25+ Sims 4 CC Necklace Options You Need in Your Mods Folder

There are a lot of ways to make your sims look more unique and one of the best ways is to add some custom accessories to their outfits. Downloading some Sims 4 CC Necklace options and adding these to your sim’s outfits is going to be the best and easiest way to really customize your sim’s amazing outfits.

Sims 4 CC Necklaces for Adults

The very first category for Sims 4 CC Necklace options is going to be for adults, and these are really beautiful. These necklaces are going to be very mature, and will look awesome as everyday and can even be dressed up for you to wear as a formal look.

Stella Pearl Choker

Necklaces are truly such a fun way to give your sims more style and this one is a great choice. This necklace has a metal band going around your sim’s neck with small pearls going around the necklace periodically.

This ones comes in fun metal colours like gold, silver, black and rose gold and even options where the pearls are the same colour as the metal too which is a really fun look.

This looks awesome with tank tops but can also be worn with higher neck shirts since it’s a choker and doesn’t take up any real estate on your sim’s chest.

A female character from The Sims 4. This sim has dark brown shoulder length hair that is pushed behind their ears and side bangs with tons of volume. They are wearing a pink tank top and a matching set of a necklace and hoop earrings that have small pearls on them.

Mother of Pearl Layered Sims 4 Necklace

Layered necklaces are one of the best ways to make a statement with something interesting. This necklace has three layers that cascade down from right at your sim’s neck to about 8 inches below the neckline.

There are small gems all over the layers and this one is just so unique and just looks cool on sims who are into magic. You could totally add this with some witch custom content!

A sim from The Sims 4 who has long blonde hair and light brown eyes. They are wearing a black tank top with a low neckline and a layered necklace with small gems.

Alexander Necklace

Necklaces don’t just need to be for your more feminine sims, masculine sims deserve nice ones too. This necklace is such a simple and cool way to layer necklaces for your sims and allows you to show off your sim’s religion if that’s something you’re into.

This necklace starts with a chain that is around the neck and there’s another part of the necklace with a small cross lower down. It comes in all sorts of shades like different golds, silvers and even black.

A male character from The Sims 4 who has short brown hair. They are wearing a black t-shirt with a plaid shirt over top and are wearing a cc necklace that is silver and layered with a chain and a cross.

Sunflower Sims 4 CC Necklace

Flowers are one of the most popular things to bring into different accessories because they’re so pretty and sunflowers are definitely a popular flower. You can find so much sunflower inspired custom content out there!

These two options for sunflower necklaces are so cute, the first one is a traditional choker style with a bunch of sunflowers going all around your sim’s neck.

The second necklace is a two layer necklace with black as the string and small sunflowers all over. You can even add sunflower earrings and go for the entire sunflower girlie look!

The same sim twice with different hairstyles, one with long hair and one with their hair in pigtail braids. Both Sims 4 characters are wearing jewellery covered in sunflowers including sunflower earrings, and a sunflower necklace.

Cassiopeia Star Choker

As I’ve gotten old I’ve gotten more and more into things that are covered in stars and moons and this star choker just makes me extremely happy. This one goes all the way around your sim’s neck with a metal bar and there are stars that are a few centimetres away from one another.

This necklace looks amazing on your sims, especially when they are wearing a custom hairstyle and you can even go to the download page and find a pair of matching earrings!

A sim with dark brown eyes and curly black hair with blue eye shadow. They are wearing a necklace that is a straight across metal piece with stars.

Erika Chain Necklace

Next up on our list of Sims 4 CC Necklace options is this chain necklace with a circle and stick to keep it closed. This chain makes your sims look pretty cool and looks amazing with many hairstyles and custom outfits.

This necklace is definitely an interesting choice for your sims because it honestly reminds me of a dog collar, those metal ones that just aren’t too nice for your pets to wear.

A sim with short hair who is wearing an off the shoulder shirt with a chain necklace that resembles a dog's metal chain collar.

Naomi Necklace

Statement necklaces were such a huge thing in the early 2010s and I was wearing them so often in high school. This is definitely a necklace design circa 2010 and is makes me really happy to see it.

This necklace goes around your sims neck with a metal wire and in the front you’ll see large rectangle pieces, cascading squares and small circle balls. You’ll want to wear this with more simple outfit for the full statement effect.

A sim with their blonde hair pushed off to one side who is wearing a statement necklace.

Layered Pearl Sims 4 Necklace

This layered necklace option is such a classy and beautiful look and would look great for your sims who are in the business career or have a high powered job. The necklace starts at the top with a chain with small balls going all around the neck, then there’s a simple solid chain and a thin chain at the bottom with a small pearl at the end.

This would look genuinely incredible with a custom cc suit too, just making your sim look so cool!

A sim with brown hair and their straight bangs slightly pushed to the side. They are wearing a green with white flowers sweater and a layered necklace.

Pretty Heart Choker

These style of necklaces seem to be really popular and for good reason, they are gorgeous. This necklace is a simple choker with a metal bar around the entire neck and has small hearts going all the way around.

The cutest thing is that the different swatches has simple plain metal swatches but also options with diamonds inside of the hearts making it more fancy. You’ll definitely want to find a gorgeous custom content clothing outfit to make your sims look so gorgeous with this necklace.

A character from The Sims 4 who has their black hair in a low back pony tail. They are wearing a matching necklace and earring set with hearts.

Snowflake Layered Necklace

The best season of the year is definitely the holiday season and this gorgeous Christmas accessory is going to help you celebrate. This necklace is a really fun layered necklace with two snowflakes at the bottom of both chains, with one being a simple thin chain and the other having small balls on it.

This looks amazing with a simple t-shirt and a cardigan, or with a fun festive dress at your next holiday party.

A sim with long wavy brown hair who is wearing a cardigan and a necklace that is layered with two chains that end in snowflakes.

Tags Sims 4 Necklace

A very popular style necklace for some people are dog tags that people may get in the military or just wear as a fashion statement. This necklace has a large and small dog tag around the chain and comes in silver which makes it very subtle and looks great on your sims.

A male character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a grey jacket with dog tag necklace.

Lunafreya Necklace

There are a lot of people who play The Sims 4 who are also in other fandoms, and the creator of this small moon necklace obviously also loves Final Fantasy. This is a necklace that is inspired by Lunafreya who wears a small moon necklace in the game.

This looks great in The Sims 4 with so many outfits, and especially looks great with some other witch custom content.

A blonde sim with blue eyes and a white tank top. They are wearing a simple chain necklace that ends in a moon.

Zodiac Sims 4 CC Necklace

A lot of people out there really connect with their zodiac signs and this necklace is going to let you do that. This specific one is for Virgos and is the constellation symbol for that zodiac sign but you can go to the creators page and find others too!

A sim with wavy brown hair and light brown eyes. They are wearing a necklace that is gems in the shape of the virgo symbol.

Thin Wavy Choker

Why wear a simple straight across choker necklace when you could wear one that is wavy and fun? This necklace just looks like a really adorable wave that goes all around your sim’s neck and is definitely a fashion statement.

It comes in four metal colours including rose gold, regular cold, silver and chrome. This would look amazing with any custom content that you love!

A sim who is wearing a matching set of wavy hoop earrings and a wavy metal choker necklace.

Paw Necklace

Many people out there (including me) have a very strong connection to your pets and wearing their paw around your neck all the time is a cute way to bring them with you. This necklace has a simple black chain around with a very sweet paw at the end.

You can even use this as an ode to sim’s pets who have passed away in the game as a way to remember them through custom accessories!

A sim with brown hair and brown eyes who is wearing a paw necklace.

Carat Sims 4 Necklace

Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? This necklace has a nice metal cut out of a diamond shape at the end of a beautiful chain and this is a great way to wear diamonds without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on a necklace.

A sim with rosey grey hair who is wearing a black tank top. They are wearing a necklace with a piece of metal in the shape of a diamond at the bottom.

Chic Chain Necklace

This next option for a Sims 4 CC Necklace is so unique and nothing like the rest on this list. This necklace has a metal bar going in a circle around your sim’s neck that’s open at the front. Then there are two chains dangling down from this bar with a pearl at the end of them.

This is such a cool look instead of wearing just a regular chain that goes all the way around your sim’s neck!

A sim who resembles Taylor Swift and is wearing a black t-shirt. They have a metal necklace on that ends in two pearls on the chest.

Safety Net Sims 4 Necklace

Next up on the list is this fun double layered necklace with a small lock at the. bottom. This has a chain that goes around the neck and then a lower chain with the lock in a nice subtle gold!

This seems like the kind of necklace that a teenager would gift to their signifiant other as a way to lock in their love. How adorable!

A sim who is wearing a blue of the shoulder top with a layered necklace.

Sims 4 CC Necklaces for Kids

We don’t just have Sims 4 CC Necklace Options for adults, we have options for kids too. The options in this section are so much more fun because they get to be a little sillier and show off more of their personality. These are great custom accessories for kids because they are simple, and can be worn with any outfit style.

Leaf Choker

If you want a very cool necklace for your sim’s children that doesn’t have something like a butterfly or a piece of fruit on it, this one is great. It brings a nice maturity to your sim’s and can be great for more formal events like weddings or fancy birthday parties.

This necklace has a bunch of arrows going all the way around as a choker in a very classy way. It comes in four types of metal, including gold, silver, chrome and rose gold.

A sim with their hair in box braids into half up space buns. They have brown eyes and are wearing a pair of hoop earrings with a matching necklace.

Butterfly Sims 4 Necklace

Butterflies are just so beautiful and wearing butterfly jewelry is a great way to show them off. This butterfly necklace is a great option for your older children in The Sims 4 because it has a butterfly, so it’s childish, however, it’s made of solid metal which gives it a bit of a classier look.

A character from The Sims 4 with black hair in two high pig tails who has blue eyes. They are wearing a matching set of gold butterfly earrings and a gold butterfly necklace.

Strawberry Pearl Sims CC Necklace

This next option is a really fun and unique look for the children in The Sims 4. This necklace has a bunch of beads going all the way around the necklace with a strawberry dangling from the front.

This is so much fun because it seems like something a kid would’ve made as a DIY project as school or at an after school activity and it’s just so much fun to look at.

A sim with their hair in a pony tail from cornrows who is wearing a beige dress. They are also wearing a sims 4 cc necklace that is pearls and a strawberry.

Wavy Choker CC Necklace

A simple choker is a great look for you and your sims too! This necklace is so adorable because it takes a really simple choker concept and turns it into a wavy look which is so unique. This one comes in all the popular metal colours including gold, silver, rose gold and black.

A sim with middle part straight red hair that is tucked behind one ear. This sim is wearing a gold choker necklace and a green floral tank top.

Adorable Flower Sims CC Necklace

Flowers are so beautiful, so it makes sense that people absolute love to wear them as jewelry and clothing. This flower necklace is super cute and super unique compared to many floral necklaces that are just a single flower at the end of a chain.

This is such a cute look for your sims to wear in the spring or summer with adorable dresses or fun tank tops. Your children are going to absolutely love it.

A sim with brown hair and green eyes on a black background. They are wearing a pink tank top with a butterfly on the strap with a gold chain necklace with flowers around it.

Cat Paw Sims 4 CC Necklace

People (especially me) really love our pets and want to show that love at any chance we get. These necklaces are a great way to show off how much you love your pet by wearing an adorable paw all day, every day.

The best part about these necklaces is that although they are tagged as cat necklaces, you can also just act like it’s a dog paw since the shape isn’t much different.

Two sims with their hair pulled back who are both wearing a sims 4 cc necklace that is a pet paw.

Sims 4 CC Necklaces for Toddlers

The most fun category on this list is always toddlers because their style gets to look super silly and colourful. Not many adult sims are going to be able to get away with wearing a colourful unicorn necklace. These are going to look great with any toddler outfit that you can find!

Pearl Sims 4 CC Necklace

Pearls are an extremely classy look for your sims to wear and can make your toddlers go from pre-school to private school in their looks. You can wear this pearl necklace with any kind of outfit, but especially with a formal look for weddings or a beautiful Christmas dress!

If you really want to complete the look in the game you’ll want to also download the matching headband for an amazing look.

A toddler with curly black hair wearing a pearl headband and a pearl sims 4 cc necklace.

Suzue Chain Necklace

The best thing about creating characters in The Sims 4 is that the sims have no opinion on the funny clothes and weird accessories that you dress them in. Most toddlers aren’t going to wear this type of necklace unless it has a unicorn or funny design on it, but in The Sims you can do it without fuss.

This necklace is super simple with a nice dainty chain going all the way around your sim’s neck. The look is amazing, and you can wear some great toddler earrings that are more show-stopping with this super simple necklace for the perfect look.

A blonde haired, hazel eyed toddler from The Sims 4 who is wearing a pink tank top and gold star earrings. They are also wearing a gold chain cc necklace.

Cute Unicorn Necklace

What toddler doesn’t love unicorns? Honestly, I’m sure that every toddler I’ve ever met has gone through a unicorn phase where that’s all they want to wear and talk about so this cc necklace is perfect.

This necklace has a thin gold chain and gold clasp which is a very good luck for your toddlers and it has a dangling gem. The gem is an adorable unicorn head wearing a flower crown which is so cute. This is definitely a top tier custom accessory for your toddlers.

A toddler wit black hair and brown eyes who is wearing a blue tank top. For accessories they are wearing a cc necklace that is a gold chain with a unicorn wearing a flower crown on it. The Sims 4.

Bunny Gem Sims CC Necklace

Hop hop goes the bunny and your toddler aged sim can hop too when they wear this adorable cc necklace. This necklace (and matching earrings) have a small gem that is surrounded by four prongs to keep it in and has two bunny ears on top.

This is such a sweet look for your toddlers, and you can choose to wear just one or both the necklace and earrings for a sim who really loves bunny rabbits.

A toddler from The Sims 4 who has brown hair and is wearing a pink tank top and a pair of pink sunglasses. They are also wearing a cc necklace that has a silver chain and is a bunny.

Regal Necklace

If your dream is to make your little ones in The Sims 4 look like royalty, this is definitely the Sims 4 CC Necklace that you need in your mods folder. This necklace feels so regal and fancy compared to any of the other’s on the list, so it’s definitely not for all the toddlers in your game.

This necklace has a rigid shape that is a gold circle around the neck and has a small crown like style across the front. It’s so sweet when toddlers wear it, and it just makes you smile seeing it.

A blonde toddler with ombre hair that is short (ending above the shoulder) who is wearing a blank tank top and has blue eyes.

Daisy Sims 4 CC Necklace

This daisy necklace is something I’d absolutely love to have IRL because it’s so funky. This one has a gold chain that goes around your sim’s neck and has small ball details around the chain. Then, at the front you have a section with five small daisy flowers that are cascading down in a row that’s not perfectly straight.

There is just something about this necklace because it is so sweet and adorable while still feeling a bit more grown up than a necklace with a unicorn on it. You can definitely find a perfect toddler hairstyle to create the cutest sims.

A toddler with brown hair and green eyes who is wearing a yellow shirt with cold shoulders. They are wearing daisy earrings and a daisy necklace.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Necklaces

If you really want to have a custom experience in The Sims 4 you absolutely need to download some custom content. These Sims 4 CC Necklaces are going to have you loving spending time in create a sim because you’ll be able to show off your sims personalities. Happy Playing!

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