15+ Discover University Mods To Have More Fun in The Sims 4

One of the most sought after packs for The Sims games is always a University themed pack and players were so excited when Discover University was released.

This pack brings so many awesome things like student loans, university housing and distinguished degrees into the game but there is always room for improvement, right?

Well, downloading some really great discover university mods for The Sims 4 is the absolute best way for you to make your experience so much more fun or more challenging depending on what you’re looking for.

a group of sims partying and playing ping pong

Discover University Mods

1. Higher Scholarships

The best way for your sims to pay for university without having to struggle is to get themselves scholarships but the scholarships in the vanilla game are so low.

Thankfully, a modder named Zero has created a higher scholarships mod that will let your sims get so much more money for their scholarships and won’t have to struggle to pay for food any longer!

For example the education for all scholarship will usually give your sim 500 simoleons but with this mod it will add a single 0 to the end of the value making this worth 5000 instead.

This is great if you play with things like the university costs more mod so it can balance out nicely and your sims will get more money in since more money goes out.

2. Teens Jump to University

University ends up taking up so much of your sim’s time when they are a young adult and it would be really nice if we were able to have them go to university when they are teenagers.

Using the teens jump to university mod will allow your sims to quit high school and go straight to university if they have good grades.

a message box in The Sims 4 letting your teens quit high school

It’s awesome because it appears as a pop-up like you’d get in some careers and is triggered by good grades.

You don’t have to take this opportunity and you are able to just go ahead and continue high school if you aren’t ready for growing up yet.

3. Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll To University Anytime

Your sim’s traits effect so many parts of their lives and if you have the genius teens can apply to university mod you’ll have them matter even more.

Any teenage sim who has the genius trait is going to have a leg up on life and be able to leave school and go straight to university if they choose which can give them a jump start.

This also applies to sims who finished elementary school with an A grade before aging up to a teen or any teen who gets an A in school, those smart kids deserve to move on in life!

4. University Costs More

Many of us sims players are just desperately looking for ways to make The Sims 4 more difficult and have our sims struggle financially.

Thankfully, with the University Costs More mod your sims are now going to truly struggle to pay for school and pay back their student loans.

The vanilla version of Discover University has all classes costing 240 simoleons but with this you’ll have to spend way more. Your first class will be 1240 but by the time you take your 10th class you’ll be paying over 3000 per class.

5. Rejection Letter Possible

Why does every sim in Discover University get an acceptance letter? A lot of these sims don’t deserve to get into university and it would make it more challenging if sims weren’t getting in with no effort.

With this rejection letter possible mod your sims are able to be told no depending on a number of factors in the game.

The first factor is your sim’s traits where sims who have traits like lazy, clumsy or goofball are less likely to get in but sims who are a genius, perfectionist or bookworm will get in easier.

The skills your sims have also matter but only for the charisma skill, the logic skill, and the writing skill. It really depends on how many levels of these skills your sims have.

Of course, your sim’s grades in high school will also impact their ability to get into University which makes sense, but you’re much more likely overall to get rejected.

6. Ask to be Roommates

The addition of roommates with Discover University was very exciting, however, you can’t ask any sims who are currently living in a home to be your roommate which is an annoying thing to make a rule.

a notification telling your sim that Eliza Pancakes will be their roommate

With the ask to be roommates mod you’ll be able to ask any sim to be your roommate and they will most likely say yes, unless you’re enemies!

7. No University Housing Restrictions

When you’re living in the in-game university housing you aren’t able to have a stove which makes cooking really difficult and forces you to have to go eat at the university food building which takes a lot of time.

lot type restrictions page showing no need for restrictions

With the no university housing restrictions mod your sims are going to be able to have a kitchen in their dorms which is amazing so you can cook simple meals and save your sims so much time.

Of course this also gives your sims the option to set their dorms on fire so that’s fun too!

8. Harder Distinguished Degree Acceptance

In Discover University there are two types of degrees with the regular ones and distinguished degrees. It was supposed to work like the distinguished degrees were much harder to get in but it really wasn’t that hard!

The harder distinguished degree acceptance mod is going to make it way harder by making it so any skills that are below level 7 will not count as much in your university acceptance so you’ll actually have to be really great at something to get into these degrees.

9. Required Degree for Careers

Something that’s always been silly to many players of The Sims is that your sim can just jump into the doctor career without a degree and become a full out doctor and start treating patients.

Even with Discover University in your game there are no required degrees for these more complicated careers which just doesn’t make sense to me.

With the required degree for careers mod you’ll be able to force your sims to go to college before they are allowed to start a career.

Some examples are that your sims are going t need to have a physics, biology or psychology degree to join the doctor career or they’ll need to have a computer science of villainy degree to become a secret agent.

Having these required degrees is awesome because it adds a sense of realism to make it harder for your sims to get those higher paying careers and they’ll have to pay money to earn their degree for more challenges!

10. The Sheldon L Cooper Program

Named after Sheldon Cooper from the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory, The Sheldon L Cooper Project brings in brand new scholarships for your teenage sims to earn.

There are three new scholarships in this mod including one for young geniuses, one for young promises and a general one for the program. They range from 5,000 to 15,000 simoleons which is a huge chunk of your university tuition.

a text box telling you that your sim got accepted to the program

These are not easy scholarships for your sims to get however, they are going to have to go to a preparatory course after school.

This will happen from 5 to 7 pm and will require your sims to do extra homework to be able to earn this degree scholarship.

Your sims are definitely going to have to work hard to be able to earn this but it would totally be worth it.

11. Required Degree for Promotions

Are you ever wondering why your sims are able to get any job without a degree? Have you ever been confused when your sim is a high level executive in the business career but has never learned a thing?

Well, with the required degree for promotions mod your sims are going to be able to join any career they want but at a certain point they are going to need to get a career.

the career panel in The Sims 4 showing that your sim needs to have a science degree to advance in their career

At this point your sim has the option for them to just keep working at their current level or to go to university and obtain a degree.

An example of this is if you reach the line cook level of the culinary career your sims are not going to be able to get promoted unless they receive a culinary degree.

The creator even went a level further and made it so that certain jobs (like the astronaut career) requires your sims to get a specific degree from a certain school.

To pass the technician level of the astronaut career you’ll need to get a physics degree from Foxbury Institute and graduate with honours which is a hard thing to do.

12. Choose Your Roommate

Have you ever been living in university housing and just hated one of your roommates or wanted one of your sim’s besties to join you in living there?

With the choose your roommate mod you’ll be able to completely control who lives with you based on what sims are currently enrolled in University in the world.

two sims waving at eachother while another sits on an orange couch reading a book

There are options to get rid of a roommate that you dislike or choose a roommate who you love to come move in with you!

13. New Bicycles

When Discover University was released we all got very excited by the addition of bikes but we didn’t get enough good options for bike designs.

a sim in a denim jacket about to get on a blue and white bike that has a basket on the front

This new bicycles mod is great because it adds some new shapes of bikes for your sims to own that come in different adorable colours.

14. No Roommates Summoning Trash

Why are roommates in this game so darn dirty? They are consistently getting trash from nowhere and just generally being disgusting humans.

With the no roommates summoning trash mod will stop these roommates from filling your entire dorm or home with garbage that only your sim will deal with.

15. University Aspiration Pack

Playing the game with aspirations can be really fun but for whatever reason we haven’t been getting enough aspirations added with new packs.

There are a number of aspirations in this university aspiration pack that will let your sims be a specific type of student.

the aspiration box showing off the part time student aspiration

One of the aspirations is a sporty scholar aspiration where your sims are going to try and be a soccer star while also getting their degree.

Another one is a part time parent where your sim will be trying to both raise their children and get their degree at the same time which is an adorable aspiration.

These can have a big impact on how you play when in university and give you some fun ideas for gameplay.

16. Less or NO Roommates Music

Why are roommates in the game always playing music? They’re just so noisy.

You definitely can’t have a stereo in your home if you have roommates because they’ll constantly be playing annoying radio stations for you to enjoy.

With the less or NO roommate music mod is going to get rid of the autonomous ability for roommates to play instruments like guitar or the ability to listen to the stereo.

This is an essential mod if you want roommates but still want to enjoy some darn quiet.

17. Choose Your Helmet

When your sims start to ride a bike in the game they are going to have a random helmet assigned to them and a lot of the time these are just not matching your sim’s personality.

With the choose your helmet mod you’ll be able to click on a bike and choose whatever colour of helmet you want your sim to wear.

two sims riding bikes, one on a green bike with red pants a white shirt and a red helmet and the other on a black bike with black pants a blue shirt and a black and white striped helmet

Want to live on the wild side? You can even go ahead and choose to not wear a helmet!

Final Thoughts

Discover University is one of those packs that I actually think EA did a really great job on. It’s a difficult experience and feels pretty realistic but it can definitely be made better with all of these mods added to your game. Happy Playing!

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