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The Sims 4: Garlic (Vampires Game Pack)

Garlic was a new addition to The Sims 4 with the addition of The Sims 4: Vampires and adds another harvestable for your sims garden or a great defense against attacks from vampires. You can even use garlic to decorate your home!

Garlic and Vampires

When controlling a vampire you’ll be able to see a stench coming off any garlic you may come across and your vampire will get an induced irritation moodlet. This will happen if they eat a food item that contains garlic or if they are near garlic.

If your sims are around garlic for too long the moodlet will get stronger and they will no longer be able to drink plasma from other sims or eat plasma fruit. Your sim can die from thirst if they happen to be quite thirsty when they are exposed to garlic for too long.

You can also get the Garlic Immunity vampire power that will make it so that your vampire sim is no longer affected by eating or being around garlic.

Where to Find Garlic

You can find garlic plants in the wild in Forgotten Hollow (the new vampire world) and you can harvest these plants to either plant at your own home or you can use them to create things with garlic. You can also find garlic by using the computer and choosing order garlic under the vampire section on the computer. You can also order garlic directly by clicking on a planter.

Creating Things With Garlic

If your sim reads the Encyclopedia Vampirica they can grow the Vampire Lore Skill and once they hit the 5th level of the skill they will unlock the ability to create home decor using garlic that is in their inventory. They can make 3 different types of garlic decor that will help keep vampires away:

  1. Garlic Braid: Takes 5 pieces of garlic to create
  2. Garlic Wreath: Takes 10 pieces of garlic to create
  3. Garlic Garland: Takes 15 pieces of garlic to create

Drinks You Can Make With Garlic

The Sims 4: Vampires brought with it a few new types of drinks that your sims can enjoy. Each needs a different amount of garlic, plasma fruit, and wolfsbane and a different level of vampire lore but all only require mixology level 1.

Drink NameVampire Lore LevelRequirements
Sunlight Reversal CocktailLevel 112 Garlic
2 Plasma Fruit
Draught of ReconfigurationLevel 142 Garlic
2 Wolfsbane
2 Plasma Fruit
Ultimate Vampire CureLevel 1510 Garlic
10 Wolfsbane
10 Plasma Fruit

Final Thoughts

Garlic is the best way to protect your sims from vampire attacks as well as a cute way to decorate your home with wreaths that your sims can create themselves. Have you protected your sims from vampires using garlic yet? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have recently bought the only available house in the Vampire neighborhood and it is filled with garlic! I dont know how to get rid of the garlic, please help.

    1. You just need to go into build mood and try and find all the pieces of garlic around the house, it should show green smoke or whatever it called if there not all gone. I do understand your pain though hahahahaha hope this helps xxxx

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