25+ Pieces of Sims 4 Suit CC To Create Snazzy Sims

There are so many ways for you to dress your sims in the game, we can go casual with jeans and a t-shirt, or we can decide to go more formal and have our sims dress up. The easiest way to dress up your sims is with a fancy dress or with one of the many Sims 4 Suit CC options.

These are great because sims can wear them everyday if they’re feeling fancy, or save them for big events in their lives like weddings, funerals, and parties.

Sims 4 Suit CC for Adults

The most common age group that will be wearing suits IRL and in The Sims is going to be adults, both masculine and feminine characters. These are going to be worn to big events in their lives but also worn by sims with high powered jobs in the game and can be worn around the house by the truly weird.

Masculine Sims 4 Suit CC

Open Front Men’s Suit

This rich burgundy suit is a stunning mixed garment of high quality. The black satin lapel adds elegance and guides the eyes to the open chest of your Sim’s man. The jacket fits slim and the pants are straight, definitely an eye catching combination!

A nod to Shawn Mendes who never wears a shirt with his suits, this is a great choice for your adult Sim who wants to look dapper and stylish. Whether your Sim is headed to a formal event or just wants to make a fashion statement, this suit is sure to turn heads!

An image of a man (face is cropped out of the image) wearing a dark red suit. They are not wearing anything under the jacket and they are showing off their chest hair.

Men’s Slim Flit Suit Set

Looking for a sharp, stylish suit that will have your Sim look his best? Check out the Men’s Slim Fit Suit Set. This sleek and chic ensemble is perfect for any formal occasion, whether he is attending a summer wedding or a high-powered business event.

The set includes a shirt, jacket, and pants, all tailored to fit the body perfectly. The shirt is fitted, while the jacket is casual but tailored to continue the sharp look. The pants are straight cut, making them flattering and comfortable.

The suit is available in black or white, so you can choose the perfect shade, and because the material is light, he will stay cool and comfortable no matter how long the event lasts.

Two images of a sim wearing a pair of suit pants, a dress shirt that is unbuttoned at the top and a jacket. In one image they are standing in a pose and the other image they are walking toward the camera.

Fall Suit Jacket

Fall is the time of year when the leaves change color and the weather gets cooler. It’s also the time of year when you need to start thinking about what to wear to stay warm. This collection of jackets are a good alternative to a coat plus they offer a coordinating tie for each one.

The wool mix will keep your Sim warm on even the coldest days. And because fall doesn’t have to be all about dark colours, these jackets are bright and inviting and have a choice of eight colours, perfect for sprucing up any rainy day.

So whether you’re looking for a new work outfit for your Sim or just something to keep him warm on a chilly evening walk, this Fall Suit Jacket Collection has it all covered.

Three men standing in suits that are in autumn colours like yellow, orange, red and brown.

Idol Suit Jacket + Pants

Idol Suit Jacket + Pants is a great choice for the fashionable Sim man. The slim fit for the pants and jackets creates a cool ambience and brings the classic suit to a modern funky level.

The 14 swatches for the jacket and swatches for the pants provide ample opportunity for mix-and-matching, and the soft material ensures comfortability. Whether you’re headed to a formal event or just want to look sharp, these suits are sure to impress. So give them a try – your Sim will thank you!

A sim with brown hair wearing a white t-shirt and black sneakers. They are wearing a yellow pattern suit

Sakai Suit

Looking for the perfect suit to make your Sim man look his best? Look no further than the Sakai Suit. This slim-fitting suit comes in six colours, making it ideal for a spring or summer wedding, or a romantic dinner. The jacket can be worn with one button closed for a casual look, or all buttons fastened for a more formal occasion.

The lapel of the jacket is made from satin fabric in the same colour as the jacket, giving it a stunning look. The suit can be accessorized with a same-coloured bow tie to harmonize the whole outfit.

The body-hugging fit of the suit brings out the best features of your Sim man. Whether you’re dressing him up for a special occasion or simply want him to look his best, the Sakai Suit is sure to impress.

Three male characters from The Sims 4 who all have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes and facial hair. They are all wearing suits with bow ties, one is black, one is purple and one is light blue.

Old School Suit

The Sims 4 CC Old School Suit is a nod to country style, and isn’t it fun? There are 4 styles to choose from: a light yellow with a darker yellow vest and tie, a checkered dark orange with the same accessories as the yellow one, the third style is a dark brown striped suit with a vest and tie also in dark brown, which is also found with the beige suit.

Add white, black or dark brown gloves and the hat of your choice and your Sim man is good to go! The material is a wool/polyester mix and all suits are fitting slim to the body. So if you’re looking for something a little different for the next event of your Sim man, be sure to check out this Sims 4 Old School Suit!

Four sims with dark hair who are all wearing old school looking suits with gloves and hats.

Leather Suit

This Sims Leather Suit CC for Adults is definitely giving us vibes of Rod Stewart in his heyday. The slim fitted jacket is made of a luxurious soft leather in a diamond pattern with small leather crosses that is sure to make your Sim feel like a million bucks.

There are four different colours to choose from and whichever one is your Sim’s favourite, he cannot go wrong. Each suit comes with white pants, and we have to say, they look absolutely dapper. No matter where your Sim man needs to go he is sure to make a lasting impression in this stylish suit.

Four of the same blonde sim who are all wearing white pants and a white button up shirt. All four sims are wearing different variants of the same suit jacket.

Domenico Outfit

The Domenico Outfit is a beautifully crafted slim fit suit that comes in nine different colour combinations. The all-white ensemble is particularly striking, and each set comes with a tie/shirt combination in dark grey, with pants, jacket and vest.

There is an Italian touch to the outfit which gives your Sim an air of sophistication and style. The material is a luxurious silk mix which adds to the overall look of elegance and refinement. With this suit your Sim is ready to take on the world in style.

On the left there is a white box with a male sim from The Sims 4 wearing a blue suit with a black shirt and black tie. On the right there are 9 boxes with the other colour variants of the suit.

Wyatt Suit

Looking for the perfect suit to take your Sim’s style game up a notch? Check out the Wyatt Suit. With its incredible 56 swatches, there sure is the perfect look for any occasion. If your Sim wants a bit more personality let him go extra stylish, and chose the flower pattern jacket – it’s sure to turn heads.

The pants are a slightly looser fit with a soft crease, which gives them a touch of formality. The black belt is a nice contrast, to the two button-jacket and the slim lapels. All in all, the Wyatt Suit is perfect for a leisure time but can also be dressed up for a business meeting. So why wait? Elevate your Sim’s style today with the Wyatt Suit.

A sim who has their head cropped out wearing a t-shirt with a bright red suit. There are two suits without sims in them beside him in a floral pattern and purple.

Omega Suit

Looking for a sharp, stylish suit that will make you stand out from the crowd? How about this Omega Suit with its bad-boy vibe? This cool outfit comes in 15 different colours, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your Sim. The jacket is slightly shorter and the pants have a slim fit held by a nice contrasting black belt.

The material is a soft polyester mix, making it both durable and comfortable. The stitching along the lapels and rim of the jacket is an interesting detail, and it extends to the outer seam of the pants. The Omega Suit looks great with a tight fitting shirt and a slim satin tie in a contrasting or matching hue. So suit up and let your Sim shine!

Three sims with alternative looks, they are wearing matching suits with white stitching around the edges.

Smart Fashion IX Suit

The Smart Fashion IX Suit is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your Sim’s everyday look. The grey hued Shepherd’s check pattern is both sophisticated and very elegant, while the straight pants and slim two-button jacket with narrow lapels give the outfit a modern edge.

The brocade vest and pocket square in a bright fuchsia or yellow, or chic light grey adds colour and definition to this outfit, making it perfect for a statement at any event. Whether you’re looking to get things done or lead any party fun, the Smart Fashion IX Suit is sure to make you look and feel your best.

The same sim three times with their head cropped out of the image. They are all facing toward the left wearing a matching suit with different coloured vests.

Feminine Sims 4 Suit CC

Boss Lady Suit Dress

This Suit Dress means business no question about that. It comes in a dark anthracite or a deep burgundy, rich luxurious colours. The double messing button closes in the front and there are two small pockets on each side. The narrow satin lapels add a touch of femininity.

Your Sim lady can wear it as a mini dress or in combination with some smart straight pants. With the high quality material, which is durable and easy to care of, she is ready to take on whatever crosses her way. Whether she’s heading to the office or out on the town, she’s sure to make an impression in this stylish and sophisticated ensemble.

A sim three times where their head is cut off in the image. They have dark hair and hoop earrings.

Feminine Belted Suit

Looking for a chic and stylish suit that will make you feel like the powerful woman you are? Look no further than the Feminine Belted Suit for Sims 4. This stunning suit comes in 15 different solid colours and then repeat the same colours with a window pane pattern.

The collarless jacket and puffed long sleeves are ultra-flattering, and the double fabric buttons and fabric belt create a nice flow of harmony.

The lightweight material is perfect for hot summer days or layering in the winter, and the suit can be worn with matching pants for a formal occasion or leggings for a more casual vibe. No matter how your Sim wants to style it, she will look and feel her best in this Feminine Belted Suit.

A black background with five headless mannequins standing. They are all wearing the same puffy sleeve belted suit jacket.

Business Suit with Plaid Jacket

The feminine Sims 4 Business Suit with Plaid Jacket CC is a stylish and professional business suit that is perfect for any Sim who wants to make a great impression. The classic business suit includes a plaid jacket with a solid coloured skirt in four bright hues, in addition to the not-to-be-missed black and grey.

The jacket has a four button line and closes tightly over the body, giving the wearer a polished and professional look. The neckline is of a higher style with short solid coloured lapels, making the whole outfit look very businesslike.

The little pockets on the front of the jacket have a flap, which brings a cute accent to the outfit. A silver necklace adds additional class making it perfect for any Sim who wants to look their best.

The same black haired adult female sim six times. Each sim is wearing the same suit with a skirt in different swatches. The jacket is plaid.

Barb Suit

This fabulous Sim 4 suit is inspired by the style of the 70s. It features wide-leg pants and a long jacket that covers the hips, creating a sleek and stylish silhouette. The fabric is a warmer wool mix, making it ideal for colder days. The suit comes in a window-pane-pattern and is available in 22 colours.

This fun but still business-like suit is perfect for many occasions and goes well with a turtleneck in a solid hue and a statement necklace enhancing the 70s look. Whether you’re attending a meeting or going out on a date, you’ll make a lasting impression in this fabulous outfit.

A feminine sim with blonde curly hair, they are wearing a black turtle neck with a gold necklace. Their pants are high waisted plaid suit pants and there is a matching suit jacket to tie it all together.

Makena Outfit

Looking for a sophisticated, sexy and business-ready outfit? Look no further than the Makena Outfit! The oversized blazer has a deep neckline, one button and two pockets, and is long enough to be worn as a dress or with the matching pants.

The outfit is available in 10 colours, including a stunning snow white. This is the ultimate power woman suit which brings your Sim from office to high end party. Whether she is looking to make a statement at work or turn heads at a formal event, the Makena Outfit is sure to impress.

Two female characters from The Sims 4 who are wearing a suit jacket without a shirt underneath. One is wearing it with pants and the other is wearing it as a dress

Sims 4 Suit CC for Children

Children aren’t really going to have somewhere to wear a suit very often, but once in a while they have a major life event where they’ll need to wear it and these Sims 4 Suit CC options are going to be perfect. They can be worn to weddings, funerals, exciting parties and more!

Simple Boy’s Suit

Looking for a stylish and dapper outfit for your little man? Check out the new Sims 4 Simple Boy’s Suit. This sharp-looking suit comes in six different designs, and is sure to make your Sim boy look like a little gentleman.

The comfortable fitting suit includes a vest and patterned tie, and the white shirt gives the whole outfit an elegant touch. The fabric is easy to care for and lightweight, so your little guy won’t break a sweat. With this stylish suit, he’ll be the best-dressed kid at any party… and maybe even give daddy some competition when it comes to style!

Three brown hair, brown eye boys wearing suits where the jacket, pants and vest are all a single colour like maroon or green.

Bastian Boys Suit

Introducing the Bastian Boys Suit. This slim-fitting ensemble for young boys is perfect for a formal or professional event. It comes in different colours, including options with a windowpane pattern or textured fabric.

The straight pants have a bit of stretch to them, making them comfortable to wear all day. The jacket is also slim fitting but stylish, and it’s made from a breathable and durable material that can keep up with any activity.

Plus, the cool design will make your junior Sim look all grown up at their next function. Dress them up and they are all good to go.

Five boys with bleach blonde hair wearing a suit

Little Beau Sims 4 CC Suit

Little Beau is a dashing young man, and he knows it. This smart outfit comes in three different styles, each one making him look quite dashing. There is the formal grey suit, with interesting detail on the jacket and two pockets with flaps.

The round slightly bigger button close the jacket easily over the brocade vest in grey and blue hues. The solid grey pants has a loose straight fit. Next is the blue version, that brings a funky vibe to the outfit with its structured fabric for the pants and the boucle-like jacket.

Underneath is a white vest making the style clean and attractive. Finally, the brown suit also has solid coloured pants and a fashionable jacket with a houndstooth pattern. But no matter what style Little Beau chooses, he will always look fabulous in that Little Beau Sims 4 CC Suit.

A blonde haired child from The Sims 4 wearing an old school looking suit

Little Gentleman Suit

There’s something about a sharp suit that just oozes sophistication. And when it comes to children’s suits, the Sims 4 Little Gentleman Suit is definitely one of the best. This fashionable ensemble comes in one style and two colours, so your little Sim can choose between a rich grey-blue or a warm chocolate brown.

The jacket features a vertical seam on each side and two flap pockets, while the pants are straight and simple yet elegant. Both versions come with a brocade vest, adding an extra touch of class.

Whether your Sim is attending a wedding or headed off to a fancy dinner party, the girls will swoon over that handsome young man wearing this suit.

The same child with brown hair four times. The child is wearing a sims 4 cc suit but in one variation it is black and another is brown.

Fancy Boys Suit

The Fancy Boys Suit for Sims 4 CC for Children is exactly what you need to keep your young man looking dapper. With the same 12 styles of the adult version available, dad and son can matchmake with ease.

From flower to windowpane pattern, from solid colours to jacket lapels in a soft contrast, there is something for every fashion boy. The quality is excellent, with a slim fit that has a bit of a stretch so nothing stands in the way of an active life.

Each version of the suit will make the young man in the Sim’s household chic and up to date. So don’t wait any longer, grab the Fancy Boys Suit for Sims 4 CC for Children and make your young man look his best.

Five blonde haired sims posing in various looks all wearing matching suits in different patterns.

Suit with Bow Tie

There’s something undeniably sweet about this Sims 4 suit CC for children. It’s an elegant dark grey suit with straight pants and a comfortable fitting jacket. But the real stand-out feature of this outfit are the 8 colour options for the satin jacket lapels and matching bow ties.

It adds that special touch and gives this outfit a dignified air. Plus, it’s just plain cute. Your little Sim will look as dapper as can be in this outstanding Suit with Bow Tie.

Four rectangles in light grey, each with a brown haired child sim in them. each character from The Sims 4 is wearing a black suit with different colour detailing on it.

Sims 4 Suit CC For Toddlers

They may not have jobs, or anywhere super important to go, but toddlers deserve to wear suits too! These Sims 4 Suit CC options are extremely adorable and will make sure that your sims are looking amazing no matter where they are going. You can even add adorable toddler accessories to make your toddler look even better!

Patterned Jacket Shorts Suit

Looking for something special to help your toddler stand out from the crowd? Check out the Patterned Jacket Shorts Suit. These combinations feature a patterned jacket in three stylish designs: a golden brocade, a grey nails head pattern, and a light blue plaid.

Each jacket has satin lapels in a solid colour, adding a touch of refinement. The short pants reach to the knees and are also in solid colours, allowing your little boy plenty of room to move. With this fine suit, even the smallest member of the family can participate in every celebration!

Three of the same toddler with black hair wearing a suit jacket, a bow tie and shorts.

Toddler Suit CC With Vest

Looking for a dapper outfit for your toddler? Then consider the Toddler Suit CC With Vest. These ensembles come with a vest instead of a jacket, and are available in solid colours, small polka dot and pinstripe patterns. A belt and golden buttons complete the cute styles!

Altogether, your toddler can choose between 10 options. Not having a jacket keeps the heat of a busy boy while enjoying the festivities. Whether your youngster is attending a wedding or just playing pretend, he’ll look sharp in one of these adorable suits!

A grey square with three of the same toddler from The Sims 4. This toddler is wearing a button up shirt, a bow tie, a vest and matching pants as their suit.

Tartan Shorts Suit

Add a touch of class to your toddler’s wardrobe with this stylish short suit. The solid coloured jacket with lapels that match the plaid design of the shorts and bow tie make this outfit look smart and put together.

The big round wood buttons make it easy for little hands to open and close the jacket, and the five designs available mean that you can find the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing your toddler for a fall wedding or a Christmas party, this Tartan Shorts Suit is sure to make them look their best.

A sim wearing a red suit jacket with shorts. The trim on the jacket and the shorts are both red and green plaid, and the rest is solid red.

Blue Star Jacket Suit

The Blue Star Jacket Suit is a short pants suit with a smart bow tie and shirt and the perfect outfit for a little dancer. The shorts are in a solid dark blue with a white jacket full of stars which have the same blue hue as the shorts and lapels.

Your Sim can choose between a blue, white, or red shirt with a white, patterned, or red bow. This suit calls disco and that Sim toddler will have a blast. They can go out and show the world their best moves while looking stylish at the same time.

A toddler character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a suit jacket that is bright white with small blue stars on it. They are also wearing navy blue shorts.

Bastian Sims 4 CC Suit

This is the toddler version of the Bastian Sims 4 CC Suit for boys and brings the same stylish features. The slim-fitting jacket is made from a breathable and durable material, making it comfortable to wear all day. It comes in different colours, including options with a windowpane pattern or textured fabric.

The jacket also features a slim-fit cut, making it perfect for any event. The cute bad boy vibe of this outfit is sure to make your toddler the cool kid on the block. And if you want to bring it up a notch match the outfit with the older brother.

The same blonde toddler five times. This toddler is wearing a grown up suit jacket with the button down being open and showing off part of the chest.

Patterned Suit without Jacket

There’s nothing like a dapper little suit to make your toddler look sharp. The vest for this Sims 4 suit cc for toddlers comes in three handsome patterns – paisley green, black and white plaid, and a festive Christmas pattern with reindeers.

The black three quarter pants have a turn up at the legs which matches the fabric of the vest. The no-jacket look is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, dinner party or Christmas event. A white shirt and colourful tie bow complete the Patterned Suit Without Jacket perfectly, and now your toddler is ready to party!

The same blonde haired toddler three times in various poses. They are wearing a pair of rolled up black pants with a white button down and a vest.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Suit CC

Suits are a great way to make your sims look really adorable and put together. These Sims 4 Suit CC options can be great for a formal look or for an everyday look for a more serious sim with a serious job. These are some of my absolute favourite options out there. Happy Playing!

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