on our list of sims 4 toddler cc outfits is the adorable onesie with a peter pan collar. Using peter pan collars is a way to make any outfit look more formal and adorable and looks so cute on toddlers.

This onesie has a pretty simple body with thick tank top sleeves that go down into a double layer ruffle with cute bloomer type shorts connected at the bottom for maximum playtime.

Getting your toddlers to wear this outfit is great for a day when they wear their hair up and show off their custom toddler earrings too!

onsies for toddlers

36. Bear Onesies

There is nothing cuter than making a toddler in The Sims 4 wear a really adorable onesie and these bear onesies don’t disappoint. These onesies come in a bunch of fun colours including brights like yellows or reds but also some more neutral muted tones.

The thick straps on the top of the onesie are really beautiful and make you want to show off your toddler’s shoulders with their custom toddler hairstyle.

The front of the onesie has an adorable pocket where there’s a small bear coming out that you can just imagine a toddler giving a name to and wanting to wear this everyday.

sims 4 toddler cc outfits

Final Thoughts

These are hands down some of my absolute favourite sims 4 toddler cc outfits to add to my mods folder. I genuinely don’t know what I would do without them, they are just so much cuter than anything we get from EA! These are great to add along with some toddler mods to really mix up your toddler-focused gameplay. Happy playing!

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