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30+ Sims 4 Toddler Poses for The Cutest Screenshots

Getting good screenshots is a struggle for many in The Sims 4 and pose packs are the key. These custom sims 4 toddler poses are going to allow you to get all sorts of gorgeous images of your toddlers in various positions and with different family members, both human and furry.

You’ll find family photos, funny play time images, and poses with their favourite puppy dog that their family just got. You’ll definitely be able to find an adorable toddler pose that’ll make you fall even further in love with your sims.

The Sims 4 Toddler Poses

1. Bouncy Toy Poses

Our first set of sims 4 toddler poses are these adorable bouncy top images that are so cute. This set of poses show off your toddler in various positions with a bouncy toy that just looks like so much fun. There’s even a pose where they are trying to feed it some of their ice cream!

You’ll, of course, need to download the bouncy top accessory for your toddler to ride on and pose with.

sims 4 toddler poses

2. The Devilliers’ Toddler Poses

These toddler poses are so precious with ten for you to choose from. My favourite one is definitely the pose where your sim has their legs crossed and their hands on their hip just showing the world who’s boss!

sassy toddler poses

3. Dog and Toddlers Poses

There is nothing more precious than a toddler’s connection with their pets and these poses really show that off. These poses are going to have your toddlers in all sorts of adorable positions of cuddling with their dogs.

There are even poses for multiple toddlers to take a photo together and really get to show off how much the family’s kids love their pet.

poses with dogs

4. Casteru CAS Sims 4 Toddler Poses

There are so many amazing create a sim poses for your sim’s to try out and these CAS poses are some of my favourites. These poses are going to be cycled through when you click on the silly trait for your toddlers and will be great to get cute pictures of your toddlers.

There are so many cute ones in here with some of my favourites being the poses where your toddlers look surprised, or any pose where they are standing weird, it just makes me happy. There are 27 poses in total, so you’ll definitely find one that you love.

Since these are CAS poses you should definitely find a great CAS Background to make the background of your toddler’s pictures so much better.

CAS pose pack

5. Toddler & Puppy Pose

Toddlers absolutely love animals and love to show off that love for their animals with snuggles and lots of play time. What if you could show off that love with a toddler and puppy pack of sims 4 toddler poses? These are so adorable it makes me need a new dog!

These poses are so adorable with my two favourites beings number five and six. Fix has your toddler sitting criss-cross with the puppy licking their face and six has your toddler and the puppy sleeping on the ground together. The cutest!

poses with puppy

6. Father Daughter Day

There is a special connection between a father and a daughter and these poses are going to help you really show off that connection with your sims. This shows off your sim with their father and is just really adorable.

These poses are some where your male sim is brushing their toddler’s hair, some where they are reading a book and even the most fun of all the poses where your toddler and father are jumping on the bed. These are great to show off how much love your toddler has!

sims 4 toddler poses

7. Inquisitive CAS Pose Pack

CAS poses are a great way to get images of a single sim being absolutely adorable. These poses are going to replace the toddler inquisitive trait in create a sim and will cycle through these poses when you use it.

These poses are so cute with your toddler standing there being absolutely adorable with their hands doing cute things like holding their face, pointing to their eyes or going down by their side in the cutest ways.

inquisitive pose pack

8. Toddler Slide Poses

As a toddler there isn’t much that’s more exciting than going down a slide, and we have multiple options for toddler slides in the game. These sims 4 toddler poses all take place on a slide and really show off that childlike wonder.

There are poses of your toddlers climbing under the slide, climbing up the stairs, and eventually going down the slide and falling on their bum at the bottom. Wear your favourite custom outfit for these poses to really show off the best looks!

slide poses

9. A Toddler’s Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and taking gorgeous Winterfest themed images of your sim’s is a great way to feel more connected to them.

These poses are great for the holidays and show off how excited kids get at Christmas with your toddler just being excited to show their parents a small Christmas ornament. You’ll definitely want to add some holiday custom content to make the look even better!

holiday toddler poses

10. Laundry Hamper Sims 4 Toddler Poses

Next up on our list of sims 4 toddler poses all happen inside of a laundry basket. I feel like its a pretty universal experience to annoy your parents by taking out all the clean clothes and going to sit inside of a laundry hamper, so I relate heavily with these poses.

Your toddler looks so darn cute in this series of poses with your toddler climbing inside, going head first, and eventually look so cute sitting there. There is even a pose where the parent eventually finds them inside of the hamper and removes them, as they should!

laundry hamper toddler posing

11. RatBoySims Toddler Poses

There isn’t much cuter than getting gorgeous images of your toddlers hanging out with their parents. It just really shows off the love between these two sims and really makes you fall in love with your sims.

These poses are perfect for this! The first pose option has your toddler sitting on their parents shoulders and covering one eye with their hand. This one is funny and would be amazing with a custom hairstyle to go along and really complete the look.

The other show stopper pose has your toddler at the forefront and just part of the adult in the pose. The toddler will be standing with their parent holding their hands and just look so adorable!

toddler sims poses

12. Clingy CAS Poses

Next on the list of sims 4 toddler poses are these adorable CAS poses that will replace the clingy trait animations. These are really fun because the toddler looks so excited in every position.

There are poses where the toddler gets excited, poses where they get an idea, and even one where they look like they just saw a ghost. These are great for individual toddler images to share with your friends!

clingy cas poses

13. Crawling Over You

Toddlers spend so much time crawling around so it only makes sense to have a whole pose pack devoted to this time in your life. These crawling poses are so fun because they are for a pair of toddlers and would look so good for twins.

My favourite pose in the pack has to be the one where the toddlers are both trying to crawl but one decided they need to crawl on top of their sibling. Too cute for me!

sims 4 toddler poses

14. Little Monsters

Don’t pay too much attention to the name, these poses aren’t all about the monster side of your favourite in-game toddlers! These poses are all over the map when it comes to location and style.

In this pack of poses you’ll find some with your toddlers hanging in a chair (even some when they’ve fallen asleep in the cutest way) and others where they are hanging out on a jungle gym. These really show off your toddler’s personality and make you love them more than ever before.

grumpy toddler poses

15. Teddy Bear Chair Poses

Every toddler has their favourite teddy bear, so why not have a favourite teddy bear chair? This pack of teddy bear chair poses are just so adorable and honestly I’d love to have this chair IRL.

In this pose pack you’ll need to download the chair as well, but your toddler will sit in various positions in and around the chair. There’s even one where the toddler grabs the bears ear and is telling it a secret and it doesn’t get cuter than this.

bear chair poses

16. Umbrella Sims 4 Toddler Poses

Who doesn’t want to hangout in the rain and pose with an umbrella? Not me! But this toddler looks extremely cute hanging out in the rain, and the umbrella just makes it even cuter.

Before you go ahead and use these sims 4 toddler poses be sure to get some custom toddler rain boots to really make the outfit perfect.

toddler posing with an umbrella

17. Cuddling Moms Belly

Pregnancy is a really big part of The Sims 4 and one of my favourite types of pregnancy mods are pregnancy poses because you can really show off the love for the baby before they’re born.

This set of poses has your toddler cuddling up with their mom’s belly in a bunch of different poses. These are just so sweet and would be amazing IRL too so you can show the baby how loved they were before they are even born.

moms belly poses

18. Toddler Model Poses

We don’t always need to have adorable and loving looking sims 4 toddler poses, we can sometimes have some that are just silly and fun. Toddlers aren’t serious, so these poses just show off how much fun they can be.

There are fun poses in this pack with family members like their parents but the stars of the show are definitely the toddler only poses that are just so fun.

My favourite pose actually has an adult sim in it with that adult sim holding up their arms like they are flexing and two toddlers are hanging off their arms like a jungle gym, just too cute.

toddler model poses

19. Toddler Co-Sleep

Co-sleeping is such a popular way to sleep with toddlers these days and although it isn’t possible in The Sims 4 these pose packs can make it feel like it is. These poses are so cute with two adult sims laying around and the toddlers being the kings and queens of the bed for sure.

My favourite one of these poses has one toddler with their hand in their parents face and the other toddler with their leg draped over just really showing off how much they control the bed. You can really imagine your toddler’s sleeping with your adult sims in their favourite custom double bed.

sims 4 toddler poses

20. Toddler Emotions Pose Pack

Toddlers aren’t known to be able to control their emotions with ease, they often have a hard time and these poses are going to help you show that off. This pack of poses has emotions like happy, frustrated, confused, sad and more and can show off so many parts of your toddler’s personality.

toddler emotions pose pack

21. Kindergarten Moments

Since we don’t truly have a Kindergarten system for toddlers or children in The Sims 4 it’s fun to use poses to try and fake this experience. Of course there are daycare or preschool options if you are willing to download toddler mods but these can help you fake the experience.

These poses are so darn cute with them sitting at a chair and desk in all sorts of cute positions and even a pose for two toddlers to skip around and look so cute!

kindergarten poses

22. Angelic CAS Pose Pack

Next up on the list are these Angelic CAS poses that will replace the traditional animations use for the angelic trait. These poses are so cute with your toddler absolutely loving to change their arm position to keep the poses interesting.

These poses have your sim’s feet in all sorts of adorable positions, so it’s important you have good custom toddler shoes to really complete your sim’s outfit and make sure they look real cute.

angelic pose

23. Happy Holidays

Are you looking to take your sim’s family Winterfest card for the year? Look no further than this happy holidays pose. This is absolutely perfect for a family with one toddler and really makes the family look adorable and super loving.

You’ll start with one sim who is sitting with one leg bent and their arm draped over it with their other arm around their partner. This partner has their legs off to the side and their hand on their adorable toddler’s lap. The toddler has the cutest smile on their face and everyone just looks so lovely!

festive pose

24. Sims 4 Toddler Poses #3

The next set of sims 4 toddler poses are all about sitting on the floor in the weirdest and most adorable ways. These poses have your toddlers in various positions like criss-cross apple sauce, or with their legs stretched out.

While in these poses they are going to have various looks on their face, and honestly, they’d look so much cuter if they’re wearing custom toddler glasses in all of these poses. Just too cute!

sims 4 pose pack

25. Peek-a-Boo Sims 4 Toddler Poses

If you’re looking for a small pack of really adorable but really simple toddler poses, these peek-a-boo poses are for you. This set has four options in it with your toddlers just standing and being so adorable. There’s a pose where the toddler is just standing, one with a peace sign and two that are a little more wild.

Use these poses in your sim’s adorable custom toddler bedrooms and you’ll get some of the cutest images of all time!

sims 4 toddler

26. My Bottle And Me Sims 4 Toddler Poses

What’s the best toddler accessory? A bottle of course! It not only looks cute when being carried around but also gives your toddlers all the nutrients they need to become big and strong.

These toddler poses are really adorable because your toddler can take adorable images with their parent, their siblings or just by themselves showing off their favourite bottle and really showing some sass when doing it.

me and my bottle pose

27. Photoshoot Sims 4 Toddler Poses

Toddler poses are just so cute because they don’t have to be polished, toddlers can be in all sorts of weird positions and it just makes sense. In this pack you’re going to get access to 18 gorgeous images for your toddlers to go solo on.

There are four poses with your toddlers on the floor with my favourite being the one with the toddler bent over with their head between their legs, because I remember doing that pose as a toddler! There are also 13 others where your toddler is standing, sometimes looking happy and others in the middle of a crying melt down.

These are awesome because you can use them both in create a sim and as an in-game pose. When you’re in create a sim these will replace the animations traditionally used for the clingy trait.

photoshoot with toddlers

28. Toddler Pose Pack

The next set of sims 4 toddler poses are these gorgeous ones that make your toddlers look so sweet. This set comes with fourteen poses where your sim’s are standing and six where they are sitting on the ground in various positions and are just too cute.

With this set there are also some really fun children’s poses too so you can get something for all of your smallest sims.

toddler child poses

29. Charmer CAS Pose Pack

Next up on the list are these gorgeous charmer CAS poses and these really do make your toddler look like a charmer. These poses have your toddler in all sorts of poses with various adorable expressions on their face.

Since these are create a sim poses you’ll see your sim cycle through these as you click on the charmer trait in CAS. Then you can go ahead and take images of them in create a sim, you can make it much cuter if you have a CAS Background instead of just having the traditional blue and green ombre background.

sims 4 toddler poses

30. First Steps Sims 4 Toddler Poses

Taking your first steps is a very big part of growing up, so why not have sims 4 toddler poses to show off this beautiful moment. There are so many poses in this pack too, allowing you to get gorgeous images with both parents, a single parent or just the toddler on their own.

My favourite’s are definitely the ones with both parents where one parent is helping to keep the toddler steady and the other is down on the ground encouraging the toddler to keep going!

first step pose

31. Our Growing Family

There are so many options out there for gorgeous pregnancy poses in the game and this one is perfect if your sim is pregnant and you have a toddler in the household. Definitely a gorgeous option for a family portrait.

This pose is so beautiful because both parents are going to stand together with the pregnant sim having their hands on their belly while the other sim holds the toddler. They look like the most loving family and if you add some custom toddler accessories you can make them look super stylish too!

our growing family poses

32. Random Sims 4 Toddler Poses

If you have multiple toddlers in your household and want to get the cutest shot of them hanging out together, this is definitely the pose pack for you. There are poses with three toddlers and ones with two toddlers and they are perfect for sibling screenshots in the game.

These poses are adorable with the perfect amount of sass. You’ll see these toddlers with their hands on their hip, blowing kisses, point out to the world, and so much more. Stick your toddlers in their favourite custom outfit and you’ll love your images. Definitely a must-download for me!

sims 4 toddler poses

33. Blissful Gallery Sims 4 Toddler Poses

Gallery poses are a really amazing way to show off your favourite sims that you want to share on the gallery because first impressions are everything. These poses are going to replace the default EA poses that you’ll see when looking through the gallery and can make you get way more downloads.

These poses are just too cute for your toddlers on the gallery with so many adorable things to choose from. There are seven total poses with each of them having your toddler stand in different positions with their hands doing adorable things.

We’ve got hands in peace signs, crossed over your toddler’s chest, sucking on their thumb and so much more. These are so cute and can really improve your number of downloads on your favourite toddler!

blissful cas poses

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Toddler Poses

There are so many amazing custom poses out there and downloading these is the best because you can get the absolute cutest screenshots. These sims 4 toddler poses are some of my favourites because they are just too adorable with toddlers being hands down the cutest age group. Happy playing!

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