25+ Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes You Need For The Holidays

Anyone who knows me IRL knows how much I look forward to the holiday season and that happens in my game too. Around November each year my Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes folder starts to grow, maybe a little too big, and my sims start wearing these precious clothing items.

There is nothing more fun for me than dressing them up in adorable Christmas Sweaters and matching PJs for the whole family to wear when Father Winter comes to visit!

Feminine Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes

There is just something so beautiful about feminine sims 4 cc Christmas Clothes and they really make you feel warm and fuzzy around the holidays. These clothes include things like fun cat themed sweaters, gorgeous festive dresses and even some cute swimwear that can be worn all year round if your sim is feeling up to it!

Christmas Sims 4 CC Dress

This holiday season, show off your festive spirit in style with this elegant Christmas dress. This beautiful gown comes in a variety of colors to suit any taste, and its form-fitting silhouette is accented by a graceful skirt that flows effortlessly to the floor.

The collar is rounded and the waistbands are trimmed with matching bows, adding a touch of elegance to this already stunning dress. Whether you’re attending a holiday party or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, this dress is sure to help you ring in the season in style.

Four of the same sim in The Sims 4 showing off a sims 4 Christmas cc dress that has a belted middle with bow

Kawaii Cats Christmas Hoodie

This super fun hoodie is the perfect way to show your love for both cats and Christmas! It comes in white and features a cute picture of kawaii cats climbing a Christmas tree. There’s also a large pocket in the front, perfect for holding your holiday treats.

And the frayed hemline adds a touch of whimsy. This is truly the perfect hoodie for snuggling up by the fire or taking a holiday walk, and it will keep you feeling cozy and festive all season long!

A sim walking toward you wearing a sims 4 kawaii cats christmas hoodie

Holiday T-Shirt

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and of course, festive fashion. Whether you’re attending a holiday party or simply enjoying a quiet night at home, there’s no better way to spread holiday cheer than by donning a festive t-shirt.

This year, deck yourself out in one of the season’s hottest trends with one of these sultry t-shirts. Available in red with a white snowflake or white with a black Christmas tree, this form-fitting shirt is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. With its low collar and short sleeves, it’s also comfortable enough to wear all day long!

Two sims wearing festive christmas t-shirts, one with a snowflake and one with a christmas tree

Christmas Sweater Dresses

These beautiful dresses are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit! They come in all sorts of colours and patterns, and they have a lovely rounded low collar. The sleeves are long, so you’ll stay warm all night, and the form-fitting silhouette is flattering on all body types.

These sweater dresses will make you feel festive and chic whether you’re heading to a holiday party or just snuggling up by the fireplace.

A black background with four christmas dresses, the dresses are drop shadowed to look lit up by a neon sign

Santa Swimsuit

This festive season, add some holiday cheer to your Sims’ wardrobes with this Santa-inspired swimsuit! The eye-catching red hue is perfect for holiday parties by the pool, and the little red bow on the chest adds a touch of whimsy.

The waistband resembles Santa’s iconic black belt, lending the swimsuit an extra touch of holiday cheer. Whether your Sims are enjoying a winter getaway or simply soaking up some sun, this swimsuit is sure to turn heads!

A sim in The Sims 4 standing with one hand on the hip wearing a christmas clothes swim suit that looks like santa

Christmas Outfit

Up next on our list of Sims 4 cc Christmas clothes is this loungy outfit. This holiday season, take your style cue from the most iconic figure of them all: Santa Claus himself. Go for a red loungy outfit with long sleeves, a deep v-neckline, and a thick waistband that resembles Santa’s belt. The form-fitting silhouette will hugs your curves in all the right places, while the plunging neckline adds a touch of sexiness.

Plus, what could be more festive than donning the same color as ol’ St. Nick? Whether you’re headed to a holiday party or just cozying up by the fireplace, make sure you do it in style with this loungy Christmas-inspired outfit!

Two sims standing in a santa themed jump suit that has a black leather belted center

Santa Themed Dresses

This figure-hugging dress comes in a striking red hue with a white outline, replicate Santa’s iconic suit. Its sleeveless and strapless design is both chic and festive, and the waistband resembles Santa’s signature belt. The skirt is short, making it perfect for dancing the night away!

Four sims wearing a santa themed dress with a belt and everything, perfect for sims 4 christmas cc clothes

Masculine Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes

When we’re thinking about Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes it doesn’t just have to be dresses and swim suits that look like Santa. This can include amazing masculine clothing for your sims too like button downs, turtle necks and boxier sweaters.

Sassy Christmas Sweaters

Christmas sweaters are genuinely such a fun way to show off your Christmas spirit but they don’t always have to be boring. These sassy Christmas Sweaters are great and have really funny designs. There are things like Santa dabbing, thug life and even one with a snowman that says lick my snowballs. Definitely NFSW!

The same character from The Sims 4, three times. This sim is wearing a cc christmas sweater with sassy sayings

Christmas Turtleneck

If you’re looking for something your sims can wear to work or around children this turtleneck is perfect. This one has a fun festive pattern on many parts of the sweater with the other sections being knit in a gorgeous way. The fact that it’s a turtleneck makes it feel so cozy too!

The same sim twice, in both pictures they are wearing a patterned and knit sweater perfect for winter.

Christmas Coloured Button Downs

There are some really fun options for more subtle festive clothing. These button down shirts are really great because your sims can wear them year round, but they do really feel like they’re made for the holidays. The designs include fun colour blocks with black and red or black and white, and even a cute striped design.

The same sim three times wearing various versions of the same sims 4 cc christmas clothes button down shirt

Sims 4 CC Christmas Jumpers

What do we want? Christmas sweaters! When do we want them? All the time! These are a great choice for a silly Christmas Sweater for an ugly sweater party because the designs on them seem like they were handmade which adds a really fun charming layer to the whole thing.

The designs are fun with things like polar bear, Rudolph and even an adorable penguin with a red crown.

Three different sims wearing a thin christmas jumper. The first one has a reindeer, the second a polar bear and the third is a penguin.

My Ugly Christmas T-Shirts

Many people don’t want to wear Christmas Sweaters because they are going to get too warm, so they’d prefer to just wear a simple Christmas Shirt instead. The best thing about these is that they are bringing in pop-culture from the real world into the game letting your sims have a fun new interest.

The designs include fun things like the grinch, stitch and even a fun friends picture with a bunch of fun holiday characters. These are great because they can be worn so casually in the game!

A set of three mannequins who are wearing christmas t-shirts. These shirts have pop culture things like stitch, the grinch and friends on them. Perfect sims 4 cc

Merry Christmas Shirt

The next thing on our list is a fun red shirt for your sims. This is a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up to show off a bit of your sim’s fore arm. The shirt says Merry Christmas and features a cute hand drawn heart on it which is such a fun and cute detail.

A sim who has a snowman on their shoulder while they wear a sims 4 cc sweater

Christmas Pajama Tops

Everyone deserves to have adorable Christmas Pajamas to wear, even your masculine adult sims! These PJ tops are so fun because they have wild patterns on them that let your dads and uncles just have fun with it.

The designs include wild shaped Christmas ornaments, some fun plaid, one with polar bears wearing scarves and eve snowflakes. They are so fun!

Four sims with various hairstyles who are wearing button down christmas pj tops.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes for Kids

Perhaps the group that is cutest at the holidays are kids and your sims kids deserve to look the part in some fun outfits. These are definitely some of my favourite options for sims 4 cc Christmas clothes for kids because they are silly, adorable and just all around fun for your little ones to wear.

Christmas Jumper Dress

It is so fun to dress up your younger sims because they can wear some really silly and adorable clothing items. This Christmas Jumper dress is such a fun design idea for your toddlers and the designs on the dress are super adorable.

The dress has a wide scoop neck that shows off two small straps that go on either side of the sim’s neck. The dress has solid or striped designs with things like candy canes, reindeer or Christmas trees on the front.

The same blonde sim with pig tails, three different times. In each version the sim is wearing a sims 4 cc Christmas dress that is a sweater with tights underneath.

Sleeveless Christmas Dress

If you’re living in an area where the climate is warmer around Christmas and you don’t want your sims to be too warm, these dresses are perfect. They have such a fun festive feel but they are small straps and are shorter to let your sims breathe.

These are fun because you can add tights to make them warmer, or go with sandals to make them cooler. There are so many options for this one!

Four different sims who are wearing a above the knee, spaghetti strap christmas dress perfect for warmer weather.

Christmas Elf Sweaters

Have you ever wished your sim’s kid looked like an elf? Well, now they can without needing a full elf costume. These sweaters are super cute because they are grey with a small turtleneck and the body of the sweater has an elf’s body on it.

The elf designs are fun and you can choose between an elf with a skirt or an elf with pants.

A male and female sim's kid who is wearing a grey Christmas sweater cc that has an elf body on it.

Christmas Button Down

If you want to have your sim’s kid wear a festive top without it being a Christmas sweater, these button downs may be the answer. These are great for a holiday party that your sims may be attending where they want to dress a bit fancier but still look like adorable kids.

Two sims who are wearing button downs that are sims 4 cc christmas clothes. They are patterned with ornaments or festive words.

Christmas Cat Dress

The best thing about this next item for Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes is that it isn’t in bright festive colours like red and green. It’s a simple and more neutral coloured dress in many swatches, plus the cat, too cute.

This dress has a long sleeve top in a light colour and a skirt made of tulle that is layered. The dress is decorated with a gorgeous ribbon in a bow around the waist and borders around the neck and wrists. The cats are so cute in fun festive designs too!

Two sims who are wearing a long sleeve dress in non-traditional holiday colours, but the image on the chest is a cat in festive scenarios.

Kid’s Christmas Sweaters

The most effective clothing you can wear to show off your Christmas spirit will always be a sweater. These sweaters are so cute and are perfect for children because the designs are super cute. Your sims can have things like let it snow, or I’m on the nice list, or just a cute little polar bear wearing a scarf.

Three Sims 4 characters who are all wearing Christmas CC Clothes. They have sweaters on that say things like I'm on the nice list or let it snow.

Precious Christmas Dresses

Next up on our list of Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes is this super fun dress. Something about this outfit makes me think that the sim looks like a gingerbread person and I just find that so adorable. This dress is short sleeved over top of a long sleeve shirt to keep your sims warm.

The design features cute Christmas decals on the bottom and a cute button and bow up top. It’s just so precious and your sims will absolutely love it.

The same sim 3 times wearing a tank top dress over a long sleeve ribbed shirt.

Christmas Elf Hoodie

If you’re looking to turn your sims into an elf, then you need this elf hoodie. Unlike the first one on the list, this one really makes your sims look like an elf. If you were to pair this with some striped tights, your sims would be ready for an adventure to the north pole.

Three sims with brown hair who are wearing matching elf hoodies

Long Sleeve Festive Dress

This next outfit is perfect for a more formal festive party. The dress is bright red and has snowflake designs all over the top part of it, a bow in the middle and a fun puffy skirt. You can give your sims a fancy hair style and a cute pair of shoes and they’ll look so great at this event!

A blonde sim with bangs wearing a long sleeve dress where the top is covered in snowflakes leading down to a bow at the waist and a fit and flair skirt.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes for Toddlers

Toddlers are definitely the cutest age range in The Sims 4, they are sassy, they are sweet and they definitely love the holidays. These sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes for toddlers are going to make your littlest ones look so precious on Winterfest morning you’re going to struggle to even handle how cute they are.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Dress

Dressing toddlers up in fun dresses and skirts is so cute and makes you realize how adorable toddlers in The Sims 4 can be. This toddler dress starts with a long sleeve shirt with fun festive designs on he chest and then goes into a small tutu and brightly coloured tights.

On the tutu you’ll have a fun snowflake design with a Christmas tree design on the tights.

Three adorable toddlers wearing a long sleeve christmas dress that has a tutu and tights covered in christmas trees and snowflakes

Christmas Sims 4 CC Knit Jumper

If you aren’t a fan of childish designs on your toddler’s clothing, these Christmas sweaters are definitely for you. These sweaters have a really gorgeous knit design and detail that makes it seem like they were made by your sim’s grandmother. They come in gorgeous swatches in bright festive colours without looking too childish.

Two sims toddlers in The Sims 4 who have elf ears and grey hair. These toddlers are wearing sims 4 cc Christmas sweaters with a knit pattern.

Adorable Christmas Sleepsuit

Seeing custom content like this sleep suit just makes me want to open my game and immediately make it winter so we can have Winterfest. These are the absolute perfect PJs to have your toddler wear on Winterfest eve, because you know that father winter would absolutely love to see these on them.

Four of the same blue eyed toddler who is wearing a cc Christmas themed pajama onesie.

Fun Sims 4 CC Christmas Overalls

Overalls are one of those things that just make toddlers look 10x more adorable somehow. These are a really great festive option for overalls if you don’t just want your toddlers wearing boring denim ones.

These are cute because they have basic long sleeve shirts underneath and on top are full length overalls with adorable little buttons keeping the straps up. The designs are things like snowflakes and reindeer and if you add some festive accessories you’ll have the cutest look.

Four toddler aged sims in The Sims 4 who are wearing sims 4 Christmas CC Clothes which is a pair of overalls over a long sleeve shirt.

Christmas CC Gnome Onesie

Onesies are a must-wear for toddlers because they just look so cute and make it easy to access everything you need for diaper changers. These onesies are so fun and have adorable Christmas gnomes on the front which are so cute.

They come in colours like grey, green and red, all are perfect festive swatches and will make your toddlers look so darn cute.

Sims wearing a onesie with a gnome holding a sign that says HO

Christmas Sims 4 CC Sweaters

There is a lot of toddler custom content out there but not much is cuter than a toddler Christmas sweater. These sweaters are genuinely so adorable and have fun designs like glittery HO HO HO or an adorable fluffy snowman.

These are great sweaters because they aren’t too thick so they can be an everyday wear in December for your toddlers.

Three sims with brown hair who are wearing long sleeve thin Christmas CC Sweaters in The Sims 4.

Christmas Sims 4 CC Sleepwear

Having festive Christmas Pajamas is such a fun way to celebrate in the days leading up to Winterfest. These toddler PJs are so cute and can honestly be worn for all of autumn since they’re a more subtle design than elf ears or reindeer.

These are fun because they have the silhouette of a deer across the chest on a red shirt, with a pair of plaid pants that are tight at the ankle. They’re so cute!

Two sims wearing pjs that have a reindeer on the shirt and plaid bottoms.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Christmas Clothes

There is just something so fun and adorable about dressing your sims up in the festive months and getting them ready for Winterfest. Wearing these sims 4 CC Christmas clothes in the game just makes you so ready for it to be December and for us to have some holiday cheer. Happy Playing!

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