The Sims 4: Everything You Need to Know About Llamas

If you’ve played any sims game ever you’ll know that llamas often make an appearance and that is continued with The Sims 4: Cottage Living. This pack actually allows you to own and raise a llama right on your very own lot and shear them for their wool that you can sell for an income or use in cross stitching patterns, how fun! If you love animals from this pack, you can also check out our chicken guide and our cow guide!

How to Get Llamas

Before you are able to have any llamas move into your sim’s lot, you’ll first need to place an animal shed on your lot. You can find this item in the build/buy catalog by searching animal shed, or it is available in activities and hobbies.

This item allows you to have one animal living on your lot, but does not come with the animal. Once you have placed this object you’ll need to purchase your llama which you can do by clicking on the animal shed and choosing purchase animals and choosing from the two types of llamas.

How to Care for Llamas

Llamas and cows are cared for in much the same way which makes these animals rather easy to have on your lot, as long as you devote a little bit of time each day to caring for them. The first thing you need to know is your llamas schedule. They are going to be out of their shed between 6 am and 6 pm and will spend the other 12 hours inside, you do have the option of calling them out if you haven’t cared for them that day by clicking on the animal shed.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to to keep your llamas happy, the first is their hygiene. When you hover over your llama you’ll see a small icon appear that shows you their hygiene, hunger, social, and happiness which can help you a ton.

When this shows that your llama is getting a little dirty, or you start to see dirt and stink on your llama you need to make sure you clean them. This interaction will have your sims bringing out a small brush to keep them clean and the llama making the cutest faces ever.

The next thing you need to care for is your llamas hunger, this can easily be done by your sims filling the animal shed’s feed and keeping it stocked. If you keep it stocked they’ll stay happy, however, you can also hand feed your llamas.

In addition to keeping the animal shed stocked with food, you need to also keep the shed clean which you can do easily by clicking on the shed and choosing the clean interaction and your sim will enter and clean it up for your four legged friends.

Finally, it is important that your sims and your llamas spend quality time together and you do various social interactions to keep their social need up as well as grow your animal/sim relationship. The better your relationship and their happiness, the better the quality of the wool you’ll get from your llama.

Shearing Your Llamas

Once per day you want to make sure you are shearing your llamas to remove their wool, this is very important for keeping them happy as well as earning your sims an income from having this llama or just having wool to use. You can find this in the interactions when you click on your llama, depending on the colour of your llama when they are sheared, it will change the colour of your wool yield.

To change the colour of your llama’s fur you’ll want to feed them animal treats, the following treats will have the following effects on your llamas wool:

  • Midnight Treat creates Black Wool
  • Fruity Treat creates Blue Wool
  • Chocolatey Treat creates Brown Wool
  • Golden Treat creates Gold Wool
  • Veggie Treat creates Green Wool
  • Pumpkin Treat creates Orange Wool
  • Flirty Treat creates Pink Wool
  • Rainbow Treat creates Rainbow Wool
  • Spicy Treat creates Red Wool

Once you’ve sheared your llamas you have a couple of options of what to do with it. You can first sell the wool to earn an income which is the easiest option, you can also trade it with the creature keeper for some animal clothes to dress your llamas, chickens and cows in. Finally, you can actually use this wool to create cross stitching with the new skill instead of paying for the materials when you start a new project.

Upgrading Your Llama Shed

If you want to have an even better experience with your animal shed, you can upgrade it. The animal shed has two upgrades that both uses livestock upgrade parts that can be obtained through running errands for the various villagers in Henford. Once you get these parts you can perform one of two upgrades.

The first is the Comfort Care Life Extender upgrade which will actually make your llama’s lives longer by increasing their lifespan. This is amazing if you care for your animals and grow attached and would like to keep them around longer. This upgrade needs your sim to have 3 of the livestock upgrade parts.

The second upgrade is the Livestock Auto-Feeder upgrade which will automatically fill the shed with feed, allowing your sims to never have to feed the animals again. This upgrade will require your sim having 6 livestock upgrade parts.

Trading Your Llamas

If for whatever reason during your gameplay you no longer wish to have your llama on your lot, you have the option to go ahead and trade them for resources. You’ll find this interaction under the actions pie menu. There are four things you can trade an animal for:

  • Ingredients and Produce
  • Animal Treats
  • Simoleons
  • Meat

Whenever you trade for simoleons that money will appear in your household funds immediately, however, trading for anything else will require patience. These resources don’t show up until the following day in your sim’s mailbox.

Animal Treats and Llamas

There are a number of animal treats that you can purchase or create to feed to your llamas and each will have different effects on them, most of them will just change the colour of your animal’s wool allowing you to shear it and get colourful wool. However, some have more powerful effects.

  • Fish Protein Treat: Increases Your Yield When Shearing Your Llama
  • Friendly Treat: Increases Relationship with Your Llama
  • Healthy Treat: Increases The Lifespan of Your Llama
  • Veggie Treat: Green Wool
  • Animal Party Treat: Fills Your Llama’s Social
  • Fruity Treat: Blue Wool
  • Midnight Treat: Black Wool
  • Chocolatey Treat: Brown Wool
  • Golden Treat: Gold Wool
  • Rainbow Treat: Rainbow Wool
  • Spicy Treat: Red Wool
  • Flirty Treat: Pink Wool
  • Pumpkin Treat: Orange Wool

These treats can be obtained by purchasing them from the vendors in the town’s square and your sim will actually learn the recipe for these treats after they go ahead and feed them to their animal.

Llama Wool and Cross Stitching

Any wool that you shear from your llamas can actually be used as a resource in making a cross stitch. Normally this is a pretty expensive hobby in the game, but having your llama create the wool can help you make a higher profit from this. All you need to do is shear your llamas and the wool will appear in your inventory, then click on either a cross stitch hoop or the cross stitching kit and it will automatically allow you to use the wool.

The End of Your Llama’s Life

When your llama comes to the end of it’s life it will get a visit from The Grim Reaper and at this time Grim will give them a very wholesome hug and take them away. This is always a sad moment, so be sure to give them extra love before they pass.

Final Thoughts

These new animals from The Sims 4: Cottage Living are honestly great and make such a fun gameplay experience. The llamas were such a huge part of every sims game, so I’m so glad we can now raise and earn money through owning llamas. Happy playing!

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