Gorgeous Sims 4 CC Dressers For a Stylish Bedroom

Custom content is one of those things that covers ever single item your sims could need, so of course that counts as dressers too! These sims 4 cc dressers are going to be great for adding more to your sim’s bedrooms while being able to add beautiful tiny decor on top of the dresser for some personality too!

Must-Have Sims 4 CC Dressers For Your Mods Folder

IKEA Nordli Dresser

If you want an extremely versatile dresser that you’ll get a lot of use out of this is the one. This dresser is a typical IKEA dresser that everyone has in their first apartment because it’s inexpensive and matches just about any room.

This one is simple with hand holds instead of knobs which gives a lower profile aesthetic and makes it super simple. You get 8 drawers for your sims to keep their virtual clothing which is more than they need for sure.

A view of a bedroom from one side, you can see the corner of the bed but it is focused on a dresser. This sims 4 cc dresser is white with eight drawers and has holes instead of handles. #TheSims4 #Sims4CC sims 4 custom content

Bjerringsbro Sims 4 CC Dresser

Next up we have this super gorgeous six drawer dresser that has a small foot print. This is great for smaller bedrooms that can’t take a full length dresser!

This dresser has six simple drawers that have cut outs to grab instead of knobs and a fun rectangle section that gives some texture to the piece.

The best thing about this dresser is that is versatile, you can use this as both as dresser and a shoe cabinet by the front door of your sim’s house as a nice decorative area. We love versatility!

A straight on view of a wall where there is a small dresser or shoe cabinet in the middle. On top of this piece of furniture is a decorative plant, a pile of books and a picture frame with a photo of a woman inside.

Country Armoire

Not everyone wants a really modern aesthetic in their sims home so if you’re more into the older country style this armoire is the one you should add to your mods folder. The great thing about this piece is that its tall but not wide which is great for smaller rooms where you can build up but not out.

This one is great with tons of distressed sections that make it look older and more well-loved. You get two doors at the top, then two small drawers, then two more smaller doors at the bottom. You can even add fun decorations to the top for more of a personal touch.

A straight on view of a wall where there is a floral wallpaper, a coat rack and in the center is a large green armoire.

Butterfly Kid’s Sims 4 Dresser

Kids in the sims 4 need to have a cute dresser too! This one is highly stylized to have fun in the game, with bright colours and a cool wavy style that makes the drawers look so much more interesting then before.

The dresser has one main colour that’s around the outside and on the knobs and these colours are like bright pinks or oranges. Then you have a green drawer in the middle and a neutral white drawer on the top and bottom to lessen the effect of the bright colours.

A white background where on top there are three of the same sims 4 cc dresser. The dresser is one colour on top and sides, the top and bottom drawers are white and the middle one is green. The handles are the same colour as the outside of the dresser.

Calligaris Dresser

The next option we have for an awesome sims 4 cc dresser is this beautiful white one that has a lot of potential for a neutral bedroom or nursery. This dresser has a mid-century shape and has three drawers on one side and a solid patterned piece on the left side.

The knobs are a clean looking chrome that keeps the piece looking neutral and looks awesome!

A sea foam green background with a white dresser on the front. On one side there are three drawers with silver knobs and the other side has a nice white and grey pattern.

Aurum Dresser

If you’re style is more neutral and you love wood tones you’ll want to download this dresser for sure. This one is really simple with eight drawers that are all matching in size which is a great look for more mature rooms.

You get the option of three wood tones and a nice white wood that can all look awesome in your sim’s home. This one is great for modern farmhouses aesthetics, but can also work in so many other homes too.

A white background with an eight drawer wooden dresser in the middle. There is also the other swatches on top with all four of the options in varying wood swatches.

East Coast Dresser

This next dresser is super similar to the last, but with a more interesting drawer style. The dresser has three drawers at the top and a two by two of larger drawers on the bottom.

It’s a great large dresser for adult’s bedrooms with a simple style that you’ll absolutely love. There are cut outs in the wood on the side and rounder large feet to bring it all together.

A white background with a simple grey dresser on top, the handles on the dresser are a darker grey. There are three skinny drawers on the top, then two rows of two drawers.

Kid’s Sheep Dresser

If your sims are having a hard time sleeping because toddlers are coming in the room and crying or ghosts are tormenting them, you need this dresser. This sheep dresser can help by assisting in your sim’s counting those sheep to get back to sleep.

This dresser has a singular colour all over with chrome knobs and a lighter top. On the middle drawer there is an adorable white sheep that makes me giggle when you look at it, who wouldn’t want a sheep?

A white background with four sims 4 cc dressers on it. These dressers come in a singular colour with chrome handles and a small white sheep on the middle drawer.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Dressers

Dressers can often be an afterthought in The Sims 4 because your sims don’t necessarily need to have one since they can change in mirrors as well. However, a well placed dresser can change up how a room looks and feels and you’ll love adding these ones to your mods folder. Happy Playing!

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