The Sims 4: Media Production Skill

The Sims 4: Get Famous brought a brand new skill, Media Production! There are only 5 levels to the media production skill, so it’s an easy one to complete and can make it so your sim earns a decent income.

Ideal Mood For The Media Production Skill

Every skill in The Sims 4 has an ideal mood that will help you gain the skill quicker and for media production, that mood is inspired. There are a few simple ways to get inspired including taking a thoughtful shower, using a plumbob inspired lamp, and more.

When your sim is inspired, not only will they gain their skills quicker, they can also create higher quality videos or songs!

How to Gain The Media Production Skill

There are two ways your sims can gain the media production skill, either through mixing music or through making videos.

Mixing Music

To earn the media production skill through mixing music, you’re going to need to purchase the mix master music station from build mode. You can find it under the electronics > audio section of build mode, or you can use the search bar to find it quicker.

The music station allows your sim to produce music and add different effects to the track. You can add remixes and actually hear the song being created which is fun. You can even burn yourself a copy that your sim will get to keep inside their inventory!

When you’re done making a song you can choose to release the track. Doing this will give your sim daily royalties every morning at 10 am for a few days. This will also give you a fame boost which can eventually be used to buy fame perks.

You can only release one song per day but releasing these songs can make it so a record label with offer your sim a music deal. This helps you make more money from your music but you need to ensure you’re releasing at least 2-3 songs per week so they don’t decide to get rid of you.

Making Videos

To earn the media production skill through making videos, you need to purchase the more views video station which can be found in the miscellaneous section of electronics in build mode, or by using the search bar. There are two versions of the video station, but the only difference is that one has a chair.

You can even upgrade the video station to get better lights and a better camera which will increase the quality of your videos. There are also handiness upgrades which can help you up level your quality.

To make a video you need to record the video first, of course. It’s smart to do a bit of researching trends so you can find out what’s popular, this will help you make a bit of extra money from royalties on the video if you follow the trends.

From there, you can record the video and then edit it, and upload it to simtube. When you level up on the media production skill you’ll be given the options to add effects or add transitions.

You’re also able to do things like respond to comments, promote older videos, and also hype your next video. All of these tasks are going to help you gain fame and make more money from your videos.

When you upload a video, you’ll start earning daily royalties just like you would with writing books or licensing songs with an instrument. They come in each day at 10 am.

Levels of The Media Production Skill

Unlike most skills, the media production skill only has 5 levels and would be considered a minor skill. This makes it way quicker for your sims to master it!

Level One

When your sim firsts starts gaining the media production skill, they open up the ability to start mixing music using the mixmaster music station, creating videos using the more views video station, and recording video on a drone.

Level Two

At level 2 of the media production skill, your sim can now add transitions to their videos on the more views video station. It’s important to note that adding transitions may actually make your video worse, so use at your own risk. You’ll also unlock a new track on the mixmaster music station, called Rooba Vay.

Level Three

When your sim reaches level 3 of the media production skill they’ll be able to add effects to their videos which can improve the quality and make them worth more money in royalties. You can also now combine two or more videos into one, however, I’ve never seen a bonus to doing this and you can earn more money just uploading them separately. Your sim will also unlock the Yome track on the mixmaster music station.

Level Four

When your sim reaches level 4 of the media production skill you’ll be able to produce new tracks on the mixmaster music station both Looling and Oopella. You’re also given some brand new remix options that you can use to create better quality music. However, you don’t get any new interactions with the video station.

Level Five

Now that your sim has mastered the media production skill you are much less likely to ruin your videos by adding things like transitions or effects. You’ll also unlock arribay and plonky zombray on the music station.

Final Thoughts

The media production skill is one of the easiest to max out in the game, and is a really great way for your sims to earn money from home. Have you used the media production skill in the game? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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