Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories To Complete The Outfit

The holidays, especially Winterfest, is the best time of year for us and especially our sims. It’s a time to dress up in our best outfits and adding these Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories to our outfits is definitely the way to really spice up the looks during this time.

Your sims deserve to have beautiful, fun outfits to wear and even more fun accessories to add to these outfits around the holidays so they can look their best at their next Winterfest soiree.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories for Adults

Accessories are what make the outfit and we really don’t have any good accessories in game for the holidays. Your sims deserve to have these beautiful sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories so they can make their festive outfits so much cuter!

Winter Snowflakes Necklace

Complete your Sims 4 Christmas look with this sparkling crystal necklace. There are three shades of crystals, from dazzling white to smokey grey, to choose from. This beautiful necklace is made from small metal balls and comes in two colours, silver and gold.

The hidden clasp provides a smooth appearance. The crystals are formed in charming flowers connected through small crystal leaves. The collar styled necklace lies comfortable around the neck and the centre crystal flower settles smoothly in the middle. Add some glamour to your Sims’ Holiday style with this beautiful accessory.

A sim wearing a necklace that looks like various snowflakes

Shiny Christmas Headband

Add some festive cheer to your Sims’ look with these Shiny Christmas Headbands! The headband features glittering red, golden and white Christmas balls in two sizes, attached to a small headband.

They will love the red and green gem designs, which is sure to remind them of their favourite candies! Whether you dress them up for a Christmas party or just want to spread some Holiday spirit, these headbands are sure to add fun and colour to any outfit.

A sim wearing a headband that is covered in christmas ornaments

Snowflake Ring

If you’re looking for a special piece to complete your Sim’s Christmas outfit, look no further than this exquisite Snowflake Ring! This beautiful ring is encrusted with sparkling gems in a delicate snowflake design.

It comes in twelve dazzling colours, and is available in white and yellow gold. Your Sim will wear that stunning ring long after the Holidays. So why not add a touch of luxury to your Sim’s wardrobe.

A sim with their hand over their mouth with a large snowflake ring

Christmas Bells Earrings

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit than with some festive accessories! These adorable small red and green Christmas Bells earrings dangle down, adding a touch of seasonal charm to any outfit.

They’re framed by metal available in three colours, so your Sim can choose the perfect match for their style – and for any occasion. And they are easy to wear with a delicate hook sliding softly through the ear lobes. Add a cool and fashionable accessory to your Sim’s Christmas outfit this year!

A sim with braided textured hair who is wearing christmas ornament dangly earrings

Gingerbread Man Earrings

Are your Sims a fan of gingerbread cookies? Why not have them wear some gingerbread earrings! The detailed design with the smiling faces and little buttons creates a very realistic appearance.

The buttons of these cute studs come in four different colours, yellow, red, green and blue, perfect for adding a touch of Christmas cheer to any outfit. They’re not just for the young ones either – but for anyone who loves making Christmas joyful in any way.

A sim with large eyes and a button nose who is wearing earrings that look like gingerbread men

Santa Hat Earrings

The cheerful little Santa hats come as stud earrings and are the perfect addition to complete your Sims’ Christmas outfits! They come in three colours – red, blue and green – and they are subtle enough to brighten up your day-to-day wear during the Holiday season. Have your Sim wearing a matching make-up to enhance the christmassy flair of their outfit.

A sim who looks like a pixar character wearing a set of small stud earrings that look like santa hats

Santa Hat with Hearts

Everybody can wear a Santa Hat, but only your Sims will have this special charming one. It comes in five fun colours, the traditional red, pink, purple and mint, and they have white hearts all over them, a white fur rim and pom-poms.

The fifth colour is white with red hearts, a red fur and pom-pom. Those hats not only keep your Sim warm, they sure bring the spirit of the season to live.

The same sim five times who is wearing a christmas hat covered in hearts in various colours.

Winter Snowflakes Headband

If you’re looking to add a touch of winter wonderland magic to your Sims 4 wardrobe, look no further than this beautiful sparkling snowflakes headband! It comes in three crystal shades – clear, light grey and smoky grey – and two shades of the metal setting – silver and golden.

Don’t shy away to let your Sim wear it anytime during the season. They will make them feel like a princess, and heads will turn at this adorable accessory.

A sim with black hair and brown eyes who is wearing a dramatic crystal studded headband that looks like snowflakes.

Long Santa Socks

Add some festive fun to your Sims 4 look with these adorable Christmas Accessories! These socks feature a cute Santa face on the top front, and are perfect for keeping your feet and legs warm. They come in twenty different colours and your Sim can match them with their favourite outfit.

They can wear them over leggings or on their own. The light knit is also comfortable enough to just snuggle on the couch on those snowy days when you Sim wants to read their favourite Christmas book. 

Sims wearing skirts and a pair of tights that look like santa's head

Crystal Reindeer Necklace

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching piece of Christmas jewelry, then check out the crystal reindeer necklace! This pendant features a beautiful crystal with small reindeer antlers on top.

The ball chain is available in two metal colours – silver and gold – and the crystals come in clear, red or green. A stunning piece to top up your Sims’ Christmas wardrobe.

A sim with green eye make-up wearing a necklace with a large crystal, the crystal acts as the face for a reindeer with antlers coming out the top.

Glowing Christmas Light Earrings

These Christmas Accessories for Sims 4 give their outfit that perfect touch of Holiday cheer. Each earring has three tiny lights – one red, one blue, and one green, which glow festively.

They are connected with black wire woven delicately to create a beautiful base for the little lights and serve as a hanger for the ear lobe hook. These earrings are the perfect finishing touch to let your Sim shine at any Christmas party and even make a regular everyday look special.

A sim with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes with fake eyelashes, they are wearing a pair of earrings that look like dangling christmas lights

Snowflake Stud Earrings

Add a touch of winter elegance to your Sims’ look with these beautiful snowflake stud earrings. A metal snowflake is held in the centre by a glittering crystal snowflake, creating the perfect winter touch.

They come in twelve different colours and your Sim can wear them the whole winter season. Combine them with a cocktail- or the little black dress and your Sim will be the centre of any Christmas Party.

A sim with their blonde hair pulled back into a bun who is wearing snowflake stud earrings

Snowflake Nails

Add some festive cheer to your Sims’ nails this Christmas with a range of those beautiful snowflake nails! Available in twenty different colours, these high quality nails are a quick and easy way to give your Sims’ that extra bit of Christmas magic.

Add some white snowflakes on top and surround them with tiny ones to create the image of falling snow, and you’ll have nails that are sure to bring Christmas joy!

A set of cc nails for your sims to wear that have snowflakes on them

Pudding Earrings

What could be more delightful than a pair of Christmas pudding earrings to complete your Sims’ festive outfit? They are designed from polymer clay, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear without dragging your earlobe down.

There are three variations which let your Sims choose between a pudding with chocolate, white, or raspberry icing. These adorable earrings will want you to have even more Holiday treats.

A set of earrings that look like a delicious Christmas dessert

Christmas Stocking Necklace

Your Sims will love accessorizing their outfits with this charming Christmas stocking necklace. The delicate ball chain and dainty pendant are perfect for any holiday look, and the little crystals on the stocking as well as the bigger one inside of it add a touch of sparkle.

Best of all, this necklace comes in three festive colours to match any taste, making it the perfect finishing touch to your Sims’ Holiday outfit.

a cc necklace that looks like a small stocking with a little gem on the toe

Christmas Jewelry

Have your Sims lady receive this beautiful necklace for Christmas and she will be excited to put it on. The necklace features a golden chain and nine beautiful pendants in different sizes, with the biggest one sitting in the middle.

The pendants come in just plain gold, red and silver or black and gold, so your Sims can choose the perfect look for her. This necklace stands out and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Three circles showing off a sim's neck with a set of Christmas necklaces.

Winter Snowflake Earrings

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your Sims’ Holiday outfits! These beautiful snowflake studs will add the perfect touch of winter charm. The crystals are available in three different shades and will fit any personality and style.

They are edged in either silver or gold, and will match any additional jewelry your Sim might be wearing. These earrings are the perfect accessory for a Christmas party outfit, but also neutral enough to be worn throughout the whole Winter season!

A sim with brown hair and brown eyes who is wearing a pair of large sims 4 cc Christmas snowflake earrings.

Santa Hat

If you’re looking for an extra special touch to your Sims 4 Christmas, why not try out this Santa Hat? It’s made from the richest red velvet and trimmed with luxurious white fur, making it the most realistic Santa hat around.

The plush pom pom is the perfect finishing touch and it suits your female and male Sims. Not only is it great for costumes, but it will also keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

A sim that looks like Father Winter and a small blonde child wearing matching sims 4 cc Christmas santa hats

Sparkling Snowflake Ring

Let your Sims’ hand sparkle in competition with the glamour of the Holiday Season. This exquisite ring is perfect for wearing on the middle finger and makes a statement that will be sure to impress.

The crystals come in three shades, light grey, smoky grey and brilliant blue, so you can find the perfect one to match their outfit. And if your Sims cannot let it go after the Holidays, this ring is perfect to wear for any festive occasion throughout the year.

A sim with their hand in front of their face showing off a ring that looks like a snowflake

Tall Sims 4 CC Christmas Socks

Sims 4 CC Christmas accessories are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! And these long Christmas socks are no exception. Choose from ten festive designs, each knit in a soft, warm yarn. Let your Sims’ wear them over leggings on cold winter days or just in combination with a sweater dress.

Whether you’re cuddling up on the couch with a good book or trimming the tree, Sims 4 CC Christmas socks are sure to make your holiday season even cozier!

A sim in a white sweater dress showing off their sims 4 cc Christmas socks. There are a bunch of different colours and designs for these socks too.

Clay Reindeer Earrings

Christmas is a time where you can really let your creative side shine. And with these earrings your Sims have the perfect piece to add a touch of Christmas cheer. They are made from clay, the ideal material to make them lightweight and comfortable to wear on the ears.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about any allergic reactions, since the studs are made from surgical steel. Let your Sims stand out from the crowd with these unique and stylish earrings during the Holiday season.

A set of three ears that are showing off reindeer earrings that look as though they are made with clay.

Crystal Reindeer Sims 4 CC Earrings

Your Sims will be excited to have the matching Crystal Reindeer Earrings to the necklace we showed earlier. They are also available in two metal colours – silver and gold – with the crystals also coming in clear, red or green.

If the Sim’s lady wears and up-do hairstyle, those charming pieces can shine in their full beauty. This truly is a stunning combination for a festive Christmas party. And how exciting would it be to get the whole set as a Christmas gift?

sims 4 cc christmas accessories

Christmas Tree Earrings

These dainty earrings feature a small golden hoop with a Christmas tree charm in a rather contemporary but still festive style. At the end you will find a tiny pearl adding additional charm.

There are three different colours you can choose for your Sims. They will look lovely with any outfit during the Holiday season – whether it’s a casual get-together or a more formal Christmas party.

A sim wearing a pair of abstract Sims 4 CC Christmas earrings that look like a christmas tree

Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories for Kids

Accessories don’t just have to be for your adult sims, the younger ones deserve them too! These options for Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories are amazing because they are designed for kids, making them more fun and more adorable. Your cc kids outfits are going to be brought to the next level with these!

Pearl Christmas Tree Sims 4 CC Earrings

These adorable studs come in the form of a golden Christmas tree filled with tiny pearls, which are available in four different colours to chose from. The top of the tree is decorated with the tiniest golden star.

They are small enough to be worn very comfortable, but also visible enough to be appreciated. Those earrings are truly a precious piece for the young Sims making them feel as elegant as the grown ups.

A blonde haired sim in The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of stud earrings that look like a christmas tree with six pearls on it.

Deer Drop Sims 4 Christmas Earrings

This is a filigran set of dangling earrings depicting lively reindeers adding a touch of whimsy to your little Sim’s look. They are available in four festive colours to perfectly match any style.

This is a more subtle piece of jewelry perfect for dressing up for Christmas or just adding a little bit of fun to the day-to-day look. These earrings add a touch of Christmas magic to your Sims’ kid day.

A sim who is wearing a pair of dangly earrings that are metal in the shape of a reindeer

Celina Snowflake Drop Earrings

If you’re looking for a way to make your Sims’ girls look like princesses this Christmas, then you need to check out these stunning and sparkling snowflake earrings. There are eight different colours to chose from, so if you want, you could find the perfect set to match your Sims’ kid’s eye colour.

The snowflake is a glittering stud and attached is a crystal drop dangling lightly around the little ears making these earrings really stand out.

A sim with brown eyes and black hair who is wearing a pair of  sims 4 cc earrings that look like a snowflake

Snowflake Stud CC Christmas Earrings

Those earrings come in a sparkling snowflake design with a tiny gem in the center of the snowflake. You can choose from seven different colours for the gem making it easy to find the desired match for the kid’s outfit.

The studs are close to the ear and comfortable to wear for the more active Sim’s kid. They are a sportive alternative which still looks festive.

A black haired child in The Sims 4 who is wearing Christmas CC earrings that look like a snowflake.

Santa Hat for Kids

The Santa Hats For Sims 4 Kids are the perfect way to get into the Holiday spirit! These thick velvety red Santa hats are sure to keep the younger ones warm and festive all season long.

The white plush fur rim and fluffy pom pom at the top add the perfect touch of holiday cheer. They are suitable for girls and boys and best of all, these hats can be matched with the parent’s Santa hats for a fun family photo!

Two sims who are wearing turtlenecks that are striped with bright red Santa hats on their heads.

Snowflake Sims 4 CC Glasses

The Snowflake glasses bring the Holidays spirit up a huge notch. These glasses are available in eight different colours and have a light metal frame that supports the adorable snowflake lenses.

Your Sims’ kids can match them perfectly with any other jewelry. They are not only for the Holiday season but can be worn throughout the whole winter season.

A sim with braided black hair and a navy sweater who is wearing a sims 4 cc christmas accessories option that is a pair of snowflake sunglasses that are mostly transparent.

Flower Snowflake Earrings

Christmas is a time for merriment and family gatherings, so make sure your Sim girl looks her best with these stunning Christmas Accessories.

The dazzling crystal studs in a golden setting are perfect for any festive outfit, while the eight different-coloured gems dangling from the stud add a touch of sparkle and magic. Your Sim girl will feel like a true Disney princess, all wrapped up in winter wonderland!

A blonde hair, blue eye sims kid who is wearing a pair of snowflake drop earrings.

Pearl Reindeer Sims 4 CC Christmas Earrings

There’s something so special about Christmas accessories- they add that extra bit of festivity and cheer to an outfit. These sweet little reindeer earrings feature a delicate pearl stud, with charming reindeer ears decorated with sparkling rhinestones and golden reindeer antlers sitting atop the pearl.

The earrings come in three different colours and have a gold-plated back. Your young Sim will just look adorable.

A sim with blue eyes and black hair who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc earrings that look like a christmas reindeer.

Gift Bow Earrings

This is a truly creative piece of jewelry for your young Sim. What usually decorates the Christmas gifts is now adding chic and festive fun to your Sim girl. These adorable studs in a form of a gift bow come in six festive colours from silver, green and red to golden.

So, whether your Sim kid is opening presents or just showing off their new bling, they will love these charming earrings.

A child in The Sims 4 who is wearing a yellow polka dot dress and has accessories on. These sims 4 cc accessories include earrings that look like a holiday bow.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories for Toddlers

Since we got toddlers late in The Sims 4 it means that we don’t have very many accessories to choose from for this age group, especially ones that are holiday themed. These sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories are really sweet, with there being options for earrings, reindeer ears and more!

Reindeer Sims 4 CC Pearl Earrings for Toddlers

Your Sim’s toddler can now match their earrings with the bigger sister. These sweet little reindeer earrings feature the same delicate pearl stud, and charming rhinestone decorated reindeer ears.

Even the golden reindeer antlers on top of the pearl are not missing. And as well as the ones for the older kids, these come also in three different colours. Nothing can stop the total match for the Christmas party.

A sim with black hair and light green eyes, holding her hands under her chin. She's wearing a pair of sims 4 cc Christmas accessories earrings that look like a reindeer with a pearl as the head

Rudolph Nose

Christmas is such a special time of year and there are so many fun things to do. Dress up your little Sim when they go Christmas caroling or attending the toddler’s Christmas party at school!

The Rudolph Nose can be part of a complete costume or just that one little accessory to keep them comfortable while running around and have fun? It’s just the cutest thing ever!

A toddler in The Sims 4 wearing a sims 4 cc Christmas outfit with reindeer ears

Flower Snowflake Earrings

Here is another set of earrings for your Sim toddler, so they can match the bigger sister’s outfit. The dazzling crystal stud for toddlers is also in a golden setting and you can chose form the same eight coloured gems.

Have you toddler match the gem with a dazzling head band, and now you have two princesses ready to celebrate.

A toddler in The Sims 4 who has blonde hair and is wearing a blue headband and snowflake earrings

Rudolph Sims 4 CC Christmas Antlers

Your Sim’s toddler will be the most stylish personality at the Christmas party in these festive antlers! The soft, felt antlers are adorned with red and green berries for a touch of holiday cheer. Combine them with the Rudolph nose and nothing will stand in the way of pure Holiday joy. They’ll be the envy of all their friends!

A sim with their arms crossed wearing a pair of festive reindeer ears.

Fun Toddler Tights

Those white Toddler Tights come with three different motifs: snowflakes for an elegant flair, while Santa hats and wrapped gifts adding fun to the outfit, and at last green Christmas trees for a whimsical look.

The tights are made from a soft material that is comfortable to wear and keep those little legs warm and fashionable. Something the older sister would sure want to have as well.

Three sims whose heads are cut off in the image who are wearing variations of festive leggings accessories. These sims 4 cc leggings have christmas trees, santa hats and snowflakes.

Christmas Tree Sims 4 CC Earrings

As we all know toddlers never want to stand behind the older siblings. Those pearl studs make sure that there is no jealousy during the Christmas season.

While the big sister wears the golden stud with the white pearls, the little Sim might want to chose from any of the other three additional colours and/or the silver tree. Important is that the design is the same and none of the adorable accents such as the tiny golden star on top of the pearl tree is missing.

A sim with blonde hair and bangs in their face who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc Christmas accessories that are earrings shaped as Christmas trees

Santa Hat for Toddlers

What looks cool on the Sim’s kid is righteous adorable on your Sim’s toddlers. They need to have the matching Santa hats for the family photo as well as keeping up in style.

The fabric is the same red thick velvet with the white plush fur and pom- pom. You will have very happy Sim’s toddler knowing they look as stylish as the rest of the family.

two sims wearing christmas themed outfits and adorable santa hat accessories

Snowflake Stud Sims 4 CC Earrings

This is the smaller version of the sparkling snowflake design for older Sims’ kids. The active toddler can safely wear them while looking very cute and festive.

They will be delighted to chose from seven different colours and match their outfit for kindergarten or just to go Christmas shopping with the grown-up ones and maybe have a hot chocolate while out and about.

A sim with blonde hair who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc earrings that are snowflakes with colourful gems in the middle

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Christmas Accessories

Your sim’s Christmas clothes can only be improve by adding these absolutely adorable sims 4 cc Christmas Accessories. They are just so much fun, add so much to the outfit and really let you run wild with creating the cutest characters and letting your sims look so gorgeous at their next winterfest party. Happy Playing!

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