How to Have a Great Wedding in The Sims 4

Weddings are such a beautiful event for your sims to participate in and celebrate the love of your sims and their families. These are just one of many social events that take place in the game and can really up the realism factor in your sim’s lives.

Having a wedding in the game is essentially just a giant party with the main objective being to get married and can be the most beautiful day in your sim’s lives. There are so many parts of a wedding in just the base game, and with My Wedding Stories you can have even more parts of a wedding experience in your game.

This article is now under-construction after the release of My Wedding Stories!

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How to Get Engaged

If your master plan is to have two sims to get married the first step fo this is for you to have your sims get engaged to one another. Engagement should be an experience all in its own where you sims have a date day and travel to a beautiful location so you can have beautiful screenshots of your engagement story.

Now you can’t just walk up to any sim on the street and ask them to marry you, you will need to have an established relationship with another sim and already be in a relationship and have them be your significant other. To do this you’ll want to grow both your friendly and romantic relationship to a point where ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend is an option in your game’s settings.

Once your two sims are in a relationship and you have a pretty high romance and friendship bar you should eventually see the option to propose unless you’re already engaged or married. The game will not let you be engaged to more than one sim at a time but you can have multiple significant others.

Once you click this button the sim you were controlling will get down on one knee and ask the other sim to marry them. There is a chance that the sim will say no, which is important to know!

How to Elope

Before we get into all of the information about actually throwing a wedding, it’s important to note that you have the option to elope and skip all the fancy wedding stuff.

You have two options to elope, you can either click “Elope Immediately” in the social interactions menu in the romantic section or you can buy a wedding arch to place on your lot and click on it to get married to your fiancé. Your couple will immediately be married!

This is a great option if you don’t feel like dealing with all the other sims that come to the wedding, or if you sim doesn’t have a ton of friends.

Planning The Wedding

The process of planning a wedding is quite simple and you must choose your guests (a maximum of 15) and you have the option to hire a mixologists, a caterer, and an entertainer. To get your wedding event planning started you click on “Plan a Social Event” on the phone, or you can click the same thing when you click on your fiancé.

A wedding costs $1,000 right from the start so you may need to plan ahead to be able to afford it, and hiring other roles will cost you even more money. You should note that a wedding will begin the second that you finish selecting your guests and secondary roles so make sure that your sims are in great moods before you click to plan a social event.

Necessary Wedding Objects

The main thing you need to have a wedding in the sims 4 is a wedding arch where the ceremony will be performed but there are other things that will make the event more fun for your guests and for the couple.

You can have a wedding cake that is cooked before you start the event, or you can hire a caterer who will cook food and a wedding cake for you. You should also place some chairs around where the wedding arch is so that your wedding guests are able to watch.

You can also have a bar so your guests can enjoy drinks and hire a mixologist so you don’t need to make the drinks yourself. You can also have a guitar, piano, or violin so you can hire an entertainer for your guests to enjoy.

Wedding Objectives

As with all parties in the sims 4, weddings have specific objectives for you to meet and a ton of social interactions for you to complete. The most important one that is worth the highest amount of points to get you rewards is:

  • Get Married! All you need to do for this one is to click on a wedding arch and get the two engaged sims to participate in the ceremony!

Here are the ones you’ll see in a sims 4 wedding that are worth less points, but are still awesome:

  • Take First Slice: Click on the wedding cake and get one of the newlyweds to grab a slice of cake.
  • Have Guests Watch the Ceremony: This is easily done if you use the wedding arch to get married as everyone will gather around to watch.
  • Have Drinks: You must have your sims and guests have at least 3 drinks throughout the wedding event, which is done easiest by hiring a mixologist.
  • Talk to Guests for Two Hours: You just need to talk to the people who have come to your wedding, which is what a good host would do anyway!
  • Thank a Guest for Coming: All you need to do is click on a sim and you’ll see “thank for coming” pop up and you’ll get this one complete.
  • Eat Food: Every good wedding has food, get your sims and your guests to eat at least 4 servings of food
  • Have the Betrothed Kiss: The two newlyweds just need to share a smooch!
  • Have The Betrothed Flirt With Each Other: Perform a few romantic interactions between the newlyweds.

Wedding Rewards

One of the best parts about having a wedding completed is that you get a reward left in your household inventory (which you can find in build mode, just in case you didn’t know)!

Bronze Medal Wedding

If you manage to get through a few of the wedding objectives and only get a bronze medal, you’ll be given a skill book to help with your charisma skill called Charisma Vol 1: Diplomacy for Dummies. I’ve always seen this as a guest’s way of telling you your wedding sucked and that you need to become more charismatic so you can throw a better party some day… Haha.

Silver Medal Wedding

When you complete more of the wedding objectives to the point where you can have a silver wedding, you’ll get better rewards than bronze! You’ll see two rewards in your household inventory, both the Wedding Pillar with Floral Basket and the In Full Bloom Centerpiece.

Gold Medal Wedding

Well, if you get a gold wedding your guests had a GREAT time and you’ll find a number of gifts from them in your household inventory. You’ll get the Royal Crabtree Tea Set, the Tea Magic Personal Brewer, and the Food Annihilator and you’ll also be given both of the silver rewards.

Setting Sims as Married in CAS

Final Thoughts

I really do love a good sims 4 wedding because they can be one of the most fun parties to have. They really make my sims families feel more real! Do you throw wedding parties in the sims? Or are you a fan of just eloping and getting it over with? Let me know in the comments!

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