The Sims 4: Charisma Skill Guide

Just like in real life, Sims need to be social creatures and the charisma skill is the best bet for making sure your sim has great experiences with socializing. This is one of the few skills that every single sim will get at least a little bit of in their lifetime because every sim talks to other sims!

Your sims will gain some of the charisma skill every single time they are having a conversation with another sim. Gaining the charisma skill is especially important if you need it for your career, or you’re doing something like the 100 Baby Challenge and new to win over a lot of other sims in your lifetime.

Ideal Mood for the Charisma Skill

If you’re trying to get your sim to grow the charisma skill it’s important that your sim is feeling either confident or happy. When your sim is happy they can essentially grow any of their skills a little bit faster so I’d recommend it for a sim who is using the mirror to gain charisma.

However, being confident is great for when your sim is trying to grow the charisma skill through social interactions because confidence will ensure that those interactions will go more positively.

Traits That Help The Charisma Skill

Self Assured

Self assured sims gain a confident moodlet a lot and being confident can help your sims social interactions go more smoothly and have a higher success rate.


An outgoing sim will gain a strong positive moodlet from really great social interactions which means they’ll be in a better mood when socializing.


A cheerful sim is going to get happiness moodlets very often and this means their charisma skill will increase a bit faster when they’re happy.

How to Increase The Charisma Skill

Gaining the charisma skill is one of the easiest to grow at the beginning because sims gain it while performing certain social interactions with other sims. Not all social interactions are going to increase the charisma skill, and your sim will only gain the skill while they are the one talking, not if they’re listening to another sim talk.

The second option for levelling up your charisma skill is to read charisma books that are available for purchase using the bookcase or the computer. However, reading books will grow your charisma skill slower than social interactions or practicing in the mirror.

The third option for growing your charisma skill is to use the mirror to practice speech. This is a great option because you don’t need other sims to stick around and it’s only dependant on your own sim. You can also unlock other things like practice pick-up lines or practice storytelling.

Finally, when your sim hits level 5 you can start a social network account which can help you grow your charisma skill (although it is rather slow growth).

Charisma Skill Levels

Charisma Skill Level 1

When you first start gaining the charisma skill you’ll have a better success rate when you’re telling jokes and you can start learning about other sim’s traits rather quickly!

Charisma Skill Level 2

When you hit level 2 of the charisma skill your sim can now use the Brighten Day interaction which can help all friendships with sims grow a bit quicker.

Charisma Skill Level 3

When your sim hits level 3 of the charisma skill they can now donate money to online charities for a boost in their mood. They can also now flatter other sims and if they’re feeling flirty they can even practice pick-up lines in the mirror.

Charisma Skill Level 4

At the 4th level of the charisma skill your sim can now perform a smooth apology which can help save any awkward social situation or unpleasant conversation. You can now use a cheerful introduction on sims which will give them a little bit better of a friendship at the start.

Charisma Skill Level 5

When your sim reaches the 5th level of the charisma skill you can now use a flirty introduction when your sim is feeling flirty to start a romantic relationship off from the start. You can also now practice storytelling instead of practicing speech and you’ve gained the ability to start a social network account.

Charisma Skill Level 6

At charisma level 6 your sim can now sweet talk other sims which can be used to increase either a friendship or romantic relationship. You can also upload images to your social network on the computer.

Charisma Skill Level 7

When your sim hits charisma level 7 you can now ask for a small loan from other sims and you’ve gained the ability to pay those loans back as well. Works great if you need a bit of money in a pinch.

Charisma Skill Level 8

At level 8 of the charisma skill your sim can now invent new hashtags if they have set up a social networking account and gain a few followers in the process. You also gain access to the enchanting introduction which can increase both your friendship and romantic relationship from the start.

Charisma Skill Level 9

When your sim hits level 9 of the charisma skill you can now ask other sims for a large loan that you don’t necessarily need to pay back.

Charisma Skill Level 10

At level 10 of the charisma skill your sim can now upload a viral video via the computer if they’ve already set up a social networking account. They can also call their boss to negotiate a promotion which can be extremely helpful!

If you just can’t wait to gain the full charisma skill, you can always use cheats! First type in ctrl + alt + C and then type testingcheats true and hit enter, that will allow you to enter the following cheat and for it to work. Then type stats.set_skill_level major_charisma X and fill the X with whatever skill level you’d like (probably 10, hehe)!

New Introductions from the Charisma Skill

As you level up your charisma skill in the sims 4 your sim will be given different options to introduce themselves to other sims and each interaction will give a different boost to the relationship. The further along the charisma skill the better the boosts to relationships.

Introduction TypeRelationship Boost
Friendly Introduction (Available at any charisma skill level) This introduction gives a very small friendship boost with a sim.
Funny Introduction (Available at any charisma skill level) This introduction gives a very small friendship boost with a sim.
Rude Introduction (Available at any charisma skill level) This introduction lowers the friendship bar with a sim.
Cheerful Introduction (Available at charisma level 4) This introduction gives a little bit larger of a relationship boost than friendly
Flirty Introduction (Available at Charisma level 5) This introduction gives a romantic relationship boost with a sim
Enchanting Introduction (Available at charisma level 8) This introduction gives your sim both a romantic and a friendship boost!

New Interactions from the Charisma Skill

As you grow your charisma skill you’ll have so many new and interesting social interactions to choose from that can grow your relationships insanely fast compared to the traditional ones.

When you first start gaining the charisma skill (level 2 and 3) you’ll be given the chance to use “Brighten Day” and “Flatter” on your sim’s friends and neighbours. This can help your sims relationships grow a bit faster than things like “Ask About Day”.

When your sim hits the 4th level of the charisma skill you can now use the “Smooth Apology” interaction which can save your sim from any awkward conversation they might find themselves in. For example, when a romantic interaction goes wrong, the smooth apology can really help smooth things over.

At level 6 of the charisma skill your sim can now “Sweet Talk” other sims that can raise the friendship or romantic relationship of sims a bit quicker than other interactions.

You can even gain the ability to ask other sims for a loan if you hit level 7 of the charisma skill. These loans don’t need to be paid back however, paying them back can help the relationship with a sim. If you want to ask for a large loan you must ensure that your sims have an amazing relationship because most people will say no if they don’t know you well.

Better Relationships

When you’re growing your charisma skill you’ll get an awesome perk of having quicker growth of relationships! Your relationship bars are going to get greener faster, and your romance bar will be all pink in no time. When your charisma skill is at level 10 you’ll see your relationships grow so quickly that essentially anybody off the street is now your best friend in just a few small clicks.

Donating to Charities

When you reach charisma level 3, your sim is now able to donate money to an online charity. Your sim is able to donate to a charity a maximum of one time per day, and can donate either $10, $100, or $1,000. When donating your sim will get a happiness moodlet that will last 6 hours.

*Note: Each charity has a small chance of being fraud and this can make your sim a little bit upset and give them a negative moodlet, but I’ve found that it’s rare.

Social Networking

When your sim reach the 5th level of the charisma skill they now have the ability to start a social network and gain followers through their social accounts. As your charisma skill continues to increase your sim will unlock all sorts of new social network interactions that will help increase your sims charisma skill.

Social networking has the ability to raise your sims charisma skill and their social need at the same time. Social networking requires you to do pretty frequent updates in order to stay relevant and has been changed quite a bit with the introduction of fame through The Sims 4: Get Famous.

When you’re using the social networking functions, you have to wait an hour between uploading images, six hours between creating new hashtags, and you can only upload a viral video one time per day.

Final Thoughts

The charisma skill is one of those skills that every sim will get some of in their lifetime and it’s important that you try and use every bit of it to your advantage through better relationships, more interesting social interactions, and so much more! Are you a fan of the charisma skill? Have you ever maxed it out? Let me know in the comments!

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