25+ Sims 4 Kids CC Shirts Your Children Will Love

When you’re trying to create interesting kids in the game you’re going to struggle because many of the clothing items we get for kids are pretty boring. This is why we absolutely need to have sims 4 kids cc shirts in our games too so you can have as many different types of shirts as you want.

Having these clothing items in your mods folder is going to be helpful for you creating more unique and fun characters and really add some personality to them!

Levi’s Inspired T-Shirt

This Levi’s inspired shirt will have your sims kid looking classic and cool. The t-shirt is inspired by the iconic Levi’s brand logo with a Simlish twist. This casual look pairs perfectly with a pair of jeans in any wash, but would also look adorable with a skirt. Complete the outfit a pair of sneakers for the ultimate laid back look.

A levi's inspired sims 4 kids cc shirts option but with the word "levi's" written in simlish

Printed Blouse

Spring has sprung with this super cute printed blouse. Available in a variety of prints and colours, this top takes a basic piece and makes it super fun! I can see a sim kid wearing this to school or to a nice lunch or dinner, as it can dressed up or down. This blouse looks great paired a denim skirt or shorts and beachy waves for that ultimate spring look.

Four sims who are wearing a button up collared shirt with patterns

Summertime Blouse

This Summertime Blouse is easy and breezy. This white tunic style top looks like it could be made of a linen material and has a beautiful embroidered flower design. This look paired with a denim short and undone hair gives me total Mamma Mia vibes. I can picture a sim kid enjoying a day on the beach in this gorgeous blouse.

A sim wearing a cute summertime blouse in the sims 4

Printed Polo Shirt

If there’s one thing that will elevate your sim kid’s look, it’s a bold print! These Printed Polo Shirts are the perfect piece to add some fun to your sim’s wardrobe. There are so many colourful prints to choose from, but I think my favourite is the pink cheetah with black trim accents. Since these printed polo shirts are so bright and bold, they are best paired with solid colour bottoms in a coordinating neutral colour. If you want your sim to have other sims asking, “wearing is that shirt from?”, you need to add these pieces to their closet!

A patterned polo shirt option for sims 4 kids cc shirts

Jersey Tee

Whether your sim is a sports star or just wants a cool and casual look, this Jersey Tee is the perfect go-to. This top includes a t-shirt underneath a sleeveless sports jersey for a fun layered set. The jersey tee comes in a ton of bright colour combinations and includes a crossbody fanny pack to carry all over your sim’s belongings while they are playing on the court.

A jersey over a t-shirt with a shoulder bag for your sims 4 kids cc shirts mods folder

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Your kid sim will be feeling groovy in these Tie Dye T-Shirts in an array of fun patterns. Choose from a full rainbow tie dye shirt or just a small touch of tie dye. Each retro shirt comes with a different design such as 70’s Daffy Duck or Mickey or regular peace sign. The style of the 70’s is making a huge comeback, so give your sim a funky look for their next party with these tees.

Four sims with t-shirts on that are various types of tie dye, including peace signs and disney ears

Primrose Hoodie

Ariana Grande called, and she wants her oversized hoodie back. There’s a reason the popstar loves to wear an oversized hoodie like this Primrose one. This look is not only comfy, but very cute and stylish. You can pair this hoodie with any bottom, such as the denim shorts shown here, or even a skirt to dress it up. This hoodie looks adorable with long waves and glasses, but would look equally cute with an Ariana style high ponytail for your sim’s next study session.

A sims 4 kids cc shirts option with a large hoodie with a big pocket

Printed Sweaters

Your sim will love these printed fluffy sweaters for fall. This crewneck sweater comes in so many fun patterns such as leopard print and fun graphics such as a sparkly star and tiger. An added fluffy texture gives these sweaters warmth in fall and winter, as well as a bit of a 90’s throwback. The Printed Sweaters look great with jeans or leggings for an afternoon of apple picking with a pumpkin spice latte.

Four sims wearing cute sweaters in the game that are perfect for sims 4 kids cc shirts

Kid’s Patterned T-Shirts

These Kid’s Patterned T-Shirts are a must have for your kid sim. Not only are there some super fun patterns, such as lemons, foxes, and and old school camper vans, but they will go with everything in your sims closet! This piece take a basic t-shirt and brings it to the next level. It pairs great with denim and any hairstyle as the shirt silhouette is very simple. This is the perfect go to weekend shirt for your sim.

A set of kid's patterned shirts for The Sims 4 with patterns like foxes, lemons or cars

V-Neck Tee

I love this two-in-one look for your kid sim! The V-Neck Tee includes a long sleeve grey shirt with a v-neck t-shirt over top in either yellow or forest green. This sims 4 kids cc shirts choice reminds me of the early 2000’s when layering as many shirts as possible was the trend, not to mention the layers add some warmth. This shirt looks great tucked into jeans and with a short or long hairstyle while your sim is hitting up the skate park.

A v-neck t-shirt over top of a long sleeve grey shirt

Sporty Gal Hoodie

Who doesn’t love a hoodie to complete a casual outfit? This sporty hoodie includes colour blocking details on the zipper and trim, as well as a pattern on the sleeves to give it a bit of a twist on a basic. You can dress this hoodie up or down with a skirt or jeans, and it looks adorable either way! This is a perfect back to school look for your sim, and it comes in super cute pastel colours such as lavender and baby pink.

Two sims wearing cute sport gal hoodies sims 4 kids cc shirts

Football Polo Shirt

Get ready for football season this fall with the Football Polo Shirt. These polo shirts come in all of the fall colours and have a complementing colour collar for a little something different. Of course, each polo shirt comes with a different football saying, but I think my favourite it the one with the smiling football in the center, it’s just so cute! These polos are a great addition for any football fan kid sim to watch their next game!

A polo shirt with a stripe in the middle with footballs

Patterned Tank Top

Much like the other patterned tops on this list, these tank tops are a great basic for the summer months. I love the funky patterns these tops come in, especially the Reptar one with stripes (Rugrats anyone?)! Your sim will love these tops to add some fun print to their summer outfit and beat the heat.

Three sims wearing different patterned tank tops, one with reptar on it

Monster Shirts

These Monster Shirts are totally adorable for any sim kid, and definitely scream Monsters Inc. inspiration. These shirts are a two-in one layered look with a long sleeve top on top of a shorter one. Each shirt has a different kooky creature on the front, including some with multiple eyes, fur, or antennas. This sims 4 kids cc shirts option looks adorable with a bang hairstyle, and to complete the Monster’s Inc inspiration, you could give your sim some pigtails like the character Boo!

A sim wearing a coloured long sleeve under a white t-shirt that has a monster on it

Vest Over T-Shirt

This Vest Over T-Shirt combo gives your sim an academic look while still looking cool. your kid sim can study the night away in this look, paired with jeans, or even some fun patterned pants. Each top comes with a short sleeve t-shirt in a coordinating colour with the sweater vest attached on top. No need to look for a coordinating set, since this is already a two in one! Beyond this, the cutest thing about this piece is the cute monkey logo on the left-hand side. This small detail adds the perfect touch to this classy look.

four sims wearing variations of the same vest with a monkey on it over a t-shirt

Butter Sweater

I’m sure the reason this next top is called the Butter Sweater is because it looks buttery soft, and I absolutely love it in this pistachio green colour for a fun pop! Your sim will love this sweater to cozy up in on a chilly day, and will look great paired with any bottom choice, such as jeans or a skirt. This is a must have for any wardrobe, and is so soft, your sim will never want to take it off!

a sim with curly hair wearing a gorgeous green sweater

Boys Vintage Map Shirts

This Vintage Map Top is so cool and different. It takes a classic button-up collared shirt and gives it and interesting twist with either a full vintage map print, or map print trim. Your sim will look like the ultimate world traveler in this shirt and it is definitely a conversation starter with the other kid sims on places they want to visit in the future.

Four children who are wearing button up tops with maps as the pattern

Brooke Sweater

The Brooke Sweater gives me vintage grandparent sweater vibes. It comes in a variety of muted colours and classic knitted patterns. My favourite is the third from the top as it reminds me of a cool sweater you would find at a thrift store. Give your kid sim a one of a kind look while they are hanging out with friends at their house. I guarantee other sims will be asking where they got their cute and cozy sweater.

six sweaters with various stripes and colours

Rabbit Shirts

This Rabbit Shirt is the perfect clothing item for Easter or really anytime! This short sleeve shirt comes in teal, grey or magenta and has an adorable striped bunny peeking out on the front. This shirt says that your sim like to be comfy and casual, while also having some fun with a cool print. Wear this rabbit shirt to your sim’s next spring gathering, and it is sure to be a hit.

Three sims wearing the same bunny t-shirt in various colours

Field Trip Mini-Collection

Who doesn’t love a collection of basics that your sim will get so much use out of? The Field Trip Mini-Collection includes four pieces that your sim can wear in a variety of colours and graphics. The first is a long sleeve hoodie with a drawstring details, the second is a tie strap tank top with smocking detail, the third is an off the shoulder long sleeve knit sweater, and the fourth is a slightly copped short sleeve tee. No matter what the occasion, weather, or mood of your sim – this mini collection has got you covered.

four sims 4 kids cc shirts options in grey

Graphic T-Shirt Collection

This Graphic T-Shirt collection is so fun and summery and perfect to add to your sims 4 kids cc shirts folder! This collection includes three short sleeve tees, two with a beach scene print and the last with a pink strawberry. When I see these t-shirts, I instantly feel like I’m on a sunny beach sipping a fruity drink with not a care in the world. Your kid sim will feel like that too in this adorable collection.

The same sim three times wearing various graphic t-shirts

Andromeda Cardigan

This Andromeda Cardigan is perfect for your hipster kid sim who likes everything before it’s cool. This long sleeve collared cardigan has an interesting geometric pattern in a blue, brown and beige colour way, but comes in many other swatches. Amp up the layered look with a turtleneck sweater underneath or add a classic t-shirt. No hipster look is complete without a knit beanie and round glasses so your sim can tell everyone what is “so last year.”

A cute cardigan over top of a white sweater for your sims 4 kids cc shirts

Girl’s Boho Blouse

This Boho Blouse is an easy piece that your sim will love. This three-quarter length withe blouse looks so comfortable, and has some beautiful floral and filigree prints included on the front. What I love about this top is how many things your sim could pair with it, such as shorts, pants, jeans, or a long maxi skirt for the ultimate boho look. I love this top paired with some braids, but I think this would look equally cute with loose waves and a flower crown while your sim frolics in the field.

A cute bohemian inspired sims 4 kids cc shirts option

Marvel T-Shirts

Your kid sim will love these Marvel T-Shirts with all of the iconic characters printed on them. From Spiderman to Ironman, Captain America and Hulk, these t-shirts will have your sim feeling like they can save the planet, and looking super cool while doing it. I love how the first sim paired their tee with sunglasses and cargo pants, but these look awesome with shorts and jeans as well.

Five sims wearing different coloured marvel t-shirts in The Sims 4

Kid’s Jerseys

A classic basketball jersey looks cool on everyone, whether you play the sport or not. These Kid’s Jerseys come in your favourite basketball team varieties, such as the Lakers and the Bulls, but of course the coolest one is the Tune Squad jersey inspired by Space Jam! This Jersey looks great layered with a tee underneath, or just on its own, and will have your sim feeling like they are winning the game, even if they’re just on the sidelines.

Three sims wearing jerseys, one for miami, one for boston and one for the fictional Tune Squad

Miss Lovely Top

This Miss Lovely Top is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! It includes a short sleeve cardigan in a fun floral print over a ruffle bottom top with an empire waist. The name really says it all as this top is so lovely. I can see a sim wearing this on a picnic in the park with a skirt or denim capris, like shown. The butterfly clips really add to the early 2000’s vibes and is my favourite hairstyle with this look.

A cute blouse with a different blouse on top lol

Summer Party Shirt

You’ll love our next choice for sims 4 cc kids shirts! You can turn up the party with this Summer Party Shirt. Who says you can’t wait a bowtie to a casual summer pool party? You certainly can, and should, with this top. This shirt is a short sleeve button-up, and come in some wild summer prints, such as vacation stamps, jungle, flamingo, and watermelon! There’s no way you’ll blend into the crowd with this must try piece!

sims 4 kids cc shirts with fun patterns and a bow tie

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect shirt for my children to wear in the game is so important because it’s one of the few ways kids can show off their personality. These are definitely some of the best sims 4 kids cc shirts out there that are totally going to help you create the cutest characters that have ever existed. Happy Playing!

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