The Sims 4: Age Up Cheat

Growing up is such a huge part of The Sims 4 and is the main part of playing, since you’re constantly working toward the next stage of your sims lives. However, aging up sims in the game naturally takes a lot of time and sometimes you don’t have the energy to get your sims to go ahead and bake a cake. Thankfully, there is an easy to use cheat to go into CAS and just cheat to age up your sims.

How to Enable Cheats

Before you can use any cheats in The Sims 4 you need to make sure that you have cheats enabled so they work properly. This cheat is simple and can be inputted into the cheat box which you open with the following commands:

  • PC: ctrl + shift + c
  • Mac: command + shift + c
  • Console: all 4 triggers

Doing this will open up the white cheat dialogue box at the top of the screen and you then want to type in testingcheats true and hit enter. If it worked, the game will let you know that cheats are enabled by saying cheats are enabled and then you can move onto whatever cheat you want to use, or hit the esc key to exit or hit all 4 triggers again on console.

How to Use The Age Up Cheat

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple cheat to use to age up a sim with just a click but there is a CAS Full Edit Mode cheat that allows you to go into create a sim and change anything you want about your sim, including their age, traits, and more.

To use this cheat you must first enable cheats which we’ve talked about and after doing so keep the cheat box open and then type in cas.fulleditmode and hit enter. Nothing should happen when you do this because there’s another step before doing it.

Then, you want to go to your sim and hold down shift and click on them and modify in CAS will appear. This appears even without using this cheat, but if you don’t have the cheat enabled it doesn’t allow you to change age or traits or face structure, just their clothing and hair. When you click on this create a sim will open and you can go ahead and change anything.

You’ll want to go to the top of the CAS screen and choose their age. For example, if you’re trying to age up a toddler you’ll want to just choose child and click the check mark in the corner to make it stick. You can skip entire life stages with this cheat by just going straight to whatever grouping you’d like to be in.

How to Age Up Without Cheats

If you’re reading this, you may just be unaware of how you can even age up your sims without cheats. There are two ways for you to do this, the first way is to just let it happen by playing out every single day of their lives. This is good for players who are not total control freaks (like me) and don’t want a specific story to happen before aging them up. To do this you just wait until the game lets you know that its their birthday and then you wait until they do the birthday spin and age up.

You also have the option to bake a cake and have your sims blow out the candles to age up whenever you’d like. To do this go to the fridge and under the cooking menu (not the baking one… weird, right?) you’ll find a bunch of cake options. Bake off one of these, place them in the centre of a table or counter and click to add birthday candles. Then have the sim you wish to age up go and blow out candles and it will age them up.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a player who loves to control every aspect of your sim’s lives, choosing when they get to age up is an important part of this gameplay style. You can age them up naturally or cheat, either way is valid and both ways are equally easy. This cas cheat is awesome and can help you in so many ways. Happy playing!

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  1. Sadly, I followed all instructions but when I got into the individual and went to the top of cas screen, it still wouldn’t let me make any changes other than hair and clothes. Just said “can’t edit preexisting Sim.” 😢

  2. so my sim had a ghost baby and i cant age the baby up. do you know anyway to fix it or do i have to delete the baby lol

  3. Thanks for tip! Now I can change my sims face and body and stuff when they have birthday and age up! It works perfect!

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