The Sims 4: Scouting (Seasons)

With the addition of The Sims: 4 Seasons, they have added a brand new child life stage after school activity. Since childhood can be rather boring in the game, it’s a fun way to give yourself a brand new challenge in addition to doing the children’s aspiration!

Scouting is a great addition to the parenting character values system that was added with The Sims 4: Parenthood. Most of the things your scouts will need to do, are going to increase your sim’s character values at the same time.

How to Start Scouting

Your child or teenager can join scouting, and it is not available for any other life stage. All you need to do is go to your sim’s phone and choose join after school activity, or for teens it can be found under find a job. You’ll be given the option to join scouting or drama club.

The scouting career’s description states:

“Hey whippersnapper, do you have what it takes to be a Scout? Whip out that compass and volunteer today! As a virtuous Scout, you’ll do fun activities with your troop and learn what it takes to be an upright member of your community”

When you join scouting you’ll be given a scouting board in your inventory for your sim to check their badge progress and collect the badges that they’ve been given. You’ll also unlock a new scouting outfit that your sim can change into whenever they choose.

Your sim will need to go to their scouting meeting on both Saturday and Sunday each weekend from 2-4 pm. This is nice because it can break up the monotony of your child or teen sim being home all weekend long.

Your sim will also be able to update their scout pack site, donate to charity, and comment on scout forums!

Scouting Ranks

There are 5 ranks to the scouting career, and as you get more badges and attend more meetings, you’ll grow in your scouting ranks.

Scouting Title Llama Scout
Promotion Tasks Earning a Scouting Badge
Promotion Reward Secret Scouting Handshake Interaction
Scouting Title Griffon Scout
Promotion Tasks Earn 3 Total Scouting Badges
Promotion Reward Scouting Manual
Scouting Title Unicorn Scout
Promotion Tasks Earn 6 Total Scouting Badges
Promotion Reward Bronze Scouting Trophy
Scouting Title Pegasus Scout
Promotion Tasks Earn All Scouting Badges
Promotion Reward Silver Scouting Trophy
Scouting Title Llamacorn Scout
Promotion Tasks N/A
Promotion Reward Gold Scouting Trophy, Scouting Aptitude Trait, Expert Scouting Uniform

Earning Scouting Badges

For your sim to progress in the scouting career, they need to be constantly working towards earning badges. You’ll be able to see your current career level under your sim’s school information in the career/school panel.

To earn scouting badges you need to complete a certain type of task a specific number of times, which we’ll go through in the next section. Once you get the required number of badges, you’ll automatically get a scouting promotion.

Types of Scouting Badges

the badge icon for young scientist for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

1. Young Scientist

“To earn this badge, perform scientific activities like computer programming or using the microscope and telescope.”

Your child or teen must do 5 of these interactions to complete the young scientist badge. Children are unable to do computer programming, so you can get them to use the junior wizard set (the science table) and they should be able to complete this badge easily.

the badge icon for civic responsibility for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

2. Civic Responsibility

“To earn this badge, perform cleaning or repair actions”

Your child or teen must do 8 cleaning or repair actions to complete this badge. You can look for various messes around the house. If you have siblings who are a little naughty and leave a ton of paint messes (parenthood), this can be extremely easy.

the badge icon for sociability for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

3. Sociability

“To earn this badge, perform friendly socials with another sim”

Your child or teen must do 12 social actions with another sim to complete this badge, and they must be friendly social interactions. You can do things like brighten day, or get to know with other kids, or your family members and you should be able to finish this one rather quickly.

the badge icon for good deeds for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

4. Good Deeds

To earn this badge, entertain a toddler, make someone laugh, take out the trash, or help someone with their homework”

Your child or teen must do 6 good deeds for them to complete this badge. They can do funny interactions with their family members, or play with their younger toddler siblings. They can also take out the trash, however, most of my families have the NanoCan Touchless Trash Can so I never have the ability to get them to take out the trash.

the badge icon for give back for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

5. Give Back

To earn this badge, donate items for charity from the Mailbox and Computer”

Your child or teen sim must give back to charity 5 times to get this badge. I’ve found that this works really well with the arts and crafts badge progress, because you can get your child to make arts and crafts on the craft tables, put them in their inventory, and then donate those craft projects. Whatever you try to donate, must be in your sim’s inventory.

the badge icon for keep fit for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

6. Keep Fit

To earn this badge, perform dance or exercise activities.”

Your child or teen must do at least 6 fitness related activities to earn this badge. This can include dancing, exercising, and playing on a jungle gym.

the badge icon for arts and crafts for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

7. Arts and Crafts

“To earn this badge, make crafts, drawings, or paintings.”

This is one of the easiest ones to complete, since it has nothing to do with other sims or waiting for a mess to be made. Your child or teen just needs to create 6 artistic crafts or paintings. Kids can do this on the creative table and teens can use an easel.

the badge icon for outdoor adventurer for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

8. Outdoor Adventurer

To earn this badge, perform outdoorsy activities like catching fish, finding frogs, or grilling outdoors.”

Your child or teen needs to do at least 6 outdoor activities for them to gain this skill. The best way to do this is to just go fishing or scour the neighbourhood for logs so they can find frogs.

the badge icon for scholarly aptitude for scouting in the sims 4 seasons

9. Scholarly Aptitude

To earn this badge, perform studious activities like reading books, or completing homework”

This one is probably the easiest to complete, because kids need to do their homework anyway! Your child or teen must do at least 5 scholarly activities to get this badge. If you want to get the badge faster, just get your child to read some children’s books.

Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait

If you’re able to get your sim to the top level of the scouting career, you’ll be rewarded with the scouting aptitude reward trait. This reward trait will boost all your sim’s skill gains for life by 25%. This can stack with other types of skill gains like savant or night owl.

Final Thoughts

Scouting can be a really fun way to make your children have more interesting things to do with their time, especially on the weekends. They will be more successful as adults if they manage to complete all of the scouting badges!

Have you ever joined scouting in The Sims 4? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. How do you quit the scout activity?? My teenage sim is a scout and I can’t seem to find the quit activity button.

    1. Hi Adriela! Your post is a bit older so my apologies if you already figured this out. You can have your sim quit using the Career button on the phone, just like having adult sims quit their job.

    1. Hi Chorlotte! Your post is a bit older so my apologies if you already figured this out. Your sims should automatically go to scouts at the scheduled time. If they don’t for some reason, you should be able to click on the Career button, scroll down past their school information and click Go to Activity in the Scout section.

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