Sims 4 Friend of the Animals Aspiration Walkthrough (Cats & Dogs)

With every sims game the pets expansion is always long awaited and with The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs we got the sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration. This aspiration makes perfect sense for a pets expansion and really lets you sims focus their attention on being friends with as many furry friends as they can get their hands on.

This aspiration focuses on becoming friends with animals and training out bad behaviours but not so much on the pet training skill that also came with that pack. You’ll spend more time just doing positive interactions with pets than training them to do anything interesting.

veterinarian checking a dog's ear and another vet playing with cats

Stages of The Sims 4 Friend of the Animals Aspiration

Every aspiration in The Sims 4 has many levels to it that you need to work through before you’ll be able to finish it off. As you finish the tasks in each level you’ll be awarded with satisfaction points that you can use in the reward store. The sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration has four levels for your sims to work through.

Stage One: Acquaintance of the Animals

  • Have a Pet in Your Household
  • Be Friends with 1 Animal
  • Use Friendly Social Interactions with Animals 12 Times
sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration stage 1

The first part of this aspiration is to have a pet in your household, this counts if you create a pet in CAS or if you go and adopt a pet on your phone.

The best way to complete the second part of this aspiration, to become friends with one animal, is just to befriend the animal in your household. This shouldn’t take long, especially if you are working on part 3, to use friendly interactions 12 times.

The friendly interactions with pets won’t take long, it includes things like playing, brushing, and more. These are simple and can be completed in a single sim afternoon.

Stage Two: Friend of the Animals

  • Be Friends with 5 Animals
  • Be Companions with 1 Animal
  • Successfully Train Out Two Bad Behaviours
sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration stage two

If you don’t want your sim to have to own 5 pets, you have the option of going around town and becoming friends with stray pets who are walking around. You can also go to houses who have pets, like the Hecking household and befriend them. A good option is to become friends with Catarina Lynx because she has 4 cats. Another option to meet pets is to start a vet clinic, where you’ll be constantly meeting new sim pets.

To get a pet to be a companion you need to have an incredible friendly relationship with them. This works just like becoming best friends with another sim, where you’ll eventually see a become companions option.

Training out behaviours is extremely important if you want a pet in your household to not annoy you. To train these out, you can just tell your pet not to do something after they have done it. This includes waking you up, scratching furniture, rolling in puddles, and more. The game will give you a notification if you have trained it out.

Stage Three: Best Friend of the Animals

  • Be Companions with Two Animals
  • Feel the Love with Pets 5 Times
  • Successfully Train Out Four Bad Behaviours
best friend of the animals stage of the aspiration

As we discussed in part 2, you’ll need to become companions with a sim pet. This will appear when their relationship with you is high enough and you choose become companions in the social menu.

To be able to feel the love with a pet you need to first have a great relationship with them and then do a series of positive interactions with them. This can include hugs and playing and more, eventually a +125 or +250 Feel The Love option will appear, and this will give your sim either 125 or 250 satisfaction points. You’ll need to do this 5 different times, but this can be done with one single pet.

Finally, you will need to successfully train out 4 behaviours. This doesn’t need to be all in one pet, this could just be teaching 4 pets in your household to go pee outside. This includes things like not waking you up, not scratching the furniture, and more.

Stage Four: BFF to the Animals

  • Play with 2 Different Ghost Pets
  • Feel the Love with 8 Animals
  • Be Friends with 12 Animals at Once
BFF to the animals stage of the sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration

If you don’t want to wait until your sim’s pets die to play with 2 different ghost pets, you have the option to go to the pet cemetery located in Brindleton Bay. You’ll find this at the Deadgrass Isle lot in the forest area.

As discussed in part 3 of this aspiration, you’ll need to feel the love with 8 animals. This one is different because it needs to be with eight separate animals not just 8 times. Since part of this aspiration is to become friends with 12 animals, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to feel the love 8 times, just do some positive interactions and that option should appear.

Finally, the most time consuming part of this aspiration is to become friends with 12 animals. These can be animals in your household, animals in neighbourhood homes, or just strays walking around.

Sims 4 Friend of the Animals Reward Trait

When your sim manages to finish off any aspiration they are going to be given a reward trait and you can actually gain multiple of these throughout your sim’s life. This is a nice incentive to keep completing aspirations to eventually work toward creating a super sim.

When you get a sim to finish the sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration they’ll be gifted the animal whisperer reward trait. This is a good one if you want your sims to continue spending time with pets because it’ll make you gain relationships with them faster (or you can just cheat these relationships) and makes it easier to train pets.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Friend of the Animals

There are some aspirations that are extremely easy to complete and they take the fun out of an aspiration. The sims 4 friend of the animals aspiration is actually amazing because it takes a decent amount of time to complete and you’ll need to be around a lot of animals in your sim’s lifetime. It’ll definitely help to be in Brindleton Bay where there are tons of strays to befriend. Happy Playing!

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