The Sims 4: Pipe Organ Skill Guide

The pipe organ skill was added with The Sims 4: Vampires and is a great option for spooky sims or sims who just want to play an old timey instrument. It works just like the piano, violin, or guitar skill and allows your sims to license their songs they have written to earn an income.

How to Gain the Pipe Organ Skill

Musical skills are pretty straight forward and only have one real way to increase the skill and that is, of course, playing the pipe organ. You can get your sim to feel inspired to boost skill gains and increase the skill quicker.

Levels of the Pipe Organ Skill

Pipe Organ Level 1

At level one of the skill sims are able to start playing the pipe organ!

Pipe Organ Level 2

When your sim has level 2 of the pipe organ skill they are going to unlock the ability to pluck for inspiration which can make them feel inspired.

Pipe Organ Level 3

Level three allows sims to start playing theme songs.

Pipe Organ Level 4

When your sim is at level four of the pipe organ skill they are going to be able to start playing cinema songs.

Pipe Organ Level 5

A sim who has level 5 of this skill will unlock jazz music to play on their pipe organ.

Pipe Organ Level 6

At level six a sim will unlock circus songs!

Pipe Organ Level 7

A sim who is at level 7 of the pipe organ skill will be able to play haunting music and dramatic songs.

Pipe Organ Level 8

When a sim gets to level 8 they are going to unlock the ability to write songs on the pipe organ and will also be able to play gospel songs on their organ.

Pipe Organ Level 9

At level 9 of the pipe organ skill a sim is now able to license songs that they have written at the mailbox so they can earn money. They are also now able to play some classical music on their organ.

Pipe Organ Level 10

When your sim reaches level ten of the pipe organ skill they are going to have mastered the skill. This means that they are now able to mentor others in the skill and can now play avant-garde songs on the pipe organ.

How to Cheat the Pipe Organ Skill

A lot of the time we just can’t be bothered to actually earn skills, so we can cheat them to make the process go faster. To cheat for the pipe organ skill you want to first make sure that you have cheats enabled by opening the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true and hitting enter. Then you can type in the cheat for the pipe organ skill which is stats.set_skill_level major_pipeorgan 10 you can replace the number 10 with whatever level of the skill you would like.

Writing Songs and Licensing Them

When a sim reaches level 8 in any musical skill they are able to start writing songs. Once you finish a song you are able to actually send it off to earn a bit of in royalties. You can only license one song per instrument at a time, and these will last a week before you can license a different song. Any song you license can earn anywhere from §100 to §1000 simoleons per day.

To license a song you need to have a completed song in your sim’s inventory, then go to the mailbox and choose license. You’ll then be shown any finished songs your sim has on them to choose from and you can pick whichever one you like.

Mentoring Others

Any time that you have a sim who reaches level 10 in a skill, such as pipe organ, they are able to go and mentor other sims who are practicing the skill and can mentor them. Mentoring other sims in the pipe organ skill will help them gain the skill at a quicker rate and they tend to get inspired during the process.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to play the pipe organ is a skill that I honestly think every single vampire should learn just so they can have the entire vibe of a spooky vampire. Or just have a quirky teen with a pipe organ as their instrument of choice. Hopefully this guide will help you learn the pipe organ skill quicker! Happy playing!

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