50+ Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC Options for the Perfect Day

There are a few days in your life that you are going to look forward to and a wedding day is one of the biggest. Since this is an important day for you and your sims, they deserve to have the perfect option for an outfit for their big day. These beautiful sims 4 wedding dress cc options are absolutely perfect for making your sims feel their best and making them look gorgeous.

You can pair these dresses with your favourite custom curly hair and make the characters feel amazing and have the most absolutely beautiful day!

The Most Beautiful Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC

Wedding Dress with Gold Belt

There is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day and the wedding dress is part of it. This Dress impresses with its elegant simplicity. The strapless corset creates a perfect upper body and cinches in at the waist with a delicate golden belt.

The rich satin fabric drapes elegantly over the body and the high slit adds a touch of sensuality. The cut of the dress is slim and hugs the figure without restraining it. This makes it the perfect choice for any bride who wants to look her best on her special day, but does not want to miss out on the dances.

A sims 4 cc wedding dress that has a sweetheart neckline that cinches at the waist with a gorgeous gold belt

Enna Dress

The Enna Dress is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses available in the Sims 4. It has a delicately embroidered neckline that reaches into the middle of the bust, giving the impression of a corset. The upper part of the dress is adorned with a lace border in the middle, leading down to a lace rim.

The long, tight sleeves add to the slim, graceful line of the dress. From the knees, the dress flares out to a stunning white skirt which swirls in wide pleads. This allows the bride to move comfortably while still looking absolutely gorgeous.

A long-sleeve mermaid wedding dress with a sim with blonde hair

Wedding Collection

Looking for the perfect wedding dress for your Sim bride? Look no further than this collection of beautiful wedding dresses. The Crinoline-styled dress is perfect for a romantic Sim bride, with its multiple layers of soft tulle and delicate pattern.

For a more simple and elegant look, try the satin fabric dress. This collection also offers a variety of sleeve options, including shoulder-free long sleeves and short sleeves. And if your Sim bride is looking for something other than traditional white, this collection provides plenty of other colour choices.

Whether you’re looking for a classic or unique wedding dress, this collection has the perfect option for your Sim bride.

The cover for a sims 4 cc wedding dress pack with two sims on it wearing gorgeous dresses

Till Death Do Us Part Dresses

The Most Beautiful Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC is the perfect collaboration of style, grace, and elegance and there is an abundance of beautiful wedding dresses for your Sims to choose from. With 20 swatches in a variety of colours, there is sure to be the perfect dress for every bride.

The collection includes 8 couture wedding dresses, 1 pair of pants, 1 suit jacket and 1 pair of high heels. Each item is just as rich and versatile as you wish, providing all your Sims with everything they need to walk down the aisle in style.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and understated dress or a gown that makes a statement, this collection has it all. So make your Sims’ big day even more special with the Till Death Do Us Part Dresses.

Two sims standing in a gorgeous wedding venue wearing either a cc white suit or a dress with layers in The Sims 4

Wedding Collection Part 3

Who says a bride always has to look romantic? And if she does – she cannot look sexy? This wedding collection shatters those expectations, combining romantic style with enough sex appeal to make jaws drop.

The detailed lace and deep necklines are stunning, while the high slit lets the bride move around during the dances without getting tangled up in the luxurious skirt. And the low back is simply gorgeous. Your Sim bride will be the talk of the town with this wedding dress collection.

Two sims standing in absolutely gorgeous wedding dresses that have long slits and lace at the top

Romantic Wedding Dress

While some brides might prefer a more simple dress for their big day, others want to go all out with a romantic gown. If your Sim’s bride falls into the latter category, she should definitely consider this beautiful wedding dress.

The top part of the dress is an incredible detailed work of lace, which extends to the long slim sleeves. Underneath is a satin tank top styled bustier. The high waisted skirt which starts right at the laced top creates a slim figure, and the skirt falls beautifully to the ankles.

The lower part of the skirt is embroidered and slightly repeats the lace of the top, giving the dress a touch of elegance. Whether your Sim’s bride is looking for something romantic or just wants a gorgeous dress to wear on her big day, this frock is sure to fit the bill.

A wedding dress with a lace skirt and a set of long sleeves that cover a corset

Bridal 2

Every bride wants to look like a queen on her wedding day, and this dress from Bridal 2 will definitely make your Sim feel like royalty. The intricate lace corset is stunning, and the cut-out detail adds a touch of charm.

The voluminous skirt is extraordinary, with shimmering lace embroidery that will make her feel like the belle of the ball. Your Sim’s bride will definitely turn heads when she walks down the aisle in this dress!

A wedding dress option for The Sims 4 that is a fun cc dress with a large skirt and a strapless top

Wedding Dress 9

Wedding Dress 9 is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses available in the Sims 4. It comes in 30 colours, so you can move away from a traditional white dress if you want. The flute skirt with a lace overlay is very pretty, and the sleeveless top fits snugly to the waist and bust, creating a beautiful line.

The whole dress gives you a stunning hourglass figure. The simple design with a romantic touch enhances the elegant look. This is a great choice for any bride who wants to look her best on her wedding day.

A sims 4 cc wedding dress that has a straight across strapless neckline with a silver belt

Wedding Dress with Detachable Sleeves

Looking for the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task, but thankfully The Sims 4 has an amazing array of wedding dress CC to choose from. Among the many beautiful options available, the Wedding Dress With Detachable Sleeves is definitely a stand-out.

This stunning gown comes in 14 pastel colours, and features two different styles for the bustier. The skirt falls loosely in soft pleats and extends into a train, giving the dress an elegant look.

But the real show-stopper are the detachable sleeves, which are held by a satin cuff around the upper arm and flow down to the wrist in a bell form. These eye-catching sleeves are truly unique and let you Sim’s bride enjoy this beautiful wedding dress even more.

This wedding dress has a cinched sweetheart top with a straight skirt and sleeves that are not connected to the dress for an interesting look

Lorena Wedding Collection

The Lorena Wedding Collection is the perfect blend of contemporary and romance. The first style is a jumpsuit with a stunning long sleeve off-the-shoulder lace top. A satin belt cinches in the waist, extending into tight pointe pants that end at the ankles.

To add to that modern look, the jumpsuit comes with an ankle-long lace skirt, creating the image of a train. The second style replaces the pants with a short skirt to create a softer appearance.

Both styles are sensual and stunning, and are made with excellent quality. No matter if your Sim’s bride decides to go with the modern pants option or the more feminine choice, she will look amazing no matter.

A cover for the sims 4 cc wedding dress lorena collection that has a lace dress with a back skirt that can also go over pants

Wedding Collection N2

The Wedding Collection N2 mermaid wedding dress is a classic style that has been brought to the next level. The lace top provides a deep neckline leading down to the belly button, while the lace cups secure the breasts and won’t reveal anything.

The short sleeves are just cupping the shoulders and complete the formfitting elegant, but sensual look. The dress continues tightly around the hips and tights and flares then in its mermaid style. The back features intricate lace work flowing down from the neck to the middle back leaving the sides open.

All of this is done in a brightly white silk fabric. This is a dress which will make the groom faint when he sees his Sims’s bride coming down the aisle!

The sims 4 cc wedding dress option that is mermaid style, with an open back and a nice plunging neckline

Edwardian Wedding Dress

For the Sim’s bride who loves all things antique and lace, this Edwardian wedding dress is sure to be a show-stopper. The high collar is in a mock turtle style and has an adorable pendant as a special detail. The long sleeves have a whimsical bow at the upper arm and end with flared out cuffs at the wrist.

The waist is slightly etched creating the image of a higher sitting fabric belt. The skirt flares almost straight down covering the shoes. The fabric is a stunning handcrafted lace which makes this frock luxurious and traditionally elegant.

The dress comes in seven darker colours besides the traditional white, off- white and blush. Whether your Sim’s wedding is in- or outdoors, this dress will make her feel like royalty on her big day.

A very old school wedding dress in edwardian style with tons of detailing, long sleeves and a high neck for your sims 4 wedding dress cc folder

Rainbow Dress

What could be more beautiful than a bride wearing a stunning rainbow dress on her big day? These two styles of Rainbow Dresses are simply stunning, with an unusual touch that is sure to make your wedding day extra special.

The first style features a sleeveless top with wide pleats that meet at the hip, adorned with white fabric roses. The wide pleats continue on one side of the dress to contrast the opposite side, where the fabric is sewn in waves in shimmering rainbow colours.

The second style also has a sleeveless top which creates the image of a vest resting on the hips, giving way to waves of pastel soft rainbow colours which flow dreamily down. Both styles are completed with a veil with lace etching. Nothing can top the bride in this outfit!

Two women in wedding dress cc options in The Sims 4 that add gorgeous rainbows to the skirt

Alethea Dress

The Alethea Dress is a stunningly beautiful wedding dress for Sims 4. It features a simple tank top style with a wide pleated waistband to enhance an hour glass shape. The attached light flaring layer reveals the skirt underneath, which is embellished with a shimmering flower pattern.

The fabric is a rich satin and the dress comes in eight colour options, each more enchanting than the other. The simplicity of this dress does not take away from its elegance and beauty. It is sure to make any Sim’s bride feel like a princess on their special day.

A simple wedding dress with a cinched waist, a v-neck and a ruffled skirt with a longer skirt under

Bridal 13

If you’re looking for a show-stopping wedding dress for your Sims 4 character, look no further than Bridal 13. This gorgeous mermaid-style dress features a plunging neckline that ends at the waistline, long sleeves with lace inserts at the shoulders and underarms, and a top part all crafted in lace that artfully flares sidewise to hug the hip area and leads further down to the mermaid flare.

The stunning white fabric of the skirt makes it look luxurious and tops the elegance of the overall style. Let your Sim feel like a queen and wow her groom on her big day.

sims 4 cc wedding dress

Katya Wedding Dress

The most beautiful Sims 4 wedding dress CC is the Katya Wedding Dress. It is available in six colours: four pastel colours, and a rich red and black. The front of the dress is made in lace, with a high collar and long sleeves in a plain silk fabric.

The back of the dress is open, falls deep to the lower part of the back, and is rimmed with a lace part. The skirt is again a plain silk fabric and flares into a slight mermaid style. This dress is the perfect choice for the sophisticated Sim’s bride.

A long sleeve wedding dress with a slight mermaid style, it has an open back and the front is covered in lace in The Sims 4 cc

Duchess of Cambridge Dress

If you’re looking for a regal wedding dress that will make your Sim look like a true princess, then you need the Duchess Of Cambridge Dress. This beautiful gown comes in five different colours – white, embroidered white, ivory, rose, and sky – and is inspired by none other than Kate Middleton herself.

The full skirt falls like a dream and is beautifully embroidered with intricate patterns, while the heart neckline and tight fitting bust add the romantic touch every bride wants. Plus, the long sleeves give the style the elegance we know from the Duchess of Cambridge. So if you want to bring a touch of royalty to your Sim’s wedding day, this is the right dress.

A sims 4 cc wedding dress that is inspired off of Kate Middleton's dress

Romantic Wedding Gown

Your Sim’s bride deserves the most beautiful wedding dress on her big day. She can wear a white gown like everyone else, or she can choose a romantic wedding gown that comes in 11 colours, including pastels and richer hues.

The top is worked like a bustier in intricate luxurious lace, and the tule overlay has a flower decor which changes to more lace as it gently flows down the long sleeves and covers the open back. It keeps the dress in style with the romantic theme, but does not take away any of the sensuality.

The multiple layers of the skirt flow gently down and display another firework of lace along the rim. A truly jaw dropping dress that will make your Sim’s bride feel truly special on her wedding day.

A fun option for a sims 4 wedding dress cc choice with long sleeves and lace, buttons going down the back and a cute skirt

Wedding Dress 12

Your Sim’s bride can have a fairy tale wedding in this dress. The simple dress is available in 30 options. The back has three delicate silver cords which hold the top on the shoulder cup, creating a diagonal design with one off shoulder.

The top itself fits tight and cinches in at the waist to create an hourglass shape. The skirt is white and leaves enough room to dance through the night. The rich fabric has a leave like embroidery, adding to the princess charm of the dress.

Whether your Sim is getting married in a cathedral or on a beach, this dress will make their special day even more magical.

A sim in a wedding dress that is one shoulder with it going into a three metal thing going from the shoulders to the waist

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Oh, what a beautiful Sims 4 wedding dress CC! The Bohemian Wedding Dress is everything a flower power girl could hope for – vintage, crochet-like, and bright white. The mini dress is perfect for channeling all the magick of that time frame and will make any bride feel like a Bohemian goddess.

The loose, see-through sleeves flare out at the ends, while the body part has a lining to keep the ensemble decent but just pretty. The dress is short, true to the Bohemian style. Adding a flower tiara to complete the look and all your bride needs to do is celebrate.

A bohemian inspired wedding dress that has long sleeves, sims 4 wedding dress cc, it has lace all over covering a slip and the lace goes a little further than the slip dress

McCartney Dress

Another beautiful Sims 4 wedding dress CC is definitely the McCartney Dress. It’s based on the reception dress of Meghan Markle, and it’s just stunning. The halter is a real eye catcher on an otherwise simpler style, and the high mock turtle like collar doesn’t tell anything about the deep open back.

The dress hugs the figure of your Sim’s bride and then flares out in a mermaid style lower part. This dress leaves nothing to wish for and will bring out the beauty of any bride wonderfully. If you’re looking for a show-stopping dress that will make your Sims 4 bride look like a princess, this is the one you want.

the back of the mccartney dress

Vintage Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and there is no shortage of beautiful wedding dress options to choose from. For those who want something a little bit different, however, vintage wedding dress styles are a great option.

This particular dress features a simple but beautiful A-line silhouette with a lace insert extending from the bust to the neckline. The belt sits right on top of the hips, cinching in the waist and adding a touch of medieval flair.

The result is a stunning and unique gown that is sure to turn heads. Whether you are looking for something original or simply want a classic look with a twist, this vintage wedding dress is sure to impress.

a vintage sims 4 wedding dress with lace at the top and a fun belt

Wedding Dress 7

With the Sims 4 wedding dresses CC one dress is more beautiful than the other and the Wedding Dress 7 is no exception. It comes in white, off-white, a deep red, and stunning black. The sleeveless dress has a bustier style top that moves in at the waist and then flares out wide like a ball dress.

The fabric is a soft luxurious satin that still holds up to all the demands of a wedding dress. The style creates a vibration of romance and promises, but most of all it makes your bride drop-dead gorgeous.

The detailed work on the bodice and skirt are what make this dress so special. It’s definitely a head-turner and the guests will be amazed at how wonderful your bride will look.

a gorgeous ballgown wedding dress with a bunch of fun beaded detail

Cascata Wedding Dress

If your Sim is looking for a beach wedding dress that is both beautiful and unique, the Cascata Wedding Dress is the perfect choice. The light and breezy style of the dress is perfect for a summer wedding, and the tank top part is both comfortable and flattering.

The skirt falls straight down in gentle waves, resembling the water rolling on to a beach, the location your Sim’s bride might say her vows. The dress comes in 16 different colours, so you can find the perfect shade to match the wedding theme.

Whether you are looking for a traditional white dress or something more colourful, the Cascata Wedding Dress is sure to make your Sim look like a blushing bride.

A wedding dress option that has a layered ruffle skirt with a belt that has a flower and a v-neck

Vintage Lace Wedding Gowns

As any bride knows, the perfect wedding dress is essential for making the big day truly special. And with the Sims 4 Vintage Lace Wedding Gowns, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect dress for your Sim’s big day.

There are three different styles to choose from, each with four colour variations. Whether you prefer the simple style, the flared out skirt with its waving pleats, or the soft mermaid style in a classic white, peach, blush or mauve, they are all stunning.

Plus, with the vintage-inspired lace detailing, these gowns are sure to make your Sim’s wedding photos truly stunning. This is a truly beautiful and unique wedding dress. So go ahead and keep it a secret from the groom. Surprise him with this beautiful gown on the wedding day.

three sims wearing vintage lace wedding gowns that are standing under an outdoor pavilion

Rustic Romance Stuff Dresses

Look no further than the Rustic Romance Stuff pack! These beautiful dresses are simple but stunning, and come in a variety of styles to suit any taste. There’s a strap dress style as well as a more elaborate design with additional tulle and embroidery.

The high quality of fabric used lets the dresses flow nicely around the body, creating a romantic and elegant look. And of course, they’re all in the traditional white to create a pleasant vibe. So if you’re looking for a rustic romance wedding dress that’s sure to impress, this is the perfect choice.

The cover of the sims 4 cc stuff pack for rustic romance

Natasha Dress

This beautiful Natasha Sim 4 wedding dress is inspired by the glamorous gown worn by supermodel Natasha Poly at the Cannes Film Festival. The luxurious champagne-hued dress is elegantly designed with a higher front and deeper back, held up by two delicate straps.

There are also two more colours available for this dress to widen the choices. The Natasha dress also features a graceful flounce starting at the hip, which flows down the front of the dress in a cascade of lush fabric with a soft shimmer.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant gown for your own wedding or a special occasion, the Natasha dress is sure to make you feel like a celebrity on your big day.

A simple dress with spaghetti straps and a straight neckline

Olivia Sims 4 CC Dress

Sims weddings are always beautiful, but they can be even more stunning with the perfect dress. The Olivia Sims 4 CC dress is a different take on the traditional wedding dress, and it is absolutely stunning. The white corsage top creates some edge and an interesting contrast to the romantic skirt.

The skirt has a cascade of flounces and is shorter in the front, which makes it even more fun and playful. Every move your Sim bride makes will bring this dress to life. It is a dress that promises passion and happiness.

A wedding dress with a layered skirt and a corset top

Klaudia Sims 4 Wedding Dress

Sims 4 offers a wide variety of wedding dress CC for players to choose from, but one dress that stands out is the Klaudia Sims 4 Wedding Dress. This stunning gown features a long sleeve top strewn with delicate lace in a beautiful pattern which shows plenty of skin but is still not revealing too much.

The skirt falls wide in a shimmering silk, and the waist is accentuated with a stunning golden belt that closes with two intertwining golden leaves. Let your Sim’s bride have all the attention on her special day by wearing this gorgeous dress.

A lace top with long sleeves that go into a simple skirt

Atanis CC Wedding Dress

This chic and romantic mermaid style wedding dress is absolutely stunning. Lace covers the high collar top completely and extends into 3/4 sleeves, giving the dress a truly romantic look. Underneath the lace is a silk lining from the bust area down to the waist, ensuring that your Sim bride will be comfortable on her big day.

The organza fabric of the skirt hugs the hips and extends to the mermaid lower part, creating a flattering silhouette. An adorable satin bow adorns the back of the dress, adding a touch of playfulness to this otherwise romantic gown.

The lace detailing is repeated along the rim of the skirt in abundance, giving the dress an extra dose of elegance. A truly beautiful wedding dress for your Sim bride, that will add beauty to a wonderful day.

a mermaid wedding dress with a bow on the back and a lace top with 3/4 sleeves

Scandalace Collection

Looking for something a little different for your Sims 4 wedding dress? Check out the Scandalace collection! These beautiful dresses come in a blushing hue, with sequences of rhinestones and lace. One style comes in a knee length version with a wider skirt, while all the other styles are maxi length.

You’ll also have a choice of tops, either strapless, high collar in a mock turtle style, or with small delicate straps and a deeper neckline. The fabric is light and flows nicely around the figure, making these dresses perfect for any bride who wants to feel like a princess on her big day.

four options for wedding dresses that are glittery, flower laced and more

Eleanor Dress

Elegance is always in style, and the Eleanor Dress is a picture of just that. The luxurious satin fabric flows close along the figure into a maxi length. The top features a corsage style and extends in tulle up to a high collar. A touch of romance is added with the lace on the shoulder cups and the rims at the wrists.

No matter for which of the 9 colours your Sim’s bride decides this dress is sophisticated beauty. If you are looking for a beautiful and romantic dress for your wedding, look no further than the Eleanor Dress!

A dress with a sweetheart neckline that also has a top of mesh with flowers

Claire Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress

For many brides, the dress is the most important part of the wedding. And with good reason – a beautiful dress can make the whole day feel even more special. The simple strap dress style is flattering and loose-fitting, while the beautiful lace straps add a touch of elegance.

The neckline is deep but decent, and the back line plunges down to the lower back, leaving plenty of space to display the intricate lacework of the extended straps. The dress comes in five colours and both a mini and maxi version, so your Sim bride is sure to find one that’s perfect for her big day.

The claire wedding dress in both long and short options

Vintage Wedding Dress

Every bride has many choices to make when it comes to her wedding dress. A vintage wedding dress is the perfect option for the Sim who wants to feel like a classic beauty on her big day. This dress features a truly classic design, with an off-shoulder top made completely of lace and a three-tier skirt that flows down elegantly.

The lining underneath adds an extra touch of elegance, and the skirt follows every move beautifully. A dress like this is sure to make a statement and will be remembered by everyone who sees it. So if your Sim bride is looking for a truly stunning wedding dress, let her go vintage!

A layered lace skirt with a slight v neck over a sweetheart corset

Andrea Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress

There’s something about a silk wedding dress that just exudes sophistication and confidence. This particular Andrea Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress has all of that, plus a bit of an ethereal quality thanks to the mermaid-style skirt that flows lovely down to a maxi Length.

The high collar has beautiful embroidery that extends to frame the open back and ends at the lower back rim. And of course, the classic white colour enhances the elegant vibe of this dress.

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping gown or something a little more understated, this Andrea Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress is sure to please.

A sim with blonde hair standing in a cc wedding dress that has an open back with lace detail around the edges and goes down. The sims 4 logo in the corner too!

Arielle Simple CC Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, and finding the perfect dress is a major part of that process. If you’re looking for a dress that is both elegant and understated, then the Arielle Simple CC Wedding Dress is the perfect choice.

The strapless top and mermaid-style skirt are flattering for all body types, while the white silk fabric exudes luxury. Plus, the dress is available in eight different colours, so your Sim’s bride will find the perfect shade to match her wedding theme.

Whether it is a traditional ceremony or a more modern affair, this dress will help her look like the bride she has always dreamed of being.

A very simple option for a sims 4 cc wedding dress that is a mermaid style with a simple sweetheart neckline

Amour Sims 4 CC Butterfly Dress

This wedding dress is a true work of art. The short strapless top is attached to a high waist skirt that flares out widely and extends into a train at the back. The rich fabric has the right heaviness to make that gown extraordinaire. Another exciting detail are the butterflies.

They are crafted in a way that it looks like they are floating around the bride instead of being just attached to the dress. The dress comes in white and a deep rich red, so it is up to your Sim’s bride which way to go. Either way, she will be sure to turn heads on her big day.

A gorgeous cc ballgown wedding dress for The Sims 4 that has cascading butterflies from the back of the waist down to the bottom of the skirt

ZM Inspiration Convertible Dress

When it comes to wedding attire, black may be the new white. The ZM Inspiration Convertible Dress is a beautiful example of this trend. The top of the dress is an intricate mix of shimmering lace flowers and a graphic pattern which go together beautifully.

The lace is see-through but covers the breasts to give the bride a secure and comfortable feeling. The bottom part of the dress provides three choices: a long flowing skirt, a slim fitting pant, or a mini skirt. Because of the grand fabric, all styles look sophisticated and elegant.

And yes, the style comes also in white for the traditional touch, but also in additional 14 colours. No matter what the wedding colour palette may be, there’s a ZM Inspiration Convertible Dress to match.

A set of three sims wearing the same top but also having the option to wear it with a long skirt, a short skirt or a pair of pants

Lily Sims 4 Wedding Dress

Another beautiful Sims 4 wedding dress CC is inspired by Lily-Rose Depp’s dress at Cannes 2017 opening ceremony. This ethereal gown belongs in the category of unconventional wedding dresses due to its modest, yet alluring cut.

The off white hue of the dress is deceptively simple, but upon closer inspection, the intricate detail work becomes apparent. The sides of the dress are left open, held together in the middle by a rose gold and silver leaves belt.

Those same delicate leaves repeat along the shoulder seam and add an ethereal touch to the overall look, whereas the skirt flows softly down to the ground. This dress is fit for a goddess, and any lucky bride who wears it is sure to feel like one on her big day.

This dress is very simple with a short t-shirt sleeve with metal detail coming from the arm pit to the neck line, it also has cut outs on the side and a gorgeous belt in that same metal detail

My Wedding Clothing Set

As any savvy Sim knows, a wedding is all about the details. And of course, what the bride wears is one of the most important details of all! And with the Wedding Clothing Set, available in five beautiful colours, they get it all in one.

This set includes everything you need to make sure your Sim is looking gorgeous on her big day, from the strapless wedding dress with its soft lace bustier and opulent A-line skirt, to the matching bridesmaid mini dress and sexy lace lingerie for the honeymoon.

So whether you’re planning a grand affair or an intimate elopement, My Wedding Clothing Set will help make your Sim’s special day truly unforgettable.

This dress is really fun and in pink too, the sim has a veil covering their face and the top is a tight shape with a cinched waist

Wedding Dress 05

There are many beautiful wedding dresses available as CC for Sims 4, but Wedding Dress 05 is truly something special. This romantic A-line dress is pure white, with long off-shoulder lace sleeves and a wide flared skirt that gives it a fairy-tale vibe.

The real beauty of the dress, however, is in its simplicity. The lack of distracting details allows the eye to focus on the lovely lacework along the collar and sleeves, and the big bow sitting sidewise on the hip adds just a touch of whimsy. Whether your Sims are getting married in a grand cathedral or in their backyard, this dress fits it all.

This dress has long sleeves that are made of lace and go into a straight neck, the rest of the dress is a ball gown with a large bow tied around the waist

Wedding Sims 4 CC Mini-Set

When it comes to weddings, the bridesmaids are often considered an essential part of the big day. So, it’s only fitting that they should have a beautiful dress to wear on such an occasion. The Wedding Mini set includes both a wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress, each available in 12 different colours.

The wedding dress itself is a stunning mermaid-style design with intricate slit detailing at the collar. It’s also off-the-shoulder with long gloves and a back train for a touch of drama. Another beautiful detail is the pearl belt around the waist, which adds just the right amount of sparkle. The bridesmaid dress is a simple A-line style with a pretty lace high collar top.

So, with its combination of style and comfort, the Wedding Mini Set is sure to please everyone in the bridal party.

Two characters in The Sims 4 who are wearing a wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress. They are standing in front of a bunch of cc furniture that is perfect for weddings.

Lace Wedding Gown

Looking for a romantic and beautiful wedding dress for your Sims 4 game? Then look no further than this amazing lace gown! This dress comes in four different colours: white, off-white, pastel blue, and rose. It features a straight cut design with an abundance of lace.

The interesting corset top with a cut-out part adds sensuality, while the long gloves enhance the elegance without being overbearing. Your Sims will definitely look like a queen in this dress!

This dress has a lot of lace all over it and covers a lot of back, it has a thin beaded belt

Low V-Cut Gown

The Low V-Cut Gown from Sims 4 is a stunning dress that is sure to turn heads. The top of the dress is very low cut, creating the illusion of two pieces held together by the waistband. The back of the dress has two delicate straps that also meet at the lace band.

From there, the skirt flares out widely in an array of lush and expensive fabric. The dress is available in 20 swatches, so whether you’re looking for a classic white gown or something a little more daring, the Low V-Cut Gown is sure to make your Sim’s special day even more memorable.

A wedding dress with a deep v-neck and thin straps, the dress cinches in at the waist and has a large puffy skirt

Lise Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress

Your Sim bride will look absolutely beautiful in the Lise Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress. This dress is the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The strap top is in a wrapped style with a flattering cleavage. Nothing distracts from the bride or the delicious satin fabric flowing down along the figure in a flattering way.

And if your Sim bride wants to add a bit more to the presentation, she can choose from 30 colour options. This dress is sure to make your Sim bride feel like the belle of the ball on her big day.

This dress is a simple wedding dress that has a wrap top and cinches at the waist with a very simple skirt

Wedding Dress DR

Looking for a beautiful wedding dress for your Sims 4 character? Then check out Wedding Dress DR. This lovely dress comes in five different colours, and two different styles. The first style features a corsage-type top with embroidery on the skirt, while the second style has a simpler bustier top with a solid fabric skirt.

Both tops have straps that are tied on the top of the shoulders, creating an interesting statement. The skirt starts at the waistline with subtle pleats and flares out beautifully, giving your Sim a regal look that is perfect for their big day.

With its sophisticated details and flattering silhouette, the Wedding Dress DR can be the perfect choice for your Sim bride.

Two sims with brown hair wearing wedding dress options for The Sims 4 that have bows as their straps and are cinched at the waist

Aline Wedding Dress

Another gorgeous gown is the Aline Wedding Dress. It is perfect for royals and non-royals alike, with its romantic a-line shape and court length skirt. The skirt extends in a train, making it perfect for a grand entrance, while the fabric of the long sleeves are a sturdy lace that will hold up to all the hugs and kisses your Sim will be receiving on her big day.

The heart neckline creates a flattering cleavage, ensuring that she will look her absolute best as she walks down the aisle. With seven light pastel swatches to choose from, there’s sure to be an Aline Wedding Dress that’s perfect for the special day.

A sim on a purple background wearing a v-neck wedding dress that has lace sleeves and a simple skirt. The Sim is also wearing a crown and a veil

Princess Sims 4 CC Wedding Dress

Sims 4 princesses deserve the most beautiful wedding dresses and this CC option is certainly fit for a princess. The white fine lace texture is romantic and extends over the lining bustier in a very flattering way. The back and sleeves of the top are a soft tulle that is intertwined with intricate lace, providing both comfort and style.

The skirt cinches at the waist and flares out widely, making it easy to dance the night away. The skirt is also all in lace on top of a lush satin fabric, giving the dress an extra touch of luxury. This is truly a dress fit for a princess out of a fairy tale.

A very intense cc wedding dress option for The Sims 4 with a large lace skirt and long sleeves, it has buttons up the back from the skirt to the top and there is nice lace detailing on the arms

Power Puff Silk Dress

The Power Puff Silk Dress is the perfect choice for a luxurious and beautiful wedding dress. The silk fabric and wide puff sleeves provide a beautiful and feminine look, while the sleek neckline shows off your Sim’s cleavage. The skirt is folded in a few pleats and flares out widely from the waist, providing a stunning and elegant silhouette.

The dress comes in 35 different colours, so you can find the perfect match for any wedding theme. Whether your Sim wants a classic white dress or something more colourful, the Power Puff Silk Dress has plenty of options for a wonderful wedding.

A sims 4 cc wedding dress that has a straight neckline, a set of beautiful puffy sleeves that accent perfectly with the giant puffy skirt

Wedding Sims 4 CC Collection N6

Another addition to the collection of the most beautiful Sims 4 wedding dress CC is undoubtedly the N6 collection. The youthful design of the dress is accentuated by the off shoulder top with short lace sleeves. The top is also covered with a delicate layer of lace, which gives it a romantic touch.

The wide satin band emphasizes the waist delicately, and the skirt flares out in a beautiful A-line. The tulle overlay gives the dress an extra flair of romance. Sims 4 fans will absolutely love this gorgeous chic wedding dress CC.

A ballgown style wedding dress that is belted at the waist with a corset top that is covered in lace

Wedding Dress 18

Wedding Dress 18 is a beautiful wedding dress with precious lace allover designed in flowers. It comes in two white hues plus three additional colours. The tight fit holds everything in place, but the mermaid skirt made of satin pleats gives enough space for dancing through the night.

The corsage top is adorned with one flower lace strap going down the back emphasizing the simple beauty. It is a sophisticated, elegant, special wedding dress that will bring joy to your Sim bride for her special day.

A character in The Sims 4 with blonde hair who is wearing a cc wedding dress that is a mermaid style with a one shoulder strap that is made up of flowers

Tri-Wedding Sims 4 CC Dresses

Looking for the perfect wedding dress for your Sims 4 wedding? Look no further than the Tri-Wedding dress CC pack! This pack features three gorgeous styles in a beautiful soft pink, all made from the same base fabric.

Whether your Sim is looking for a sweet and simple style, a modern and sensual mermaid gown, or a classic piece with a cinched waist and flowing skirt, this pack has it all. And best of all, each style is totally versatile and can be worn at any type of wedding ceremony, from a beachside affair to a grand ballroom event. So whatever that dream wedding looks like, the Tri-Wedding dress CC pack for your Sims 4 wedding has all the solutions!

three sims in different style wedding dresses standing in various poses

Calista Wedding Dress CC

The first impression of the Calista Wedding Dress CC might lead you to believe that it is a simple garment. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice the clever design features that make this dress truly unique. The slits at the arms are repeated at the legs, allowing your Sim to move and dance with ease while showing off their beautiful long legs.

The rim at the v-neckline is also repeated at the waistband ending in a simple loop. With a choice of 10 colours and the luxurious satin fabric that sensual vibe of the dress is further accentuated. So, whether your Sims are walking down the aisle or dancing the night away, they are sure to turn heads in this stunning wedding dress.

A simple wedding dress for you to add to your cc folder in The Sims 4 that has a belted waist and a gorgeous v-neck

Cristina Sims 4 CC Collection

The Cristina Sims 4 CC Collection offers a variety of beautiful wedding dresses to choose from. The 13 colours provide plenty of options to find the perfect dress for your Sim’s big day. The elegance of the dresses is at its best with the white dress enhanced with intricate lace.

The shoulder and arms are bare, creating a delicate contrast. The tulip skirt falls beautifully along the body, making it one of the most elegant gowns for a Sim lady. With so many stunning features, it’s no wonder the Cristina Sims 4 CC Collection is one of the most popular choices for brides-to-be.

A gorgeous wedding dress that has a straight simple skirt and corset top with lace detailing for The Sims 4

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC

Weddings are a day of celebration and deserve to feel amazing in The Sims 4. With My Wedding Stories we got a few great options but these sims 4 wedding dress cc options are definitely better than what we have in game. Give your sims the perfect custom hairstyle and you’ll absolutely love how they look on their big day. Happy Playing!

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