The Sims 4: Retail Perk Points and Perk Point Cheats (Get to Work)

With The Sims 4: Get to Work, your sims are able to own their own retail business. It could be a toy store, a furniture store, or whatever your heart desires.

A huge part of this system is the retail perk points that are rewarded when you do retail interactions and grow your business. You can purchase retail perks to make your business run more smoothly, and grow your customer base.

You can check out the cheats for these perk points here!

How to Gain Perk Points

There are a number of ways for you to earn perk points in The Sims 4: Get to Work. The first is to do any retail interaction with customers, so any sales interactions. This will give your sims 5 points.

Next, making a sale is going to get you 15 retail perk points. Finally, you’ll get 10 retail perk points to restock an item. Unfortunately, you won’t get points when your employees are doing the restocking or selling for you, only when you are actively working on your business.

Types of Retail Perks

Placard: My First Simoleon

Unlocks a decorative wall object that celebrates the store’s initial success. Check the “Retail Items” section of Build Mode

This item is the least expensive retail perk that costs just 50 perk points. It’s a small plaque that you can hang on the wall of your establishment to show off the first simoleon you ever made in your business. It’s not a necessity to make your business better, but it will look great on the wall.

Provocative Pedestal

Unlocks a new pedestal object to display various items for sale on. Check the “Retail Items” section of Build Mode

This retail perk is going to cost you a whopping 100 perk points. It is a nicer version of the pedestals you are able to buy to display items inside your retail establishment. It isn’t a total necessity as you can put items on a number of surfaces.

Stunning Sign

“Unlocks a new sign which can be placed in your store to attract more customers. Check the “Retail Items” section of Build Mode”

Everybody wants a cool sign for their business, and you can buy the option to have one for 150 perk points. It’s just a snazzy, stunning sign, so enjoy!

Snazzy Shirt

Unlocks an additional shirt for men and women that’s ideal as an employee uniform.

This perk is a snazzy shirt for your employees to wear as a uniform. Both for feminine and masculine sims. This is going to cost you 200 perk points to unlock.

Register of Tomorrow

“Unlocks the Suros Pecuniary Cash Register; perfect for use in modern upscale stores. It’s the register of tomorrow… today. Check the “Retail Items” section of Build Mode.”

This retail perk is going to cost your sim 250 retail perk points and will give a more upscale, fancy feeling to your sim’s retail store.

Superfluous Surplus

“The store’s supplier ordered too much inventory, and they’re temporarily reducing prices to clear space! The cost of restocking items will be reduced for 12 hours. This perk can be repurchased again in the future.”

This retail perk is more unique since it has an expiration time. For 12 in game hours you will have a lower cost for restocking items in store which will allow you to save a ton of simoleons. It’s going to cost you 300 perk points but can be purchased multiple times if you want.

Additional Employee #1

“Unlocks the ability to hire one additional employee within the Manage Employees window.”

This is going to be the most valuable retail perk that you can purchase in the early days of your business. More employees who are skilled will make your business run seamlessly. This perk is going to cost you 350 perk points but is well worth it.

Faster Restocking #1

“Slightly reduces the time it takes members of the household to restock sold items.”

Restocking is one of the most time consuming things in the retail system in The Sims 4: Get to Work. Being able to purchase a retail perk that makes this process go much quicker. There are two levels to this, this one which costs 400 perk points and a second that is going to cost you 1400 perk points.

Faster Checkouts #1

“Household members will ring up customers that are ready to purchase an item a bit faster.”

This perk is an absolute necessity and will bring your checkout time down by quite a bit allowing you to have more time to make more sales. It’s going to cost 450 perk points but those will be earned back in no time with the added time to do other things.

Placard: Fobbs 500

“Unlocks a decorative wall object that celebrates the store’s ultimate domination of the marketplace. Check the “Retail Items” section of Build Mode.”

This is another one that is not necessary but can be cute on the wall. I would wait until you’ve purchased more valuable ones. This costs 500 perk points.

Curious Shopper

“Customers will spend more time browsing the items for sale in the store before they decide to leave.”

Curious shopper is great because it will keep customers in the store longer so you have more time to sell to everyone and make more money. This one costs 1000 perk points.

Mega Manager

“Management social interactions performed on store employees will have greater chance of succeeding.”

This perk point is not totally necessary, but can be helpful in organizing your employees. You’ll be able to succeed more often when managing your employees and it will cost you 1100 perk points.

Additional Employee #2

“Unlocks the ability to hire one additional employee within the Manage Employees window.”

Having more employees is always a benefit in the game, unless you are yet to be making a profit, so don’t purchase this unless you are earning consistent money from your business. This perk will cost you 1200 perk points.

Serious Shopper

Customers will have a greater desire to purchase an item when they first enter the store.

The serious shopper perk point is going to cost you 1300 perk points and will make it so much easier to get people to purchase items in your retail store. This is a great perk point because customers are going to enter and be focused on the goal of buying which will save you money when having to interact with them.

Faster Checkouts #2

“Household members will rung up customers that are ready to purchase an item much faster.”

This perk point is going to allow any member of your household to check out different customers much quicker than before and is the second of two faster checkout perks. This one is going to cost 1400 perk points.

Faster Restocking #2

“Greatly reduces the time it takes members of the household to restock sold items.”

This is the second of two faster restocking perks that you can purchase, this is a good one because restocking takes a lot of time in the game so you can move way faster if you purchase this for 1400 perk points.

Sure Sale

“Unlocks the “Sure Sale” social interaction, which guarantees a customer will purchase an item when used on them.”

This perk point is insanely valuable because you’ll unlock sure sale making customers buy something no matter what before they leave the building. This one is going to cost you 2000 perk points.

Slick Salesmen

“Retail socials used on customers will have a greater chance of succeeding”

Being a good salesperson is really important if you want to succeed in retail. Having this perk purchased will make your retail interactions go much more smoothly which will help you make more sales. It’s going to cost 2100 perk points to purchase.

Instant Restocking

“Members of the household will be able to instantly restock items.”

This is an awesome perk because it will eliminate the wait time for your sims to restock items. They will be able to instantly restock all items! It’s going to cost a hefty 2200 perk points but the time saved will earn you much more simoleons.

Cheaper Restocking

Reduces the price of restocking items.

Restocking is one of the more expensive things in your business, so having the price reduced for the cost forever is valuable. This perk point is going to cost you 2500 perk points but will be well worth it in the long run.

Retail Perk Cheats

These cheats are going to automatically unlock any of the above retail perk points. Before typing this in you need to first enable cheats. You can hit ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard, then type in testingcheats true and hit enter. This will enable cheats. Then you can type any of these cheats into the box to use them.

Perk Point TypeCheat Code
Placard: My First Simoleonbucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_1 true
Provocative Pedestalbucks.unlock_perk PedestalMimic true
Stunning Signbucks.unlock_perk SignageMimic true
Snazzy Shirtbucks.unlock_perk RetailOutfit true
Register of Tomorrowbucks.unlock_perk RegisterMimic true
Superfluous Surplusbucks.unlock_perk DecreaseRestocking_Temporary true
Additional Employee #1 bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_1 true
Faster Restocking #1 bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Small true
Faster Checkouts #2 bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Small true
Placard: Fobbs 500bucks.unlock_perk StorePlacard_2 true
Curious Shopperbucks.unlock_perk CustomerBrowseTime true
Mega Manager bucks.unlock_perk ImproveManagementSocials true
Additional Employee #2bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_2 true
Serious Shopper bucks.unlock_perk CustomerPurchaseIntent true
Faster Checkouts #2bucks.unlock_perk CheckoutSpeed_Large true
Faster Restocking #3 bucks.unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Large true
Sure Sale bucks.unlock_perk SureSaleSocial true
Slick Salesmanbucks.unlock_perk ImproveRetailSocials true
Instant Restockingbucks.unlock_perk InstantRestock true
Cheaper Restocking bucks.unlock_perk DescreaseRestockingCost true

Final Thoughts

These perk points are a total necessity for the retail system from get to work and can really make your business run like a charm. It’s a great system and the cheats make it even easier. Happy playing!

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  1. These cheats only seem to affect household (controllable character) it doesn’t boost employees.. or did I miss how to do that?

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