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The Coolest Sims 4 Goth CC You Definitely Need

There are many different fashion styles out there and goth is a really cool way to express yourself. If you want to add amazing characters to your game you need to add some of this sims 4 goth cc to your mods folder now.

In this list you’re going to find amazing goth custom nails, you’ll find super fun goth accessories like necklaces and bracelets and even some fun make up options too!

The Best Sims 4 Goth CC Your Sims Deserve to Wear

Long Stiletto Pierced Goth CC Nails

A sim with black and red hair holding their hand in front of their face, they have long stiletto nails that are black and red looking like blood with rings coming out of them.

The first incredible option on this list are these great long stiletto pierced nails. These nails even without the piercings are amazing with black nails and different shapes of red to make it look like blood, which is awesome.

Once you add the small piercings to the different nails you get a totally different look. There are different variations with different amounts of rings on the nails so you can customize to your specific sim.

Toddler Collared Sims Goth CC Dress

Three toddler aged characters from The Sims 4 wearing Wednesday Addams themed goth cc dresses and standing next to one another.

Most of the people you’ll see in goth fashion are going to be a bit older, however, you can be goth at whatever age. Even toddlers deserve to have fun goth outfits like this awesome Wednesday Addams inspired dress.

This dress is very simple, a nice black long sleeve dress with a scalloped hem at the bottom and a white peter pan collar and white around the wrists too!

Shadow Sims 4 Swimsuit

Three adult female characters from The Sims 4 who are all wearing custom content lingerie that has lots of crossed straps at the top that go into the shape of a star. This goth cc lingerie is beautiful.

You can’t lose your goth spirit when you decide to go for a swim so you definitely need to have some fun gothic swimsuits in your game too. These swimsuits are very cool with a one piece style that still leans into a more adult style.

There is a large section in the middle that has been replaced with mesh to show off some skin, including the belly button. The straps on this one has some great straps that move and are in the shape of a star which is super cool.

Tunnel Vision Goth CC Top

The same sim twice standing next to each other in the same outfit. They are wearing a black fish net top over a plain black bra and a leather skirt.

When you’re starting your journey into goth style one of the first things you’ll probably dip your toe into is always going to be fish nets. This could be simple fish net tights that you wear under clothes, fish net gloves, or something like this gorgeous fish net shirt.

This one is great with a black bra underneath and a fish net shirt on top. This is awesome because it tucks perfectly into almost any bottoms you have in your game for a very good look.

Shadow Sims 4 CC Dress

A child aged character from The Sims 4 who has their hair in two large buns that are messy. They are wearing a cc goth dress with puffy sleeves and metal spikes around the wrist.

We’ve had a fun goth dress for toddlers so, of course, we need one for children too! This is an amazing piece of sims 4 goth cc because it has to many interesting details and is a perfect mix of cute and goth.

The dress has two straps on the top that go down into a straight across neckline with a black section that looks like a bat. You have two sleeves that are puffy in individual sections, with the bottom puff having a set of spikes around it making it a definite weapon.

Sims 4 Goth CC Pants

A sim who is cropped so you can see them from belly button down. They are wearing black pants with cut outs and a zipper that is a cross.

These pants have so many uses for your goth sims and can be extremely versatile with different tops. These pants are fun because they are medium-high waisted with a fun silver zipper with a large cross as the zipper hold.

The actual pants are skinny with tons of cut outs and mesh sections all over making them extremely interesting to look at.

Toddler’s Striped Skull Dress

Three toddler aged characters from The Sims 4. These characters are all wearing the same cc goth dress with lack and white stripes at the top and a small skull on the chest.

We couldn’t just have one toddler dress, we needed two! This dress is so much fun with puffy sleeves, a scalloped hem and a cute little skull on the chest.

The fun thing about this dress is that you can wear it as a goth style dress, or you can go ahead and have your sims wear this dress around halloween as a non-costume outfit.

Gothic Sims 4 Buckle Top

A sim with scary white eyes and their hair in a pony tail on top of their head. They are wearing a black top with tons of straps and buckles and fish net arms.

The thing about goth clothing is that a lot of it is covered in buckles and straps which is why this shirt is so great. This one is so fun, with short sleeves and a nice crop with buckles across the bottom.

The great thing about this sims 4 goth cc top is that there are two swatches, one with fish nets and one without so you have more customization options.

Carver Sims 4 CC Tattoo

A male character from The Sims 4 who is not wearing a shirt because they are covered in tattoos. They have a sleeve on one arm and a half sleeve on the other, two back tattoos and a chest tattoo.

One more permanent way to show off some gothic style is to get specific styles of tattoos. These are great more masculine tattoos with tons of options like crosses, birds, and even full sleeves with all sorts of little tattoos together.

Nightmare Goth CC Eyeliner

A sim wearing thick eyeliner with red around it, arched eye brows and black lipstick. They are wearing goth cc earrings and a black strappy top.

The most fun way to show off your personality while also being super creative is through make up and you can have fun with this in The Sims 4 too. There are so many beautiful custom content make up options out there.

This eyeliner is so much fun with a giant cat eye that is surrounded by a bright colour so it’s definitely a statement. You can have sims wear the other bright colours with non-gothic and outfits too!

Double Lip Piercing

A sim with black hair and a spiked necklace. They have dark blue lipstick and piercings coming out of their lips.

Piercings are key to a true goth experience so of course they had to be included in this list of sims 4 goth cc too! This set of piercings are a double piercing around your sim’s top lip.

There are four piercings spots that are all pointy and I can just picture girls I went to school with playing with these piercings in the middle of class.

Lace Gothic Sims 4 CC Dress

Two different adult aged sims in The Sims 4 who are both wearing the same lace dress with straps at the top.

Next up we have this gorgeous lace gothic dress that has so many beautiful details all mixed together. We start at the top with a bunch of black straps that are put in a design that almost looks like a star.

The dress has silver going down the center surrounded by a nice colour like green or red that has a layer of black lace on top. The dress would look awesome with a tall pair of black boots!

Delacroix Sims 4 Rings

A male sim with two earrings with crosses at the end. They have their hand in front of their neck to show off their goth rings that also have a cross to match the earrings. They are also wearing a black jacket over a graphic t-shirt.

Accessories are one of the best ways to make your outfits look more interesting with rings, necklaces and bracelets. These rings are really awesome and can be worn by any adult sims on their right hand.

There is a ring on four of five fingers, with there being a large cross, and some other more simple rings too. Pairing these with some fun custom nails is a great way to make your sims look cool!

Rockat Bracelet

A male character from The Sims 4 who has black hair, is wearing a black shirt, has tattoos all over and is wearing a large cuff on their wrist that is covered in spikes.

When you think of a gothic accessory you’re definitely going to thinkn of something like this bracelet. These studded bracelets are so iconic and were heavily worn in the 90s and early 2000s.

This bracelet comes in four swathces, with two gold and two silver options so you can choose the perfect metal colour for your sim.

Darkness Rose Goth CC Bracelet

A sim with bright red hair and light blue eyes. They have dark red ombre lipstick and a black tank top on. Their nails are black with crosses as designs on them and they are wearing lots of black jewlery.

This is my favourite accessory on the list because it merges goth and femininity in the most beautiful way. This one has a large black strap around the wrist that has a large flower that comes in four different colours.

There are also some chains coming off the bracelet that look super cool and bring the whole look together.

In Conclusion

These are definitely not the only types of custom content you need, you should download some other stuff like this awesome free custom content too. You won’t regret it, I promise.

This article was all about your favourite sims 4 goth cc, we hope you’ve found some awesome nails, hair and clothing for your mods folder!