25+ Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family

Is there anything cuter than a family all dressed up in their matching PJs on Christmas morning? Not really! These Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas are going to allow your sims to have that adorable moment just like we all wanted as kids.

In this list you’ll find pajamas for every member of your sim’s family, from toddlers all the way to adults, and even sets that come in sizes for everyone. These sets allow you to have matching ones for the whole family, how cute!

Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas for Adults

When we think of Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas we often think of toddlers and kids, but your sim adults deserve to be cozy when Father Winter comes to visit too! These adult pajamas are amazing because they come in all sorts of styles, patterns and colours and let you have so much fun with your sims.

Striped Bottom PJs

Our Striped Christmas Sims 4 CC Pyjamas Bottoms for Adults have that perfect fit to snuggle up and feel comfortable. They hug the body and keep your Sim warm all night long, so a good night sleep is guaranteed.

These fashionable bottoms with either bold red or multicoloured stripes are a great addition to any loungewear collection. Mix and match them with solid colour tops as you please to complete the look. Made from soft fabric, and available in four colours, those pyjamas pants are perfect for the festive season.

A sim with blonde hair wearing a red long sleeve shirt with a pair of tights that are red and green striped

Patterned Pajamas Bottoms

Is your Sims looking for something special to wear on Christmas morning? These pyjama bottoms come in seven different festive patterns and one solid colour.

They will make your Sim look cool while they open their presents, and the soft and breathable fabric will let them move comfortably. The slim jogging pants cut makes them a fashionable piece to sleep or lounge in.

An option for sims 4 CC Christmas pajamas that are just a pair of bottoms with festive theming.

Christmas Onesies

The Christmas onesies for adults are super soft and cosy, perfect for keeping your Sim warm on a cold winter night. They come in six different festive styles, all with a comfortable form-fitting top and slightly wider pants.

The cuffs on the wrists and ankles are finished with pretty ruffles, making them just that little bit more special. Whether your Sims are lounging on the couch or snuggling up in bed, these onesies are sure to make them feel festive and cozy.

The same sim from The Sims 4, twice, wearing a fun onesie with CC Christmas ornaments on it

Christmas Warmth Pajama Bottoms

These charming Christmas Warmth Pyjama Bottoms for adults are perfect for keeping everyone warm and toasty on winter nights. The soft, thick fabric will keep your Sim comfortable while the fun patterns add some festive cheer.

Choose a red and white or blue and grey snowflake pattern, funky black shorts with yellow Christmas trees or one pale yellow solid colour with grey cuffs to dress cozy for the night and be sure your Sim will be merry and bright the next morning.

A sim showing off their christmas patterned pajama set, a shirt with ruffles and pair of shorts

Xmas Onesies

Don’t miss out on Xmas Onesies! Made of soft wool material with a nice stretch, these pieces hug your Sims’ curves and flatter any figure while still being comfortable.

They come in a variety of beautiful colours and the festive patterns spread over the whole onesie as well as the long sleeves make it the perfect Christmas sleepwear. They are not only perfect for Christmas, your Sims’ want to wear them all Winter long.

Four different sims all wearing a full length onesie. These Sims 4 Christmas CC Pajamas have christmas patterns like holly and snowflakes

“Naughty” PJ Set

The Christmas Sims 4 CC Naughty Pj Set for Adults is perfect for a fun sleeping outfit. The traditional pj style comes in two designs, both of which are sure to bring fun to your holiday spirit. The first design has a white and red striped bottom and a top with the phrase “Give me my presents.”

The second design has a red bottom with a “naughty” pattern in white letters and is combined with a top saying “Naughty -But – Nice” on the front. Both tops have short sleeves and are made from cotton, making them ideal for the hot sleeper.

Two sims who are wearing Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas with "naughty but nice" or "give me my presents" across the chest

Oj Deer CC Christmas Pajamas

These “Oh Deer Christmas Pyjamas” for adults are perfect for the male Sim. They are warm and cozy, but not too hot. The base color is a nice rich grey, and the top has a deer on the front. The long sleeves have a christmassy print allover. They would be perfect for cuddling up on a cold winter night or lounging around on Christmas morning!

A male sim with black hair looking down at the ground. This sim is wearing a pajama shirt that says Oh Deer and has a deer wearing a christmas hat

Plaid Christmas PJs

Nothing says cozy more than plaid Pj bottoms. And they look especially great on your male Sims. The red or blue base colour is festive and fun, and the plaid cuff on the sleeves gives them a touch of extra style.

There are two designs to choose from – one with a snowman on the front, and one with a triple Grinch. They’re as cute as they are masculine, so they are sure to become the favourite Pj of the men in your Sims game.

A male sim wearing a pair of plaid pants and a shirt with plaid around the sleeve and a snowman on the front

Christmas Dress PJs

Nothing beats a cozy Pj Dress on Christmas, no matter if your Sim wears it in the morning or at night. The white Sweater material is soft and thick, and decorated with an adorable design of snowmen, gingerbread cookies, sleighs, trees, and more Christmas decor.

Have them wear it with white leggings or any other matching colour and they can lounge away on Christmas morning or even the whole day.

A sims 4 cc Christmas Pajama set with a wild pattern of snowflakes, reindeer, stockings, trees and more.

Clothing Set PJs

This is a bolder style for the Sims 4 Pj line, but still brings the cozy Holiday feeling. These Pyjama pants feature a warm, light weighed and attractive knit in a festive winter pattern. It fits close around the legs and the cuffs at the ankle help to keep the body warm all night long.

The perfect PJ set for the fashionable female Sim who wants to stay warm and stylish this winter. And the best of it all, it comes in 10 colours to chose from.

A pair of winter patterned thermal leggings

Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas for Kids

The group that is going to have the most fun with their PJs are definitely going to be kids. Your sims kids are going to absolutely rock these options for Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas and they’ll do it with a smile. These are fun because they get to be a bit quirkier than the adult versions!

Grinch PJ Tops

The Sims 4 CC Christmas Pyjamas for Kids Grinch Pj Tops come in four different styles, each with their own unique look of a Grinch theme. They are made from a light weight and breathable material, but they are still warm enough to keep your Sims’ kids comfortable during the winter months.

These tops can be combined with leggings or any loose fit pj bottom, so your Sims’ kids will have plenty of variety to choose from. They are sure to love these festive pyjamas, and will not want to take them off!

Four sim's children who are wearing cc pajama shirts that have the popular Christmas character, the grinch, on them.

Candy Cane Pajamas

Kids can never get enough candy cane, and now they can take it to bed as well. The three sets come in a beautiful cotton fabric. The base colours are a darker green , a light green and purple and have candy cane all over them.

The collars and seems along the button line are set off in red, pink, or green and add additional style. They look elegant and grown up and every Sim girl will love those pyjamas.

A sim wearing a pair of button down pajamas that have candy canes on them

Holiday Top & Pant Set

The Sims 4 CC Christmas Holiday Pyjama Set for Kids will have your children looking festive and cute this holiday season! There are six different styles to choose from, each with a red, light green, or pink top. The front of the tops features a snowman or tree design, and the black collar and cuffs add a touch of elegance.

The pants come in a solid color or with stars all over them, and can be matched with any of the tops. Your Sims’ kids will love dressing up in these matching sets and spending time together during the holidays!

A set of children wearing matching Sims 4 CC Christmas pajamas. These PJs have snowmen or christmas trees on them.

Fun Kid’s PJ Top

These Sims 4 CC Fun Kid’s Pj Tops are perfect for keeping your little Sims warm and comfortable all winter long. Made to look like stylish sweat shirts, these tops can be combined with matching bottoms or solid leggings.

There are seven different options to choose from, each with a charming pattern on it covering all the Christmas favourites. Don’t be surprised when your Sims’ kids wear those ones to school because they are too cool to just sleep in.

Three female children in The Sims 4 who are wearing an oversized Christmas sweater as their cc pajamas.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas for Toddlers

Although they may not understand the significance of their outfits, toddlers definitely look the cutest in their Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas. They get to wear the most adorable little outfits with stripes, and characters on them and they will always rock it! It’s almost as cute as when they wear custom costumes as regular clothes.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Jammies

Sims 4 CC Twas The Night Before Christmas Jammies are made from a nice, strong cotton and durable enough to withhold the energy of an active Sims toddler. They keep the little ones warm and stylish and are breathable and comfortable, so nothing restricts their activities.

With 21 different tops and 11 different bottoms to choose from, you can create endless combinations for mix-and-match fun. Your little Sims will love wearing these Pjs so much that they will run around in them all day and not only on Christmas Eve.

Four toddlers in The Sims 4 wearing cc pajamas sets

Christmas Gnomes Onesie

These enchanting Sims 4 CC Christmas Pyjamas for Toddlers are just the thing to keep the little ones warm and giggling all winter long. They come in three different colours red, green and grey, and feature jolly gnomes in festive hats.

The clever little press-buttons in the crotch area make potty breaks quick and easy. Your Sims’ kiddos will love the fun, festive look of these playful onesies – perfect for winter playtime!

A set of three sims wearing matching long sleeve Christmas onesie pajamas

Elf Christmas CC Pajamas

These delightful elf-inspired pyjamas will keep your Sim child warm and snug all night long! The romper style pyjama has long sleeves, and a bottom that covers the feet, so there’s no need for socks. It’s made from a soft and cosy fabric, in green and the bottom has red stripes. It completes the look with a charming red hood.

The pyjamas fasten with buttons at the front, and have a fake belt to give that authentic flair. Whether the little Sim is dreaming of sugar plum fairies or just wants to stay warm on winter nights, these pajamas are sure to please.

Two toddlers in The Sims 4 who are wearing a pajama onesie for Christmas where their head is covered and they look like an elf.

Striped Festive Onesies

You have to look at these adorable striped onesies in green, blue or red, decorated with reindeer, candy canes and Christmas balls. They have a hood to keep the little one’s head warm, and are made of soft terry cloth fabric for extra comfort.

A zipper in the front all the way down makes it easy to put the onesie on and off quickly. After a busy day of Christmas festivities, and the evening bath these pyjamas are just perfect for cuddling up in!

Three toddlers wearing a onesie that is striped, has a reindeer and candy canes on it.

Toddler Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas

These Christmas Pajamas are perfect for keeping your little Sims warm and cozy this winter, but the short sleeves won’t make them sweat when they cuddle up under the blankets. The bottom part are plaid pj pants and the top comes in four different colours with a cute reindeer design on the front.

They are made from a soft flannel fabric which is comfortable and stylish. The ideal piece for your toddlers to run around the house before bedtime while they are still excited about the season.

Two toddlers with grey hair and elf ears wearing pjs with a deer on it

Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas Sets for Everyone

The absolute best way to celebrate in your PJs is to have the whole family in coordinating outfits. These are amazing because you can get the cutest screenshots, especially if you use custom poses to get the job done!

Advent Calendar Pj Sets

The Sims 4 CC Christmas Pyjamas Advent Calendar PJ Sets are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit! They come in 10 festive designs, and you can mix and match them to create your own perfect look. The fabric is warm and cozy, perfect for keeping you snug during the winter months.

Best of all, the whole family can join in on the fun by wearing matching pajamas! There are even pieces to match the outfits of your cat or dog. Get ready to celebrate Christmas in style with these fabulous pyjamas!

Two images side by side of a sim's family wearing matching pjs, all the way down to the pets.

Merry XMas Pj Set

Looking for festive lounge wear to dress your Sims with for the holidays? Check out these fun Christmas pajamas sets! The bright orangey red colour is perfect for the season, and the detailed pattern on the pants with elves, santas, trees and snowflakes is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

The top features the same pattern on the long sleeves and has bold white letters that say “Merry Xmas”. These pajamas are made from a soft and cozy fabric, so your Sims will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season in comfort.

A family wearing matching PJs with a top that says Merry XMAS in large letters and pants that have a set of trees, santa's head and elfs.

Gnome Christmas Set

Sims 4 CC Gnome Pajamas Set is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays in style. The luxurious pajamas are soft and lightweight, and come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Whether you need a two-piece set with a camisole top, a onesie with a zipper, or a bathrobe, this selection will keep your Sim family cozy and elegant all season long.

Decorated with adorable gnomes and festive Christmas greenery, they sure bring a touch of luxury to every Christmas morning.

a family of sims, the kid and toddler are wearing onesies, the dad is wearing a robe and the mom is wearing a pajama set. All options have a black background with gnomes and trees on top.

Family Christmas CC Pajamas

Our Sims 4 CC Family Christmas Pajamas are perfect for keeping cozy on those cool winter mornings! The red flannel fabric is soft and warm, with festive holiday patterns on each piece. The sets contains of matching onesies for the whole family and you can use it as sleepwear or just to lounge on a lazy Sunday.

Whether you’re opening presents or just relaxing by the fire, our Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas Sets will keep you feeling merry and bright!

A family of sims wearing a pair of red pajamas with snowflakes and chevron stripes

Christmas Elf Pajamas

Check out those adorable Elf Pajamas! The elf green top has all the features of the elf’s shirt, with a playful collar, sleeve cuffs and hem. The bottom is also in the signature green and sits nice and snug without being restrictive.

The light cotton fabric is breathable but cozy. The matching set for the whole family is perfect for the season to have your Sims play and lounge together. And maybe the real elves will join in on all the fun!

A family of sims in The Sims 4 wearing a pair of green leggings with a matching green elf top.

Matchy-Matchy Pjs

These Sims 4 CC Christmas Matchy-Matchy Pjs are just darling! The light blue fabric is adorned with charming Christmas decor such as Santas, reindeers, penguins and more, all together there are 15 different prints available. They would be perfect for waking up on Christmas morning or for any winter get together! The adult women’s pajama comes with a camisole top and a capri bottom.

The men’s and boy’s are traditional Pj style with a button up top and loose fit pants. For the Sim’s toddler you have a onesie with feet and an adorable hood. What a great way to keep your little ones bundled up and warm all winter long.

A set of Sims 4 CC Christmas Pajamas. This has options for every age with the pattern being light blue with reindeer, santa, and penguins.

Holiday Sims 4 CC Pajamas for All

Is your Sim’s family not the matching type? No worries you have them covered. The Holiday Sims 4 CC Pajamas for all are simply the best! Made with loving care, these pajamas come in 10 different styles, each one more beautiful than the last. The onesies have pockets, and are buttoned along the front. They are cozy, comfortable and practical. You’ll love snuggling up in them on cold winter nights!

four sims wearing christmas PJs in various colours, and posing

Christmas Pajamas CC Collection

The Sims 4 Christmas Pajamas CC Collection is a festive and charming set of pajamas perfect for the holiday season. The set includes six different festive designs, all with cheerful colors and fun patterns. The tops are form-fitted with long sleeves, while the bottoms have a comfortable loose fit. They are made from a breathable cotton flannel mix, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable not only all night long but also on Christmas morning.

two parents and a child holding christmas gifts and wearing matching red and white snowman pjs.

Final Thoughts

You really can’t go wrong when you put your whole sim’s family into some fun, matching Sims 4 CC CHristmas pajamas for the holidays. These are going to make sure that they are ready for Father Winter’s arrival. Happy Playing!

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