The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories Overview and Review

Weddings are one of those things that we absolutely love to celebrate in The Sims because it’s a way to bring everyone together and celebrate love. However, traditional weddings in the base game are very dry that’s why the majority of players were extremely excited when the team announced My Wedding Stories.

This pack is focused on the experience of getting engaged and eventually getting married and includes things like shopping for cakes, asking a sim to be your sim of honour and trying to plan a wedding you’ll love.

My Wedding Stories Trailer

The best way to see what EA wants you to see in a new pack is to watch the trailer and really look around. Watch it more than once, stop it whenever you see something exciting! It’s so much fun to really analyze these trailers and find the goodies.

My Wedding Stories Description

Each pack in The Sims 4 gets an official description that tells the player what kinds of things they can expect from the pack so you can make smart buying decisions. The EA official description for this pack says:

Take a trip down the aisle in The Sims™ 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack*! Make your Sim’s journey to their big day special, then plan the perfect ceremony. From the proposal to the reception, customize each aspect to celebrate every Sim’s love story in a way that truly feels unique to them. In the world of Tartosa, (almost) anything becomes romantic.

Prep to Party – Popping the question is just the beginning of your Sim’s wedding experience. Once they’ve said yes, the excitement and nerves set in—there’s so much to plan! Choose the Sim of Honour to make the journey to the altar as fun as possible. Then, bring on the engagement dinner, rehearsal, and a last single night out to remember.

Bring Your Vision to Life – Get into the details of upcoming nuptials as Sims select their wedding day attire and everything else they’ll need for the big moment: menu, decor, schedule… all of it! Tour venues designed by community creators as Sims try cakes, consider flowers, and settle on the traditions that will make their day most meaningful.

Tie The Knot – Before the main event, celebrate with family at a rehearsal dinner. When it’s finally time, feel the love and live out every fantasy. Exchange vows, rings, and kisses at the altar before the real celebration starts. Kick it off by serving tea for the family, or head right to the reception. Newlyweds and guests alike can dance with loved ones, while the new spouses cut the cake, give toasts, and receive well wishes.


A few days after the release of the trailer for My Wedding Stories the team released an official statement regarding the pack release. In this statement they announced that they are not releasing this pack in Russia due to anti-LGBT laws since both the trailer and the cover art are heavily focused on an LGBT couple.

When this was first announced many players, including myself, saw this as EA not cowering to these laws and was excited that they wouldn’t allowing a homophobic government to change their values. However, after more learning and much reflection we’ve all learned that doing this is exactly what the Russian government wants.

They don’t want there to be an LGBTQ+ “propaganda” displayed for kids to see (really, they think that seeing this will convert kids to be gay? really? ugh.) and in previous situations EA would just remove any representation that would break these laws.

Many Russian players are devastated that they aren’t going to get to have this pack and wish that the team would just change the trailer and the pack artwork to be different like other games do so they can get that same experience.

It’s hard because every player around the world deserves the same experience and players in Russia are being punished because EA won’t put in the extra effort to edit the game for them and change the marketing so they can have it too.

Official Assets

The new pack’s official cover is absolutely beautiful, showing a beach wedding between the two sims who were featured in the games trailer. You can see all sorts of reactions from other attendees with some smiling some cheering and a young child even blowing bubbles which is absolutely adorable.

The official icon for this pack is adorable, too! It has a cute wedding cake in the middle with two tiers on a cake stand with a heart at the top of a circle to complete it.

Official Screenshots

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