The Sims 4: Astronaut Career

The astronaut career is one of the most complicated and possibly even the most interesting that we have been given so far. You get to work on a rocketship in your backyard where you can eventually try for baby if you so choose!

This career is a super fun one in The Sims 4 and this guide is going to teach you everything you need to know to get your sim to the top of the career and start making the big bucks.

Aspirations for the Astronaut Career

Body Builder

The body builder aspiration is a great choice if you want your sim to be in the astronaut career because this career focuses heavily on the fitness skill, as you have to max out the skill in both branches of the career. Plus, as a bonus, your sim can get the long lived trait from this aspiration and stay alive a bit longer.

Nerd Brain

Nerd brain is also an awesome choice because it has aspects of playing chess, as well as parts of it are focused on building a rocket ship at home. You’ll be able to work on this aspiration and your career simultaneously.

Traits for the Astronaut Career


Since the astronaut career focuses so heavily on the fitness skill, and you have to max out the skill for your sim to get to the top of the career in either branch, the active trait is essentially a no brainer. It will help you gain the skill quicker and have your sim enjoy exercise more.


The geek trait is a really awesome option for an astronaut because it makes it so your sim enjoys doing things like playing chess, and rocket science. It even helps them gain these types of skills. They will also feel focused more often which helps them gain logic.

Loves Outdoors

Loves the outdoors is a really awesome option for a trait if you’re working on the astronaut career because your sim is going to need to spend a ton of time outside building a rocket to gain the rocket science skill, and you want them to be happy while doing it!

Astronaut Career Levels

“Who doesn’t dream of going to space? Become an astronaut and the galaxy will be your playground.”

When going through the astronaut career, you’ll need to be working out frequently since you’ll eventually need to max out your fitness skill. It’s better to work on fitness slowly, since your sim can only work out so many hours per day.

To get the rocket science skill, you need to be building a rocket ship in your yard, so having a super small lot may not be an option. Also, having a rocket ship and upgrading it is going to be pretty expensive, so you may want to have another household member who can make some extra money.

Job TitleIntern
Hourly Wage§26/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 8 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§234
Promotion TasksPlay Chess
Promotion Rewards New Interaction: Enthuse About Space
Job TitleModule Cleaner
Hourly Wage§34/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 12 pm – 9 pm
Daily Pay§306
Promotion TasksPlay Chess, Level 2 Logic
Promotion Rewards §581, Astro Solar System Light
Job TitleTechnician
Hourly Wage§54/Hour
ScheduleT W T F 1 pm – 9 pm
Daily Pay§432
Promotion TasksPlay Chess, Level 3 Logic, Level 2 Fitness
Promotion Rewards §756, New Interaction: Point Out Constellations, Astro Model Rocket
Job TitleCommand Center Lead
Hourly Wage§71/Hour
ScheduleM T W F 2 pm – 10 pm
Daily Pay§568
Promotion TasksWork Out, Level 4 Logic, Level 3 Fitness
Promotion Rewards §869, Track Satellites on Telescope, Star Seeker Blueprints
Job TitleLow Orbit Specialist
Hourly Wage§96/Hour
ScheduleM W F 8 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§864
Promotion TasksWork out, Level 5 Logic, Level 4. Fitness
Promotion Rewards §1130, Portable Galaxy Lightshow
Job TitleSpace Cadet
Hourly Wage§104/Hour
ScheduleM W F 6 am – 4 pm
Daily Pay§1040
Promotion TasksWork Out, Level 5 Fitness
Promotion Rewards §1299, Mission Control
Job TitleAstronaut
Hourly Wage§119/Hour
ScheduleM W F 8 am – 6 pm
Daily Pay§1190
Promotion TasksWork Out, Logic Level 6, Fitness Level 7.
Promotion Rewards §1689, New CAS Items, Salyut Aeronaut Chair

Astronaut Career Unlocks (Before Branch)

Every career in The Sims 4 comes with a series of unlocks that include different create a sim and build mode items. I like to add sections on the build mode items because they’re usually the best!

With the first 7 levels of the astronaut career you get a new desk that looks like mission control from a space station where you can leave a computer, as well as a really cool chair that goes right with it.

You’re also given a solar light, that can look like a really cute mobile in a baby or toddlers room. In addition, you get a couple cute desk or shelf decor items including a set of blueprints and a model rocket that can look great in a home office.

Space Ranger Career Branch

“Space is wild and unruly – a bit too unruly. Taking a post in the Plant Patrol ensures that space remains safe for future generations.”

The space ranger career branch is a good choice if you want to work less, as the work hours are a bit lower than the interstellar smuggler branch of the astronaut career. In this career branch, you’re going to need to max out the Fitness skill, as we discussed earlier, so you should be working out as often as possible to get this done.

To go into the space ranger career, you must have a rocket ship on your lot. This is because your daily work task is to do a space mission, which you can’t do unless you have a rocket ship!

Space Ranger Branch Levels

Job TitlePlanet Patrol
Hourly Wage§179/Hour
ScheduleM T W T 10 am – 6 pm
Daily Pay§1432
Promotion TasksDo Space Mission, Rocket Science Level 2, Fitness Level 8
Promotion Rewards §1790, New Recipe: Space Energy Drink, Build Your Own Rocket Kit
Job TitleSherriff of the Stars
Hourly Wage§297/Hour
ScheduleM T W T 10 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§2079
Promotion TasksDo Space Mission, Rocket Science Level 4, Fitness Level 10
Promotion Rewards §3149, Astro Bunny Beyond Infinity
Job TitleSpace Ranger
Hourly Wage§422/Hour
ScheduleM T W T 10 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§2954
Promotion TasksDo Space Mission
Promotion Rewards §4567, New CAS Items, Apollo Rocket Ship

Space Ranger Branch Unlocks

The space ranger branch of the astronaut career has a few really awesome unlocks that you get as you progress through the career. The first is opening up a new recipe to the space energy drink at a bar, this drink will make your sim feel energized and this can be extremely helpful if you are working on your fitness skill!

The next two, are just decorative objects. You’ll get a build your own rocket kit, which sounds like it could be fun, right? Well, it’s not. It’s purely decorative but does look pretty cool. You’ll also get a giant statue called astro bunny beyond infinity that could look super cool in a garden!

Finally, you’ll unlock the apollo rocket ship which is my favourite of the 3 rocket ship options and looks like sleekest and most modern. Just another awesome way to go to space!

Interstellar Smuggler Career Branch

“The Sim who wrangles the most of the stars takes advantage of the ungoverned frontier. Take any job – even if it doesn’t touch the ground.”

Just like in the space ranger branch, you’re going to need a rocket ship on your home lot since the daily task is to also do a space mission. So, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time and money to buy and build a rocket ship.

Compared to the other branch, you’ll make more money in the interstellar smuggler career branch but you will need to work more!

Interstellar Smuggler Branch Levels

Job TitleMoon Mercenary
Hourly Wage§201/Hour
ScheduleS S M 4 pm – 12 am
Daily Pay§1608
Promotion TasksDo Space Mission, Rocket Science Level 2, Fitness Level 8
Promotion Rewards §1790, Alien Juice Drink Recipe, The Monolith
Job TitleAlien Goods Trader
Hourly Wage§299/Hour
ScheduleS S M 4 pm – 11 pm
Daily Pay§2093
Promotion TasksDo Space Mission, Rocket Science Level 4, Fitness Level 10
Promotion Rewards §3865, Zero G Training Bag
Job TitleInterstellar Smuggler
Hourly Wage§413/Hour
ScheduleS S M T 2 pm – 11 pm
Daily Pay§3717
Promotion TasksDo Space Mission
Promotion Rewards §5025, Retro Rocketship

Interstellar Smuggler Branch Unlocks

The first of the unlocks in the interstellar smuggler branch is the alien juice drink recipe that can be made at the bar. This drink is a bit more of a mystery and will give your sim some kind of random moodlet, usually positive, after drinking.

The next is a good one, the Zero G Training Bag which is an awesome punching bag for your sims to exercise on. This not only gives your sims fitness skill, it’s also confident decor!

The final one is the Retro Rocketship, which is a super funky and cool looking rocket ship option to have in your sim’s yard. It’s beautiful and red and white!

Final Thoughts

Being in the astronaut career in The Sims 4 can be really fun, since it also gives you the opportunity to visit the planet Sixam with your newly built rocket! How do you feel about the astronaut career? Tell me your feelings in the comments!

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