50+ Pieces of Sims 4 Christmas CC You Need for the Holidays

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and your sims deserve to feel the festive joy. When you’re playing through the holidays in your game, you definitely need to download some gorgeous Sims 4 Christmas CC that will help you decorate your sims home and get them in the cutest outfits for the holidays.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Sweaters

People are loving throwing ugly Christmas sweater parties these days and I’m one of them. These sweaters are so much fun to wear and let you show off your Christmas spirit without taking life too seriously. They can have hilarious patterns, funny sayings and silly styles. Add some awesome Christmas Accessories and you’re good to go!

Cozy Holiday Sweaters

This first set of sweaters is a lot bulkier than the others on this list but it’s adorable nonetheless. The sweater has a really adorable neckline with a knitted turtle neck and the patterns on these are so much fun.

Your sims can wear designs like chevron festive stripes, a gingerbread man on their chest or some adorable vintage looking ornaments.

Four male characters from The Sims 4 standing next to each other in green, grey and red Christmas sweaters

Off The Shoulder Christmas Sweaters

If you want your sims to wear a festive sweater but don’t want the bulkiness of traditional styles this off-the-shoulder option is a great choice. The base of the sweater is knitted which is such a cozy and sweet look for your sims to wear in the colder months.

The designs on these sweaters include things like a Christmas tree, a snow globe and even Santa putting milk on his backside, doesn’t get better than that!

Four female characters from The Sims 4 wearing Christmas sweaters. These sweaters are off the one shoulder.

Ugly Christmas CC Sweaters

The designs on Christmas sweaters get to be so fun since they don’t have to be cute. These designs are so much fun with features like a funny looking pug, or even two dinosaurs looking at a tree.

These are great because they are tight fitting which eliminates much of the bulk that traditional Christmas sweaters have.

Four of the same blonde sim with blue eyes. These sims are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.

Fun Patterned Sweaters

The next type of Sims 4 CC Christmas sweater we have are these super fun feminine tagged sweaters. These are great because they have funny things on them like “Meowy Christmas” or “Netflix & Chill” so you can show off your silly side too. The colours all vary too, allowing your sims to wear their favourite colour.

A sim with dark lipstick, brown hair and a santa hat. She is wearing a Netflix & Chill Christmas sweater.

Sassy Christmas Sweaters

If you liked those silly feminine tagged Christmas sweaters, these masculine ones are great too. These sweaters are hilarious to me and will have your teenager sims wanting to wear them everyday.

Some of the things on these include Lick My Snowballs or a reindeer looking confused as Santa is dabbing.

The same blonde male sim 3 times. In each version he is wearing a different sassy Christmas CC Sweater. They say things like Thug Life and Lick My Snowballs.

Children’s Elf Sims 4 CC Sweaters

Have you ever wished that your sweater turned you into an elf? No? Just me? Okay. Well, your sim’s kids can now turn themselves into an elf with ease with these hilarious mock neck sweaters.

There is a more masculine elf and a more feminine elf option where the shape of the sweater stays the same but the way the elf’s clothes look changes. These are so fun!

Two blonde children from The Sims 4. These sims are both wearing mock neck grey sweaters where there is an elf design that makes it look like they are the elf.

Adorable Thin Christmas CC Sweater

If you want to download just one file for your sim’s kids for Christmas but want tons of options this is the one. This single sweater has so many swatches that you’ll be able to find something for every style of sim.

There are options that are more tame with just a winter isle print or reindeers but there are also more cartoony options like reindeers and bears.

Three lines of seven Christmas sweaters with various designs.

Toddler Bubble Christmas CC Sweaters

Toddlers are my favourite age group to find custom content for because they are the cutest, they get such adorable options and the designs get to be so silly. Even without the Christmas designs on them this sweater is so cute, with those little knitted bumps all over being so precious.

The designs on the sweaters include adorable things like snowmen, penguins and reindeers and the textures look so realistic.

A toddler from The Sims 4 with red hair. She is wearing a yellow knitted sweater that has a reindeer on it.

Cozy Winter Sweaters for Toddlers

These tiny little toddler sweaters are the perfect option for your little cuties if you’re throwing an ugly sweater party. They have texture to them, making them look extra adorable and the colours are so bright and cute.

The designs on these include things like Santa, reindeer, penguins and more. A must-have!

Three characters from The Sims 4 who are toddlers. These toddlers are wearing jeans and Christmas sweaters.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Dresses

When you’re attending a fancy holiday party you might need a dress to wear. Christmas dresses are absolutely gorgeous and bring so much joy to your life. They are glittery, fun and absolutely beautiful and your sims deserve to wear them.

Plaid Christmas Dress for Toddlers

Christmas dresses for younger sims get to be so darn cute with patterns like plaids and tons of bows. They make your sims look so precious and make sure they are ready for a visit from Father Winter.

This dress is a great option for your toddlers with so many small details to make it gorgeous. We have puffy short sleeves, a cute bow around the waist and even a fun scalloped hem on the bottom which is a great look.

Four of the same toddler. This toddler has grey hair and elf ears. They are wearing a puffy sleeve dress with a bow around the chest with a scalloped hem on the bottom.

Little Wonders Santa Outfit for Toddlers

Do you wish your toddlers were running around in a dress that makes them look like Santa? Well, this is the one you need. This is such an adorable dress and you can pair it with a fun Santa Hat.

The dress is right red with tons of white detailing to make it really look like Santa. There is white around all the edges, a white thing around the waist to cinch it in and two little buttons on the chest. Such a cute dress to show off your Christmas spirit.

A toddler mannequin from The Sims 4 who is wearing a dress that makes them look like Santa.

Fun Kid’s Sims 4 CC Christmas Dress

The next option on our list of Sims 4 Christmas CC is this adorable and super fun dress for your sim’s kids. The dress starts at the top with a very cute sweater material in a bright red with white polka dots and white trim around the wrists and neckline.

Then, the waist has a belt on it and goes down into some brightly coloured tulle in both red and green layered on top of each other to give the skirt some volume.

The same blonde sim with a side braid 3 times. This sim is wearing a ruffle green and red skirt. The top is a red with white polka dot sweater.

Kid’s Designer Dress Collection

This is one of my favourite Christmas dresses for children out there, it just looks exactly like one I wore as a child and brings me back to being a happy little bean on Christmas morning.

The dress has nice 3/4 sleeves and a rounded neckline, it goes into a belt with a bow and the skirt goes out in a pleated style. The swatch options include things like a penguin on the sweater or gorgeous star designs on the skirt.

Three of the same character from The Sims 4 with brown hair. They are wearing a 3/4 length sleeve dress with a glitter skirt.

Children’s Sims 4 CC Christmas Dress

Next up we have this fun short sleeve option for sims who may live in a warmer climate and don’t necessarily want to be entirely covered up. This dress has a cute white section on the chest with three hearts going down and a small red bow on the top.

Then there is a black belt with a gold heart hoop that feels like an elevated Santa belt. The patterns are fun too with a simple red option or ones that are covered in toys or candy canes for sims who love to show off more dramatic patterns.

A child aged sim with long straight brown hair and blue eyes. This sim is wearing a Christmas dress with a black belt around the center and a heart belt buckle.

Velvet & Pearl CC Christmas Dress

The first dress we have for adults on this list is this gorgeous velvet dress that just looks so soft and adorable. The dress is long sleeve with an off the shoulder style, letting your sims show off their neck and collarbones.

There are pearl details around the wrists, the neckline and a three row pearl belt around the waist and it just makes the dress look so gorgeous. Plus, it comes in so many swatches you can wear it at other times to weddings or parties too!

Three sims standing next to each other wearing off the shoulder dresses that end above the knee. These dresses have three strings of pearls around the waist as a belt.

Sims 4 Christmas Plaid Dress

Plaid is such a great pattern for dresses and home decor for the holidays and for good reason. It is such a comforting and adorable style and this dress has some gorgeous plaid options.

The dress has a 3/4 sleeve and a high neck, which is a very classy look for older sims, especially adults and elders. The dress is plaid all over, ending right above the knee and has a large ribbon and bow tied around the waist in a dark green.

Two sims with dark curly hair but the tops of their heads cropped out of the image. They are wearing 3/4 length sleeve dress that goes above the knee and is plaid with a bow around the waist.

Santa Inspired Dress

We’ve already had a dress that makes toddlers look like they’re trying to be Santa, and older sims deserve that opportunity too. This dress is great with the bright red swatch being my absolute favourite.

The dress is red all over with a black leather belt around the waist and fluffy white detail around the hem, the wrists and the neckline. Pairing this with a gorgeous custom hairstyle under a Santa hat is the way to go.

One sim with bleach blonde hair and another with dark hair. These sims are wearing sims 4 cc dresses that make them look like Santa.

Garland Sims 4 CC Gown

There is something so absolutely gorgeous about the style of the Garland Gown. It has puffy sleeves that go down to the middle of your bicep with a small frill, has a deep-v neckline without showing off to much and goes down to past the knees.

It is the perfect romantic looking dress for date night but the winter snowflake swatches and perfect for a holiday party.

Two sims standing with the tops of their heads cropped out. They are wearing the same dress in different patterns.

Primrose Off The Shoulder Dress

There is something really beautiful about a dress with long sleeves that is off-the-shoulder. It makes your sims look so cool while also being able to keep them warm in the cooler months.

This dress is fun with a hemline right at the knees, and a gorgeous bow in the same colour as the rest of the dress draped around the waist of your sims. The dress has gorgeous white fluffy fabric around the wrists and neckline of the dress to really keep your sims cozy.

Two sims with their heads cropped out of the screen. They both have red hair. They are wearing a sims 4 cc dress, this dress is solid colour for the base with a ribbon bow around the center. There is white fluff around the sleeves and around the neckline.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Pajamas

There isn’t much that’s cuter than a family wearing matching Christmas Pajamas for the holidays and this is the best place for you to rock some fun ones for your sims. These PJs are the best option for Christmas clothing because most of them come in sizes for every family member and let you get the cutest screenshots.

Toddler Gnome Sims 4 CC Onesie

Onesies are a must-wear for many toddlers because of their convenience and this toddler holiday onesie is absolutely perfect. This onesie comes in three swatches, all of which are festive as heck with red, green, and grey being the main colours.

The design on this one is a cute gnome with a fun hat holding on to the word HO right in front of their gorgoeus fluffy beard.

Three toddler aged sims who are wearing long sleeve onesies in grey, green, and red. These have small gnomes on them that are holding the word HO

Night Before Christmas Toddler Pajamas

These PJs are so great because they are super festive, without being too Christmas centred. Toddlers get the best options for adorable sleepwear and these have so many adorable swatches.

The styles on these ones include things like red with white polka dots, colourful stripes, or a pattern with adorable elves or little reindeers. Definitely a must-download!

Two sets of two toddlers posing together in sims 4 cc Christmas Pajamas.

Children’s Pajama Top

Some of us don’t want to wear an entire PJ outfit so you may just want to download a top to pair with a different pair of bottoms for a more mis-match look for your sims.

These are great because they are a little baggy on your sims, which makes them look really cozy. The patterns on these include small designs like stockings, gingerbread people, snowmen and trees and they are just so cute.

You can also download the matching PJ bottoms if you want a more cohesive look for your characters in the game.

Three female children from The Sims 4. These sims are wearing Christmas pajamas tops. These tops are long sleeve and baggy, with things like candy canes, snow men, stockings and trees on them.

Grinch Themed Christmas CC Shirt

There is a list of movies in my home that must be watched each year without fail and The Grinch (both animated and live-action) are on that list every year. You can bring some of that love of The Grinch into the sims with these fun shirts.

These are great because there are many swatches so you can choose which version of the gorgeous green character you’d like to have for your sims.

Four children wearing pajama shirts that are covered in designs from How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Feminine Pajama Dress

Most of the Christmas PJs you find for sims are going to include a pair of pants and a button down shirt, but not all sims want to wear pants. Not all people want to wear pants either! This is my favourite option for a PJ dress instead of a pair of pants if that’s a look that you’re looking for.

This PJ dress is super cute in bright white with a gorgeous design on it that includes gingerbread people, reindeer, little hearts and bows, and a large snowman.

two separate images, on the left is a family posed together in matching PJs. On the right is a mannequin with no head that is wearing a white pajama dress

Family Sims 4 Christmas Pajamas

Taking adorable photos with a family in matching PJs is a great thing to do in the festive months and these are my favourite option for a family set of Christmas CC PJs.

These are fun because the bottoms are tight with fun patterns of elves, Santa and trees all over, and the top has a cute wreath with the words Merry Xmas in the center.

A family of four (two adults, one toddler and one child) who are standing in front of a fireplace wearing matching PJs. The PJs are red with MERRY XMAS on the chest and are covered in elves, trees and santa.

Christmas Onesie for Adults

It seems like onesies are getting more and more popular with time and for good reason. They are so cozy and keep you warm in those freezing cold winter months. These are such fun options for a giant adult onesie and your sims will absolutely love wearing them.

These are great because the patterns on them are so much fun. We have plaids with patches and even one that is covered in vintage looking ornaments that just make it such a vibe.

The same blonde adult sim twice, this sim is wearing white bunny rabbit slippers and a long sleeve full leg length onesie.

Pajama Bottoms

If you’re the type that doesn’t like to be too matchy-matchy, you may just want to download a pair of bottoms to wear with whatever shirt is already in your sim’s wardrobe. This is the perfect option for that!

These come in eight different swatches, allowing you to have tons of choice but the Christmas swatches are my favourite being covered in stockings, presents, and candy canes.

Two red rectangles with the bottom half of a sim's body. In these images a sim is wearing cc Christmas pajama pants and bunny slippers.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Furniture

Decorating for the holidays is the most fun thing to do and it just makes your sim’s home feel so cozy and adorable. This list of Sims 4 Christmas CC furniture sets is so much fun because it brings in not only decor and clutter objects but also fun couches with pillows or beds with festive blankets which is amazing!

Holiday Time of Joy Bedroom

Most people don’t think about decorating their bedroom when they think of festive decor but your bedroom deserves to have some holiday cheer too. This bedroom set does everything for me and makes you feel like you’re in the north pole.

This one includes fun things like a bed with decorative pillows and throw blankets, a cute Santa statue, a set of wood triangles and so much more.

A bedroom with wood panelling and a brick wall. There are modern Christmas decor elements throughout

Baby’s First Christmas

You only get to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas once, so why not decorate their bedroom for it too? This room is so gorgeous with the perfect white and peach theme all around which just feels so sweet and cozy.

This one has a fun Christmas tree, some decor and furniture objects and objects we already have in game but in this gorgeous colour palette.

A light peach and cream coloured baby's nursery decorated for Christmas.

Yuletide Living

The best thing about this furniture set option is that all of the furniture is very neutral and white so it feels like a very real room. Once you add the festive touches it really makes it cozy and adorable.

In this set you get a cute decor object that says Merry Christmas to put on shelves, some cute Christmas cards and stockings as well as some really cute stacks of presents.

A white room decorated for the holidays. This room has white walls, a white floor and white furniture. There is a Christmas tree decorated in the corner and red and green pillows and blankets on the couches.

Estrela Living Room

This next decoration set is really fun because of the style of decoration objects. The best one is the fun large wall Christmas tree that has a bunch of green stars going down on gold wire making a minimalist, space saving tree option.

In addition to this fun tree you get things like wreaths, ornaments inside of bowls and tons of fun styles of candles.

A room in The Sims 4 with a brown fireplace filled with candles, a brick wall and another brown wall. There is a grey couch with pillows and two glass tables with Christmas decor on them.

Oxygen Christmas Decorations

There are two stand out pieces in this set of Christmas furniture and decorations and that has to be the wooden tree and the large deer head with a wreath. The dear head is an interesting decoration choice, not something I’d put in my home personally but I really like the style in this house.

The Christmas tree is made of small wooden dowels with ornaments hanging off it which is such a cute look. There are other objects like small decorative gift bags, little candles and a whole fireplace with stockings.

A room with light green walls decorated for Christmas. This room has a short light wood fireplace with a large deer head above it, there is a wreath around the deer. In the corner there is a christmas tree made of wood.

Holiday Time of Joy Living Room

Next up on our list is this fun festive living room with a gorgeous burning fire. We have a fun tall Christmas tree covered in ornaments, a bunch of pillows on the couch and two gorgeous nesting tables with a blanket strewn over it.

A living room with a fireplace and large Christmas tree in the corner. There is a white couch with two wooden nesting tables in the middle of the room. It is decorated for Christmas with pillows and wall decor.

Fun Christmas Decor

This festive Sims 4 CC Christmas decor set is great because it has just about everything you need to decorate the perfect fireplace. There is nothing more festive than a beautifully decorated fireplace and it just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy.

This one comes with cards hanging down from the mantle, small metal houses filled with candles and two fun reindeer wood sculptures.

A white fireplace filled with wood logs and twinkly lights. On top of the fireplace there are small candle houses, a wooden reindeer and more. There are cards hanging from the fireplace and a snowman and Santa on the floor.

Holiday Dining Room Set

This next set is taking a bunch of furniture and just making it festive, no frills, no thrills. This has a fun white fireplace with a green and red runner on top that matches the runner on a matching white dresser and dining table.

There is a wreath and garland that look great, and the chairs around the dining table are draped with green and red fabric with a red ribbon.

A room from The Sims 4 that is red, red walls and red carpet. There is a Christmas tree in the corner, a wreath on one wall and a garland on the other. There is a fireplace, a dresser, and a dining table as furniture.

Segor Christmas Living Room

Not everyone wants a bright green and red living room, some people want to have different colour schemes and this silver, gold and blue style is a popular one. We start with the furniture which has all grey or silver style in the couch, coffee table, and fireplace.

We have a large tree with a bright gold star on top with cascading ribbon going down with blue and silver ornaments. For small decor we have blankets, pillows, candles and even a cake!

A room decorated for Christmas. This Sims 4 Living room is designed in grey, silver, white and gold. There is a large couch with pillows and a blanket on them. There are presents around on the floor and two Christmas trees.

Scandinavian Christmas

Everything in this image feels like something you’d purchase at IKEA in November and December. These items are great because they are super versatile and can work in just about anyone’s home.

We have some really adorable hanging wreaths that are cascading down with ribbons, a garland for on top of your sim’s Christmas tree, some cute small houses and even stockings for the fireplace.

A room fully decorated for Christmas in The Sims 4. It has a white fireplace with stockings hanging and garland on top. There are wreaths hanging from above the fireplace and two chairs with christmas pillows.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Clutter

Decorating for the holidays is the absolute most fun thing you can do leading up to the holidays. You get to add so many fun things to your home that just make it feel so much cozier and adorable and it just adds to the joy. These pieces of sims 4 clutter are so good and make your home ready for Father Winter.

Snowman Candle Holder

Candles are the absolute best way to take a home from cute to cozy and these candleholders are so adorable. They are in a very traditional candle holder shape with colours like white, green and red.

The best part is that the creator turned the top section of the candle holder into a snowman’s face which just feels so sweet!

Four candle holders in white, green and red. These have snowman faces painted on them.

Tiered Dessert Christmas Tree

Dessert is one of those things that is everyone during the holidays, so why not have a way to show it off in a very beautiful and fun way. These tiered trees are such a fun way for you to have a fun festive table for your sim’s next holiday party.

These tiered trays are great with it looking like there are two large sections cut out of a fun brightly coloured Christmas tree with a sparkly gold star on top.

Four Christmas trees with yellow sparkly stars on top. There are two cut outs in the tree to make a layer for desserts.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Next up on our list of fun Sims 4 Christmas CC is this adorable grey wash wood tree. This is a fun piece of wall decor that shows off your sim’s festive side and even has a little white star up top.

This is made with small rectangle pieces of wood in a triangular tree shape with the words have yourself a merry little Christmas on them. This is great for outside your sim’s home, or as decor in a room that doesn’t have a larger tree.

A set of pieces of wood that have a wood star on top. The words "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is written on it in various texts.

Christmas Gift Pile

One absolutely must-have piece of festive clutter is going to be presents, you want to be able to stack different styles and colours of presents around the tree and on tables around your sim’s home if you want it to feel super hyper realistic.

These presents are great because they are brightly coloured with fun paper styles, and the presents are growing in size making it look super realistic.

A dark wood table, dark wood wall. On top of the table there is a stack of five beautifully wrapped Christmas presents.

Ornament Sims 4 CC Box

This is the perfect piece of decor for screenshots if your sims are in the process of decorating their Christmas tree. It’s a small cardboard box with five ornaments inside in various colours, which just seems like it has been brought up from the basement.

You could even have a shelf set up in your sim’s basement where you keep extra decor objects on during the off-season and this would be perfect!

A brown cardboard box that is filled with five christmas ornaments sims 4 cc.

Candy Cane Cups

Who wouldn’t want a cute cup of candy canes? This is an adorable transparent cup with different coloured candy canes inside which is just so fun! These are great for kitchen counters or on your sim’s desk for a work snack.

A small transparent cup with a set of candy canes in it

Candles with Mistletoe

Candles are a simple way to decorate in the game, especially in the cooler months and these ones are so cute. They are a row that gets bigger in size, with the middle candle having some diagonal stripes on it and even a little piece of holly to keep the place decorated nicely.

Two sets of sims 4 cc candles. There are three candles in each set going from short to tall in order. The middle one has diagonal stripes on it.

Christmas Recipes Books

Recipes are great, but Christmas recipes are even better. These are a great way to decorate your kitchen counters to make it feel cozy and like your sims are about to start an epic day of baking.

Did you know that we wrote a sims cookbook? You can find it here!

A set of four sims 4 cc Christmas recipe books. There are two stacked on top of each other and the other two are leaning against them.

Snow Globe

If my partner would let me, I would have a collection of snow globes. However, they are extremely hard to store in the off-season without breaking so I’ll just add more of them to my mods folder.

This one is so cute, with a small house in the middle surrounded by snow flocked trees which just makes it look adorable. A must have for me!

A white background with a sims 4 Christmas CC snowglobe on it. There are four snow covered trees on it and a small gingerbread house.

Christmas Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are a really great way to keep your home organized while also making them feel super cozy. They let you display your beautiful blankets during the day and make for easy access to your blankets for the evenings.

This piece of Sims 4 Christmas CC Clutter is so great because it will learn on your sim’s wall and just make the house feel so cozy. It comes in different wood colours and just makes the place look amazing!

A white background with a blanket ladder on top. The ladder has a wreath on the top and a blanket draped over the bottom rung.

Sims 4 Christmas CC Poses

The holidays are all about spending time with those you love and being able to remember those moments is really important. Adding pose packs to your game is the best way to get absolutely gorgeous screenshots of your favourite sims, especially when you get them to wear some gorgeous Sims 4 Christmas CC clothing.

Christmas Tree Sims 4 CC Pose Pack

Taking family photos in front of a Christmas tree is a great way to remember each specific holiday. These poses are great because all of them are focused on the tree, from decorating, to just sitting and being cute in front of it.

These are great and you can take these with your sims being in matching Christmas PJs, or get them dressed up in matching Custom Christmas Sweaters for an even more fun vibe!

An adult male sim with his arms around an adult female sim who is holding a toddler sim on their lap. They are posed in front of a christmas tree and the toddler is holding a candy cane.

First Christmas Poses

Your toddler’s first Christmas is an important time and they deserve to have some good memories saved for the rest of their lives. These first Christmas poses are great because they have the two adults in their lives showing them everything they need to know about the holiday season.

This pose pack has your toddler admiring their tree, opening up presents and even playing in a box which all toddlers love. Get your toddlers into their best custom content outfit and get them ready for these adorable pictures.

A set of poses where two adults are showing their toddler the joys of Christmas, they cuddle, decorate a tree, and more.

Alone on Christmas Sims 4 CC Poses

Christmas isn’t easy for everyone and this set of Sims 4 Christmas CC poses are great to show off the more lonely side of Christmas. This has a single sim who is spending Christmas alone doing various tasks that people usually do with their loved ones.

Get your sim dressed up in your favourite Christmas PJs and get your home decorated so they can have a good time alone on this festive day.

Six rectangles where a red headed sim is doing various Christmas activities alone like drinking wine, baking cookies and decorating a tree

Big Happy Family Poses

Taking photos IRL with this many people can be a pain, especially since someone always blinks. However, using custom poses in The Sims 4 is easy and lets you get gorgeous festive photos of everyone your sims love.

This pose lets you have fourteen sims in one image which is awesome because you can bring in some of your sim’s extended family instead of just your household. This one has couples standing together in their little family groups and has room for babies and toddlers too!

A family of 14 characters from The Sims 4. These sims are all posed in front of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Dinner Sims 4 CC Pose Pack

One of the best parts about Christmas is eating delicious food with the people that you love and these poses let you celebrate those moments. These ones are so much fun because it lets a bunch of sims pose together and show off their love for one another.

This pose pack has enough space for two toddlers and six adults and will have your sims surrounding by so much delicious food you’re going to get hungry just looking at it.

A family of 10 in The Sims 4 standing behind a counter that is covered in Christmas festive food.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Christmas CC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Honestly, I’m the type to put up a tree in early November and just live my best festive life so this kind of custom content is my favourite. These Sims 4 Christmas CC Objects and Clothing Items are so much fun to use all year round when you’re playing Winterfest and it can help you just love the sims again. Happy Playing!

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