The BEST Custom Scenarios For The Sims 4 You Need To Try

Scenarios are one of those features that we didn’t necessarily need in The Sims 4 but it’s a welcome addition for the game as we take what we can get. Many players are disappointed in how few scenarios we have access to at any given time and having custom scenarios can make it easier for us to really experience as many scenarios as we want.

Scenarios are essentially just challenges for the game that are made official with rewards (in the form of satisfaction points) instead of just being something we track ourselves and have been doing for over a decade.

What are Custom Scenarios?

With the scenarios update we knew that EA would be adding these scenarios in every few weeks and letting us play with them for a few days until they go away, but this feature can be pushed further. Custom scenarios take this feature and allow modders to create their own scenarios based on whatever experiences they want in the game.

They are considered mods so you will need to be playing on PC or Mac so you have the ability to download mods into your game, as console players aren’t currently able to have mods in their games. You’ll just place these in your mods folder just like you would other mods you download.

Access Scenarios All The Time

Before we get into the custom scenario mods for the game we need to talk about this game changing mod for this new feature. One of the biggest annoyances about scenarios for many players is that they are usually “limited time” and go away after just a few days. As someone who has a life outside of The Sims I often don’t have time to actually play them before they’re gone.

Thankfully, an exceptionally talented modder named Twisted Mexi created the all scenarios mod that allows you to have access to these at all times without the limited time annoyance so you can play whichever ones you’d like at any time.

8 Custom Scenarios You Must Try

1. Video Game House

When playing The Sims 4 I absolutely love when we can struggle in the game and custom scenarios can really bring in some of that struggle. The video game house scenario will have you playing with two sims who aren’t related who both want to be successful video gamers, however, they are going to have some struggles.


They have a pretty evil manager who is a mean, loner, kleptomaniac who has made it so your sims have to pay an interest fee and pay back their loans. This scenario goes deep and adds new loan related social interactions, and your sims will need to stream to be able to pay off their loans.

Your goals include getting your fame up, saving 500,000 simoleons and just surviving in this very stressful circumstance that many players might not be able to handle.

2. Not So Berry Scenarios

One of the most popular sims challenges of all time is the Not So Berry Challenge but this challenge can be very confusing to keep straight since there are so many phases and requirements. With these not so berry scenarios you can start up a custom scenario every time you start a new phase of this challenge to make it easier to complete.

This is genuinely so helpful because this pack of scenarios can keep you going through the challenge and help you keep track of what you’ve done and what you still need to do.

3. Sibling Rivalry

The next scenario is the sibling rivalry scenario where you want to start with two adult aged sims and each of the two will have a toddler. Throughout your gameplay you’ll need to have these sims raise their toddlers at the same time and try to prove which one is the better child to become the next heir.

There are different outcomes you can make happen including where one toddler does better, one outcome where the kids both don’t care and just give up and one where everyone just becomes friendly and they give up the rivalry. The scenario having so many outcomes makes it really unique and lets you play through it however you’d like!

4. High School Sweethearts

Being with your high school sweetheart can make you question whether you’ve made the right decision with the person you’re with. The high school sweethearts scenario will have your sims trying to figure out if they are better off apart with the scenario beginning with them having just broken up.

Your sims are going to need have a few potential outcomes of their break up where they may decide they want to be together and become soul mates, they decide to just be friends or maybe they decide to date and woohoo with many different sims.

5. Bachelorette Challenge Scenario

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor franchise and want to play through that in your game, the bachelorette challenge scenario can help to facilitate this. With this scenario you’ll want to have a house full of sims of any gender and have a flirty sim as your main character for sure to make it easier.

You have a few options as the outcome of the scenario where you can have a single couple and just be friends with everyone else like the traditional bachelor outcome, or you have the option to be romantic with everyone or just choose to be friends with everyone. Definitely a good challenge for a serial romantic sim!

6. Therapeutic Tenderness

With the therapeutic tenderness scenario you’ll have a sim who is starting off being a bit troubled and struggling in certain ways. The goals of this scenario have your sim starting a certain type of “therapy” where your sims will start new skills like art, music, or wellness to help them get through it.

You can even pair it with the thinking skill mod and make it so your sim has to work through the aspiration included with that, sleep in an upgraded bed and soul search.

7. Apollo/Sun

The next two custom scenarios come together and are pairs of one another for your sims. It’s a great choice to download them both and have one generation play through apollo/sun and the next generation play through artemis/moon and go from there.

For the apollo/sun scenario your sims will be dedicating their entire generation t healing and medicine so they’ll want to complete the doctor career to complete it that way. You could also have them finish the super parent aspiration or have them master an instrument.

8. Artemis/Moon

In the artemis/moon scenario your sims will be completely thriving in nature. They’ll love to spend time outside and dedicating their time to others and raising children.

Final Thoughts

Having custom scenarios in your game is so much fun because it can bring in interesting ways to play the game that you may have never thought about before. It’s just working with sims challenges where you touch parts of the game you may have never tried before. Happy Playing!

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