Sims 4 Christmas Pose Packs For The Cutest Screenshots

Something that is super fun about The Sims 4 is your ability to take gorgeous screenshots to remember your sim’s best moments. These are best accomplished through downloading amazing custom poses for your game that make your sims stand in ways they never could in the vanilla game. There are many types of poses but around the holidays you’re definitely looking for some sims 4 Christmas pose packs to get that perfect festive screenshot.

The Cutest Sims 4 Christmas Pose Packs

Christmas Tree Pose Pack

The first adorable thing on our list of Sims 4 Christmas Pose Packs is this adorable family pose in front of a Christmas Tree. This works perfectly for two adult sims and one toddler with the toddler even holding a super cute candy cane.

The pose has one sim at the back who is on their knees and is holding onto the second sim’s shoulders. The second adult sim is sitting on their bum with their legs out stretched and has their arms around a toddler who is sitting on their lap.

A family with two parents and a toddler posing in front of the christmas tree with a candy cane

First Christmas

Celebrating your child’s first Christmas is a really big thing for parents and can be very exciting. If you want to truly celebrate a toddler’s first holiday season this is the pose pack for you. This has a number of poses with two adult sims and the toddler where they are giving each other love, standing by a Christmas tree and just having a good time.

There is also a really adorable pose where the toddler is sitting on the floor digging into a box which just shows how excited they are about presents.

A toddler's first christmas where they are opening boxes, and snuggling with their parents

Christmas in Love

Christmas is best spent with those who you love and that can include your partner, your children and your extended family. This pack focuses on a couple who is very much in love and has them cuddled together in many of the looks.

This pose also includes options for a child to join too, especially in decorating the tree for the family which is such a great memory to capture.

Two sims who are in love posing together with arms around each other in front of the christmas tree

Alone on Christmas Pose Pack

The reality for many people out there is that Christmas is a sad time and they may not have anyone to spend it with. These people (and sims) may end up spending Christmas alone and they deserve to have cute poses to capture as well.

In these alone at Christmas poses the sim will bake cookies, drink wine, decorate a tree and more without needing others to join in.

a sim who is hanging out alone on Christmas, drinking wine, reading, and baking

Christmas Tree Hunting Poses

One of the most fun things you can do in the winter is to go cut down your own Christmas tree to put into your house. This set of Sims 4 Christmas Pose Packs is great and has poses where your sims are holding an axe and are ready to chop down that tree.

You’ll want to dress up your sims nice and warm to really make sure they look awesome in these poses!

poses where two sims are looking for a christmas tree to cut down and chopping it with an axe

Deck The Halls Sims 4 Pose Pack

If you’re playing the game with a young couple who doesn’t have children quite yet, these are some cute poses for them. These are really cute with their being masculine and feminine poses while holding a festive drink, and poses where one sim is giving the other a gift.

a sim sitting in front of a christmas tree holding onto a hot cup of cocoa

Big Family Poses

There are so many iconic ways to take photos with large groups at the holidays and sitting in front of the Christmas tree is one of the best. These big family poses are so adorable and let you have a group of sims all with their arms around each other while sitting on the floor.

These are great if you want to edit fake Christmas cards for your sims, or just share a photo on Twitter of your sim’s entire family.

a set of family poses in front of a christmas tree

My First Christmas

Since we can’t do much at Christmas with babies, your sims first Christmas really occurs when they are a toddler so this is a great time to celebrate them. These poses are great because they have the toddler decorating the tree, holding ornaments and being on their parents shoulders in a cute way.

an adult sim and a toddler decorating the christmas tree

Christmas Dinner Poses

Having a large family dinner is such a fun thing at Christmas and these poses are going to let your sims remember these dinners with their extended family forever. How cute is this?

This one lets you have multiple sims all posing behind a counter that’s covered in food, showing off how delicious the meal is! Just makes you feel the Christmas love.

a bunch of sims who are enjoying a festive christmas dinner together

Family Christmas Pose Pack

Next up on our list of sims 4 Christmas pose packs are these really fun family centred Christmas tree poses. This one has a family (two adults, one child, and one toddler) all around the Christmas tree together.

One adult is down on one knee with the toddler on their knee putting ornaments on the tree. The other two sims are on the other side decorating the tree with beautiful bright lights.

A screenshot of sims in The Sims 4 who are decorating a Christmas tree and doing different poses.

Jingle Bell Sims 4 Christmas Poses

Being in love at Christmas is so magical and these poses are going to help you show off that love with your sims. These poses are going to have two sims decorating a Christmas tree with adorable bright ornaments that are so cute.

In the jingle bell Sims 4 Christmas Pose pack your sims are going to be hanging out and decorating the tree together with various poses holding ornaments

Merry Christmas Pose Packs

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season and is something I look forward to each year. This pose pack is going to let your sims do adorable things around the tree and just look so cute doing it.

These sims are going to be two toddlers, pets, and two adults sims. One sim is going to be putting ornaments on a tree and the other is holding a sign that says Merry!

An option for Sims 4 Christmas pose packs where your sims are all doing different things around the christmas tree. One sim is holding a sign that says merry, a toddler is playing with a dog, another is walking and the last sim is decorating the tree.

MSI Sims 4 Christmas Poses

The next option on our list of Sims 4 Christmas Pose Packs is this adorable set of poses with props. In this set your sims are going to stand together in cute poses with their arms on their waist or with one leg in the air. The sims are holding things like presents or a sign that says Christmas in gold letters.

A set of poses where a group of sims are using props like gift boxes and a sign that says CHRISTMAS in capital letters to show off their festive cheer

Sharing a Christmassy Drink Together Poses

There isn’t much better during the festive season than sitting around with someone you love with a delicious beverage and these photos let you capture that magic. These poses are made for two sims who are adults and when you dress them in Christmas Sweaters they’re going to look so cute.

In this pose pack the sims are going to do things like laugh, cuddle or cheers their adorable Santa themed mugs. You’ll definitely want to save these images forever!

A set of Sims 4 Christmas pose options where two sims are having a festive cup of tea or hot chocolate together

Santa Visit Christmas Pose Packs

One of my favourite characters in The Sims universe is definitely Father Winter because who doesn’t love Santa? This guy is so fun to ask for presents and is a big part of The Sims 4: Seasons. This amazing Sims 4 Christmas Pose Packs option is going to let two sims take photos with this amazing character.

The poses are set up for you to have two little ones, one child and one toddler sitting together on Santa’s lap for a great and adorable photo. There are also family pictures too!

A set of Christmas Pose Packs where toddlers and kids are sitting on Santa's lap in different positions

Final Thoughts

You really can find interesting poses for every occasion in the game, even pregnancy poses for that special time. These Sims 4 Christmas pose packs are my favourite way to celebrate the holidays in-game and it truly makes it feel like my sims are getting ready to send out their annual Christmas card. Happy playing!

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