75+ Sims 4 CC Curly Hair Options That Are Must Haves for Your Game

We are seriously lacking great curly hairs for the game but thankfully there are dozens of gorgeous sims 4 cc curly hair options that you can add to your game. You really don’t get many good curly options (especially if you just have the base game) so these kinds of custom content hairs are a must have.

Having curly hair makes you a superior human (in my opinion lol, I really wish I had curly hair) with so many gorgeous options for styles. These hairs were created by so many talented custom content creators and are going to totally change how cute your characters are.

Sims 4 CC Curly Hair for Feminine Sims

Alyssum Hair

This Alyssum hair is extremely sweet, and features a cute half up half down vibe that’s tucked behind the ears. I love hair like this because it makes it so you can have cute earrings to give your sim a bit of extra flair. Plus, the one side bang pulled behind the ear look is a good one.

a cute graphic with florals in the background, the sim is wearing a brown half up curly hair and a mauve shirt

Astral Hair

The astral hair features a nice ombre look with the dark colour ending just above ear, this is a really unique cc curly hair and is super cute for a sleeveless shirt or tank top since the hair is pushed behind the shoulders. It also has a ton of volume and looks great on just about any sim!

a sim with thick ombre hair

Axon Hair

The axon hair is another beautiful one and has a nice slightly-side part with the hair pushed both behind the ears and behind the shoulders. This really does work well with any top that is sleeveless, or a high or statement neck shirt. It also allows for dangly earrings to add to the look!

a sim with red hair who has a slight side part and wavy curls going behind their back

Baddie Hair

The baddie hair is definitely inspired by some instagram baddie girls who always wear hairstyles like this one. It features a half up, half down hair with a nice twisty bun on top. It’s a great hair for any sim, and I bet it would look great in all of the fun colours we have in the game.

a smiling sim who has a bun at the top of their head with the rest of their hair going down past their shoulders in The Sims 4

Bloom Hair

This shoulder-length bloom hair is absolutely beautiful and is unlike much that we currently have in the game. I am such a fan of shoulder length hairs in The Sims 4, especially when they are curly. This one really frames the face nicely and would look great on just about any sim.

a sim with thick eyebrows and red hair with a cc curly hair that is curly and thick and just above shoulder length

Blossom Hair

The blossom hair is a really beautiful hairstyle for your curly haired sims, it’s so fun to have a hair that is half in the front of your sim, half in the back for a bit of dimension. I also love how closely on the face of the sim that the bangs are! It’s just so pretty.

a sim with a middle part with a bang on one side and half their hair pushed behind their back

Chanel Hair

This hair is a pretty fun one, with a giant bun keeping half your sims hair back, while still looking fun in the front. The Chanel hair is a nice hair that is a bit longer than shoulder length but looks so cool from the back, a fun addition to any game!

a sim with curly hair, glasses, and freckles.

Crystal Hair

The Crystal has some really great detail, with my favourite part being the two gorgeous french braids coming from the part and working their way back. It’s nice to have your sim’s hair out of their face, while it still looking extremely fancy. Another bonus about this hair is that it has the ears out allowing you to add fun earrings to the look.

a sim with red hair with a slightly off center part that goes into two french braids and goes down into curly hair

Danielle Hair

The Danielle hair is a gorgeous hair with just one side pushed behind one ear, showing off the ear or a gorgeous earring of your choice. I also love this hair because there is much more hair on the left side in front of the shoulder which adds a bit of dimension to the hair style.

The Danielle Hair that has a sim with a side part of long curly hair

Dawn Hair

The dawn hair is a great choice for your curly hair sim. It pushes back out of the face with only the left hand side of the hair coming in front of the sim’s shoulder. It has beautiful curly texture and looks great on teen sims especially.

a sim with glasses and freckles with volume in their curly hair cc

Elizabeth Hair

This Elizabeth hair is one of my favourite hairs on the list for a sim in a formal outfit. It’s just something about the hair being pushed back behind one ear and the way that it flows around the face on the other side. I absolutely love a shoulder length hair on sims, and this is a great one.

a black hair with one side being pushed behind a sims ear and the hair laying nicely on the shoulder

Emma Hair

The Emma hair is gorgeous and has beautiful curls that go just below the shoulders, but with more curl on one side than the other. It features a bit of the ear allowing you to add earrings but not see them all the time, and shows off all of your sim’s face.

a sim wearing a graphic t-shirt with a silver necklace and curly hair cc

Gabbie Hair

The Gabbie hair is another great one that is above shoulder length and absolutely gorgeous. It has little wispy hairs making it less uniform and looks great in all colours. I also love that you can still see the ear on one side allowing for gorgeous earrings to peak through.

sims 4 gabbie hair a sim with a pink jacket and buterfly necklace

Joanne Hair

The Joanne hair is a really great one because it’s one of the only ones on this list with a centre part and no bang. It is just above the shoulder length and has a nice amount of volume down at the bottom, making it work well for most sims.

two sims with large eyelashes and curls in their hair

Karley Hair

The Karley hair is really pretty and lays nicely on the sim’s chest. It shows off one ear with the hair laid gracefully behind your sim’s ear and the other side of hair framing the sims face so nicely.

Karley hair with a sim wearing a necklace and diamond earrings

Kenzie Hair

The Kenzie hair is a great one because of how much volume there is in the front, it also has some great detailing in the hair line making it look more real than most hairs in the game. I love the way the hairs falls and looks similar as heck to hair I’ve seen all over the real world.

the kenzie hair with a lot of volume at the top

Krista Hair

The Krista hair is another really great one with a medium width headband giving your sim a nice accessory. I love hairs that have accessories in the game because it adds a bit of flair instead of just being a boring hair with no fun stuff! I love this hair for teens especially.

a hair that has a headband with a sim wearing a choker and a t-shirt

Maela Hair

The Maela hair has so much detail it is absolutely beautiful. It features two braids coming from the part to behind the ear pushing the rest of the hair back. With between ear and shoulder length hair that is curly and beautiful!

braided bangs pushing the rest of the hair back

Melusine Hair

The Melusine hair is a very sweet and simple hair style with the top half being swept back so you can see the sims face, while still getting to enjoy the curly hair in front of the shoulders on the bottom. It suits all sims and looks absolutely gorgeous!

a half up half down hairstyle for the sims

Naomi Hair

The Naomi hair is unlike most hairs on this list because it is pig tails! It starts at the top with two french braids at the top that lead to adorable curly pig tails that have volume and are beautiful as heck. There are even skinny bangs showing to help frame your sim’s face.

two french braids going back into pony tails

Nea Hair

This hair is incredible for all of the baddie sims out there since it shows off the neck and allows you space to have giant earrings. I absolutely love the little buns on either side of the head too, it’s just overall a fun and unique hairstyle for your sims.

small buns on top of the head with curls going back

Paige Hair

The Paige hair is a must have in my game. It just always feels right when I use it on sims who are in University or teens who are just super into school. It even works for mean-girl teens who are popular but don’t care about school. I don’t know, I just think this headband curly hair cc is great and versatile for all sims.

a curly hairstyle with a headband

Paris Hair

This big Paris hair has so much volume and to get this hair IRL you would definitely need extensions, haha. But this cc curly hair has half the sim’s hair up, and the other half down, with the up part being in a high pony tail with nice detailing. It shows off both ears!

a high pony tail with large curls

Rhea Hair

The rhea hair is a really great option for a sim with shorter hair. This above shoulder length hair is great for a mom who doesn’t have time for longer hair, or a teen who just doesn’t have time to keep long hair. It is curly and absolutely gorgeous!

the Rhea hair that is a short hair with a side part

Rosalie Hair

The Rosalie hair is a great option for less wild curls that are tighter to the head on top and get looser as you get to the bottom. It runs down the sim and looks absolutely gorgeous. It even has one ear showing so you can show off an earring!

curly hair with one ear tucked

Sienna Hair

The Sienna hair is a really great option for a longer curly hair for your sims. It has the bangs pushed back so you can see your sim’s entire face, but the hair still frames the face so beautifully and adds a bit of gorgeous sass to a sim.

siennan hair that comes in all the EA colours and is long and red

Zara Hair

The Zara custom content hair is great because it is a beautiful ombre hair with it being darker up top, and lighter on the bottom. The ombre starts right around the ear and looks awesome and is a great option for a curly hair.

an ombre hair with brown at the top and blonde at the bottom

Lusine Hair

a sim with curly hair, a yellow headband and sea shell earrings

Raven Hair

a sim in a yellow off the shoulder top and a necklace with curls in their hair

Florence Hair

a sim with a half up half down hair

Bonnie Hair

a sim wearing a pink choker with curly hair that has curly bangs in The Sims 4

Veah Hair

a sim in a purple jacket looking off to the side

Crystal Hair

a sim wearing a jacket with moons and suns as well as gold glasses who has curly red hair

Tatiana Hair

Tatiana hair

Gia Hair

Gia hair with a headband

Madison Hair

madison hair with hair clips

Kyla & Stella Hairs

two curly sims hairs

Nessie Hair

a sim with a necklace and graphic T-shirt wearing cross earrings

Talia Hair

talia hair with clip accessory

Ruckus Hairstyle

ruckus hairstyle with curls

Cleo Hair

cleo hairstyle with the sim wearing hoop earrings

Elira Hair

a sim staring into your soul with a pearl necklace and curls

Stevie Hair

a half up half down hair with loose curls

Bluebell V2

two buns at the back of the head coming from braids

Maya Hair

a hairstyle that's a high pony tail with an accessory

Jada Hair

a sim with vitiligo with curly hair

Viola Hair

sims 4 curly hair cc

Nikora Hair

Nikora hairstyle with fun shirt and necklace

Kyanite Hair

Kyanite short curly hair cc

Sims 4 CC Curly Hair for Masculine Sims

Ronnie Hair

a sim in a slightly curly hairstyle in The Sims 4

Jackson Hair

a sim in a collared shirt with a white t-shirt underneath who has curly blonde hair that is short and you can see their ears

Eddie Hair

a sim with very curly hair that is shoulder length and has bangs thye are wearing a shirt that says Hellfire Club in The Sims 4

Dune Hairstyle

A sim in a black button down that is open in the chest who has shorter curly hair in brown

Jacob Hair

a sim with a beard and piercings with the jacob hair which is a long past shoulder length sims 4 cc curly hair for masculine sims

Matthew Hair

a sim in a white t-shirt and transparent glasses with curly brown cc hair in The Sims 4

Sims 4 CC Curly Hair for Kids

Destiny Hair

the destiny hair for the sims 4 curly hair cc with bangs and waves while the sim wears a vest with bees on it

Jordan Hair

A male sim with curly hair wearing a red sweater in The Sims 4 under neath a jacket with silver buttons

Kid’s Hair Dump

five images of the same sim with different versions of blonde curly hair in The Sims 4 the sim with cc curly hair is wearing a green shirt with buttons and a peter pan collar

Brianna Hair

a sim with curly hair with braids at the top wearing an orange and red and green shirt with patterns in The Sims 4

Ayla Hair

sim with a textured shirt with cut out with cc curly hair that's long and full of volume

Bettie Buns

two images of a sim with curly buns on either side of their head, the cc curly hair buns have two hair clips on each side and one has bangs and one does not

Lair Hair

a sim looking to the side while wearing a pink shirt and having cc curly hair that's long and loose

Curly Hair with Buns

a sim with slightly shorter than shoulder length cc curly hair that has two buns on top

Nisma Hair

a sim wearing a white shirt with fun detail on the shoulders with a curly a voluminous pony tail hairstyle

Meredith Hair

a sim with a center part with wavy curls that go to their lower back

Isabel Hair

a red headed sim wearing a white shirt with flowy sleeves with a center part

Jenifer Hair

a sim with blonde cc curly hair with one side behind the back while wearing a yellow tiered shirt with a flower on the strap in The Sims 4

Sims 4 CC Curly Hair for Toddlers

Bryony Hair

Bryony textured curly hair for The Sims 4 custom content

Alessia Hair

sims 4 cc hair that's curly for toddlers with a toddler wearing it in a yellow dress

Nehir Hair

sim sucking their thumb wearing a yellow gingham dress with a cc curly hair

Jordan Hair

a male toddler with curly hair in The Sims 4 wearing a grey jacket

Belle Hair

a blonde child with a floral dress with a cc curly hair in The Sims 4

Angelo Hair

a male toddler with his curly blonde hair while wearing suspenders and a bow tie

Isabel Hair

long curly hair on a red headed toddler sim in The Sims 4

Destiny Hair

curly hair with bangs for a toddler in The Sims 4

Brianna Hair

a curly hair with braids at the top of the head

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Curly Hair

There are so many amazing hair mods out there for you to download and they can entirely change how you feel about the characters you create. These sims 4 cc curly hair options are genuinely so gorgeous and make me really happy when they’re in my game. It really stops me from attempting the curly girl method to failure on myself again. Happy Playing!

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