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The Sims 4: Rocket Science Skill Guide

The rocket science skill is a base game skill in The Sims 4 that goes right along with the astronaut career in the game. It can allow you to travel to space and bring home different aliens or fancy space rocks, and even go to Planet Sixam!

Ideal Mood for the Rocket Science Skill

The simplest way to gain a skill more quickly is to be in the ideal mood for the skill. For example, painting while inspired can improve the quality and skill gain. So, you should know the ideal mood for gaining the rocket science skill if you really want to thrive.

A sim should be focused if you want them to gain the rocket science skill more quickly. You can get focused by browsing simpedia on the computer or by pondering moves on a chess table.

How to Gain the Rocket Science Skill

The first way to gain the rocket science skill is to read rocket science books that you can purchase at any bookcase. This is the slowest way to gain the skill, but if you can’t afford a rocket ship yet this may be the best thing to do.

The next way to gain the skill is to build a rocket ship. You’ll need to pay §5,000 to own the rocket ship landing spot and then pay another §1,000 just to build it. This is going to take you quite a few hours but you’ll gain a decent amount of the skill doing this.

Once you’ve built a rocket ship you’ll then be able to upgrade your rocket ship with various upgrades, however, each of these are going to cost money. Having a rocket ship is an expensive hobby.

If your sim is a teen and you have The Sims 4: Parenthood you are able to do rocket science school projects to gain the skill as well. Or have an adult aged sim help a teen with their projects to gain a bit of the skill too!

Rocket Science Skill Levels

There are ten levels for the rocket science skill and each level will let you unlock new additions for your rocket ship, or new adventures you can go on.

Rocket Science Skill Level 1

When a sim first starts gaining the skill they are able to build a rocket ship immediately, once you have access to a rocket ship this sim can also explore space at just level 1 of the skill. Also, your sim has the ability to install landing stabilizers on their rocket ship.

Rocket Science Skill Level 2

When your sim reaches level 2 they are not going to get any new abilities, but there is a bit of speed added to your sim working on their ship.

Rocket Science Skill Level 3

When you reach level 3 your sims are going to be able to add the expanded fuel storage tank to their rocket ship.

Rocket Science Skill Level 4

At level 4 of the skill your sim will just be able to build and upgrade their rocket ship more quickly than before.

Rocket Science Skill Level 5

When a sim reaches level 5 they are going to be unlock the improve maneuvering thrusters ability on the rocket ship.

Rocket Science Skill Level 6

At level 6 your sim will unlock the ability to add a new upgrade, the expanded cargo bay. This is awesome because it will help you bring home more alien collectibles.

Rocket Science Skill Level 7

At level 7 your sims are going to be able to install ion cannon defence system on the rocket ship which will protect your sim when they are on missions.

Rocket Science Skill Level 8

At level 8 your sim will be able to upgrade more quickly.

Rocket Science Skill Level 9

At level 9 of the skill your sim is going to be able to install automated landing computer which will stop you from destroying your rocket ship when coming home.

Rocket Science Skill Level 10

Being a level 10 rocket scientist your sim has mastered the skill and is able to install the wormhole generator. Once you’ve installed this you are able to go to planet sixam, the secret alien world.

How to Cheat the Rocket Science Skill

Sometimes we just don’t want to earn a skill on our own, so we’d rather cheat it! First, you need to make sure that your heats are enabled by hitting ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true and hitting enter.

Then you’ll want to type in stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience 10 and hit enter. You can change the 10 to any level of the skill that you want your sim to have.

Building Your Own Rocket Ship

If you really want to gain the rocket science skill quickly you’re going to need a rocket ship of your own. You are going to want to purchase the Steampunk Flyamajig and put it on your lot, this is going to cost you §5,000.

You are then going to have to build the rocket ship which will cost you another §1,000. It’s going to take your sim quite a few hours to build a rocket ship, however, if you have another sim in your household who isn’t busy you can have them come and help build the rocket ship to make the process go more quickly.

Upgrading Your Rocket Ship

If you want your sim to be safe and not have your rocket ship crash every time you arrive back home, you are going to want to upgrade your rocket ship.

There are seven total upgrades that you are able to get for your rocketship and the cost runs anywhere from §500 to §2,500.

  • Install Landing Stabilizers for §500
    • This upgrade is going to help you with your landings to make them fail less often so you don’t have to rebuild your rocket ship.
  • Expand Fuel Storage Tank for §700
    • This upgrade will give your sim more fuel for their rocket ship which is going to let your sim going deeper into space and explore further.
  • Improve Maneuvering Thrusters for §1,000
    • This upgrade is going to make moving around in the rocket ship easier for your sim.
  • Expand Cargo Bay for §1300
    • This upgrade will allow your sim to bring more stuff home from their adventures in space meaning you can get more collectibles back to earth.
  • Ion Cannon Defence System for §1,750
    • This upgrade is going to make your sim have a better chance of returning safely from space.
  • Install Landing Computer for §2,500
    • This upgrade is going to help for your sim’s landings so there’s less of a chance of them crashing
  • Install Wormhole Generator
    • This is the upgrade that will let your sim travel to Planet Sixam, the secret alien world that came with The Sims 4: Get to Work.

Going on Missions

Once you’ve completed building your space ship your sim is able to go on space missions but this won’t have you going anywhere. These missions will be a bunch of pop ups where you can make decisions that will influence whether you bring things home, land safely, or come back with weird moodlets.

If you choose poorly there is a chance that your sim may crash as they return back home and their rocket ship will be broken. You are going to have to pay for the §1,000 build fee to rebuild your ship.

Going to Planet Sixam

If you have The Sims 4: Get to Work, your sim is able to install a wormhole generator that will allow your sim to travel to different locations that are further into space. This means you are able to go to Planet Sixam and actually visit space.

You’ll be able to talk to aliens, look for collectibles and weird plants, and more.

Space Collectibles

There are two types of items that your sims are able to bring back when they head to sixam or on space expeditions, the first is space rocks, and the second is tiny aliens.

Space Rocks

Common Space Rock

“This adorable little spare rock often thrives best luxuriating in the light of a distant star. Or a desk lamp.”

Well of course this rock is a common item, and has a value of §95.

Uncommon Space Rock

“The uncommon space rock. Often quiet, always misunderstood.”

This uncommon rock, is of course, uncommon and has a value of §145.

Large Space Rock

“This large than average space rock is prized for its stoic beauty in the face of calamity.”

This is an uncommon space rock and has a value of §200.

Unnaturally Large Space Rock

“This is an unnaturally large space rock. It is large enough to be an island. It can feel no pain. And it will never cry.”

This is the most rare space rock and will have a value of §275.


An alien that you may bring home from Sixam will either be alive or dead and can have different monetary values.

Live Blue Slug

“A parasite that inhabits the brains of larger organisms and effectively plays puppet master.”

The live blue slug is a rare alien with a value of §165.

Dead Blue Slug

“Extracted from the body of its prior host, the specimen continues to move even after other life signs have long since faded”

The dead blue slug is a common item that is going to have a value of §150.

Live Pink Whale

“Vaguely reminiscent of our own cetacean mammals, this space whale manipulates the fabric of time and space in navigating its environment.”

A live pink whale is an uncommon item that will have a value of §165.

Dead Pink Whale

“This organism’s vital fluids contain traces of phosphorus, glowing for a short period of time when exposed to oxygen. The next fossil fuel?”

A dead pink whale is a common item that has a value of §150.

Live Red Coral

“Unlike its earthly counterparts, more than ninety percent of this coral-like structure is engaged in metabolic processes.”

The live red coral is going to be an uncommon item with a value of §165.

Dead Red Coral

“Preliminary readings suggest that this skeleton emits a constant stream of short-wave transmissions — often involving what appear to be numerical tallies.”

A dead red coral is a common dead alien and has a value of §150.

Live Space Porcupine

“This porcupine exhibits shy, skittish behaviour, expelling its quills to tranquilize would be predators and making a hasty retreat thereafter.”

A live space porcupine is a common alien and has a value of §165.

Dead Space Porcupine

“Anatomical analysis reveals that this specimen has both reptilian and mammalian reproductive features, perfectly fit for erratic meteorological patterns.”

A dead space porcupine is a common alien that will have a value of §150.

Live Space Squid

“A gelatinous, docile organism that communicates via patterned pulses in its bioluminescent skin.”

The live space squid is a rare item with a value of §165.

Dead Space Squid

“With six appendages, partial transparency, and an unusually reflective outer membrane, this specimen likely evolved on a water planet before arriving at the point of discovery.”

A dead space squid is an uncommon item with a value of §150.

Final Thoughts

Going to space in The Sims 4 is a real fun time, since you can bring back funny things like small aliens to decorate your home with. Gain the rocket science skill and maybe even become an astronaut, happy playing!

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