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25+ Sims 4 CC Kids Outfits That Are Must Haves in Game

One of the easiest ways to find cute looks for your sims is to look specifically for cute outfits so you don’t have to put in the effort of matching a top and bottom. That’s why I love these sims 4 cc kids outfits because they are so cohesive and make for the cutest sims.

In this list you’re going to find all sorts of sims 4 cc kids outfits from cute looks for tourist days, to adorable dresses and even cute overalls. There is definitely something for everyone but if you’re also looking for toddler outfits you can find those here!

Brielle Dress

This Brielle dress is a stylish and put together look that will look great on your sims for any occasion. This mock neck knit dress comes in beige, white and navy, and a is accessorized by a super cute brown and gold belt. This dress is a perfect basic and looks great with a variety of hairstyles to dress it up or down.

Three sims in The Sims 4 wearing a sims 4 cc kids outfit that is a mini dress with belt

Brigitte Outfit

Add a little edge to your sim’s look with the Brigitte outfit for your child or toddler. I love this jacket this collared jacket and pleated skirt matching set, and it looks great in both black, black and white houndstooth, and a variety of other colours to choose from.

This set looks perfect with a plain white tee, cool combat boots or knee-high riding boots. Your sim will love this look walking around town looking effortlessly stylish.

A child and toddler in The Sims 4 wearing cc outfits that are a skirt with matching jacket with white t-shirt underneath

Liv Outfit

This Liv outfit is so adorable and screams springtime! The plaid top is so unique with a spaghetti strap cut out with added 3/4 length sleeves. The top is completed with a button up front and tie detail to emphasize the white, flowy A-line skirt.

This outfit includes adorable frilly tie wrap sandals to complete the look. Pair this look with loose waves or ringlet curls for your child or toddler sim for a sunny picnic.

Two sims, one a toddler and one a kid wearing sims 4 cc kids outfits that are a plaid tied shirt with a white tulle skirt.

Strawberry Dress

If this dress looks familiar, it is inspired by the viral strawberry dress that was all over the internet. This trendy dress gained popularity for a reason, as it is an adorable puffed sleeve and skirt dress with a center tie detail and an all-over red strawberry print.

This fun piece comes in pastel pink and black, depending on your sim’s mood. Wear this viral dress with high pigtails or and up-do to really let the design of the dress shine. Finish the look with cute mary jane shoes and your sim is ready for a birthday party or any special event.

A sims 4 cc kids outfits option that is a remake of the iconic tiktok strawberry dress with glitter strawberries all over

Casey Outfit

The Casey outfit is a simple, yet cute, overall dress and ribbed sweater combo that will look perfect on your child or toddler sim. What is great about this outfit is the many colour combinations this outfit comes in, including pink and white, grey and white and more.

The overall dress has a front pocket which is perfect to hide some snacks in and looks great with a shorter hairstyle or a high bun and headband to show details of the overall dress. This look is completed with the cutest short rubber boots which make this outfit perfect for a rainy day.

A sims 4 cc kids outfits option where the top is a white long sleeve sweater with a overall skirt on top

Honey Overalls

Overalls are the best way to create a put together outfit with minimal effort. Since these Honey overalls are a a top and pants in one, your sim just needs to pair their favourite striped sweater to complete the look. Get creative with a colour version like the rainbow and burgundy combo, or go for a more understated classic denim.

These overalls look great cuffed at the bottom and paired with white or colourful sneakers. This outfit is a great school look for your sim where they can be comfortable and cute at the same time, and of course there is a front pocket for all of the snacks!

Two sims in overalls with a striped sweater underneath

Giselle Set

This Giselle Child Set is great because it gives you 6 options in one! Included is 3 adorable shorter dresses: a teal bow detail dress with shoulder cut-outs, an aqua puffed sleeve dress, and a mauve long sleeve dress with a bow collar detail and shoulder cut outs.

These 3 dresses are so versatile for your sim and can be worn for any occasion. What makes this set even more versatile is that all three dresses come with the ankle length version in case the weather is cooler or if you want a different look. Pair any of the 6 looks with cute floral sandals and a fun hairstyle.

Three sims standing in cute dresses with flowers on their shoes

Tourist Outfit

This tourist outfit is your classic parent on vacation look. It starts with a short sleeve t-shirt in a variety of colours, as well as a knee length short. No tourist outfit is complete without a fanny pack on the waist for easy access to all of your sim’s belongings while travelling to a new city.

While a fanny pack is a giveaway that you are a tourist, it’s is coming back as a fashionable accessory in recent years as a hands-free way to carry everything you need.

A sims 4 cc kids outfits option with a plain t-shirt and shorts and a fanny pack for a tourist look

Melita Outfit

This Melita outfit is very on trend and gives a preppy vibe to your sim. It starts with a slightly oversized crewneck neck sweatshirt and pleated skirt. This almost looks like a school uniform, but a much cooler version. the look is completed with a Burberry tartan looking shoulder bag and edgy combat boots.

This outfit looks adorable on both your child or toddler sim, and they would be the coolest kid in school! This looks best paired with their hair down or in a half top bun hairstyle, but would look great with a bun as well.

Two sims, a child and a toddler, wearing matching sims 4 cc outfits. This outfit is a sweater, a skirt and a purse.

Himari Outfit

If you’d like to experiment with your sim’s style, try this Himari outfit. This outfit is a cool knee-length hoodie with tassels and a cool fan and crane design that reminds me of old school tattoos. The hem of the hoodie is asymmetrical which adds to the unique design.

This outfit looks so comfy and would be the prefect outfit for your sim when they are just chilling out. This outfit pairs perfectly with slip on sandals or tights and ankle boots for a dressier look.

sims 4 cc kids outfits

Carter Outfit

This Carter outfit makes me feel like I have time travelled back to the 80’s. It includes a long sleeve shirt in retro patterns including stripes and scribble designs and high waisted 80’s style jeans with waist pleating and a tapered ankle. This look is completed with a running sneaker and will look great on your sim as they are listening to Running Up that Hill by Kate Bush on their Walkman.

Two sims hugging in outfits with patterned sweaters tucked into a pair of jeans

Pawlett Set

If you’re an animal lover, this Pawlett Child Set is for your sim! It is a 6 in one set which includes a teal striped t-shirt and short set, an aqua and white short sleeve t-shirt and suspender skirt set, and a red long sleeve striped shirt and suspender skirt set. Each set includes an adorable paw image on each shirt which lets everyone know your sim is an animal lover.

What makes this set a 6 in one is that it includes the shirts without the paw print detail as well, but let’s be honest, you’ll want the paw print detail on your sim’s outfit as they walk their dog in the park. These sets look great with short or long hairstyles as well as a hat or flower headband.

Three children in The Sims 4 wearing sims 4 cc kids outfits with cute shirts that have animal paws and either shorts or a skirt

Maia Fleur De Coton Outfit

I love the flower-child vibe of this Maia Fleu De Coton outfit. I can picture a sim wearing this look to frolic in a garden or explore a forest. This outfit features an off-the-shoulder 3/4 length puffed sleeve blouse and a knee length billowy cotton overall with thin straps.

Your sim will look super cute in this look paired with some rain boots or hiking boots while skipping around in the mud. This outfits pairs well with an effortless hairstyle such as braids or waves, and a flower crown for that extra touch.

The Maia Outfit which is a puffy sleeve overall look with fun patterns

Back 2 School Uniforms

Make sure your sim is ready for back to school time with these Back 2 School Uniforms. These uniform looks are very classic with a polo shirt and long short combo, long sleeve shirt, vest, and khaki set, and a long sleeve collared shirt and dress combo as options.

Even though these uniform outfits are simple, your sim can personalize their uniform style with cool accessories such as sneakers, jewelry, tights and any hairstyle you feel like rocking that day. I personally love this double braid look! These uniforms come in a variety of colour combos depending on what school your sim attends.

Three sims wearing khaki, black and white outfits that look like school uniforms

Cafe Sweatsuit

Our next item on the list of amazing sims 4 cc kids outfits is the cafe sweatsuit, who said that comfort can’t be stylish? This Cafe Sweatsuit includes an oversized pullover sweater and jogger set that can be totally personalized depending on your sim’s unique style. This set comes in many cool colours and patterns and can be accessorized with endless options such as cute space buns, hair clips or a bucket hat.

Not only is there many accessory options, this outfit looks great with Ugg style boots, Converse style sneakers or lace up combat boots. You sim can embody cool street style while sipping coffee with their friends after school with this cool and comfy look.

Three sims wearing matching sweatsuits

Misty Set

This Misty child set is not only cute, but is a 3 in one collection for your sim. This set includes a striped turtleneck top with a ruffle hem detail and skirt combo, a polka dot minty blue turtleneck dress with ruffle hem detail and an additional turtleneck top with a ruffle hem detail in a blue and red colour-way. These pieces are a great addition for your sim’s closet as they are simple but with a twist thanks to fun colours and patterns. This set is something they can wear more casual or dressy thanks to the versatility of this set.

sims 4 cc kids outfits

Bastien Outfit

This Bastien outfit is what I picture a too-cool-for-school sim would wear. This two piece set hoodie and jogger set comes in many colours and cool colour block patterns to keep your sim toddler or child comfy and stylish. The sim that wears this outfits doesn’t care what other’s think and that’s what makes them so cool. Accessorize this set with a pair of shades to complete the this look while your sim is avoiding the paparazzi.

sims 4 cc kids outfits

Kid’s Matching Outfits

This Kid’s Matching Outfit is a match made in heaven. This includes a short sleeve dress with a knee-length A-line skirt and front bow detail and a second outfit of a short sleeve striped polo shirt and light wash jeans. These two outfits complement each other perfectly as the shades of blue in each are matching. I can see a set of sibling sims wearing these outfits to have a cute twinning moment.

sims 4 cc kids outfits

Suspender Dress

This Suspender Dress definitely brings back the vintage vibes. This outfit includes a variety of different vintage graphic ringer tee options and a button-down skirt suspender dress pairing. My favourite t-shirt option says “Happy Little Vegemite”, which seems odd at first but is actually a reference to a 1950’s Vegemite commercial jingle. This is a perfect outfit for a sim who is a bit of an old soul.

A set of six mannequins who are wearing a suspender dress with buttons and fun t-shirts

Aligheiri Dress

When I look at this dress, I immediately think of my sim going to a tea party. This Aligheri dress has adorable ruffle details and short puffy sleeves. it is completed with a button down detail and an empire waist. This dress comes in many colours, but I love this mint green flower print! Adding a sparkly earring and necklace set really takes this dainty dress to the next level.

A sim wearing a green floral dress with a square neck and puffy sleeves

Burberry Clothing Collection

This stunning Burberry Clothing collection is inspired by the London luxury brand. The hallmark of this collection is the iconic Burberry tartan that runs through this collection in a pleated skirt, scarf, polo shirt, and even adorable teddy bears (which i need)! This collection will have your child sim looking posh and is a brand that will never go out of style.

sims wearing burberry inspired clothing

Rainbow Set

Next up one our list of sims 4 cc kids outfits is the Rainbow set which is great for your athletic sim, or at least a sim that likes to wear athleisure. This 3-piece set includes a side striped tank top with a side knot detail, side striped shorts and a pair of striped socks to tie the look together. As this outfit is called the Rainbow Set, it comes in many bright colours and can be mixed and matched in many colour combinations. I can see a sim wearing this to play a round of tennis or going for a walk in their neighbourhood.

sims wearing a rainbow colourful active wear outfit

Kaoru Outfit

Give your sim a scholarly look with this Kaoru outfit. This look has a long sleeve plaid collared shirt dress under a short sleeve crewneck sweater. This shirt includes a crown design and simlish wording giving it a cool edge. Glasses, knee high socks and Converse sneakers complete the academic look. This outfit is perfect for a study sesh, and looks adorable on the toddler sim as well.

a child and a toddler sim wearing patching plaid outfits

Cottage Casual Outfits

Take a trip to the great outdoors and make sure your sim is wearing these Cottage Casual outfits. These outfits include tones of moss greens and warm browns and items such as cargo pants, scalloped detail shorts, long sleeve sweaters and knit beanies. Of course, these outfits are completed with backpacks and hiking boots so your sim is ready for the trails.

two sims who are wearing knit hats, cute sweaters and all in a cottage core theme

Edwardian Children’s Outfits

Travel way back to the early 1900’s with these Edwardian Children’s outfits. These high collar dresses, billowing sleeves, and frills and ruffles really embody the fashion of this time period.

While these outfits may be many decades behind, your sim can modernize this look with fun trendy hairstyles (such as this braided headband). These dresses look super comfortable and come in a variety of colours, so your sim can make this historical silhouette their own.

Three sims wearing edwardian dresses

Sachiko Outfit

I love this Sachiko outfit so much for one specific reason: the shacket! if you aren’t familiar with a ‘shacket’, it is simply a shirt and jacket combo. These sims are rocking this trend and look effortlessly cool while staying warm. This shacket is paired with a plain shirt and shorts, which lets the piece shine. This casual look is completed with sneakers and is the perfect look for any causal activity. The hardest choice will be picking just one colour.

Two sims wearing bike shorts and a white t-shirt with a cute jacket on top

Hocus Pocus Dress

Even though this outfit is called the Hocus Pocus Dress, this look is anything but spooky. The outfit includes a long sleeve collared shirt with beautiful flower details and an overall dress with the same flower detail. This dress has unique side pockets (again, for snacks) and leather straps with buckles. This outfit will sure to be a hit while your sim is walking the streets of Salem.

A sim wearing an overall dress over top of a long sleeve shirt

Connie Set

The Connie set comes with two outfits with a slight variation. The first is a long sleeve turtleneck with a ruffle waist dress overtop, and the second is the same ruffle waist dress with a short sleeve turtleneck underneath. What I love about this set is that your sim has two options depending on the weather.

The short sleeve version has lighter colours more suited for spring or summer, and the long sleeve version includes darker colours which look great in fall or winter. This outfit set is not only versatile, but adorable, and cute accessories like socks, glasses, or a hair bow really change up each look.

Two sims in matching turtle neck t-shirts with a dress over it, a great sims 4 cc kids outfits option

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Kids Outfits

When trying to create gorgeous sims I will always swear by just looking for outfits so you can ensure that their whole look is cohesive and perfect. These sims 4 cc kids outfits are truly going to help you make gorgeous characters that you’ll want to play with way longer than the child lifespan allows for. Happy Playing!

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