25+ Sims 4 Male CC Shoes To Complete The Outfit

When you’re creating sims you spend a lot of time on the hair, face and outfits but sometimes their feet get ignored. Adding these sims 4 male cc shoes to your mods folder is one of the best ways to put more thought into your masculine sim’s looks and it can truly make your sims more beautiful.

Shoes come in all sorts of shapes and styles including sneakers, sandals, boots, and slippers and you can truly find something for every occasion in this list!

The Best Sims 4 Male CC Shoes To Finish a Look

Old School Vans

There’s something about a pair of old school vans that just screams skateboarder chic. Maybe it’s the classic design, but they are not only for skaters. They come in 12 different colours – all with white laces and an attractive decor rim along the side of the shoe.

Plus, the white rubber rim extends from the sole up to the shoe to protect your vans, and if that wasn’t enough, they’re also super comfortable – making them perfect for long days spent exploring new cities.

So if you are looking for a chic pair of shoes to finish off your Sims 4 look, we highly recommend old school vans.

A pair of legs with a pair of blue vans sneakers tied into bows with white socks

Monk Strap Shoes

The best Sims 4 male CC shoes are the ones that help you finish your look. They should be stylish and attractively designed, but also comfortable and practical. These monk strap shoes fit the bill perfectly. They come in 10 different designs, each with a classic finish.

The stitched border along the top adds a touch of style, while the double buckle in silver creates the impression of an overlapping wide shoe strap. This not only looks great, but it also helps to slim down a wider foot.

Whether your Sim is dressing up for a special occasion or just adding a finishing touch to their everyday look, these monk strap shoes are the perfect choice.

Two mannequin legs showing off a pair of Sims 4 CC Male Shoes

Crocs Sims 4 Male CC Clogs

There’s nothing as comfortable as a pair of Crocs. They come in 30 swatches, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your Sim’s summer outfit. Thanks to the soft material they’re made from they are also extremely comfortable.

The holes all over the shoes help ventilate your feet and prevent sweating making it the perfect summer shoe. Plus, the strap at the heel stops them from slipping off. So if your Sim is in need for a comfortable and light shoe to complete their outfit, Crocs are definitely an alternative to go for.

Two legs in The Sims 4 with crocs that are grey with white hearts


Looking for a comfortable sandal to your Sims 4 male CC look? Birkenstocks are a great choice! Not only are they stylish and versatile, but they’re also comfortable and easy to wear.

The two leather straps each with a sturdy buckle to adjust the width are the typical feature for them, and the sole is made from sturdy cork with a preformed footbed. They’re a summer sandal but also ideal for wearing around the house or at the pool.

So if you’re looking for a shoe that can do it all, Birkenstocks are the solution!

A pair of legs with brown sims 4 cc birkenstocks for male sims

Leather Brogues

Sims 4 players know that finding the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will add a touch of luxury to your Sim’s look, then you need to go with those Leather Brogues.

These shoes are elegance at its best, with a soft leather material that looks and feels luxurious. Your Sim can choose from seven different colours, all of which feature a delicate pattern and matching laces.

Whether your Sim is attending a wedding or trying to impress at a business meeting, they can’t go wrong with Leather Brogues.

A pair of mannequin legs showing off a pair of brown leather shoes with detailing and brown laces in The Sims 4

High Top Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers

Nobody can live without sneakers, and your Sims are no exception. High tops are in, and they offer additional support. These ones come in 13 colours and add a modern chic with a rougher sole extending into a structured rim.

The firm canvas fabric keeps the feet warm even on cooler days. Those sneakers are made for walking! They’ll add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and your Sims will be able to walk miles in comfort.

A small platform with a pair of white high top male shoes, and a pair of sims legs with a pair of black high top male shoes

Adidas Ultra Boosts

One of the best Sims 4 male CC shoes are the Adidas Ultra Boosts. They are dark blue with the legendary three stripes, which you can see here in black. The classic style is perfect for running and walking long distances and they are super comfortable made of high quality.

Those running shoes are solely made for the male Sim and enhance masculinity. They are the perfect finishing touch to that sportive look.

The same set of legs twice, each facing eachother. Both are wearing sims 4 cc male shoes that are blue sneakers with white soles and white laces

Waterproof Boots

Sims 4 has an impressive array of Male CC shoes, but none are as practical and stylish as the waterproof boots. These boots are not only fashionable, but they’re also functional, coming in a variety of colours to suit any Sim’s needs.

Whether they are looking for a boot to wear in the rain or one that can withstand more than just a shower, they are the perfect choice. So if your Sim is in need of a boot that’s both stylish and practical, have them check out the waterproof boots. They won’t be disappointed.

A pair of mannequin legs that are bright white, they have a pair of green boots on them.

Lace Up Sims 4 CC Boots

And one of the most popular types of male CC shoes are lace up boots.These boots are a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Have your Sims choose from seven different colours to really make your their outfit pop. But it’s not just about looks; these boots are also super comfortable, thanks to the soft materials used in their fabrication.

They are also easy to clean and perfect for wear throughout the year. So if you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Sim’s look, lace up boots are a great choice.

A pair of mannequin legs with a pair of black leather male cc shoes for the sims

Gorae Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers

No doubt the Gorae Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers are at the top of the list when it comes to choosing sneakers for your Sims. With an amazing choice of 30 styles, these sneakers are sure to add a touch of personality to any outfit. The base colour is either white or black, with a decor in different colours adding a touch of visual interest.

A cool design feature is the rounded top leading to the sole which matches the colour of the decor on the shoe, giving them a distinctive look. In addition, these sneakers also offer great support and comfort. The wider sole keeps the foot balanced and secure, and also helps to buffer the impact of running.

So if you’re looking for a sneaker that ticks all the boxes, Gorae Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers are definitely worth considering.

A pair of legs without pants and a pair of legs with denim both wearing a pair of nike themed sneakers with white laces

Norae Loafer

The Norae Loafer is the perfect shoe to finish any look. Whether your Sim is sliding into a pair of jeans or completing a more formal outfit, this loafer will elevate their style. Made from luxurious and soft leather, the Norae Loafer has an impeccable attention to detail.

The fixed flap gives the shoe structure, while the low heel enhances its elegant appearance. So let your Sim slip into a pair of Norae Loafers and they are ready to take on the world in style.

A box inside of a box showing off a pair of black loafers with a gold detail

Short Boots

Short boots are gaining more and more popularity, and for good reason! These boots are stylish and modern, available in 10 colours, and the insert of the black stretchable material makes it easy for your Sim to slip in and out.

Not to mention, they reach over the ankles and keep warm during the cooler seasons. However, the best part about these short boots is the suede leather which gives the sportive design a touch of elegance. Whether your Sim is dressing up for a night out or just trying to stay warm, these short boots are a great choice.

A pair of short boots on a pair of legs with a black leggings. These are great sims 4 cc shoes for males, there are also a pair not on legs, but on a platform.

Nike Sims 4 Male CC Slides

Nike Sims 4 Male CC Slides are the perfect slippers to finish any casual look. They come in a choice of 13 colours, making it easy to match any summer/fitness outfit. The thick sole makes walking on harder surfaces comfortable, and protects the feet from small stones and other hazards.

The formed footbed embraces the feet, providing support and preventing fatigue even after extended walking. In short, Nike Sims 4 Male CC Slides are the ideal shoes for any Sim man who wants to look his best.

A pair of naked legs with white nike slides on them

Love Me More Sneakers

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Sims 4 Male CC look? Look no further than Love Me More Sneakers. These compact running shoes hug the feet and provide support and protection, while the leather is soft and sturdy.

The extended back part protects the foot, and the rounded front provides ample space for the toes. Plus, the name says it all – your Sim will love these sneakers more than any other shoe!

A box inside of a box with a pair of white on white sneakers in the middle

Humming Derby Shoes

The Sims 4 Male CC shoes come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any look. The shoes have a soft leather upper and laces that are subtle and elegant. The soles are available in two thicknesses, depending on the look you want to achieve. The thinner sole gives a sleeker appearance, while the thicker sole provides additional support.

The Humming Derby shoes are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. They are fashionable and stylish, yet comfortable and practical. Whether you’re dressing for a special occasion or just everyday wear, these shoes will help you create the perfect look.

A pair of brown leather derby shoes

Chukka Boots

The Chukka boot is the perfect accessory to any outfit. They are high top leather boots available in ten colours, and they are both elegant and comfortable. Their leather design, slim sole, and low heel make them versatile and perfect for any occasion. Whether your Sim is going for a walk in the park or dressing up for a night out, these boots will complete the look.

Plus, their light weight will give your Sim the impression of walking barefoot, and they will love the freedom for their feet. So go ahead and pick up a pair of Chukka boots for your next Sims 4 adventure. Your Sim will thank you for it.

A set of sims 4 mannequin legs with a pair of cc male shoes on them. These shoes are brown leather with small, thin laces.

Adidas Sneakers

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Sims 4 male CC look? Then check out these super stylish and comfortable Adidas Sneakers! They come in 26 different colours, and your Sim will sure find the perfect match for their outfit.

The shoes are made from high quality materials, and feature a thick sole that provides plenty of space for your feet. The thicker material also makes them perfect for wearing during colder days. And with their laces, they can adjust the fit to make sure the sneakers are always comfortable.

Now, the fact that the heel is covered and protected, it will assure great support with every step. The Adidas Sneakers are a great choice if your Sim is in need for a comfortable and sportive shoe.

A pair of legs with high top adidas sneakers

Strappy Male Sandals

These sandals are the perfect summer footwear for your Sim man. They come in eight colours, so you can find the perfect pair to match your Sim’s style. The leather straps keep the cork sole in place, while a strap in the back ensures that they stay on your feet.

The strappy Male Sandals are also a great choice for hot days, as they are an elegant alternative to slippers. Plus, they can even be worn to dinner if they are paired with some slacks. So if you’re looking for the perfect summer footwear for your Sim man, be sure to check out the strappy Male Sandals.

a pair of legs with brown sandals that are strappy

Low Top Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers

These low top sneakers are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. They’re made of a breathable but durable canvas, and come in twelve different colours. The laces are a darker hue than the body of the shoe, and the silver rings at the lace holes add an extra touch of chic.

These shoes are a comfortable alternative to high tops during the spring and summer seasons.So, this pair of sneakers need to have a new home in your Sim’s man closet.

a set of mannequin legs that have bright orange-yellow shoes with laces

Mandu Sneakers

Whether your Sim is just hanging out at home or exploring the wider world, they’ll need a good pair of shoes to finish their look. And there’s no better choice than Mandu Sneakers. These elegant and slim high tops come in both white and black, and the laces are in the same colour as the shoe for a smooth look.

The thicker sole protects the foot from harsher grounds, but the thin leather lets your feet breath. With a business attire your Sim can even get away with them at work. So why not add a little Mandu magic to your their outfit?

Two shoes with one black and one white with a red detail at the back.

Oversized Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers

Oversized Sims 4 Male CC Sneakers are the perfect choice for any Sim who loves a chunky sneaker. These oversized sneakers come in 10 different colours, so your Sim can find the perfect pair to match any outfit.

The strong sole extends around the rim of the shoe, keeping cuffs and smudges away from the leather. Plus, the comfortable shoes are as chic as they are practical and will not be overlooked.

A pair of legs with white sneakers, with white laces and a black section at the heel

Desert Boots

These soft and comfortable boots are perfect for a range of occasions, from hiking and camping to dressing up for a night out. The desert boot is a versatile shoe that can be laced up for a snug fit or left loose for a more relaxed look.

The lightweight and breathable design makes them ideal for warm weather, and the variety of colours means they can be easily dressed up or down. Whether you’re hitting the trails or hitting the town, desert boots are the perfect choice.

The bottom half of a sim with one leg straight and the other bent with the bottom of their foot on a wall showing off the shoes.

Holiday Wonderland Boots

Aren’t the Sims 4 Holiday Wonderland Boots cool? They come in a traditional boot style with an adorable Christmas pattern, as well as many solid colours for all the cold season. They go higher up the calf and keep your Sim’s feet and legs warm and dry.

Plus, these are the boots your male Sim has on when chopping down the Christmas tree. And when the holidays are is over, he can slip on a solid colour to hike in the snow. The Holiday Wonderland Boots have laces all the way up and are waterproofed as well, making them the perfect choice for any winter activity.

A set of 9 squares showing off different swatches of boots

Leather Flip Flops

Flip flops and summer go hand in hand and your male Sim needs at least one pair in their wardrobe. Not only are these leather flip flops stylish and versatile, but they’re also surprisingly comfortable. The stitched double border creates a nice accent, and the slightly formed foot bed and thicker sole make walking a breeze.

Plus, they come in 12 different colours, so you’re sure to find a pair that matches your Sim’s personal style. So if your Sim is looking for the perfect summer footwear, these leather flip flops are a great option.

A set of mannequin legs with grey leather sandals

High Top Sims 4 CC Sneakers

Looking for something different when it comes to your Sim’s shoes? Check out these fashionable high top sneakers! With a canvas fabric accentuated with a white border, these sneakers go higher than the usual high top and provide ample support above your ankle. The colours are rich and the laces go up all the way, making them both stylish and comfortable.

Plus, your Sim can open the shoe completely to slide in easily. Whether your Sim is headed to the gym or just running errands, these shoes will keep them looking good all day long.

A pair of puffy high tops red sneakers with a white detail across the back

Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

Nike Dunks Low Sneakers are the perfect sneaker for every male Sim’s wardrobe. They come in a whooping 35 colours, and with the slim, elegant design they are sure to find a home in your Sim’s closet. Also, nothing distracts from a smooth walk – the sole ends directly with the sneaker, creating a sleek and streamlined look.

Plus, the light, breathable material keeps your feet dry and comfortable. And if the fit needs to be adjusted, simply tighten or loosen the laces to get the perfect fit. If your Sim is looking for a new everyday shoe the Nike Dunks Low Sneakers are the perfect choice.

A white nike dunk low sneaker with white laces, a white base and white sole

Final Thoughts

Your sims deserve to look amazing from top to bottom, starting from their custom hairstyles and all the way down to their sims 4 male cc shoes. These shoes are going to make sure that your sims are looking stylish, and their outfits are well put together. You’ll absolutely never be able to play with boring EA created shoes again. Happy Playing!

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