Sims 4 Moonwood Collective Wolf Pack & How to Join It

In the brand new werewolves expansion there are two different wolfpacks that you can join, there is the wildfangs and the sims 4 moonwood collective. The moonwood collective is a group that is focused on being dignified and wants to focus their efforts on philanthropy.

In this guide you’re going to learn exactly how you can join the ranks at the moonwood collective in The Sims 4: Werewolves as well as how you can eventually take over and become alpha of the group.

Who are The Sims 4 Moonwood Collective?

“The Moonwood Collective is a dignified group of Werewolves, whose mission embodies the union of lycanthropy and philanthropy. Members are expected to be tactful, prudent and diplomeatic. They seek to make meaningful connections with all sims. This includes mastering Fury control to become more approachable and friendly to non-werewolves.”

The sims 4 MoonWood Collective are a wolf pack that appears in Moonwood Mill and is run by Kristopher Volkov. He is actually the adoptive father of Rory Oaklow who is the leader of the opposing group The Wildfangs.

This group really wants to make sure that werewolves are seen as good, not evil, and connect them with other species instead of others being scared of them.

sims 4 the moonwood collective information

How to Join The Moonwood Collective in The Sims 4 Werewolves

Become a Friend of the Moonwood Collective

The very first thing you need to do to join a wolf pack is to become friend of the pack by getting to know it’s members. You’ll want to do some friendly interactions with the regular members but mostly the leader of the group and really grow that relationship. Once you have a close enough relationship you’ll be able to ask Kristopher to be a friend of the pack.

"ask to be friend of the moonwood collective" interaction from The Sims 4

If you’re struggling to find Kristopher at any time you can click on the tree that is the Moonwood Collective’s hangout and focus the camera on the pack leader. Once you’re a friend you’ll see a really nice interaction from Kristopher which is so nice!

welcoming interaction from the moonwood collective

Participate in Trials

Now that you’re a friend of the wolf pack you may be wondering how to get official membership and that’s done by completing trials. When you click on Kristopher and under join pack you’ll see a list of trials that your sim is able to do.

trials to join the pack
  • Werewolf Spar with Kristopher
  • Discus Lunar Epiphany
  • Demonstrate Scavenging
  • Demonstrate Pack Howl
  • Give an Uncommon or Rare Collective
  • Give Excellent Quality Food

Some of these are pretty self explanatory like doing a werewolf spar, or giving collectibles or high quality food. However, there are a few of them that are going to require you to purchase werewolf abilities to be able to do the trials.

TrialRequired Werewolf Ability
Demonstrate Pack HowlPack Howl Ability
Discuss Lunar EpiphanyLunar Epiphany Dormant Ability
Demonstrate ScavengingScavenger Ability

Joining The Moonwood Collective

Once your werewolf has managed to finish off the three required trials you’ll see the ask to join the moonwood collective interaction stop being greyed out. At this moment you can ask the leader of the pack to let you in by clicking on this interaction.

ask to join the moonwood collective interaction in the sims 4

When you click the ask to join the moonwood collective button you’ll see a pop-up appear where the leader will tell you a bit of what the group stands for and at this point you’ll get to join by saying sounds great! I’m in or choosing never mind to stop your sims from joining.

interaction popup for the sims 4 moonwood collective

When your sims are accepted into the group they are going to get a few rewards including a book called The Good Boy, a bag of Wolfitos in your inventory each week and a bunch of new interactions to do with your pack members.

rewards for joining the moonwood collective

How to Level Up in The Sims 4 Moonwood Collective

Since your sim is now a member of the official moonwood collective they’re going to want to work toward getting a higher rank. You’ll be able to see everything you need to know about leveling up in this group in your sims groups and clubs panel. There are three things you need to focus on for this increase:

  • Pack Participation
  • Diplomacy
  • Self-Sufficiency

Pack Participation in Sims 4 Moonwood Collective

“Maintain good relationships with your packmates, give plenty of packmate gifts, and contribute to pack resources at the hangout.”

park participation requirements

Diplomacy in Sims 4 Moonwood Collective

“Be friendly and welcoming towards non-werewolves when in beast form, have friendly discussions about werewolves and exercise werewolf empathy, diplomacy and the will to resist, and maybe even bridge the gap and get through to Greg. Avoid being mean to non-werewolf sims while in beast form. That includes picking fights with them or scaring them with your ferocity or vicious howling.”

diplomacy requirements

Self-Sufficiency When in Sims 4 Moonwood Collective

“Acquire your own food through fishing, gardening or werewolf hunting, and cook some excellent meals. Contribute some of the harvests of finished food to the pack resources. Avoid public displays of beastly gluttony! We understand it can be difficult, but try not to devour things in sight of non-werewolves.”

sims 4 moonwood collective self-sufficiency description

Keeping Your Membership

If you aren’t being a good member of the sims 4 moonwood collective and following all of their values you may get a notice letting you know. Since this pack is focused on things like self-sufficiency, diplomacy and pack participation your sims need to be very good people to keep their membership.

For example, your sim may have a negative relationship with another member of the pack and this can have them do poorly with pack participation. You can fix this by increasing your friendship with other pack members quickly.

How to Become Alpha

If you’re working on trying to finish the emissary of the collective aspiration you’re going to need to become alpha of the moonwood collective. You can also just want to run these groups for fun! Being alpha of this group makes your sims the most diplomatic, well mannered and best werewolf out there so you need to be ready before deciding to take over.

To be able to become the alpha wolf in this wolf pack you’re going to need to challenge Kristopher who is the leader of the collective to a battle. There are going to be two options for this:

  • Epic Tug of War
  • Honorable Brawl

When you’re challenging Kristopher to this battle you’ll actually find it easier to win than with Rory from The Wildfangs as Kristopher is a bit more chill. You’re going to want to make sure that your sims has a pretty high fitness skill and that you are at the top level, The Apex Level, of being a werewolf with as many of abilities as you can get.

The best werewolf ability for you to get is definitely going to be the alpha wolf option. This werewolf ability is going to give your sims “an ease of taking leadership of a pack” so you’ll definitely be able to take over Kristopher easier with this ability.

Final Thoughts on The Sims 4 Moonwood Collective

There you have it, that’s everything that you must know to be able to become alpha in The Moonwood Collective. You’ll definitely want to play through this part of The Sims 4: Werewolves and see if you can take over and become the most diplomatic werewolf of them all. It’s such a fun game pack and even writing these guides has been so much fun for me. Happy Playing!

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