70+ Sims 4 CC Creators You Need to Check Out

There are so many amazing sims 4 cc creators out there that deserve so much love. They are consistently making the most beautiful items for you to add to your game and really get to enjoy. These items are amazing because they are usually better than anything you can get in The Sims 4 proper and the clothes are pretty much always trendier than what we get in the game.

These sims 4 cc creators have spent countless hours being amazing and really putting in effort to make these items amazing and deserve all the praise. Send them some love when you head over and download their goodies!

We’re going to start this list with build mode creators but you can click here to skip to CAS creators.

Build Mode Sims 4 CC Creators


The first creator on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Illogical Simmer. What made this creator get the top spot on my list? Well, illogical simmer was the first cc creator who got me to fill my mod folder with more than one or two items. The Simkea stuff pack inspired me to decorate and really play around with items like never before so Illogical Simmer deserves some love from me.

illogical sims home office kit


Felixandre is part of an amazing duo of creators called House of Harlix, but also creates amazing items on their own. One of their most beautiful sets has to be The Grove which has multiple parts allowing you to decorate a gorgeous home with these pieces. There are gorgeous pieces of outdoor furniture, an entire kitchen set, and a beautiful bed with canopy poles that are covered in small pieces of fabric in such a unique way. An amazing furniture creator!

gorgeous bedroom for sims


The second half of House of Harlix is Harrie, a very talented creator that makes some very beautiful custom content. One thing that Harrie does really well is creating beautiful windows and doors that are in gorgeous wood tones which match things like the kitchen sets that they make as well. There is something really amazing about a creator who makes sure all of their wood tones match and it makes me so happy.

gorgeous fireplace for sims 4

Max 20

Some of my favourite sims 4 cc packs are made by Max 20. The quality of their objects is extremely high, they really know what styles of items I want and everything impresses me. It all started a while back with the Dining Room pack that made me really happy.

kid jumping on bed

Little Dica

Little Dica started out creating pretty common items like bathrooms and kitchens but eventually decided to go deeper into interesting content. That took them to creating some really beautiful packs that let you create things like a Starbucks or McDonalds in the game which is a really fun thing to do and the objects for these packs are amazing.

sims 4 cc creators


There are some creators on this list with 100 million+ downloads on The Sims Resource, however, Severinka has over 500 million so you known they’ve created some goodies. With over 4,000 creations there is definitely something for everyone. Their content does skew a little more alpha but can still fit right in with your favourite maxis match content too.

severinka sims 4

Charly Pancakes

Charly Pancakes is a long lost Pancakes family member who creates really fun custom content items like full modern furniture sets with some really amazing clutter objects. They have even created some of my favourite custom content doors and windows which is a category that many players ignore creating which is a must have for me.

selection one by charly pancakes


Peacemaker has been making gorgeous furniture items for many years and has gotten extremely good at creating them. They create absolutely beautiful furniture sets to decorate your homes and most of them skew less modern and more cozy. This is awesome because many creators are focused on modern furniture and that area of sims 4 cc is a little bit over saturated!

yellow chairs around a white table


Simsi45 is a great creator for fun packs of custom content furniture that can really make you happy. Two of my stand outs for Simsi45 are the teen style stuff pack that lets you decorate your sim’s rooms with awesome teen-focused furniture and family fun stuff. The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff pack was one of my favourites as a little kid playing The Sims and Simsi45 took it and made it into a pack for The Sims 4 which is amazing!

teen style stuff sims 4


The next on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Pierisim and this creator won’t disappoint you. They create gorgeous sets like Winter Garden where you can decorate an entire outdoor space without everything being extremely lush and summery. Pierisim is a great person to follow on Patreon because they are consistently showing you what kinds of things they are working on so you can get excited in advance.

fancy office for the sims 4


If you’re ever scrolling custom content websites and see something and think “wow that’s gorgeous” there’s a high probability that it was created by Myshunosun. This creator is really great at making beautiful custom furniture that work in so many different homes. They often release sets together so you can get many items all at once instead of individual downloads which I really appreciate.

myshuno sun

Sixam CC

Who wouldn’t want to download items by a creator named after the beautiful Planet Sixam? Sixam CC is such a great creator who loves making custom content packs like Small Spaces: Work from Home that lets your sims have the most beautiful home offices. They’ve also created things like an entire pack for Home Improvement items like pipes, mops, hot water heaters and other realistic items to decorate with.

sixam cc sims 4


Simcredible is one of those creators that makes all sorts of different kinds of custom content. They love creating entire rooms that work really well together and make your home feel very streamlined and beautiful. They love adding small pieces of clutter to your sim’s homes that matches so well with the other pieces, amazing!

simcredible bathroom

Functional Objects Sims 4 CC Creators

My favourite types of custom content are always the functional objects because they add the most gameplay and intrigue for me. These items are really important because they can completely change how you play. These sims 4 cc creators focus on these types of objects and really improve your gameplay.


One place you may not realize you need custom content for is food! There is so much custom food out there for your sim’s to eat and Icemunmun is the best custom food creator out there. They create amazing food items for your sims to cook and eat that we’ll probably never see in the game which is a more fun experience for you.

custom food


Possibly the most well-known functional item creator is Ravasheen who has been making incredible objects for so long. They’ve created things like an entire Amazon themed system for The Sims, a self storage system called Landgraab Self Storage and even worked with Elgato on a whole streamer set up. They come up with such amazing items!


Around The Sims

The next person on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Around The Sims. This creator has been around for a long time and even created items for The Sims 3 so you know they love creating custom content. They love to create fun, functional pieces like small kitchen appliances, Nutri-Baby systems to help feed your toddlers and tons of fun things for your little ones to play with.

barbie dream house sims 4 cc


PandaSama loves to experiment with different types of custom content for your sims but especially functional items like toys for toddlers and other baby focused things. One of their most popular things at the time of writing this is their child birth mod that completely overhauls the way that child birth looks and operates in the game.

Hair Focused Sims 4 CC Creators

One of the most popular categories of sims 4 cc is custom hairstyles because it is the easiest way to make your sim’s look so much more interesting without having to get a whole bunch of custom clothes. Your sim’s hair can really change the way they look and their personality.


Dogsill is really good at adding dimension to hair colours and textures and making really beautiful items for you to download. I always really appreciate the item images for Dogsill too because they use items like 3D lashes, custom eyes and interesting skin details to make their images more interesting.

dogsill hair


Simstrouble is probably the most popular of all these sims 4 cc creators for making gorgeous hairs. If you head to any video or blog post about hairs there will be at least one from this creator. They are really great at making beautiful hair with small details like a braid here and a curtain bang there. One thing I really appreciate is that their hairs aren’t perfect with small pieces going off in different directions keeping it interesting.

simstrouble hairstyle


The next on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Oakiyo who loves to create custom content hair that make me really smiley. These hairs are fun with small details like bangs, space buns with flowers, or cute headband accessories.

oakiyo sandy hair

Wild Pixel

Wild Pixel is a creator who focuses mostly on creating gorgeous pieces of custom hair for your game. They love to make hairs that are hat compatible and usually base game compatible making it possible for you to download them even if you only have the base game. Their hairs are gorgeous and really fun!

Dua Hair for sims 4


AHarris00Britney is an awesome hair creator who releases anywhere from two to four hairs per month. They are extremely good at making unique hairs each month that many players need in their game. In addition to making gorgeous hair for your game they also love to make collaboration packs with another simmer that are some of my favourite collections to keep in my game.



For many years we had minimal content for black sims which was extremely disappointing and creators like Sheabuttyr learned how to fill that gap. Sheabuttyr creates gorgeous textured hair that has beautiful baby hair edges laid perfectly. They’ll do waves, braids, poofs, and so much more and every single hair is so beautiful.

sims 4 cc


The next choice on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Marso who creates fun Maxis Match hairs for your game. They don’t just stick to one style of hair, sometimes they’ll create hair that is curly and in pig tails and the next one they’ll create is straight and short.

One small detail I really appreciate about Marso is the images they create for their hairstyles since they look like they are a phone in simlish with just makes it more interesting to look at their custom content.

sims 4 cc creators

Heart Spice

Heart spice is a great hair creator who definitely loves what they do. They are really good at creating hairs that have texture and baby hairs since with just the base game we are really lacking good textured hairs. They love adding fun accessories to their sim’s hairs too!

sims 4 cc creators

Clothing Focused Sims 4 CC Creators

The clothing we have in the vanilla version of The Sims 4 is fine, but it isn’t perfect. These clothing focused sims 4 cc creators are amazing because they make beautifully made items that you can add to your game immediately instead of waiting for EA to make something similar.


One reason I really like the clothing created by Viiavi is because they are able to take a simple concept like a t-shirt crop top and they add something like a wrapped string and a bow to make it more interesting. It really helps to elevate the look and make your sims look much more put together than before.

sims 4 cc creators


The main reason why many sims players are looking for custom content is because they want trendy pieces that take EA forever to make. Trillyke is a great creator to follow if you want to always keep trendy items in your game. They create gorgeous skirts, tops, and dresses in fun colours and patterns that you’ll need to have in your game forever.

sims 4 cc creators


Casteru is one of those creators who is heavily focused on creating toddler content for your sims. They make absolutely beautiful toddler outfits and cute hairstyles too. They really know how to capture how cute toddlers can be in the game without making them look too childish.

Another amazing thing that Casteru works on is toddler pose packs that you can use to get really gorgeous screenshots of your favourite sims.

sims 4 cc creators


Sentate is a creator that loves to take risks and make beautiful shapes for your sims to enjoy wearing. They aren’t scared to work with bright colours and fun design ideas. One of my favourite things that Sentate has ever created has to be The Timeless Collection which is inspired by silhouettes and designs like Chanel suits and other fun outfits that will stand the test of time.

sims 4 cc creators


A good way to know if a creator is talented is to see just how many downloads they have on The Sims Resource and Madlen has over 100 million which is impressive. They love to dabble in all sorts of custom content but some of their most popular is their amazing shoe collection. Something else they do that I absolutely love is creating outfits that both kids and toddlers can wear so you can have your kids in matching outfits.

sims 4 cc creators


Next up on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Kumikya who absolutely loves to release custom content outfits. Their likes include making cc hairs, creating beautiful makeup sets like the Jelly Makeup collection and releasing cc outfits that are beautiful.

sims 4 cc creators

Black Lily Sims

Black Lily Sims is a creator who makes clothing for feminine sims that come in all sorts of shapes and styles. They love to switch it up by sometimes making dresses but sometimes making a gorgeous sweater set instead. They also love to dabble in a beautiful romper once in a while!

sims 4 cc creators


Clumsyalien has always been one of my favourite clothing sims 4 cc creators because their stuff is extremely unique and not like many of the items we have in the game. They usually release their items in small custom content packs or collections that are absolutely beautiful. They love using things that feel majestic like stars and moons and it makes me really happy.

sims 4 cc creators


Aretha is a great creator who loves to release their custom content as simple collections that make it really easy to understand their use. Aretha likes to create hairs sometimes too which are really gorgeous and well made like the Kelani Braids Set. Their clothing items are really great with fun patterns and interesting shapes!

sims 4 cc creators

Pixel Univairse

Pixel Univairse is a fun creator to follow because you never know what clothing items you’re going to get. They seem to love making beautiful tank tops and sweaters and just about everything in between. One of my favourite items they’ve made is the Dina Dress that has so many fun patterns and cute details.

sims 4 cc creators


Sometimes I find it hard to create outfits on my own in The Sims 4 so I love when creators like Serenity decide to release things as sets or outfits so it makes it more obvious for things that work well together. They are really great for making dresses and skirts and they are workable with so many items that are already in the game!

sims 4 cc creators


Powluna is one of my favourite creators because they make some of the cutest toddler clothing out there. They are really great at making cute toddler shirts and pants and especially adorable dresses and suits for little ones. They have their website really organized too so its easy to find items you’re looking for.

sims 4 cc creators

Candy Sims

Candy sims is definitely really talented when creating fun items for create a sim, especially clothing. They love to make a gorgeous corset body suit, fun sweaters and even jackets for kids. They are definitely talented and can make some really gorgeous items!

sims 4 cc creators

Story Legacy Sims

When looking for custom content I’m not always looking for the wildest shapes and patterns, sometimes I’m looking for simple basics that are well made and can worn all the time. Story Legacy Sims is really good at making wearable items that just make sense in the game and work super well.

sims 4 cc creators


With over 29 million downloads on The Sims Resource Ekinege really knows how to make fun custom content. One thing I absolutely love about Ekinege is how many fun patterns and colours they are willing to use, they definitely aren’t scared to experiment with fun things and that makes me really happy.

sims 4 cc creators

General CAS Sims 4 CC Creators

There are many sims 4 cc creators out there who are creating create-a-sim items for all aspects of CAS and don’t just want to focus on clothing or hair. They can create gorgeous hairs, tattoos, presets, and clothing items depending on what they are feeling in that moment.


Joliebean is a really talented creator of hair styles for the sims 4 as well as really fun clothing sets for your sims. When you check out all of their items you’ll see a bunch of trendy clothes for you to create really beautiful outfits. Traditionally, Joliebean has really been CAS focused but they recently started trying to make furniture so I’m excited to see where they are able to take that!

sims 4 cc creators  sky love hair sims 4


Miiko is a really fun creator to follow who makes really beautiful hairstyles for your sims as well as really sweet clothing for them to wear. One really fun thing they’ve created is called Pastel World where they have recoloured items in all of the worlds to make them more pastel and beautiful in a totally different way than before.

sims 4 cc creators for hairstyles that are sweet


Are you looking for gorgeous custom makeup for your sims? Look no further than Crypticsim. This creator is really amazing at making beautiful make up sometimes even based on some of your favourite IRL celebrities like Kendal Jenner. Their collections always have a theme and they love to work with fun colours in eyeliner and eyeshadow.

sims 4 cc creators


Next up on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Marigolde who creates really beautiful graphics to show off their custom content which I always appreciate. They are known for their gorgeous eye creations and different hairstyles that they release. They’re very good at making unique eyes for your sims to really make them look different from one another.



If you want to find extremely on-trend clothing for your sims, Grafity CC is a great option! This creator loves to make super trendy items like strawberry cardigans, chokers, chained belts and more. They post custom content consistently and you’ll definitely be able to find something you love.

sims 4 cc creators for a strawberry sweater

Chewy Butterfly

I’m always looking for sims 4 cc creators who make custom poses because getting good screenshots of my sims is very important to me and that’s how I found Chewy Butterfly. This creator makes fun poses for families and couples that I use all the time as well as making beautiful make up and skin mods that are just great!

sims 4 cc creators for make up and glow kits


If you’ve ever wanted to have gorgeous custom eyelashes in your game, you’ve probably heard of Kijiko. This creator is known for creating some of the first (and best) 3D eyelashes for The Sims 4 and they’re extremely popular. In addition to the eyelashes they also create hairs, make up, skin tones and so much more.

sims 4 cc creators of eyelashes 3D

Quirky Introvert

Many people know Quirky Introvert for their gorgeous (and very frequent) custom hair releases but they are also amazing at creating beautiful clothing and shoes too. They love to do monthly drops of clothing and hairs that are sure to impress and fit perfectly into the game!

sims 4 cc creators

Ice Cream for Breakfast

We could all use some Ice Cream for Breakfast in our lives, right? Well this creator is a must-know for you when you want to fill your mods folder. This creator loves to create really beautiful hairs for your sims that are great for everyday looks and sometimes dabbles in making clothing for kids too!

children's clothing add on by the sims 4 cc creators ice cream for breakfast


Saurus has a piece of my heart from their wonderful Twitch streams and their custom content makes me just as happy. They are able to great beautiful hairstyles with dangly hairs that look so beautiful, beautiful sweaters that even have swatches with dinosaurs on them and gorgeous skirts. There are so many fun options that they are able to create!

saurus willow hair

Wildly Miniature Sandwich

Probably one of the best names for a sim’s cc creator, Wildly Miniature Sandwich creates beautiful items for your sims to enjoy including custom eyes, toddler flip flops, random clothing items and so much more. They’ve got a signature style in their imagery too, which keeps it interesting.

little sad eyes sims 4


Creators are really able to bring in so many gorgeous items to the game with different variations, colours and patterns than EA and that just makes me happy. Simkoos is able to make gorgeous kid’s clothing like the lunchbox friends set that is great!

two kids with cute jackets


There are so many amazing creators out there and Its Jao creates gorgeous hairs and clothing items for your game. One of my favourite things they’re able to do is create multiple variations of the same hair so you can have it be exactly how you like.

Its Jao is a great sims 4 cc creators option


When looking for new sims 4 cc creators I always skew toward people who create items for toddlers and kids because they’re just so much cuter. GeorgiaGLM is great at making beautiful hair and clothing for your young sims that are maxis match and just look awesome on your toddlers. Once in a while they’ll pop in with stuff for adults too!

toddler hair georgia glm

Nolan Sims

Nolan sims is a great creator because they love to make whatever brings them joy in the moment. One day they’ll be releasing gorgeous braided hairstyles and the next week they’re making fun strawberry planters to decorate your sim’s home with. You’ll find gorgeous clothing items here too with fun trendy pieces for your sims to wear.

juniper braid set by nolan sims


There are a lot of good items that come with EA packs but sometimes the colours and patterns are a lot. Thankfully, creators like Standardheld are able to make gorgeous recolours of some of these items to make them more useable and more interesting.


Urban Sims

You may know Urban Sims from their popular youtube channel, but you need to know them for their gorgeous custom content makeup and other items. They make gorgeous lip kits and eyeshadow sets and ever since the nail update they’ve been dabbling in making gorgeous nail polish too!

sims 4 cc creators making lip kits


Also known as akalukery, Grimcookies is a long time sims 4 cc creator. They great beautiful hairs, fun outfits like body con dresses, athletic sets, and lovely makeup items. They’ve also done numerous collaborations with popular sims Youtuber Deligracy to make fun packs together!

bodycon dress set for sims


Jellymoo is a creator who loves to make all sorts of items for create-a-sim and they do a darn good job of it. You’ll find fun puffer jackets, interesting jeans, and even cute hairstyles. One of my favourites parts about Jellymoo are the incredibly beautiful graphics that they make for each of their creations. They’re gorgeous and really make you want to download these items.

sims 4 cc creators

Giulietta Sims

Are you looking for beautiful custom accessories? If so, Giulietta Sims is the place to look. This creator makes some of the most beautiful earrings and necklaces for your sims of all ages. There is nothing cuter than a toddler aged sim wearing custom earrings that look like bunny rabbits, it’s just so cute!

sims 4 toddler stuff


There aren’t many creators who are really good at making custom makeup but Praline is one of the best. The make up collections are gorgeous coming with beautiful lipsticks, eyeshadow and highlight. This creator also loves to create other CAS items like custom skin and and gorgeous eyes.

gorgeous sim with glowy makeup


The most searched thing for sims 4 cc is definitely custom hair so Arnetta is a must-know creator if you want to find gorgeous hairstyles for your game. In addition to all of the hairs that Arnetta is able to create they also have some great body and face presets to make your gorgeous sims easier to make.

arnetta's donna hair for sims 4

Onyx Sims

The things I look for most when digging for new custom content are toddler clothes and children’s clothes and Onyx Sims is one of my favourite creators for this. They make extremely unique clothing like sweater dresses, adorable jackets, and really cute kid’s cardigans that you’ll love.

brielle dress for kids

Nords Sims

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Nords who is definitely talented in creating all sorts of custom content for create a sim. They have their website really well organized with tags so you can use one click to find specific categories like hair, tattoos and even custom makeup to make your sims even more beautiful.

Rain hair from Nords, a sims 4 cc creators option

Red Head Sims

There are so many amazing creators out there and Red Head Sims is a great choice if you want a little bit of everything. They are very much known for two things, their shoes and their custom nail polish but they love to dabble in other areas too. They make a lot of amazing toddler shoes which is important since we really don’t have many in the game.

pikachu shoes


S-Club is one of those sims 4 cc creators that just loves to dabble in a little bit of everything. They have over 100 million downloads on The Sims Resource and that just proves to you that they make incredibly beautiful custom content.

On their page you’ll find things like custom nail polish, adorable hairstyles and even some fun skin details to add to your game.

sims 4 cc creators

A Little Bit of Everything Sims 4 CC Creators

Some of my favourite sims 4 cc creators out there aren’t able to just stick to one specific type of custom content. These creators make build cc, clothing, hair and other random pieces of custom content that bring so much joy into your game.


There are some sims 4 cc creators where there is always something from them in my mods folder and greenllamas is one of those creators. This creator is amazing at creating beautiful hairs for all types of sims, as well as creating beautiful clothing items, collaborating with other sims and even occasionally creating some custom furniture.

One of my absolute favourite collections they’ve made has to be the gossip collection all themed after clothing you’d see in my favourite childhood show, Gossip Girl.



Xureila is actually a popular Youtube creator who also sometimes dabbles in creating custom content for you to download. Their custom content is all over the places with items like custom loading screens, different recolours and even custom paintings to decorate your sim’s homes with.

sims 4 cc creators creations


Next up on our list of sims 4 cc creators is Katverse who makes a bunch of different things. On their website you’ll find things like loading screens, custom tattoos, eye shades and so much more.

The thing that Katverse is best known for (and honestly best at) is making custom poses that are so beautiful for your sims. There are so many custom pose options including ones for just kids, just toddlers or the whole family. My favourites of theirs have to be the custom pregnancy poses!

custom poses


There are some creators that love to dabble in just about any type of custom content out there. Simplistic is one of those creators! They absolutely love to make build custom content and make really beautiful items that many other players overlook like paintings, rugs and wallpaper that you need in your game.

sims 4 wallpaper

Miguel Creations

Miguel creations is a sims 4 cc creator that I discovered while looking for cute toddler shoes to add to my game and now they’re on my list of frequently viewed creators. They don’t just make toddler stuff either, they make decor items like pillows, and other accessories and so many gorgeous pieces of furniture.

handmade toddler loafers

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Creators

These sims 4 cc creators are honestly so impressive and make some of the most beautiful custom content out there. They are truly able to create things that I’d never even know how to begin creating and everyday they are able to blow EA out of the water and make the most impressive items. You’ll surely be able to find some new creators that you love on this list. Happy Playing!

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