60+ Pieces of Sims 4 Witch CC For a More Magical Game

There are many occults in The Sims 4 but we all know that magical sims are one of the most popular. There is a whole pack dedicated to witches and wizards but these sims 4 witch cc items are honestly better than many that are in the game proper with Realm of Magic.

These custom content creators are so dedicated to creating fun witchy items and they really do a great job. These items are going to cover everything you need for create-a-sim and even a bunch of furniture and decor items you’d want so you can decorate the perfect house in Glimmerbrook.

Create a Sim Witch CC

There are two categories when it comes to custom content, the first is stuff for create a sim. These items are going to cover every piece of sims 4 witch cc you need to make gorgeous witches and wizards in your game, without even needing The Sims 4: Realm of Magic installed.

Sims 4 Witch CC Clothing

The first thing you’ll need when creating a beautiful witch is a perfect outfit option. These sims 4 witch cc clothing choices are so beautiful with dresses, sets, and interesting t-shirts and skirts to choose from. You’ll definitely find something you love!

Newt Ensemble

This ensemble is a stylish, three-piece outfit, ideal for the moderate witch. The formfitting vest has three buttons in the front and ends just on top of the high waist skinny pants, which also have the same three buttons on their waistband adding elegance and creating a harmonious appearance. The blouse has long puffed sleeves and bring in a whimsical touch to the outfit. The ensemble comes in 27 styles and combinations, so there is no boredom for your Sim witch.

A Sims 4 Witch CC option that is a pair of high waisted pants and a collared vest

Bad Witch Set

This Set is perfect for bringing out the bad witch in your Sim lady. There are two dresses to choose from, both similar in style. The corset-style top has dark grey laces pulled through brass-coloured loops, and lace fabric is inserted on the sides. A light flared short skirt extends from the corset and the collection also includes a hat, lipstick and eyeshadow. Combine with long gloves and bad ass panty hoses to complete the outfit!

A sim wearing a corset top, a skirt and fish nets and a sims 4 cc witch hat

Elodie Dress

The Elodie Dress is a stylish witch CC clothing choice for your Sims. It comes in an enchanting design featuring ten different colours. The high waist skirt extends through suspenders and moves down into a light flared bottom, with fashionable stitched seems on the waistband in the front. Whereas, the back is laced so the width of the skirt can be adjusted to fit your Sim’s figure. The top part has long bell sleeves with wider cuffs and round big buttons. A big black bow sitting at the collar completes the look.

Three sims with their heads cut out of the image wearing a dress that is a corset over a long sleeve shirt

Witch Maxi Dress

The Witch Maxi Dress is the perfect outfit for your spell-casting Sim. This A-line dress is sleeveless and features a v-neck neckline. The dress is either made of whimsical lace fabric or covered with a magical print. There are 4 different designs altogether. The length of the dress ends at the ankles, leaving space to show your Sims’ witch boots. Complete the look with jewelry or head pieces and nothing withstands your Sim’s magic.

A group of sims wearing very long black dresses with a v-neck Sims 4 Witch CC

Hex Dress

Since black is not the only colour for a witch dress the Hex Dress comes in 20 different colours altogether, and yes the black one is included! The dress has an uneven hem with a layer on top to create a flowing appearance. The collar is off shoulder and again has a layer of wavy material with the rim edged in a satin band. The sleeves are long and tight on the arms providing ample opportunity to wear jewelry on top of it. There are plenty of options for additional styling such as a metal belt or headband.

Two sims wearing a straight top off the shoulder dress with sleeves that has a waist belt

Good & Bad Witch Dresses

These witch dresses come in four stylish designs, each with a distressed look. The body-con style is made from stretchy material which will fit your Sim’s figure perfectly and the simple round collar and short sleeves create a smooth appearance. Plus, the letter on the front of the dress will reveal if your Sim is a good or bad witch. So, why not combine them with fishnet pantyhose for an even more authentic look? This is the ideal outfit for Halloween or even for the real witch!

Two sims wearing a t-shirt dress that is Sims 4 Witch CC that says either bad witch or good witch

Thyme Dress

Is your Sim a herb witch? If so, the Thyme dress is the right choice. Made from a soft fabric, it comes below the knee in layers creating an authentic look. The rims are edged with lace for a romantic touch, while the corset-style top is layered on a blouse with 3/4 two layered bell sleeves and closed cuffs. It’s a romantic and whimsical outfit for your Sim. Ideal for spell casting using the garden’s herbs or the Halloween party.

Three sims wearing the thyme dress that looks like a sims 4 cc witch should wear it in the forrest.

Sexy Witch Dress

This dress is perfect for your sexy Sim witch. It’s black, with a lace corset and draped skirt, just covering the knee. The arm sleeves are detached, covering the wrists but leaving the fingers open to display the magical rings. Feel free to add the black hat and any accessories for a fun evening. This outfit will turn heads for sure and make your Sim feel like the witch queen of the party.

A sim wearing a corset outfit, with a thick skirt and a lace sleeves with a Sims 4 Witch CC witch hat

Medusa Dress

The Medusa Dress for Sims 4 Witch CC Clothing is a stunning piece that will help you to become the most evil witch around! The dress features ripped cloth overlays on the skirt, giving it a disheveled and dangerous look, while the off-shoulder collar with charming accented rim is sure to turn heads. The bust area is enhanced with vertical seems and leads into a solid laced front, which extends pointedly into the skirt. The dress comes in 18 colours, so you can find the favourite for your Sim.

Three sims wearing an off the shoulder witch dress that is in either red, blue or purple. The middle sims 4 character is a witch and has a floating orb around their hands.

Simblreen Collection

The Sims 4 Witch CC Clothing – Simblereen Collection is a wonderful set of clothing items for your Sim family. The collection includes a variety of different outfits perfect for matching or contrasting with each other. The cowberry hat for all ages comes in 30 options, whereas the Thyme and Sage designs give you a possibilities of 20 colours. The moonstone hair comes in beautiful 18 styles. There are no desires left open with that collection.

6 rectangles that all feature different sims 4 witch cc items like hairs, hats, and dresses.

Witching Hour T-Shirts

The Witching Hour T-Shirt is a beautiful piece of clothing that will make your Sim feel like a true witch. It comes in 18 different styles, has short sleeves, and is made from a soft, cozy fabric that is comfortable to wear all day long. Let them dress in it everyday, or spruce it up for a party or special event. They can even keep it on while working out or sleeping. No matter what your Sim does, they will feel like the witch queen in this amazing T-shirt.

Five sims with various hair styles that have different witch inspired t-shirts on, these sims 4 cc shirts have things like moon child or wiching hour on them

Jadis Dress

This is the perfect dress for many occasions, no matter if you wear it to a ball or costume party. It is made of a luxurious fabric and flows nicely around the body. Your Sim has the choice of 22 colours. The dress has lace detailing at the front, puffy, long bell sleeves and a wide ruffled hem making it a beautiful witchy gown in which your Sim can spread their magic.

Two sims wearing a floor length gown that has a deep v-neck, the black one has a pattern that looks very witch inspired and would be great cc

Witchy Bodysuit

The Sims 4 Witch CC Clothing – Witchy Bodysuit is a stunning piece that is perfect for any witch out there. This stylish and sexy one-piece is perfect for any occasion, whether your Sim is dressing up for a party or just combining it with jeans for a casually look. It comes in 12 beautiful solid colours, and features a fishnet part that comes up as a mock turtle neck, designed to show off the bust beautifully. There is also an off shoulder version without the fishnet available, if your Sim wants to show a little more skin. This bodysuit is made from breathable fabric with a slight slimming effect, so they can feel confident and beautiful all day long.

Two sims wearing a body suit that has fish net across the chest, a sweetheart neckline and sleeves

The Witch Skirt

Look at this stylish skirt for the younger bolder Sim’s witch.

The Witch Skirt is a high-waist mini skirt that comes in 12 different colour choices. It is made from velvet, has a stylish ruffled, uneven hem that creates that cool and sexy look. Combine it with a cropped look or any top to your Sims’ liking. This is definitely the perfect piece to update your Sims’ Gothic wardrobe.

A sim wearing a skirt that says "The Witch" around the waist band

Sage Dress

The Sage dress is a witchy dress with a romantic feel. It features ruffles, lace and layers, and has an off the shoulder neckline. The dress comes in 20 colours, and includes a fabric belt to add additional style. You can wear the dress with boots, pumps or flats, and can combine it with lace tights for a more witchy look or with nude stockings for a more natural style.

Three sims wearing Sims 4 Witch CC dresses that have a ribbon tied around the waist

Witch Cocktail Dress

The Sims Witch Cocktail Dress is a gorgeous, gothic mini-dress that’s perfect for any witchy woman. Short and sassy, this dress has a belted waist, close neckline and comes in 10 different styles to fit any Sim’s taste. The colours are black and white, with beautiful, whimsical patterns that bring a touch of magic to the outfit. Let your Sim combine it with other favourite pieces, such as tights, boots and jewelry and they will be the star at the next party.

Two sims wearing mini-dresses with witch patterns

Sims 4 Witch CC Hats

When you’re thinking of witches, the first thing you’ll think of is definitely a witch hat. These are iconic and it’s so much fun to make your sim’s wear them! These sims 4 witch cc hats are going to cover every witch hat you’d ever want, from ones with flowers, plain ones and so much more.

DIY Witch Hat

If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your Sims 4 wardrobe, why not try out these DIY witch hats? There are seven new, beautifully designed options to choose from, each with their own unique charm. The hats come in a range of styles, including a white hat with a black rim and bow, Anther adorable version is the hat with a red rim and leaf tassels around the outer rim. The hats have an extended tip that slightly bends, making them look like authentic witch hats.

Four rectangles with sims wearing various sims 4 witch cc hats, with dangly things, bows and flowers

The Witch’s Hat

If your Sim loves practicing magic without being recognized then they will definitely need the Witch’s Hat! This stylish piece comes in 10 earthy but muted colours, and has adorable details on the head itself, such as mushrooms and toadstools. The top of the hat bents and it can be pulled down for a snug fit. With the wider rim your Sims can also hide their faces if they choose to do so.

A sim wearing a sims 4 cc witch hat with mushrooms on it

Classic Witch Hat

The Classic Witch Hat for your Sims’ game is a tall, straight hat that conveys wisdom and confidence. With the choice of 23 different colours it is perfect for male and female Sims who want to look like a powerful witch. The wide rim provides good coverage while still allowing the face to be visible. With this hat nothing can stop your Sims to perform magic.

Two sims, one male and one female, wearing a rounded brim and very pointy witch hat

Modern Witch Hat

This is a modern take on the traditional witch hat. Made with a rich fabric, the top of the hat still stands up but creates a softer appearance. It is available in five different versions and the wide rim with its gentle curves creates a romantic flair. And if your Sim wishes to hide their eyes for any reason, the hat can be pulled down to shade them. This is the ideal hat for your Sim to perform some white magic.

A sim wearing a pink, wide brim witch hat in The Sims 4

Cowberry Hat

Looking for a hat that will make your Sim a powerful spell caster? Look no further than the Sims 4 CC Cowberry Hat! This high-pointed hat is perfect for witches and wizards of all ages, and comes in a variety of 30 colours to match their style. Whether you’re looking for a solid color or a hat with a magical pattern, the options are endless. Add the Cowberry Hat to your Sim’s magical wardrobe today!

Three sims wearing witch hats, one with moons and stars on it, one green and one black

Black Witch Hat

The Secret of this hat’ s elegance lies in it simplicity. It was originally created with a dangling spider, but this version comes without it, and only in the very classic black colour. It has a long point at the top which bends down almost like a braid, enhancing the whimsical style. Your Sim can combine it with almost everything in their magical wardrobe, this is a must have!

A sim wearing a sweetheart neckline shirt, with black hair and a very floppy witch hat

Simblreen 2019 Hat

As part of the Simblreen Collection this hat is the answer to the classic black hat. It has been made from a flannel fabric in a rich green colour with a wider rim. The centre of the rim has a blueish grey braided string that creates a nice contrast. The tip of the hat bends down adding that whimsical touch your Sim needs to get into the mood for some magic.

A sim looking off to the back right corner while wearing a green witch hat with a rope tied into a bow around it

Toddler Witch Hat

This is perfect for your little Sims’ Toddlers who want to join in on the magical fun! The pointed hat comes in 7 different options, covering all the favourite colours of your little Sims.

They are available as casual, formal, and party hats, and with the bent tips and wider rims, they have all the features of the grown-up hats. Your toddlers will not lack any magical style with this hat!

Two toddlers in The Sims 4 wearing matching sims 4 cc witch hats

Cornelia Hat

The Cornelia Hat is a beautiful piece with its flowers adorned around the hat. It is available in 10 vibrant colours and features a contrasting colour on the inside of the hat adding to the beauty of the style.

The wide rim on the hat makes it perfect for shading your Sims’ eyes if they need to do so. The pointed tip bends down slightly, enhancing its presence. Let your Sims wear this hat while doing their flower spell work and nothing can go wrong.

A sim looking off to the side wearing a witch hat with florals on it.

Sims 4 Witch CC Accessories

Accessories are the main thing you need to make the cutest outfits and that’s true for your witches too. These sims 4 witch cc accessories are great because they cover just about everything you need to make the spookiest looking witches.

Cosmos Earrings and Necklace

These earrings and necklaces are the perfect accessory for any witch. The moon earrings have dangling stars that create a cosmic connection, while the matching necklace sits close on the collar.

They come in 20 styles including the classic black, gold, blue and silver ones, but there are also many more to perfectly match your Sims’ outfit.

A sim with black hair and long eyelashes, wearing a matching necklace and earrings set that are covered in moons and stars.

Elysian Necklace

The Elysian Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that every serious Sim witch should have in their collection. It’s a gold or silver necklace with little metal balls and hearts, and it holds a hexagonal crystal.

This stone can be used as a pendulum or just worn as part of your Sim’s jewelry. With 35 different variations, there is one for every intention and outfit.

A mannequin of a sim in The Sims 4 wearing a layered necklace with a crystal hanging off the bottom

Big Bad Fishnets

Have your Sim add a touch of witchy glamour to their look, and check out these Big Bad Fishnets! They come in five fabulous colours, and bring an extra bit of sass to any outfit. 

They go well with shorts, skirts or longer outfits. A special eye catcher is the stylish waistband. Letting it peak through above the waistband of their skirts or pants adds an extra bit of sass to their outfit. 

Two sims wearing fish nets

Spider Necklace

The Sims 4 Witch CC Accessories – Spider Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. The necklace is made up of a delicate spiderweb design, with a black or maroon stone in the center surrounded by crystals.

Your Sim can chose between a golden or silver necklace. It sits in the middle of the bust right underneath the collarbone and can make any outfit look stellar.

A sims 4 witch wearing a cc spider necklace that has long legs

Witchy Eyes

These Witchy Eyes are an amazing addition to your Sims’ appearance. With a choice of 20 colours those eyes bring extra magic to your Sims’ look. The eyes are sparkling crystals glowing with a whimsical fire. Nobody will be able to pass your Sim without being enchanted.

A sim who has wild sparkly purple lip stick and wild eyes with glistens in them

Raven Headband

This headband is a beautiful accessory for any spell caster. It is designed like a crown, with five raven heads in different sizes. A pair of antlers frame the raven heads, and are connected with a delicate net having small bones hanging from it.

With a choice of 16 colours it is the perfect piece to to use for spell casting or just bring your Halloween costume up a notch.

A sim with face paint, a pair of matching earrings and necklace wearing a very interesting headband.

Witchy Face Paint

If your Sim is not a fan of jewelry or other accessories then they will love the simple style they can create with this Witchy Face Paint to bring some magic to their appearance.

It comes with four styles and five color options, so you can customize it to match your Sim’s personality. They can decide between a delicate or a more bolder look. No matter what they choose, your Sim will love the witchy face paint!

A sim with forehead face paint which is two dots and a sideways moon

Witchy Choker & Earrings

This set of Witchy Chokers and Earrings are perfect for any Sim who wants to add a touch of magic to their costume. The choker comes in 6 different colours, each with a contemporary pentagram pendant.

The earrings also have the pentagram hanger, and match the choker perfectly. The metal on both pieces is silver, adding to the magical feel. These pieces will surely enhance any outfit.

A pair of witchy earrings that are a star with a circle in the middle

Magic Eye Colours

The Sims 4 Witch CC Magic Eye Colours come in seven enchanting colours that will match your Sims’ outfits and amplify their whimsical flair. There are also 21 magic variants to choose from, each with a unique look.

One of the variants even allows you to hide your Sims’ pupils for a more mysterious appearance. The eye colours are crystals clear and if you want your Sims stand out even more, match their eyes to their outfits.

A sim with purple eyes with different variations even one without pupils

Witcher Medallion

The Witcher Medaillon is a finely crafted piece of jewelry that features a Wolf’s head on it. It is the symbol of the Witchers’ profession, belongs to sim Geralt of Rivia and is available in three colours. Only Sims’ men can wear it, using it as powerful tool to detect the presence of magical auras, and nearby sorcery. 

A male sim with white hair and an open shirt wearing a medallion necklace

Witchcraft Choker

The Sims 4 Witchcraft Choker is a beautiful piece of jewelry that comes in 10 different colours. It is adorned with chains on the right and left hand side which are connected in the middle through a clasp.

The pentagram hangs from the middle clasp, completing this enchanting piece of jewelry. It compliments any elegant outfit and is perfect for any witch or pagan looking to add some magic to their wardrobe.

A sim with sparkly eye make up wearing a black choker that has a star hanging down from it.

Nature Horns

These Sims 4 CC Nature Horns are the perfect way to add a touch of spookiness to your Sims’ outfits. The horns are adorned with little flowers to soften the appearance, and come in seven colours for the horns and 10 colours for the flowers.

They’re definitely a piece that will not be overlooked, and make a great bold accessory for your Sims’ outfits and costumes.

A character in The sims 4 wearing a pair of cc witch horns with vines and flowers

Witching Hour Headpiece

The horse shoe has a solid place in folklore and pagan customs and this enchanting headpiece will draw attention to it. It is made from a beautiful chain, which features the horse shoe as the centrepiece and let your Sim chose from 10 colours.

This elegant and bold accessory is perfect for the Sim who wants to add a bit of sorcery to their look, and not only at witching hour or Halloween.

A sim wearing a headpiece across their forehead that has a side ways crescent moon held up by chains

Ritual Face Paint

Sims 4 Witch CC Ritual Face Paint is perfect for giving your Sims an eerie and captivating look. There are 30 different versions available, in black, red or white, with 5 different styles to choose from. You can pick and choose which parts of the face paint you want to use, to create a unique and customized expression for your Sims.

Whether your Sim is looking to cast spells, brew potions in style, or just want to create a spooky appearance for Halloween, these face paints are perfect for any witchy occasion!

A bunch of images of the same sim with different variations of face paint


The Sims 4 CC MMSIMS Halo are some of the most stunning pieces of CC you will ever see. It features two options, one has a wider and thinner metal ring carrying pendulum ornaments. The second one has two delicate rings and it is as unusual as it is beautiful.

There are 15 different styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your Sim’s outfit. This Halo will make them stand out from the crowd.

Two sims who are wearing a witchy halo

Enchanting Accessories

Sims 4 Enchanting Accessories bring the power of magic and charm to your Sims . With this set, you can dress up your fantasy characters with style and authority.

The magic staff is perfect for casting powerful spells, while the thigh belt with potions is perfect for carrying all your supplies with you. Gothic style gloves add a touch of dark mystery, while the classic witch hat completes the look. Finally, the Cloack of shadows allows you to vanish into the night.

A set of cc witch accessories for The Sims 4 that include a black lace cloak, a pair of black lace gloves and a hat.

Sims 4 Witch CC Tattoos

A good way to make your sim’s (and especially your witches) look cool is to add some amazing custom tattoos. These are great because they completely change the vibe and make your sims look awesome. Witches can have some really awesome and cool sims 4 witch cc tattoo options too!

The Star Witch Tattoos

The Sims 4 Star Witch Tattoos are a stunning set of 15 designs that cover most of the back. The centrepiece is a witch star, with smaller stars above and below it.

They’re especially beautiful when paired with free back clothing, and their precise, detailed design makes them a must-have for any witch enthusiast, or just for the Sim who needs that special extra for Halloween.

Two sims in The Sims 4 who are standing with their back facing us with a large star tattoo on their back

Green Witch Tattoo

This tattoo is beautiful and intricate, with floral designs running along the entire length of the arm. It’s only available in one colour, which gives it a truly authentic appearance. It is the perfect accessory for the softer natural Sim’s witch and suitable for all seasons.

A sim holding their hand up to their face, with their arms bent and covered in small floral tattoos

Witch Pentagram Back Tattoo

The Sims 4 Witch CC Tattoos – Witch Pentagram Back Tattoo is a stunning and magical tattoo that will stand out. The perfect tattoo for anyone who wants to feel like a powerful witch.

This pentagram design is intricately detailed, with planet signs and barbed wire surrounding it. The black ink gives it a bolder appearance and makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make a statement.

A witch in The Sims 4 who is looking the opposite side of the camera but has a large pentagram cc tattoo on their back

Witch’s Mark Tattoos

The Sims 4 CC Witch’s Mark Tattoo is a set of three tattoos, for the forehead, the body and neck. They come in black and white with gold as an option for the body.

Let your Sim stand up to their magic talents by allowing them to display the Witch’s Mark Tattoo and let anybody know their powerful influence in the world.

Four rectangles with different sims in them who all have different chest and neck tattoos

Witch Tattoos V1

Witch Tattoos V1 CC for Sims 4 are beautiful designed tattoos for your female Sims. They display witch-themed symbols and are available in nine different swatches to choose from. These tattoos can go anywhere on the body.

Let your Sim make a statement with a more subtle design or have them go all out with the bolder options to show the power of their magic.

A sim who is their bra and underwear who has various witch themed tattoos on their body, from cauldrons to broom sticks

Witchy Witch Tattoos

These tattoos are as striking as they are beautiful and whoever wears them will leave no doubt, this means Halloween business or even bad sassy magic. The Sims 4 CC Witchy Witch Tattoos are dark and bold, with an esoteric flair.

There are thirty different Halloween-inspired designs to choose from, each one perfect for your spooky aesthetic. They’re compatible with all skin tones and genders, and look great on any part of the body. So let your Sim go all out!!

A sim who is covered in different witch themed tattoos

Witch Craft Tattoos

Sims 4 CC Witchy Witch Tattoos are the perfect way to show your Sims’ supernatural side. These tattoos can easily replace any jewelry but still support magic work, or magnify those Halloween costume.

There are three shades available, all with beautiful, crafty designs. The patterns are simple and go well on their own, but combining them will create your Sim’s own magic story.

A sim in The Sims 4 who has lots of sims 4 cc tattoos on their body that are all witch themed

Build Mode Witch CC

When you’re creating your perfect witch in create-a-sim they also deserve to have the perfect witch themed home. However, unless you have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, you’re going to struggle if you don’t download some sims 4 witch cc for build mode. These items are going to be so helpful for you having the absolute cutest little witches huts.

Drifter’s Wonders

The Build Mode Witch CC Drifter’s Wonders set is a collection of furniture and objects that can help you create the perfect space for your fortune telling Sim. With ornate, vibrant designs and an air of magic about it, this set will let you create a truly special space for them.

From chairs and tables to cabinets and shelves, there is everything you need to create the perfect tarot card reading room or spell casting space. And with the addition of the available accessories, this space will be unique to every Sim.

A set of sims 4 witch cc furniture called drifter's wonders with a ball, some chairs, and a fun divider

Simblreen 2019 Wall Art

This magnificent set of wall art pieces will add a touch of enchantment to any room. The eight piece wall art set comes with ornate golden picture frames, and features lovely motifs like cats, toadstools, potion bottles and herbs.

Making it the perfect finishing touch for your witchy décor. Let your Sim find the right spot on their walls to make this truly special!

some witch themed art work with twisty frames

Witchy Valentines Stuff

Who says that magic and witchy things are only allowed on Halloween? This is a very special set that will help your Sim practice their spells and hone their craft all year around.

The main focus of this set is on potions. But you also get the magic circle, fire tools, a spell book and more. Your Sim will be well equipped to study the craft and practice their spells. 

A set of things for a sims 4 cc witch themed room with tools, a bust, a spellbook and potions

Haunted House Sims 4 Witch CC Pack

The Haunted House Sims 4 Witch CC Pack is a spooky and eerie addition to your game that comes with 42 maxis match items to get your home in the Halloween spirit! There are fully functional objects like the ghost candy jar and séance table, but also amazing decorative objects such as the brooms.

Use the coffin as a coffee table and combine design with functionality. Whether you want your Sim adding to the fun of their Halloween party or just have them make their home a bit spooky this collection has it all.

a bunch of sims 4 cc witch decor items from plants to cauldrons to voodoo dolls

Vials of Rarity

The vials are part of a magic set and come in four styles as well as 24 different swatches. The tubes itself are either empty or filled with plants or other ingredients and come with cork caps and the a little wooden stand. A magic accessory for your Sim to make practicing their craft easier.

Three vials with various plants inside and a cork stopper

Botany Book

The Botany Book for Sims 4 Witch CC Pack is a precise and detailed guide to studying herbs and plants. It is filled with beautiful pictures which make it easy to identify the origins of each plant. This guide will be a life-long resource for any witch or alchemist looking to perfect their craft.

a set of books on a table that are filled with botany information, both closed and open

Moonlit Fable Clock

The Moonlit Fable Clock for you Sims 4 game is a cute and whimsical accessory that features four towers in different sizes attached behind the roof of the clock. The dial face has a nice but also simple design making it easy to read.

There is a small pendulum underneath it framed by a little open window which brings additional charm to the clock. A lit full moon containing a flying witch, attached to the back completes the overall appearance. This clock is functional and beautiful, and your Sim will love to add it to any room.

A set of eleven different witchy clocks in various colours

Pagan Game Table

The Pagan Game Table for Sims 4 Witch CC Pack is a beautiful, hand-carved wooden table with stunning ornaments. The pentagram dominates the centre of the table and makes it perfect to use it as a game table or for readings and scrying. It comes in six beautiful colours to match any decor and you can use it inside or outdoors in your garden.

Two sims playing at a pagan themed gaming table

Sabrina Sims 4 Witch CC Decor

Have you been a fan of the show Sabrina? Then you are in luck, because you can bring the elements of the show into your game. But even if you just enjoy magic itself this will help you to make your Sims life more whimsical. These 13 items cover all your magic decoration needs.

Cauldron, potion bottles, candles, a wand and not to forget the spider, you can find it all here. So go ahead and make your Sims’ home magical.

A bunch of witchy decor including potions, books, a crystal ball and a cauldron

Apothecary’s Chest

This enchanting apothecary’s chest is perfect for your Sims’ spell casting needs! It comes with one large and nine small slots, as well as a small drawer, making it the perfect place to store all of your Sims’ accessories. It is available in six different colors, and can be closed to keep the content dust free.

An apothecary's chest with various potions and plants inside

Witchy Potions

Sims 4 Witch CC Pack’s Witchy Potions are mysterious and alluring. The bottles are exquisitely designed, carry a cap and each one is clearly labelled with a picture and the content written on it.

The potions themselves are said to carry powerful magic, and your Sim can find everything from Snake Tongue to Swamp Slime. Who knows what might happen when your Sim takes a sip of these Witchy Potions?

a line of bottles with things like swamp slime and squid ink in them

Witchy Chemistry Tables

If you are trying to please your young Sim spell caster, you will be excited to know that you can find new witchy chemistry tables for them! There are 15 different dust potion benches to choose from, each with its own unique design.

You’ll also find an alchemist table in 10 different colours, so you can match the table to the room of your Sim’s kid. Any youngster is now able to craft powerful potions, and they look professional doing it with these aesthetically chemistry tables.

two sims playing at witchy chemistry tables with potions

Pufferhead Stuff

It is safe to say that Henry Puffer is the Sims answer to Harry Potter. Many of you might have been sad about the lack of items available to celebrate this simlish wizard. But your pain is over.

There are books to read, movie posters to enjoy, decorations to spruce up the place, furniture to relax on, and clothes to wear. With this pack, your sims will be able to feel like true Henry Puffer fans!

sims playing cards at a harry potter themed table in a harry potter themed room sims 4 cc witch

Witchy Business Chalk Signs

Our Witchy Business Chalk Signs for Sims 4 Witch CC Pack are the perfect way to advertise all of the goodies sold at your Sims’ witchy business! Each sign is magically decorated and lists everything they sell, from potions to magical crystals. They’re available in both English and Simlish, so no one will be left out of their spellbinding sales pitch!

witchy business chalk signs

Apothecary Cabinet

This enchanting apothecary cabinet for Sims 4 Witch CC Pack is a stunning wood cabinet that is perfect for all the witchy items a Sim Sorceress needs.

It has adorable doors where they can hide the most potent stuff and different sized slots, so they can organize their potions, crystals and spell books perfectly. This is a very functional cabinet that will create a wonderfully whimsical atmosphere!

An apothecary cabinet filled with potions and decor items

Bewitching Clutter

This bewitching clutter is perfect to enhance the decor of your witchy Sims’ home, or to give them an extra boost of power for their magical work. The set includes a beautiful baskets for toad stools and herbs, as well as spell books and potion bottles in a variety of enchanting colours.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your Sim’s life or simply want some adorable accessories to dress up their home, this set has everything you need!

Four sims 4 witch cc decor items that are books and plants and potions

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Witch CC

These pieces of Sims 4 Witch CC just bring me so much joy. You can mix and match these with items from Realm of Magic, or just download these even if you only have the base game. It’s honestly so open for everyone and lets you have a witchy vibe in your sim’s home no matter what. Happy Playing!

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  1. I downloaded a great cauldron before. I didn’t find it included in your post. Some of your choices are not right. The pentacle should not have two points at the top, just one. A lot of Simmers making witch content get that wrong. I guess it doesn’t really matter to them, if they think its more Halloween than a real set of beliefs.

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