The Sims 4: Pet Training Skill Guide (Cats & Dogs)

Since we got pets with The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs we can now train them to do tricks and even run through an obstacle course with the pet training skill. This skill is a 5 level minor skill in the game that will have your sims training out misbehaviours from your pets and much more. This is a simple skill but will obviously require you to have a pet in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs!

Levels of the Pet Training Skill

Since this is a minor skill in the game there are only 5 levels for your sims to work through. At each level your sim will unlock different things they can train their pet to do.

Pet Training Level 1

When your sim first starts gaining the pet training skill they are going to unlock a few pet tricks like sit. They are also going to be able to train out some of the misbehavior that their pets are exhibiting.

Pet Training Level 2

When your sim reaches level 2 of the pet training skill they are going to learn how to train a dog to shake, play dead, and heel. They will also unlock the ability to practice tricks for a pet so they don’t forget how to do anything and your sim can still gain the skill without having to teach brand new tricks.

Pet Training Level 3

A sim who reaches level 3 isn’t going to be able to unlock any new tricks to teach their dog. However, they will be able to go and send their pets out to explore. The pets will them come home with a small box containing some kind of gift inside. These can be anything from metals, crystals, bird feathers, and more.

Pet Training Level 4

At level four of this skill your sim is going to be able to show off their pet tricks to others. They are also going to unlock the ability to tell their dog to attack. This will cause a box to open allowing you to choose from any sims around you currently and your dog will go and attack them.

Pet Training Level 5

When you reach the 5th level of the skill your sim has maxed it out and has mastered the pet training skill. When a sim reaches this level they are going to be able to train new dogs much more quickly, and will be able to get their dogs to perform tricks for sims who are around.

Training Out Misbehaviours

When pets are untrained they will do things like drinking from the toilet, barking at nothing, eating their own poo, and cats will even scratch furniture that they aren’t supposed to scratch. Thankfully, an option is available to try and train out these behaviors and make your cat or dog a better member of the family.

When your dog or cat does something that you don’t like you can use the lecture or scold options that will teach them that you don’t like the thing they are doing. Once they figure out what behavior they are supposed to be doing you’ll get a notification telling you that they have learned something.

a dog from the sims 4 who has knocked over a garbage can and needs to be trained

Using the Obstacle Course

One of the items that came with The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs is an obstacle course that you can get both your cats and dogs to use. You have the option of going to the park in Brindleton Bay or creating one of these on your own lot.

You are able to create a course that your sims can tell their pets to use. They’ll be able to run a single part of the course or run the entire thing and how well they do is going to depend on how high the pet training skill of the person who commanded them to do the course is.

While pet training you’ll be able to see how your sim is doing in the course in the top left hand corner where you can see how well they are doing based on how many mistakes they make. Obviously, your ultimate goal is to have zero mistakes in the course run.

A successful run without any mistakes will give your sim a positive moodlet and your pet will probably need a nap!

Final Thoughts

Pet training is a great way to hang out with your pets and grow your relationship while also making them a better pet overall. You can teach your pet cool tricks which can be fun to show off at parties. Happy playing!

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  1. I can’t seem to teach my dog anything other than go outside to potty. Help would be appreciated if you can. I am amazed though by all the work you’ve put into this website! I come here often to get help. Do you take donations?

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