The Sims 4: Dancing Skill and How to Cheat It (Get Together)

Something that is extremely fun to watch your sims do is start dancing! The dancing skill came with The Sims 4: Get Together and allows your sims to start dance battles, and do group dances together. You’ll get to go and show off your moves at a fun club in Windenburg and enjoy yourself!

How to Gain the Dancing Skill

There are a few ways to gain the dancing skill, and all will be extremely fun for your sims allowing you to keep your fun need up. You are able to grab a mirror on the wall and choose to practice moves to gain the skill which is a nice option.

Of course you can go and turn on any music source in the game and start dancing. It’s fun because the entirely family can dance together, even toddlers are able to bob to music making it a fun activity for the family.

Levels of the Dancing Skill

The dancing skill is a minor skill in the game meaning that it only has 5 levels of the skill gain making it extremely easy to max the skill. As you gain the skill you’ll end up unlocking some new dance moves.

Dancing Skill Level 1

At level one of the skill your sim is going to unlock the arm charm dance move and be able to practice dancing.

Dancing Skill Level 2

When you hit level 2 of the skill you’ll unlock the interaction to discuss dance techniques and you will also unlock the pump pop dance move.

Dancing Skill Level 3

When you reach level 3 of the skill your sim will be rewarded with a portable dance floor that they can bring around anywhere with them to dance anywhere they want. You’ll also unlock the jimmy leg dance move.

Dancing Skill Level 4

When your sim is at level 4 of the skill they are going to unlock the new light spin spinning dance move.

Dancing Skill Level 5

When a sim maxes out the skill they are going to unlock a new pair of retro dancing sneakers in create a sim and unlock the back flip dance move.

How to Cheat the Dancing Skill

If you just want to skip the effort and give your sim some of the dancing skill you can easily cheat it. First you want to enable cheats by opening the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true and the game will tell you that cheats are on.

Then you’ll want to type in stats.set_skill_level major_dancing X and fill the X with a number between 1 and 5 corresponding to whatever level of the skill you’d like your sim to have. If you want to max the skill you’d go with stats.set_skill_level major_dancing 5 and your sim will get level 5 of the skill.

New Interactions

There are a few new things your sims are able to do with the dancing skill in The Sims 4: Get Together. The first thing is dance battles that can be done at different locations. These are extremely fun to watch!

You are also able to do a group dance getting a bunch of sims to do an identical dance at the same time. There a bunch of different dances to watch and works best when done with a club of sims who are already going to do things together.

Finally, your sims are able to show off their moves when they are near a dance floor and can result in them getting a confident moodlet.

Final Thoughts

Although the dancing skill is not super deep and interesting it is a fun skill to gain, and dance battles are super fun to watch. You can dance your way all around the dance floor and earn the skill rather quickly. Happy Playing!

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