40+ Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses For Your Holiday Party

Finding the perfect dress to wear to a festive occasion can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be for your sims. These amazing sims 4 Christmas CC dresses are genuinely so beautiful, they show off your sim’s personality and bring in the perfect amount of holiday cheer without being too much.

Your sims are going to rock their next Winterfest party at Eliza and Bob Pancake’s house and you’ll love getting them all dressed up in create-a-sim.

The BEST Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses for Adults

When we’re talking about dresses made for adult sims we’re talking about elegance with a hint of fun. Many of these Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses feature velvet, fun patterns, and some even have a reindeer on the front.

Primrose Sims 4 Christmas Dress

If you look for an elegant Christmas dress for your Sim lady which is also versatile then look no further! This elegant Fifties-styled frock comes complete with a fabric belt and bow in the front, and is accented with white fur trim at the cuffs of the long sleeves and neckline.

The dress is knee-length and comes in 20 total swatches, with colours ranging from a neutral jewel-tone palette. It’s perfect for colder weather, and can be worn for lunches, Christmas shopping and casual cocktail parties. So go ahead and add this pretty little number to your Sims’ wardrobe – they won’t be disappointed!

This dress goes down below the knee, is 3/4 length in the sleeves, has a bow around the waist, and has white fluffy detail around the sleeves and neckline.

Merry Dress

The Merry Dress by Sims 4 is the perfect holiday dress for any special occasion. This beautiful dress comes in ten different solid colours. Some of them have a contrasting white collar giving it a uniquer style. The asymmetric design with a shorter front and a longer back is flattering on any body type.

The short sleeves make it perfect for a night out on the town when dancing to your Sim’s favourite Christmas music. The skirt flares out in a soft, romantic silhouette that is sure to turn heads. Whether your Sim is attending a Christmas party or simply spending time with family and friends, the Merry Dress is the perfect choice for making lasting memories.

An off the shoulder high-low dress that cinches at the waist and comes in red

Winter Heat Sweater Dress

The best thing about winter is the fashion. You get to bring out the sweaters, leggings, and boots, and bundle up in comfy layers. But what if you could take that comfort one step further? With this chunky sweater dress, you can. It’s extra comfy, thanks to the thick knit fabric, and comes in 32 swatches, including solids colours and festive prints.

The simple knitting pattern does not take away from the cozy style, and it’s short in length, so you can wear it with tights or leggings. Plus, it’s comfortable for cuddling up on the couch, but also warm enough to be worn outside. So go ahead and add it to your Sims’ winter wardrobe.

Two sims wearing knitted turtleneck sweater dresses

Christmas Gift Sims 4 Dress

The BEST Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses for Adults comes in a festive gold or red structure fabric with black inserts along the sides to enhance a slim silhouette. The red dress has a green Christmas bow sitting at the lower back while the gold dress is adorned with the red bow.

The dress is strapless and creates an attractive cleavage. It falls above the knee and is elegant and sensual while still being festive for all the upcoming holiday parties. Whether your Sim is looking to impress their boss at the company party or turn heads at a family gathering, these dresses will have them feel their best. So get ready to celebrate in style!

This dress has a winter pattern in the middle, black on each side and a bow on the back right above the butt.

Garland Gown

The Garland Gown is a stunning and unique choice for holiday parties or Christmas gatherings. The light, flowing fabric is available in 13 solid colours and 5 holiday patterns, making it easy to find the perfect match for your Sims’ outfit.

The puffed sleeves and deeper cleavage add a touch of femininity, while the waistline is enhanced with a second lace that can be tied into a bow in the front. The cuffs and hem are adorned with a flared rim, adding a touch of romance to the dress.

Whether you’re looking for something elegant to wear to a holiday party or a festive dress to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, the Garland Gown is sure to make you feel beautiful and confident.

This dress has puffy sleeves, a long past-knee look.

Winter Party Dress

The Winter Party Dress is the perfect CC dress for any adult Sim who loves to dance. The skirt flares out around the knee area, making every move fluid and elegant. The heart-shaped neckline is edged with white fur, and the long sleeves are also lined with fur.

The dress is available in 16 colours, so your Sim will find their favourite one. This dress makes every woman look stylish and chic. Whether they are attending a winter formal or just hitting the clubs, the Winter Party Dress is sure to make them stand out from the crowd.

A sim wearing an off the shoulder dress that goes right above the knee. The wrists and neckline have white fluffy texture.

Santa Clause Outfit

Your female Sim will look fabulous in this mini Christmas dress with heart-shaped neckline and long sleeves. The cuffs and neckline are adorned with luxurious white fur, and the black belt cinches in at the waist to create a flattering silhouette.

To complete the look, pair the dress with dark tights or fishnet stockings and over-the-knee boots. The outfit is available in eight different colours, covering everything from traditional Christmas colours to your Sims’ favourite hues.

No matter what your Sim’s style, there’s sure to be a shade that suits them. So why not add a little fun and flair to their winter wardrobe with this festive outfit?

Two sims wearing a dress in red or green. This dress looks like something mrs clause would wear with the white fluff around the edges.

Knitted Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

Knitted dresses are the perfect way to stay cozy and chic this holiday season. The Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses for Adults mini dress features a poinsettia pattern underneath the collar which extends to the shoulder parts and back. The hem and cuffs of the long sleeves carry adorable hearts within a festive pattern.

Your Sim can choose between a white dress with red and black motifs or a red dress with white and black ones. Either way, they can stay cozy to relax in front of the fire place or turn heads at the next holiday party!

A knitted sweater dress with tight wrists on the sleeve, there's christmas patterns around the chest, around the bottom and around the wrists.

2021 Merry Dress

The best Sims 4 Christmas CC dresses for adults have arrived, and it is nothing short of spectacular! This plaid beauty comes in 7 stunning colours, all of which are perfect for the holiday season.

The skirt flares out and ends right above the knee, making it comfortable to move around in. The 3/4 length sleeves add a touch of elegance, while the fabric belt closes as a bow in the front, giving the dress an extra festive touch.

Whether your Sim is heading to work or meeting up with friends, this is the perfect dress for adding a touch of holiday spirit to any occasion.

A 3/4 length sleeve dress with rolled up sleeves, the waist is belted with a green bow, the pattern is plaid.

Santa Outfit Dress

The Sims 4 Christmas CC Santa outfit Dress for Adults is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. This is the dress that makes every Sim man a Santa Claus and it is a must add-on for the holiday cheer to your game. The traditional outfit includes the shoes, as well.

All your Sim needs to add is the traditional Santa Claus beard. Have them walk around at the office during Secret Santa or at the next holiday party. They will sure bring up the holiday joy another notch!

A dress that looks like santa's outfit.

Velvet Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

If you’re looking for a Sims 4 Christmas CC dress that will make your Sim lady feel like a queen, look no further than the Velvet dress. The luxurious and elegant fabric is embellished with pearls at the neck- and waistline, making it extraordinaire.

Plus, it comes in 12 stunning colours, from soft pastels, blues and purples to traditional holiday reds and greens. It is also available in black so your Sim can wear the classic little black dress and still look absolutely amazing. No matter what your Sim’s style, there’s sure to be a perfect Velvet dress for her.

So go ahead and deck your halls with Velvet dresses this holiday season!

This dress is made of velvet, has a beaded belt around the waist, an off the shoulder top half with long sleeves.

Linda Reindeer Dress

Looking for a funky Christmas dress this season? Your Sim has found it! The adorable slim fitted mini dress with the cute reindeer in the front is a real eye catcher. Your Sim can choose between four base colours, such as red, green, blue and a mustard. All have a black neckline border adorned with silver stars.

The lower part has the same border in an asymmetrical style enhancing the funky charm. This dress is sure to get you noticed at any holiday party!

A sim with short blonde hair wearing a long sleeve dress. This dress has black panels with a white snowflake pattern on them and the rest of the dress is a bright colour. In the coloured section there is a reindeer with a santa hat.

Christmas CC Party Dress

The Christmas CC Party Dress is a lovely holiday dress in four styles. The white and red one are adorned with silver, golden or white snowflakes along the hem of the flared skirt. The pastel blue dress has the white stars all over, making it magical. The fourth style comes in a pattern of mistletoes and berries.

The dress features a deep cleavage, but the little bolero that comes with each dress lets your Sim control how much they want to show. There are two white, one blue and one red bolero with short sleeves and a charming bow.

The dress fits tight in the upper part and flares out beautifully below the waist down to the knees flattering every figure. Wit this outfit your female Sim will feel attractive at any party.

A sim in The Sims 4 wearing a fit and flair dress with snowflake patterns. They are wearing a small shawl on top.

Skater Skirt Dress

What’s the best way to spread holiday cheer? By wearing the best Sims 4 Christmas CC dresses, of course! This skater skirt dress is the perfect outfit for any holiday party – and with ten solid colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your Sims’ holiday style. The snug fitted top and waist accentuate your Sims’ curves, while the flared skirt provides the flattering hour-glass silhouette.

The long sleeves are perfect for keeping them warm at any outdoor event, and the thumb hole detail adds a touch of fun and function. Whether they are attending a holiday dinner party, hitting the town for some festive cheer, or just get their Christmas shopping done, this dress is sure to spread some holiday cheer.

A sim wearing a long sleeve red turtle neck tucked into an A-line white skirt that goes mid thigh

Wool Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

The Sims 4 Christmas is coming and we all know what that means- time to start thinking about what our Sims will wear! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a festive new dress? This chic knitted wool dress is the perfect thing to keep your Sim warm and stylish this winter. With six colours to choose from, including five in a Christmas theme, there’s sure to be the perfect dress for everyone.

It has a short, slim fit with 3/4 sleeves and a one side shoulder off neckline. The neutral style has a grey body, black sleeves with white cuffs and a white rim at the neckline and hem. The Christmas styled dresses feature snowflakes, “Merry Christmas” lettering, smiling Santa Claus, and a singing snowman. Fun and chic go hand in hand with this dress!

A sim wearing an off the shoulder sweater dress. These dresses have patterns like merry christmas and reindeer.

Xmas Tartan Dress

The Xmas Tartan Dress has arrived and it is this stunning. This gorgeous dress combines tradition with romance perfectly. The slim fitted skirt comes in blue, red or green tartan and the top part is black with short sleeves and a round deep collar. The beautiful embroidery on the collar matches the colour of the skirt.

The dress ends at the knee which enhances the elegant style. Your Sim will look both elegant and sophisticated in this outfit – perfect for an office party or a festive dinner. Get this dress now and make sure your Sim is ready for Christmas!

A dress with a skirt that goes right above the knee. The skirt is a tartan pattern and the top is black with a lace detail.

Snowman Dress

The Snowman Dress is as unusual as it is chic. The slim fitted white dress has big black buttons along the front, and it ends mid thigh leaving enough space for the long stockings striped in red and white. To make that outfit authentic, the scarf cannot be missed and comes in a tartan pattern.

The black hat with the red ribbon completes the outfit. This dress is perfect for any holiday party or get-together, and your Sim lady is sure to stand out from the crowd in this festive and adorable dress.

A short dress with a sweetheart neckline that has three buttons going down making it look like a snowman.

Winter Evenings

Is your Sim invited to a Christmas ball but tired of wearing the same little black dress? This is the elegant Christmas answer to the traditional holiday outfit. The slim fitted dress comes in solid colours, with a lace top and long sleeves.

The collar is enhanced with a stunning white fur overlapping just a bit in the front. The straight falling skirt ends shortly above the ankles making the ensemble both elegant and marvellous. Let your Sim choose from red, blue, green and fuchsia. Your Sim will be sure to make a grand entrance at any holiday party with this show-stopping outfit.

This dress goes almost down to the ankle with an A-line skirt. The top of this dress has a white fluffy wrap around over top of a lace shirt.

Holiday Wonderland Gown

If your Sim is looking for a jaw-dropping holiday dress, look no further than the Holiday Wonderland Gown . This gown is made for a goddess, with a daring plunging neckline and deep cutouts at the back and sides. The fitted bodice accentuates your Sims’ figure, while the flared skirt creates a graceful balancing silhouette.

The silver belt decorates the waist, adding a touch of elegance. With 12 colours to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect shade for your Sim. So don’t settle for any holiday dress – go for the glamour and sophistication of the Holiday Wonderland Gown!

A floor length gown in red or green. The middle has a silver belt with three pieces and the top has a deep V showing the chest.

Christmas Spirit Dress

If you’re looking for something festive but unique, we’ve got just the thing. The Sims 4 Christmas Spirit Dress is the perfect blend of fun and sexy. This dress with one Shoulder brings a hint of sixties style to the mix with its asymmetrical silhouette and one long sleeve.

The neckline is also asymmetrical and adorned with a candid white fur which repeats at the cuff of the one sleeve and also comes separate for the bare arm. Let your Sim chose from eight colours including black, red and golden.

Whether your Sim is looking for a festive dress for the Christmas dinner or a party dress for New Year’s Eve, the Christmas Spirit Dress is sure to get them into the holiday spirit.

A dress with one sleeve, a sweetheart neckline, and a set of white wrist details.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses for Kids

Adults don’t get to have all the fun when we’re talking about Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses, your kids do too! These dresses are so much fun and get to be worn all year round if your sims are feeling silly. These are such fun custom outfits for your characters to wear to their holiday parties!

Children’s Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

These seven different designs of children’s Christmas CC dresses are perfect for any little girl who wants to feel festive and look her best. The short sleeve dress falls down to just above the knees, with a light flared out skirt that is perfect for twirling around in.

The solid red dress is a classic look that will never go out of style, while the other six dresses feature festive designs that will make your little one stand out from the crowd. The white bar with heart buttons and a red small bow in the front add a touch of whimsy, while the black belt with the heart buckle provides a bit of structure.

The light and breathable fabric is perfect for a Christmas party or day at school. Your little girl is sure to feel like a princess in one of these beautiful dresses.

A sim standing in a red dress that looks a bit like Santa, however, the details on this Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress are hearts instead of circles.

Dress 1218

This year, make your Sim child’s Christmas even more special with one of these stunning CC dresses. The sleeveless, elegant design is perfect for any holiday party or formal event, and the pearl collar and white fabric belt add a touch of luxury.

The dress hits just above the knee, making it both stylish and age-appropriate. And with three different designs to choose from, the Sim’s child is sure to find the perfect look for any occasion. Whether they opt for the black dress adorned with white snowmen and snowflakes, the white dress with silver and blue Christmas balls, or the green dress with big white snowflakes, they’re sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression. 

The same sim 3 times, wearing the same dress in different patterns. This Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress has a bedazzled peter pan collar, and a sash around the waist.

Plaid Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and of course, fabulous fashion! If you’re looking for the perfect outfit for your Sim girl to celebrate the season in style, look no further than this Plaid Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress. This chic design features a black velvety top with cup sleeves, and a skirt in a red plaid pattern with silver yarn woven in between to add festivity.

The waistline is decorated with a fabric belt featuring a pretty bow on the side, and the skirt ends mid-thigh, making it perfect for twirling through the holidays. Whether your little Sim’s girl is attending a holiday party or just spending time at home with loved ones, she’s sure to look and feel her best in this festive ensemble.

The same brown haired sim three times, wearing a dress with a plaid skirt and black t-shirt. This dress is great because it starts with a plain shirt but brings the fun with the plaid ribbon and skirt.

Sleeveless Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses

Every Sim’ girl wearing one of these beautiful Sims 4 Christmas CC dresses will be the belle of the ball! The empire waist belt dress is sleeveless and comes in 4 different Christmas designs, each in 2 colours. The belt sits right under the bust, and the loosely fitting skirt gives plenty of room for play and dance.

The fresh colours in yellow, white, red and light green are perfect for the holiday season and bring fun to any party.

Four sims standing in Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses that are perfect if your sims live in warmer climates. This dress has thin halter straps and goes above the knee.

Long Sleeve Holiday Dresses

Looking for the perfect Christmas dress for your little Sim girl? Well, look no further! The Long sleeve Holiday Dress for Kids come in three chic and festive designs. The first dress features a black top with a golden fabric belt and bow.

The swinging skirt has a festive graphic design in gold and red. The second dress has a red top with a cute penguin on it. The flared out red skirt starts right at the pretty red bow. The third dress is also a solid red for the top and belt with the bow, but the swinging skirt carries stars all over.

Every move looks like they swirl around your Sim girl! These dresses are sure to make your Sim girl look chic and stylish at any occasion.

The same sim three times with brown hair. This sim is wearing a long sleeve CC Christmas dress in The Sims 4 with a ribbon around the waist with a bow off to one side.

Great Joy Dress

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by dressing your young Sims’ ones up in the cutest clothing imaginable. The Great Joy Dress is the perfect outfit for a girl to wear while anticipating Santa’s arrival. The beautiful white top is adorned with small fringes and shiny cuffs on the long sleeves, while a golden collar adds a touch of elegance.

The satin skirt comes in either red or fuchsia and features a black belt with a gold buckle. But the best part of this dress is the allover print of stars in gold and silver. This festive outfit is sure to bring a smile to your Sims’ face – and yours too!

A sim in a very cute Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress the top looks like white feathers and has long sleeves. The skirt has a black belt at the top of it and goes right to the knee with a simple star pattern

Designer Christmas CC Dresses

Festive new clothes are a must-have for Christmas! So check out these three amazing options. The first dress is a beautiful red knit with a big white snowflake in the centre. The second one is a lovely grey knit with a red bow on the right hand side of the collar. It’s adorned with a cute white deer with a hat and scarf. And finally, the last dress is a stunning solid red.

It’s the perfect background for a Christmas tree and its pattern repeats itself in the hem of that dress, making it extra special. All three styles are loose slim fits and flare slightly out at the end. They are as comfortable as they are stylish. Bring joy to your Sims’ girls outfits with these Designer Christmas CC Dresses.

The same blonde child in The Sims 4 three times wearing a knit t-shirt dress with a wide rounded neckline. The patterns have snowflakes, christmas trees and bows.

Winter Charm Sweater Dresses

There’s something about a sweater dress that just exudes winter charm. Maybe it’s the cozy fabric, or the fact that they always seem to come with a hoodie. Either way, sweater dresses are a must-have for any fashionable Sim girl this winter. And these Winter Charm Sweater Dresses are the perfect option for everyday wear and casuals Christmas parties.

They’re made from a comfortable and warm knit fabric, and come in two different styles. Choose from a white or green dress with holiday patterns allover, or a pink or black dress with funny polar bears on the front. Regardless, your Sim girl will sure stay warm and look cute all winter long!

Four blonde children in The Sims 4 who are wearing hoodie dresses that are designed for Christmas. They have patterns like polar bears, and christmas trees.

Mistletoe Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

The Mistletoe Sims 4 Christmas CC dress is one of the most adorable and festive dresses available for kids. The rich green and red colours, along with the luxurious fabrics, make this dress look like something straight out of a fairytale. The satin red top adorned with little snowflakes is a perfect match for the lace collar with a small, shiny green satin bow.

This same bow can be found on the side of the red fabric belt, which doubles as an entrance for the stunning tulle skirt in red and green. The skirt is lightly flared and falls just below the knee, making it both comfortable and elegant. Your Sims girls will look like little Santa’s elves in this enchanting dress.

The same blonde child three times. The top of their Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress is red with white polka dots, the bottom has layered tulle in red and green. They are also wearing red shoes.

Long Sleeve Christmas CC Dress

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday outfit for your little Sim girl, look no further than the Long Sleeve Christmas CC Dress! This festive frock is made of luxurious red fabric, with a fitted top adorned with white and golden snowflakes.

The long sleeves and flared skirt are both practical and stylish, and the fabric belt ending in a bow is just too cute! Whether your Sims are attending a more elegant party or just playing and dancing around the house, the little ones will be sure to make a grand entrance in this delightful dress.

A sim with blonde hair and bangs, this sim is wearing a Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress with long sleeves. The bottom of the skirt is red, with the top being red and covered in a detailed snowflake pattern.

Festive Cat Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

Cats are known for their love of Christmas. So it’s only appropriate that there would be a dress with cats on it for the holiday season! This festive frock comes in four different designs, all with loveable Christmas cats adorning the top part.

The bow belt divides the top from the flared out skirt, which comes in different fabrics from tule to a rich satin. The rim on the collar and cuffs match the colour of the belt, adding a touch of refinement to this fun dress.

Whether you’re attending a more formal holiday gathering or just want to add some Christmas cheer to your wardrobe, this dress is sure to please.

Two sims wearing non-traditional christmas dresses with cute cats on the chest and tulle bottom halves.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses for Toddlers

Toddlers are so adorable in The Sims 4 and these Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses are some of my favourites on this list. When we’re talking about toddler clothing there is so many fun details to be added like fun bows, patterns and styles that adults just can’t get away with.

Little Wonders Santa Dress

The Little Wonders Santa Dress is the perfect Christmas outfit for your Sim Toddler! This adorable dress will have your little one competing with Santa in the cuteness department. The red velvet fabric with long sleeves keeps the toddler warm, while the collar with its white rim is a nod to the fur of the traditional Santa costume.

Two white round buttons decorate the front of the top, leading down to a white belt. The skirt with its white rim is loose and twirling, giving the Sim toddler plenty of room to run around. So don’t wait until Christmas Eve to get this dress – the little Sim will want to wear it all season long!

A mannequin in The Sims 4 wearing a dress that looks like santa clause with red and white with two red buttons christmas cc

Christmas CC Dress Collection

The holiday season is the perfect time to bring out the cutest clothes and what could be more adorable than a toddler in a festive dress? The Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress Collection offers two charming options for the littlest members of the Sim family. The first dress is a grey knitted top with an elaborate Christmas tree and a striped skirt.

The second option is a pink knitted top with a penguin dressed in winter clothes and several rows of holiday patterns on the skirt. Both dresses are as loveable as they are comfortable, making them perfect for busy toddlers who want to look their best while they celebrate the season.

A sim with red hair who is wearing a t-shirt dress that is brightly coloured with a Christmas Tree on the front for your cc folder.

Gingerbread Dress

Is your Sim Toddler ready for the holiday season? If they’re not, they will be with this Gingerbread Dress! This festive dress comes in four different rich colours, such as blue, green, purple and burgundy. The dress has 3/4 sleeves with a white rim around the cuffs, and the waistline is adorned with rhinestone buttons.

The top has a white blouse collar, giving the dress a crisp appearance. The flared out skirt repeats the white rim on the hem. But the highlight is the little gingerbread man on the left hand side right underneath the collar. With this dress, your Sim Toddler will look like the darling of any Christmas party!

A sim wearing a Christmas Dresses option in The Sims 4 with a peter pan collar and a gingerbread decal on the chest

Holiday Wonderland Dress

It’s that time of year again! Time to deck the halls, stuff the turkey, and dress your Sims in the best Christmas CC dresses! This gorgeous dress comes in four different designs, each more festive than the last. The red skirt offers a choice between a golden green and a structured golden top.

The dark brown skirt comes with a black top with golden yarn and the lettering “JOY” enhancing the earthy colour of the skirt. Finally, the dark blue skirt features a silvery bluish top. All dresses come with matching belts with a big bow in the back and a golden hem on the skirt.

So whether your Sim family is looking for a little bit of holiday cheer or want to go all out, this is the dress for their toddler to mach the rest of the family! Merry Christmas, everyone!

A blonde haired toddler in The Sims 4 who is wearing a Christmas CC Dress that says JOY on the chest with a large bow on the back

Plaid Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress

What could be more adorable than a Sim Toddler running around in one of these Plaid Christmas CC Dresses? The dresses with the satin bows are the perfect way to add a touch of magick to the little ones’ wardrobe. The empire style dress is comfortable and elegant with a loose straight skirt that comes in a variety of plaid patterns.

The solid top and puff sleeves soften the traditional aspects of the dress, while the empire belt enhances the nice fit. The fabric is soft and warm enough for the colder season, and with four colour choices your Sims’ toddlers will find their favourite one for sure. So don’t wait any longer, head on over to the Sim 4 Christmas store and pick up one of these gorgeous dresses today!

The same toddler four times in The Sims 4. This toddler has grey hair and elf ears and is wearing a Christmas CC dress

Festive Bow Dresses

Your Sim toddler will be the talk of the kindergarten party with this Festive Bow Dress. The dress comes in four different styles, each with a bold and rich hue. The solid skirts are made of a velvety fabric in dark brown, blue, burgundy and red.

The top part is knitted and features different patterns all bringing in a cozy feel. And the most important accent is the little red festive bow. With this dress, your Sim toddler will feel on top of the Christmas world.

A sim with their hair in a bun who is wearing a velvet scalloped skirt

Mary Christmas CC Dress

Looking for the perfect Christmas dress for your Sim toddler? Then check out the Mary Christmas CC dress! This festive frock in a folkloric style comes in seven different options, all with beautiful red arm puffs and two white lace rims underneath the bust sitting n the waistline.

The slightly flared skirt is also in a solid red but repeats the lace rim at its hem, giving the dress a lovely touch of symmetry. Plus, the fabric is a shimmering red satin that’s sure to catch the eye of everyone at the next holiday party.

Whether your toddler is attending a family gathering or just posing for cute holiday photos, this is one dress she’s sure to love. So don’t wait – order the Mary Christmas CC dress today!

A sim with a braid crown across their head who is wearing a silky sims 4 cc christmas dress with a scalloped hem

Gingerbread Polka Dot Dress

The Gingerbread Polka Dot Dress is an adorable choice for your Sim toddler to wear to the Kindergarten Christmas party. The light green and pink colour palette is soft and festive, and the velvety but light fabric has white polka dots all over.

The larger gingerbread man at the front seems to dance to a Christmas tune, and the shirt part has long sleeves, a round collar and joyful red, green and white pattern. Your little Sim girl will be a star among starlets in this sweet dress.

A blonde sim wearing a pink hair bow and a dress over top of a chevron T-shirt. The dress is green with polka dots and a gingerbread on the front.

Tutu Christmas CC Dress

Any Sim toddler will look absolutely adorable in any one of these Tutu Christmas CC Dresses! They come in three different colours – red, green, and white – each with a different pattern on the top. The red dress features a Christmas tree, the green a joyful Santa Claus, and the white a charming reindeer. All of the dresses have a tutu skirt made of tulle, also in red, green or white.

The skirts are adorned with snowflakes, adding a touch of whimsy to the outfit. And to complete the look, your toddler can wear matching tights in either red, green or white. Whether your toddler is destined to be a ballerina or not, they’ll feel like one in any of these festive and fun dresses!

Three different sims in The Sims 4 who are wearing fun Christmas tree tights underneath a long-sleeve sims 4 cc dress.

Red Reindeer Dress

Your Sim toddler will absolutely adore this twirling red reindeer dress! It is perfect for spinning and dancing around the Christmas tree. The beautiful red strap dress features an enchanting reindeer on the front, with a green bow belt adding extra cuteness.

The skirt flares out in a lovely swirling style, and underneath is a matching white lightweight sweater with red small polka dots. Your Sim toddler will not want to take this dress off!

A blonde sim with braided hair wearing a white shirt with red polka dots underneath a red dress with a reindeer on the front.

Sparkly Toddler Dress

The empire style belt dress is a favourable one for toddlers because they give enough space to move without loosing on style. But this dress offers even more. It is adorned with rhinestones letting your Sim toddler shine in any way.

The fabric is a fluent velvet, and the dress features short sleeves and a cute red bow as a belt. Your Sim toddler can chose from six different colours, so there will be no tears. You have a little queen with this dress. It’s perfect for pictures with Santa, or for any holiday event where you want your toddler to be the best dressed kid in the room. 

A toddler in The Sims 4 with brown hair and brown eyes. This sim is wearing cc Christmas dress

Snowman Toddler Christmas CC Dress

The Snowman Toddler Christmas CC Dress is an adorable red dress with white polka dots. What makes this dress special is the big smiling snowman and the little green bows adding festivity. The A-line dress is comfortable and chic; it comes in a warm but lightweight fabric and has long sleeves to keep the chill out.

This is a dress that goes well during the day and at any casual holiday party. Your little girl will be sure to stay warm and look festive in this sweet Snowman Toddler Christmas CC Dress.

A sim with brown hair in braids wearing a sims 4 cc Christmas outfit with red polka dots and a snowman on the front.

Dungaree Christmas CC Dress

Any Sim Toddler knows that the only way to truly capture the Christmas spirit is by looking like an elf. And what better way to do that than with a Dungaree Christmas CC Dress? These dresses come in either red or green, and feature two buttons to close the straps adding a touch of whimsy.

Underneath is a matching blouse with cute short puff sleeves, and the hemline is cut like an elf hat – stopping just above the knees. So if you’re looking for an outfit that will let your Sim toddler run around and spread Christmas magic and joy, this is the perfect option.

Two sims with elf ears and a santa hat wearing matching green and red dresses with buttons

Final Thoughts

There isn’t much that’s more fun at Christmas than finding a perfect dress, except maybe shopping for Christmas Sweaters! These Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses are genuinely so gorgeous and will have your sims being so precious and adorable at their next holiday themed party. Happy Playing!

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