25+ Pieces of Sims 4 CC Wedding Decor For a Beautiful Day

When you think of your perfect wedding day you’re going to think about what the tables will look like and the flowers you’re going to have around the altar. This Sims 4 CC Wedding Decor is so great because it can help you decorate the perfect wedding venue, especially if you don’t have all of the wedding content from Wedding Stories.

These pieces of furniture and decor can include anything from plates and forks that’ll be on a table, to the actual altar where your sims are going to get married. There’s definitely something for everyone. So grab yourself a beautiful wedding gown and someone to marry and let’s do this thing!

The Most Beautiful Sims 4 CC Wedding Decor

Wedding Sims 4 CC Clutter

If you were to only download one piece of custom content on this list, honestly this should be the one. This set covers so many of the things you need to have for a beautiful wedding and all of it is super cohesive and would look gorgeous in the game.

In this set we have gorgeous items such as a guest book, a wedding cake, tons of candles and even a bottle of champagne with two glasses. There are even balloons that are shaped like a heart to really show off the love.

9 squares all together in a grid, each of these squares has a piece of sims 4 cc wedding decor. Some of the items are a guest book, a set of candles, wine, and cake.

XL Wedding Photo Backdrop

You may be wondering “what can I use this for?” well, let me tell ya! These backdrops are amazing because you can use them behind sims in wedding pose packs for screenshots which is the best use for these in my opinion.

You can also use these behind a sweetheart table where the couple will sit, as a fake photo booth and so much more. They come in fun swatches for florals, brick walls and wood walls which can fit so many different things.

A backdrop with different fabric options for your sims to take photos in front of

Bohemian Sims 4 CC Wedding Lanterns

Lanterns are such a good way to bring candle light into your wedding in a safer way, because people at weddings do a lot of dancing and we don’t need anyone to get set on fire. There are already too many fires in the sims.

These lanterns are great and come in some fun colours like light yellow, green, and teal. They have a large pillar candle inside that will look gorgeous and you can line the aisle with these and make it gorgeous!

Three metal lanterns in green, and yellow and teal. These sims 4 cc wedding decor items have candles inside

Baked Goods

What’s a wedding without baked goods? There is nothing better than going to a wedding and spending time dancing only to walk over to a table covered in cookies, brownies and cupcakes.

These are such gorgeous items to add to your sim’s dessert table, especially that two tiered tray with a heart at the top of the metal covered in goodies!

A small square table with a white table cloth that has a bunch of baked goods on them.

Aphrodite Sims 4 CC Wedding Chairs

If you were planning a wedding in the early 2000s these chairs would be what you would see. A beautiful chair with a white fabric around them and a fun coloured bow in the wedding colours.

These are great for the ceremony or adding to your tables for the reception and they just bring in so much fun and colour and you’ll love it!

Three white chairs with fabric on them and a ribbon going from the front to a bow in the back.

Wedding Magazine

When your sims are in their wedding planning stage there are definitely small details you can add to your home to make it truly feel like your sims are planning their wedding. These magazines are genuinely the perfect clutter object for doing this.

These are so much fun because it literally looks like someone is planning with those little tabs sitting beside them and in the pages to show what your sims love.

A set of wedding magazines that have tabs in them like a bride is planning. Great for at home sims 4 cc wedding decor.

Holy Marchimony Wedding Arches

If you want beautiful wedding screenshots of your sims the arch is very important and needs to be just as beautiful as the couple. These functional wedding arches are beautiful and there are so many beautiful details making them perfect for your wedding.

The arches have gorgeous florals and greenery on them added to some beautiful drapes just making sure that everything is perfect!

A view of an ocean in the background with a white wood arch with greens and fabric draped on it.

Engagement Rings

When you’re getting ready for your wedding you often aren’t wearing your rings until the ceremony and they’ll just be sitting in ring boxes. These are great to have on a table with other gorgeous floral items and decor pieces while your sims are hanging out before their wedding begins!

A light wood table with two small ring boxes on them one red and one blue.

Petals on the Floor

Flower petals are such a beautiful small detail to add to your sim’s wedding all over the place. The best thing about The Sims is that you don’t have to deal with the mess that flower petals create IRL! You can put these on the dance floor, by tables, and just about everywhere else.

These don’t even just need to be for the wedding day, you can decorate your sim’s home with these for their wedding night too!

A bunch of rose petals that you can use as sims 4 wedding cc decor on the floor

The Perfect Night Flowers

The best way to take a wedding from basic to beautiful is to add tons of flowers and greenery for that natural element. These flowers are possibly the perfect centrepiece with a gorgeous glass vase and beautiful pastel flowers inside.

Three wedding decor items for The Sims 4 that are clear vases where you can see the flower stems then bright pastel flowers inside of them.

Amara Sims 4 CC Chair

You may think that chairs aren’t that important in a wedding but they can make or break a look. If you have gorgeous table scapes and tons of flowers all of that can be ruined by an ugly grey chair so you need to make sure that your chairs look awesome.

These are great chairs that have such a beautiful style and come in just about every colour. The bow really adds well, a bow on top, by making them feel even more adorable and fancy and bringing in even more colour.

Eight chairs that are facing away from you to show off the bow tied on the back of them. They come in fabric colours like blue purple white and black.

Wedding Signs

Signs, signs, signs! You need signage at your weddings because people need guidance to where they need to go. These signs are amazing because they are going to tell your sims exactly where they need to go or give them important information.

You can really dress up these wedding signs by adding tons of beautiful florals (both outdoor and indoor) around them to truly make them look beautiful.

A set of signs that say things like 'welcome to our happily ever after"

All Sims 3 Wedding Arches

If you were a huge fan of The Sims 3 you may be missing some of the arches that were available back then in the game. These arches are beautiful and for some reason feel super nostalgic to me, brings me back to my college days playing The Sims 3 instead of doing my coursework.

Four arches in a row on a green floor and blue wall

Bohemian Wedding Signs

One big thing you need to organize at weddings is people, and people need to know where to go. So, why not use these wedding signs to direct your sims to where they need to go.

These signs are extremely rustic and would be absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding. We have a shovel that has an arrow pointing to one direction with “wedding” written on it, and other boxes with a watering can and the word “love” written out.

Three versions of the same sign that says wedding on an arrow.

Romantic Sims 4 CC Table Setting

Once the ceremony at your wedding is over the most important decorations are going to be your table settings. The meal you eat is one to remember and decorating the tables is key.

This set is so beautiful and romantic for your sim’s to have at their wedding reception. We have a gorgeous rounded table with table cloth, and beautiful matching chairs with a bow tied around the back. There are so many gorgeous things on top like candles, flower petals and more.

A circle table with six chairs that have a bow tied on the back of them.

Push Comes to Love Wedding Set

Who needs minimalism when you can have maximalism? This is the perfect set of decor if you want your sims to have a maximalist wedding. This set includes gorgeous things like wedding placemats, a gorgeous flower floor rug and a nice floral runner that can be used for your sim’s wedding aisle.

A sweetheart table in The Sims 4 that is in front of a wall of florals and drapes.

Rustic Romance Sims 4 CC Stuff

If your sims want to have a rustic wedding or a cozy backyard wedding this set of sims 4 wedding decor cc is going to be absolutely perfect for these decorations. There are so many pieces in this set that you’ll definitely find something you can use, even if you don’t love the rustic look.

Some of my favourite piece are the wood stump stool, the gorgeous hanging lanterns and the signage that is written in an obscure way so that you can use it regardless of the language that you speak.

A screenshot from The Sims 4 that has a large tree in the background with fabric draped on it. There is a  table covered in wedding cc decor in front.

The Perfect Night Candle Lantern

These candle lanterns make me so happy in the game because they have so many good things going on. These metal lanterns come in light pastel colours and the details are where they shine. We start on the top with some cute greenery on top which gives a fairy vibe.

Inside of these lanterns are three candles of varying height, and some little flowers. These are great to line the aisle beside the chairs, or to use as a centrepiece.

Metal Lanterns that have ivy on the top, three candles inside and some small florals.

Fairy Sims 4 CC Lights

If your sim’s wedding venue has a large wall that needs simple and easy decorations these fairy lights might be the perfect solution. These are great because they are gorgeous lights that can give off some fun vibes and they cover a large surface area all at once.

These are even animated, meaning they don’t just give off light but the light moves around in a fun way which makes it even better.

A wall of animated fairy lights in The Sims 4, these fairy lights can be put as a whole wall for wedding decor

Floral Bouquets and Wall Arrangements

If you want to take a wedding from basic to absolutely beautiful, flowers are the way to go. The issue in real life is that flowers are one of the most expensive things you can get as decor (trust me, I’m in the middle of wedding planning right now, they are so expensive).

Thankfully, you can use so many money cheats in The Sims 4 that you don’t have to worry about how much flowers cost and these can truly make your sim’s venue look so beautiful.

A sim standing in front of a wall that is covered in flowers.

Happily Ever After Kit

If you want to download a single set that covers just about everything you need this happily ever after kit is going to do it for you. This covers not only Sims 4 CC Wedding Decor but also the furniture objects you’d need too like chairs, tables and stools.

The decorations in this kit are great because you have things like candles, lanterns, and even some confetti filled balloons which are so beautiful. Also, this doesn’t do it justice because all the items in this photo are white, they have tons of different swatch colours too!

A bunch of white sims 4 cc wedding decor including an arch, chairs, aisles, balloons, and more.

Aphrodite Wedding Ceiling Lanterns

Lanterns are such a simple way to make a wedding venue ceiling shine. These are so much fun and if you connect them next to each other it’ll have the strings connect and really make this look awesome.

These lanterns come in colours like cream, gold, silver and a bright magenta colour which is extremely fun. They will look great in any wedding venue!

Four ceiling lanterns in different colours, cream, gold, silver and pink that are on a string for the ceiling

Functional Wedding Arches

We don’t have a ton of arches in the game which can be pretty annoying because each wedding is different and these arches aren’t going to cover every style of wedding. That’s why you need these functional wedding arches!

These arches use items and shapes that are already in the game, like the fencing from Seasons or drapes and make these arches fit perfectly in your sim’s game. So beautiful!

Five arches standing next to each other with different styles and their names under them

Amara Sims 4 CC Table Settings

If you plan on having a meal at a wedding you need to have some gorgeous plates, silverware and a nice menu to show your guests what they get to eat. Obviously, these aren’t going to be functional in the game, they are just going to be beautiful.

These place settings are really gorgeous with a charger plate on the bottom with little gems around the edge. Then, on top there is a small plate with fun designs around the edge, and silverware with designs too!

A set of table settings for The Sims 4, these wedding decor objects have chargers with gems, a menu on top and silverware to each side

HVD Surprise Gift!

If you want to have a large table covered in gifts at your sim’s wedding, these are a great option to add on top of each other. These come in fun colours with different coloured bows too!

To really get the effect of a lot of presents you’ll want to alt place these objects with the moveobjects cheat to stack them and raise them.

A set of four gift boxes with a bow on the top and ribbon in a plus sign shape

The Perfect Night Table Numbers

How are people at a wedding supposed to know where to sit without table numbers? These are super fun table numbers if you want to have a rustic or outdoor wedding.

These wedding numbers are two small pieces of wood that are cut at an angle at the top where the words table and the number are on it. You’ll definitely want to use these for a backyard wedding!

Two pieces of wood cut on an angle that have "table 2" on them

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Wedding Decor

Decorating for your sim’s wedding can be so stressful if you don’t have the perfect items to make the venue beautiful, but hopefully these pieces of sims 4 cc wedding decor can help. You’ll definitely want to find a perfect dress and definitely a snazzy suit for your groom if there is one. Happy Playing!

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