The Sims 4: How to Edit Dorms (Discover University)

The dorms that came with The Sims 4: Discover University are less than beautiful, adding some realism to the University experience. Except, a lot of us want to edit the dorms to fit our sim’s personality.

The Sims team made a decision to make dorm rooms without full build mode capabilities so they could switch it up for live drag objects instead.

This means that you’re unable to edit your dorm rooms in build mode if there are sims currently living there. Let’s go into how to edit dorms in The Sims 4: University so you can edit the dorms to your liking!

There is an easy way to edit dorms in The Sims 4: Discover University, you just need to enter in the free build cheat allowing opening building on dorm lots.

The Sims 4: University Render

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How to Edit Dorms

If you have a sim currently living in a dorm and you wish to edit it, you can do so with cheats! Oh, how we love cheats.

You can load up the dorm room with your sim active, and open up the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift + c and then type in testingcheats true. That cheat will allow other cheats to work, not always necessary but is nice to use to make sure everything works.

Then you’re going to use the free build cheat by typing bb.enablefreebuild to open up the ability for your sim to edit the dorm. This is also the cheat that you use to edit things like hospitals, police stations, etc, from the active careers in The Sims 4: Get to Work.

After hitting enter with the bb.enablefreebuild cheat you’ll be able to open up build mode and edit everything in the dorm!

This image includes a group of sims hanging out in their dorms, some are playing juice pong and there is a mascot in the corner.

Final Thoughts

Not being able to edit dorms without cheats is a little annoying, I will admit. However, there is an easy fix to edit dorms in the game. Any questions? Leave them in the comments!

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    1. that also happens to me even if i’m not using cheats. you probably have a bad mod/custom content in your game, if you don’t have any mods or stuff in game idk then :/

      1. I had this same problem. You need to do the testingcheats true before the bb.enablefreebuild. This gives you unlimited funds to edit the dorm 🙂

  1. Trying to edit the Darkwing house in Brightchester. Is it normal for the game to try and pull money from business fund while you edit it? Because it has 0 money I am unable to edit this lot. Money X cheat only puts the funds in my families account. Any suggestions? Is this a bug? Thanks, BB.

    1. You need to move out to some where different, then you go to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner. Go to manage worlds, and click on the plot you want to edit. Once you click on it, there should be something on the bottom right hand corner. Click the “Build” option with the wrench and hammer on it. After you are finished, move your sim back in and that’s that.

    1. You have too pick the type of building you want too live in once you enroll, it will ask you what lot type you want too live in but if you have a child or pet with you it won’t let you.

  2. Put in a new dorm but now my sim can’t leave or enter the dorm. I have to cheat and teleport her out and in so I don’t know what to do.

  3. I made my own on campus house (not penthouse) but It won’t come up as an option for enrolment housing. I’m a bit confused on how to make it an option again.

  4. Hey! I’ve used this cheat, but even after exiting the game and open it again, this cheat is working! How come it’s possible? And plus, all the rewards are also available in build/buy mode, I’m talking about the ones which u get once u reach some particular career level!

    1. Hey, so I rebuild the entire university housing for foxbury and it doesn’t give me the option to live there when I enroll. Does anyone know why this would happen?

  5. So I entered the code went into build mode and currently the loading screen has been here for about 30-40 minutes and I can’t shut it down so yay

  6. Hm… I don’t want so much to edit the place, just change the colors of some items. If I’ll have that much trouble, I guess I just leave it alone. Now the other problem I have is that I want to turn a house I have outside of the college area into a student dorm, but won’t let me. Ugh! Does anyone know?

  7. Just a note, you can’t use any custom content in university housing or dorm lots. It’s like it tries to divide by 0 and it locks out by crashing your game or kicking you back into the world selection screen. I don’t know why the game has that bug, but it’s a thing. I learned that the hard way.

  8. Hi, to get all the money you want type the cheat: Money (how much you want) and there is a limit to how much it shows so if you try to much pick a bit lower number and you get that amount of money.

  9. Hi, I made a university dorm lot but it doesn’t show up as a housing possibility for my sim to move into. The lot is confirmed designated as university housing and it meets all the requirements/it’s finished. My sim is enrolled for sure. Does anyone know why he can’t move in to this lot?

  10. My sim is enrolled in a University, but even after river entered the cheat, it won’t let me build in the dorm rooms!! how do I fix this? Can anyone help?

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