The Sims 4: Having a Baby With Father Winter

The Sims 4: Seasons brought with it a bunch of new interesting characters and most importantly Father Winter. This now means your sim has the opportunity to start having a baby with father winter and with it comes an interesting reward trait that no other sims are able to receive.

When Does Father Winter Show Up?

Father Winter (aka Clement Frost) will appear at your home each year during Winter Fest when the clock strikes 8pm and will bring gifts that he will place in the gift pile if you have purchased it. You can also ask father winter to give you a present after you have introduced yourself.

*Note: The game states that Father Winter appears near a fireplace, but I’ve noticed that without one Father Winter will just walk right down the street and into your home, so don’t worry too much if you can’t afford a fireplace.

How to Make Sure Father Winter Feels Flirty

Thankfully, there are a ton of small things we can do to make sure that any adult sim who enters our home immediately starts feeling flirty and that’s going to make it so much easier for your sim to try for baby with father winter as soon as possible.

The first, is to add the Romantic Aura lot trait to your household which can be done in build/buy mode. This lot trait will give off a nice romantic vibe when an adult sim enters your home and will usually make them feel flirty unless they are currently experiencing other intense emotions.

The next thing you could do is to purchase a few plumbob aura lamps from build/buy mode. The pink lamps will make your sims feel flirty as long as you have them turned on, meaning they will feel doubly flirty if you also have the lot trait.

You could even start to prepare a few days in advance by making your sim feel flirty and painting a few flirty paintings and putting them up around your sim’s home to give off as many flirty vibes as possible.

How to Have a Great Winterfest

If your sim is going to conceive a child on winterfest, you may as well make it the best day ever and make sure they are really celebrating the holiday. The first thing to do is grab yourself a decoration box and decorate your home, it makes your sim feel happy and can satisfy one of the winterfest obligations.

You can also cook and eat a grand meal that will possibly put your sims into a bit of a food coma, but turkey can do that to ya! This will help to satisfy another winterfest obligation.

You should also open some presents with friends or family and do some winterfest socials before Father Winter appears just to make sure that your sim is in the best possible mood.

What To Do When Father Winter Appears

When Father Winter appears at around 8 pm, you should waste no time. You need to get right into making friends with Father Winter and getting your sim to feel flirty and start getting romantic with him. This will ensure you have enough time to get the job done, since Father Winter won’t stick around forever.

I’ve found that it’s easier to start flirting when your sims have a little bit of a friendship brewing before you begin, so try a couple of friendly interactions first and don’t forget to ask him for a present because he gives some good stuff.

Then, you can move right into romantic interactions to grow your romance bar to the point where you can try for baby. Immediately after trying for baby, be sure to get your sim to take a pregnancy test so you know if you were successful. If you find out your sim isn’t pregnant, you can try again, but be quick!

Special Reward Trait

The best part about having a baby with Father Winter is that your child gets a special reward trait just for having Father Winter as their father. This reward trait is going to boost the amount of satisfaction that your sim gets from any whims they may complete which is a pretty great bonus as satisfaction points can lead to some awesome rewards.

*Note: all whims are turned off automatically now, so you must turn them on in the game settings.

Should He Move In?

Sometimes it can be fun to make interesting characters move into our home with us and help with bills, and taking care of the children. Father winter is no different. When father winter moves in with you he brings with him §500,000 and happens to have level 10 of the cooking, baking, and parenting skill so he may just be the absolute perfect person to help you take care of that new baby of yours.

Final Thoughts

Having a baby with Father Winter can be a really great way to give your sim a leg up in life and get them started on the right track with an extra bonus. Have you ever made a baby in The Sims 4 with Father Winter? Did you enjoy the trait? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My sim had a baby with Clement Frost and not only did they get the Child of Father Winter trait which gives them boosts on satisfaction points as mentioned, I noticed that when the child plays with toys, it’s like they can talk to toys as notifications pop up of the toys saying things.

  2. What if your Father Winter’s name is Clark Lorenz, will you still get the trait? Also, I moved him in and it only gave me $20,000

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