30+ Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes For Play or Halloween

When it comes to toddler cc the cutest things you can dress them in will always be sims 4 cc toddler costumes! One thing we all know about toddlers is just how big of an imagination they can have and dressing them in fun costumes is a great way to show that off.

These sims 4 cc toddler costumes are amazing because they can be worn as an everyday outfit that makes it feel like the toddler decided to dress themselves, or you can save them for Spooky Day!

There is definitely something for every costume lover out there on this list!

The Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

1. Tiny Angel & Devil

The first item on our list of sims 4 cc toddler costumes are these adorable toddler accessories that will make your toddlers either look like an angel or a devil.

These are extremely fun because they aren’t a full body costume and you can choose to wear these with whatever outfit you feel best fits your sim.

sims 4 toddler cc costumes

2. Minnie Mouse Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

There is not much cuter than a toddler who is absolutely obsessed with Minnie Mouse and this costume can let you have that same feeling in the game.

This Minnie Mouse dress is a great costume choice with its bright red colour and large Minnie Mouse polka dots all over. The best option is definitely the bright red but it also comes in green, orange, blue and purple!

sims 4 toddler cc minnie mouse

3. Bunny Suit

Next up is this fun Bunny Suit fit with two large bunny ears and a gorgeous puffy bunny tail on the bottom.

This bunny suit comes in fifteen different swatches with thirteen being solid colours and two bring white with either pink or blue detailing which are probably my favourites.

Since we got wild rabbits with The Sims 4: Cottage Living I can imagine a toddler wearing this adorable Bunny Suit and hanging out in the garden with some wild rabbits!


4. Ghosts

These ghost costumes are extremely silly because each one has a different facial expression on the chest so you can choose one based on the individual sim’s personality.

There is a cute detail of a frilly collar on the top that adds a nice added detail to an already adorable costume.

These are definitely a step up from wearing a sheet over your head and cutting holes in it like we used to do when I was a kid!

sims 4 toddler costumes custom content

5. Little Witch

We couldn’t have a list of sims 4 cc toddler costumes without making sure to have a witch costume on that list. Wearing a witch costume for Halloween is one of the most popular and common costumes out there.

This one has an adorable black dress fit with puffy sleeves and a cute corset across the chest. The bottom of the dress is scalloped which really draws your eye to the brightly coloured striped tights underneath the dress that can even match your sims tights if you want. This is such a cute option for a toddler outfit for Spooky Day!

witch costume for toddlers

6. Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkins are an extremely popular item in October, so of course there would be fun pumpkin costumes on this list.

This pumpkin costume starts at the top with a bright green collar that acts like the stem or leaves of the pumpkin. The dress them goes down across the chest and puffs out into a fun circle that is supposed to act like the pumpkin body.

There are two different options for pumpkin faces that are both so adorable and fun choices for your toddler’s costume.


7. Boo! Toddler Costumes

This next set of toddler costumes has a few really adorable options for your game. The first option is an adorable lady bug skirt with a matching top with wings that’s so cute and can be worn even not on spooky day.

Next in the more intense costumes are a pumpkin and a pirate which are so adorable and well made you’ll need to have them in your game for sure.

halloween costumes for toddlers

8. Toddler Halloween Costumes

These next two sims 4 cc toddler costumes are more open to interpretation with one looking a lot like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and the other looking like a witch-bat hybrid. These are so cute though!

funny toddler costumes for the sims

9. Princess Set

Princess costumes are definitely one of the most popular types of costumes for kids out there and this one is super cute.

This set includes both a dress and a small tiara that isn’t too out there being perfect for your game.

The dress is so precious with white puff sleeves and a gorgeous lace detail going around your sim’s hips for the cutest princess.

princess costume

10. Voodoo Doll

The voodoo doll is a fun item in The Sims 4 that you can use to torture other sims and now your toddlers can dress up like a voodoo doll in your game.

This costume is so fun with a gorgeous textured fabric with tons of stitches and a messed up heart. There is a nice bow all around the dress to make it look like your sims are a very precious and adorable voodoo doll.

voodoo doll costume

11. Skeleton Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc toddler costumes is a skeleton dress for your little ones. This dress is really fun and has a lot going on!

We start with a skirt with black and white stripes and details as well as a gorgeous top with buttons and ribs across the front.

Somehow this horrifying skeleton is also horrifyingly adorable!

sims 4 cc toddler costumes

12. Crayons Sims 4 CC Toddler Costume

Why wouldn’t your toddlers be dressed up as a crayon? Sounds fun to me!

This Crayola crayon costume is extremely fun with a matching crayon tip hat to really complete the look. You could even go so far as to match your sims cc shoes to the colour of the crayon to make it look even more cohesive.

sims 4 toddler cc costumes

13. Princess Belle

When you’re thinking of princess costumes you definitely will think of Disney Princesses as a huge part of this category.

Belle from Beauty and The Beast is an iconic character and her dress is so unique. This yellow costume is so perfect for your toddlers to dress up like Belle!


14. Superheroes

Putting our toddlers in costume onesies is a great way to let them be comfy and warm but still look super cute. These superhero onesies come in all your favourite heroes from both Marvel and DC so you can truly choose your favourite one for your toddlers.

There are even eye masks to match the outfit and really bring it all together.

sims 4 superhero costume

15. The Incredibles

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler costumes is fun for the whole family! This incredibles themed outfit puts your toddlers in a spandex leotard fit for a superhero.

This red and black outfit is the absolute best and looks so darn adorable on a toddler.

This isn’t just for toddlers, you can dress your entire family as The Incredibles for Spooky Day this year!

the incredibles costume

16. Disney Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

Disney is one of the most popular types of costumes for kids, and this dress is such a good one.

The best of the options here is the gorgeous and iconic yellow and blue Snow White dress.

There are even other options like a Mike dress for Monster’s Inc, a Dory dress from Finding Nemo and more!

snow white costume

17. Little Pirate Set

Aargh! This Little Pirate set is such a fun choice for your sims, especially if you have the pirate ship kids play area in your game. Just imagine kids in these outfits acting like real life pirates and making it feel like you’re going to walk the plank!

This outfit is so fun with a pair of messy striped pants, a shirt and vest that’s belted around the middle and of course a fun pirate hat to finish off the look.

pirate costume

18. Baby Dragon

An easy way for you to put your sim’s in costumes without them being too out there is to make them wear a fun themed onesie. This Baby Dragon onesie is such a fun choice for that.

This one has an amazing back detail with there being little dragon spikes starting at the front of your toddler’s head going all the way down their back which is such a fun and precious detail!

sims 4 cc toddler costumes

19. Robot

Why do sims have to be sims? Why can’t they dress up like a robot?

This robot costume is such a fun choice for your sims to hangout in and has so many fun details. This is actually a conversion from The Sims Free Play to The Sims 4 and we’re all so glad they made this conversion!

robot sims freeplay conversions

20. Sailor Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

There is something so adorable about a nautical sailor costume and this one is the best out there.

This outfit has a gorgeous dress with the skirt section being bright blue and the top half being white. The real star of this show is the giant over shoulder detail that leads into a bright red bow on the sim’s chest.

This would look so adorable on a sim walking around in Brindelton Bay hanging out by the water, just imagining what life on the water could be!

sailor costume for toddlers

21. Halloween Outfits

Costumes don’t just need to be superheroes and princesses, these halloween outfits are perfect for your toddlers to wear during the day on Spooky Day before they throw on their real sims 4 cc toddler costumes.

These outfits are much more casual and can be worn all day with one being a onesie of a skeleton and the other one has an adorable long sleeve shirt and orange skirt.

halloween outfits

22. Little Princess Set

One of the most popular options for costumes for children is definitely a Princess and these princess costumes are awesome. They come in all sorts of fun colours and it really makes you fall in love with your sims!

This isn’t just a dress either, it also has a fun hair piece that can be added to your favourite custom hairstyle to make sure your sims look extra cute.

little princess costume set

23. Bumblebee

The next option for sims 4 cc toddler costumes is this fun bumblebee outfit that looks so silly on your sims. The outfit is essentially a nice striped black and yellow onesie with black pants underneath.

The sim has their hood up and on top of the hood are two adorable antennas and on the back is two fun wings. I can just imagine a toddler running around buzzing all over the place in this toddler outfit.

bumblebee costume

24. Various Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

There is no better way to get custom content for the game than to find some fun custom content packs because you can get multiple items all at once.

This pack of fun costumes is awesome because you can have your toddlers have a bunch of options with a single download.

We start with a super sim outfit in both pants and a skirt for options, a cute skeleton or ghost look and of course a witch too. These are incredibly well made and look gorgeous in game!

sims 4 cc toddler costumes

25. Sweet Pumpkin

We love pumpkin costumes! This adorable sweet pumpkin is so hilarious and has your sims in a fun striped outfit, but with a large pumpkin around their body.

This really makes it feel like your sim’s parents took a pumpkin and cut a hole in it for your toddler to sit inside of, even with the top of the pumpkin as a hat.

pumpkin costume for toddlers

26. Fairy Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

This fairy costume is such a gorgeous option because its so detailed and beautiful. This starts off with a gorgeous pair of wings on the back that match perfectly with the sim’s dress and these wings are gorgeous.

They are a solid colour but have gold or silver outlining that really makes them feel fancy. The dress is so gorgeous because it’s multi-coloured and matches the wings perfectly.

You can really imagine these sims being an actual fairy when they wear this outfit!

sims 4 fairy costume

27. Frozen Anna & Elsa Dresses

When Frozen came out it took the entire world by storm and Anna and Elsa dresses were flying off the shelves. Now you can recreate that fun time in your game by throwing your sim’s toddler into a gorgeous frozen dress.

These costumes are great because they aren’t too out there and could just be seen as a regular dress on your kids, but are really showing off the things your toddlers love.

Elsa dress for toddlers

28. Pikachu Pokemon Costume

There is a huge connection between players who grew up with The Sims and players who grew up with Pokemon, so there are many players who need this in their game.

This Pikachu costume is awesome because your toddler will look so cute wearing it and you’ll want them to wear it every single day!

sims 4 cc toddler costumes

29. Bat Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

Why not dress your toddler up as a bat? This ones a weird one but I’ll be honest, I love it so much.

This bat costume has a hilarious hat for your toddlers to wear and this would be especially funny if your toddler is a vampire!

bat costume for toddlers

30. Gnome Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

Gnomes are a staple in The Sims franchise and there are so many hilarious and cute gnomes to add to your lot. Why not have your toddlers wear the gnome outfits too?

These gnome outfits start off with an awesome cone hat to start the look, and a cute outfit with pants or a skirt to finish it off. Definitely get a few pictures of your sims with an in-game gnome while wearing this costume!

gnomes for toddlers

31. Alice in Wonderland

We’re all mad here! This Alice in Wonderland costume option is a great choice for your toddlers to show off their love of the book and movie.

This is a gorgeous dress that looks just like Alice’s in the movie and when worn with blonde hair you’ll absolutely love seeing this in your game.

alice in wonderland costume for toddlers in the sims 4

32. Scarecrow Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler costumes is an outfit that looks a lot like Patchy The Straw Man from The Sims 4: Seasons. This adorable scarecrow costume has a hat that you can add to your toddlers for extra cuteness, but looks great with just the base of the outfit.

The outfit is a pair of beat up overalls over a long sleeve with a nice neck tie that just brings it all together. Imagine your toddlers hanging out in the garden with Patchy and just being best friends!


33. Halloween Outfits for Toddlers

We don’t need our costumes to be extremely fancy, sometimes they can just be a simple onesie outfit and it shows the style all the same.

These halloween outfits for toddlers are great because there’s a skeleton, a pumpkin and a cute little witch or wizard outfit for your toddlers to wear.

sims 4 cc toddler costumes

34. Little Witches

There is no way we could have a list of sims 4 cc toddler costumes without including these little witches!

Many witch costumes that you can get for toddlers are very stylized and not so cute, but these ones are so sweet and the dress could honestly be worn each and every day without the hat as a regular look.

The dress is gorgeous with a fun ribbon around the waist that goes into a beautiful bow and a beautiful matching hat to truly complete the look.

little witches costumes

35. Princess Dresses

Disney princesses are one of the more popular costume options in the world and these are a great choice for something a little more tame.

These dresses all have puffy sleeves and a scalloped bottom for extra details and are designed after all your favourite princesses.

princess dress costumes for toddlers

36. DC Super Hero Sims 4 CC Toddler Costumes

This set of DC superhero sims 4 cc toddler costumes are fun because your toddlers can wear these on Spooky Day or just wear them around the house on a regular Tuesday.

These are fun because they have the decals of the superheroes on the chest, and the rest is extremely adorable.

sims 4 cc toddler costumes

Final Thoughts

These sims 4 cc toddler costumes have brought me so much joy in my game and truly do make my toddlers feel real. You can really imagine them wearing these and all the fun play they’d have with their favourite toys when wearing these outfits. Happy playing!

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