30+ Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses for Gorgeous Screenshots

One of the biggest days of your sim’s life (and maybe even yours) will be their wedding. It’s the meshing together or two lives into one and you’ll definitely want to add these Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses to your game if you want the perfect screenshots of your sim’s holy matrimony.

These are amazing options for pose packs because they have ones with just the couple, options with young children and of course, ones with the entire bridal party. You won’t be missing out on any of the images you want if you download these.

The Most Adorable Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses

In Your Embrace Pose Pack

This set of custom poses aren’t designed to be for a wedding but when you really look at them you realize that they are perfect for beautiful shots of two people in love. When you look at this set of poses you can truly see two people in love and you’ll just absolutely love the images you get with these when your sim’s are all dressed up in their wedding dresses or suits.

All of the images in this set have the two sims in some stage of embrace with one another, tons of hands on each other and a lot of looking into each other’s eyes.

A bunch of squares and rectangles put together to make a square. Each shape has an image of two sims in a romantic pose from The Sims 4.

Bridesmaid CC Wedding Poses

The people you surround yourself with on your wedding day are some of the most important people in your life. Your bridal party is so special and even in The Sims 4 you’re going to want to have each of your sim’s favourite friends and family members in some special screenshots.

These are great because there are images of the group all together, some images of the sims getting the bride ready with some custom make up and fixing their dress, and simple images with them standing in a line.

A bride in the middle holding a bouquet of red roses and a bunch of their bridesmaids in purple dresses around them. This sims 4 cc wedding poses option is great for a bridal party image.

Hato Sims Wedding Poses

This next set of Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses is super fun because it doesn’t just cover the couple and the bridal party, but brings in other sims from their family. This set has a few cute ones with the couple but my favourites are the ones with the bride with their mother and their father.

The image with their mother is happening before the ceremony and has the mom and the bride in a cute moment of love. The image with their father is when they are about to walk down the aisle and the dad looks like he’s going to cry, and it’s just really sweet.

Two sims inside of a church about to walk down the aisle. The bride is in a white dress and veil and is comforting their father who looks like they are going to cry.

Wedding Ceremony Poses

The ceremony is the most important part of your sim’s big day, of course, because it’s the part of the day where the marriage actually occurs. Your sims are going to say their vows, hold hands and have their big kiss moment and you deserve to have screenshots of it all.

These poses include amazing images of your sim’s walking down the aisle, both before the ceremony and after plus a bunch of your sim’s actual ceremony with the bridal party on either side. These are great because your sims can have their snazzy wedding suits and beautiful dresses on and just look awesome in these!

A bride and groom standing in front of a podium getting married and holding hands. In this sims 4 cc wedding poses option there are four members of the bridal party on each side.

Wedding Portrait CC Poses

Of course having tons of images with your bridal party and family is nice, but the most important photos on a wedding day are the photos of the couple. This set is entirely focused on the two most important people of the day, the gorgeous couple!

There are twenty couple poses in this set to show off how much these two people love each other and really just having them look amazing. Some of the standouts for me are the adorable pose with the couple spelling love with their hands, or the one where they are dancing, just so precious!

A white background with several different images of a couple on their wedding day in various embraces.

Wedding Animation Pose Pack

This next set has some beautiful animations that start right from the beginning, with even a proposal set being added. These are beautiful ones for the ceremony and there is even a video to show them off!

Bridal Party Pose Packs

There are so many fun and adorable ways for you to pose with your bridal party and this set of wedding poses adds in some really fun options. For the groomsmen you have an adorable one where the groomsmen are holding the groom above them which is so funny to me, just don’t drop him!

There are gorgeous photos with the bridesmaids too with an adorable one with all of them holding flowers in front of their faces which is so adorable. As long as you have beautiful dresses and gorgeous custom hairstyles for your whole bridal party these are sure to come out perfect.

Three sets of cc wedding poses with different groups of people from the bridal party. These Sims 4 characters include the bride and the bridesmaids, the groom and the groomsmen.

Group Sims 4 Wedding Poses

The next set on our list of Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses give you a ton of options for regular poses with your bridal party and the couple but there are a few goofier options too. You don’t want all of your sim’ wedding photos to be boring, we need to have some fun with it, of course.

There are some poses with the bridal party where the bride and groom are trying to kiss but the bridal party is pulling them apart and it just seems cute. Well, it’s cute unless your entire bridal party is doing it because they don’t like your new spouse, that would be bad.

A square in each corner with a circle in the middle. Inside of each shape there is a different group of sims in a Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses option.

Romantic Sims 4 Wedding Poses

Your wedding day is all about romance between the bride and groom and you deserve to have beautiful images of your sim’s showing each other love. These images are great because they are so loving with your sim’s in a gorgeous embrace and these are the types of images you want to add to your sim’s home somehow.

An image with a black background, there are three polaroids on the right hand side with images of a couple on their wedding day inside giving each other love.

I’ll Love You Forever Pose

This next one is a single pose that has a lot of impact and is just so sweet. Many of these Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses are pose packs with multiple images but this creator decided to do a single image and do it well and that’s what they did.

This image has two sims who have just gotten married at the altar and are just holding hands and looking down at the rings they are now wearing and just looking so lovingly at their hands. It’s just a really sweet and adorable moment between two newlyweds.

Two sims right after they got married and holding hands looking at their rings.

Wedding Party Pose Pack

This set of poses is fun because it includes other members of the family, instead of just the bridal party and the couple. This one is great because it has a spot for there to be a toddler on the hip of one of the sim’s on the end which is super adorable.

In this pose there are sims who are behind a bit, a sim with their hand on the toddler’s head and tons of arms all around each other just showing off how much all the sims love each other.

An image of a bride and groom in the center with three sims on either side. In this Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses option there are older sims, and even a toddler posing with the couple.

Pre-Wedding Sims Poses

These wedding poses are so great because of how gorgeous the poses are and how in love the couple looks. There are poses with the bride’s head on the groom’s chest and in each one they are holding each other so tenderly that they are so beautiful!

Five images of two sims in their wedding clothing who are holding each other and showing each other love.

Wedding at the Altar Poses

Our next set of Sims 4 CC Wedding poses has your sims at the altar during their wedding ceremony. These images are going to be gorgeous because they are holding hands, holding each other’s faces, and in the moments before and during their first kiss. These are the ones you’ll want to frame for sure!

A set of poses (shown with bald sims) where the sims are in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

Wedding Kiss Sims Poses

Some of the most beautiful pictures of people’s wedding day always include some variation of a kissing photo. These are some really great poses that all involve a kiss in some capacity for your sims.

They include both options where the lips are touching or options where the kiss is just about to happen. These are so romantic and intimate and will look so good when your sim’s are all dressed up for their wedding.

A set of images of two sims who are in love holding each other, kissing, and being adorable.

Adorable Wedding Poses

This next grouping of Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses has a bunch of different variations for your bridal party and even includes smaller members. There is even a pose on a couch, which is a fun prop. In all of them the bride is holding her bouquet too which is gorgeous.

My favourite options in this set are definitely the images involving the two toddlers as the flower girl and ring bearer because they are just super sweet and these positions are very important!

A set of sims 4 cc wedding poses where the bridal party and the couple are being silly. Includes images of the flower girl and ring bearer.

Fantastic Wedding CC Poses

These poses are so romantic and beautiful and you’ll definitely want to have these in your collection. This one in particular is my favourite of the set because you don’t see either of the sim’s faces but you can still feel the love between the two of them. It even seems like the groom’s hands are in a heart!

A set of sims 4 cc wedding poses where the groom is facing the camera with his arms around to the back of the bride who is facing away.

Wedding Party Poses

If you’re looking for a fun group of images that can include tons of different people these are a great option if you don’t want to download a bunch of different ones. These are so fun because there are images that include kids, toddlers, and older sims too so you can get gorgeous images of everyone in your sim’s life.

nine squares and in each square is a different cute pose for a wedding.

Wedding Poses Two Brides

Weddings aren’t just between one male and one female, they can be any variation of gender and poses need to be edited for same sex marriages in The Sims because of the stature of sims. These poses are created for two brides and look amazing on your sims!

Two brides holding onto the same bridal bouquet.

Carrying The Bride Pose

This next set includes six different poses with your sims in various loving positions but the most fun one is definitely the one where the male sim is standing at the altar and carrying the bride in a fun way. They just look like they are having so much fun!

An image of sims in front of the altar where the groom is carrying the bride.

Wedding Day Poses

Our next option has all of the traditional photos you’d love including photos at the altar, poses together and more. However, the most unique image that I haven’t seen anywhere else is an image of the groom at the altar with the officiant where the groom is crying! This is very loving and shows just how much the groom loves the bride and is so sweet.

Two images, one of the groom at the altar tearing up and the other with the bride and groom holding hands.

Groomsmen Poses

Any time I see someone’s wedding photos it seems like the bridesmaids take it very seriously and just get gorgeous photos and the groomsmen are a little more silly. This set is a great grouping of images of the groom and their best friends having a good time.

My favourite is definitely this one where the groom is being held up by three of the groomsmen in a hilarious pose. Just shows off the friendship and they look like they’re having a great time.

Four groomsmen and a groom. The groom is in a black suit and is being held up horizontally by the groomsmen who are in navy blue suits.

Marry You Wedding Poses

Having beautiful pictures of the couple is the main goal of wedding photography. These are such beautiful images with your sims in a different state of embrace in all of them and just looking amazing! They really show off how much your sims love each other.

Two sims (a bride and groom) who are both facing away from the camera, holding hands and looking back toward the camera.

Get Married Pose Pack

The next option on our list of Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses are very simple but very effective images. These are going to include things like a sim being walked down the aisle, the sims holding microphones at the altar reading their vows and even an image of them cutting their cake. This is a great simple set that covers most of what you need!

A bunch of images with bald sims who are posed for weddings. These include cutting cake, and saying vows with a microphone.

Our Wedding Day Poses

This next image set has your sims in so many interesting poses that aren’t in the others. This one has a cute pose where the groom is sitting in a chair with the bride on their lap, or a pose with the groom crying and a groomsmen with their arm around them.

Four squares with different images of sims who are in adorable poses on their wedding day.

Vampire Wedding Poses

Vampires are one of the most fun occults in The Sims 4 and throwing a vampire wedding is super fun. You can make this wedding so different and gothic and that’s so silly and cool. These images are hilarious because they are so different compared to many of the others since they’re so dark.

One of the images even has the sims with two glasses of what you’d assume is wine, but let’s be honest, it’s truthfully blood that they’re feeding each other on their wedding day.

An image of two vampires on their wedding day. They are feeding each other a drink of "wine" which is really blood.

Wedding Poses, Two Grooms

We don’t just want to have straight couples in our wedding poses, LGBTQ+ couples deserve to be represented too. You can’t just use regular poses in many circumstances because they are created with the stature of a specific gender in mind, so it can cause clipping issues.

These are great poses with two grooms which is just amazing and they look so awesome, they hold champagne too!

Two grooms in an embrace holding onto champagne on their wedding day.

Couple Poses for Weddings

This group of poses are simple and are just focused on the couple and showing off their love. These are fun because they have a bunch of images with a set of red flowers as a prop. There is one image of just the bride looking down at these flowers which is a gorgeous image too.

An octagon mage in the middle and other images all the way around with a couple posing on their wedding day.

Wedding in Winter Poses

Most of these poses are just generic wedding images and aren’t focused on specific circumstances, but these ones are focused on winter. That’s so fun!

The fun thing about this set is that its focused on the season with the whole thing feeling so wintery all the way down to the sim having some visible breath from the cold weather.

A bride from The Sims 4 who is wearing a white off the shoulder dress and holding onto a bouquet. This bride is outside in winter so you can see their breath.

First Dance Pose Pack

This set of poses is all focused on your sim’s first dance and has your sims in such beautiful poses. They have their arms all around each other and are just showing how much they love each other while dancing around the room!

A sim wearing a pink dress with their hair in a bun who is dancing with another sim who is in a suit.

Wholesome Sims Wedding Poses

These poses are great and cover so many bases of things you’d want. These include walking down the aisle photos, ceremony photos for both the couple and others.

The fun thing about this set is that there are also poses for the sims who aren’t part of the wedding party, including sitting, standing and even a pose holding a toddler while sitting and watching the wedding.

A bride and a male sim walking together arm in arm in a flower bush.

Soft and Slow Dance Poses

Your first dance is a very romantic moment between two people and getting screenshots of this moment is a great opportunity for your sims and for you. These poses are super close and romantic and have your sims slow dancing together in a really precious way.

An option for Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses where the couple is having their first dance. The bride has their face on the groom's chest.

White CC Wedding Poses

This next set of poses is focused on the bridal party and mixing these people together in really fun ways. The poses aren’t just groomsmen on one side and bridal party on the other, they are intermixed and that looks really great. Plus, the poses aren’t super stuffy, there are peace signs and other fun poses to enjoy.

A Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses image where the bridal party is alternating groomsmen, bridesmaid, etc. The bride has their bouquet in the air.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Wedding Poses

Adding even just a few of these to your sim’s game is going to help you get the absolutely perfect screenshots of your sim’s wedding. You’ll be able to have beautiful pictures of your sim’s ceremony and gorgeous pictures with family, you’re sure not to be disappointed. Happy Playing!

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