Must-Have Sims 4 Bedroom CC For a Peaceful Sleep

For most people the room you spend the most time in is always going to be your bedroom. We all need that 8 hours of sleep a night and that applies for your sims too, which means their bedrooms need to be perfect and filled with gorgeous Sims 4 Bedroom CC.

From working, to school, to trying to have a social life, you don’t spend too much time at home but when you do it will be in bed where you belong. These are the best options for gorgeous bedroom CC that you’ll keep in your mods folder essentially forever.

The Cutest Sims 4 Bedroom CC You Should Download

For Me & My Kitten Bedroom

The first option on our list for gorgeous bedroom furniture is this extremely unique bedroom situation. Why wouldn’t you want your sims to have an insanely cool built-in bed with bookcases on either side? This is seriously so cool.

We start in the middle with a single bed that is in a curved cut out from a solid bed frame wall, with two gorgeous book cases on either side. The bookcases are more interesting than boring ones because they have wavy shelves on one and a wavy frame on the other.

This is such a unique style and would look great in any kid’s or teen’s room!

A wall with two large bookcases on either side. In the center is a built in bed that has a curve above it and there is a sim sitting on the bed and staring at their cat.

Simxties Da Groovy Sims 4 Bedroom

Whenever I’m in a build rut when playing The Sims 4 I like to look outside the box and find things are going to be more fun like retro builds. If you want to try and build a bedroom that is fit for the 1960’s you need this bedroom set.

This one is so much fun with tons of pillows all over the bed, fun patterns and colours and even a small TV in an adorable shape. Truly a must-have if you want to make some retro rooms.

A white, brown and orange cc bedroom set for The Sims 4. In this set you see a bed with decorative pillows, mirrors, TVs, shelves and more.

Caio Cozy Dreams Bedroom Set

The best night’s sleep happens when you have adorable cozy dreams and this bedroom set makes that even easier than ever before for your sims. It has a few perfect pieces that can work in a whole bunch of rooms and all of them have a modern look.

We start with a bed without a headboard that has two pillows and a cute blanket on the bottom that matches, you can even match those two things to the accent chair in the corner. You also get a gorgeous matching bedside table and dresser to add to many rooms.

A bed with no headboard with a shelf above it, there is a matching bedside table and dresser and a chair in dark green as well as a rug that matches.

Luna Bedroom

The best thing about custom content creators is that they make such beautiful and unique pieces that you’ll be obsessed with. This gorgeous sims 4 bedroom cc is all rounded with tons of gorgeous curves on every piece.

One of the stand out pieces for me has to be the beautiful mirror with wood cut outs and gorgeous rounded black pieces. You can create a gorgeous bedroom or office with this furniture and your sims are sure to be impressed with your decorating skills.

A room with black wood floors, stone washed grey walls and neutral sims 4 cc bedroom furniture in a light birch wood.

Cozy Wood Bedroom CC

One of the keys to make your homes feel cozy is to add tons of wood because it makes you feel connected to nature and just adds so much beautify to the home. This cozy wood bedroom cc set is perfect for doing just that.

The best part about this set of furniture is that wooden slat wall design with two arms coming out to hold a piece of fabric to drape around the bed which feels so beautiful and elegant. You also get fun bedside tables, a gorgeous ottoman and more.

A sim sitting on a bed reading a book about dolphins, this bedroom is filled with sims 4 cc furniture including a fireplace, a bed, an ottoman and more.

Lullaby Nursery

Bedrooms aren’t just for adults, even babies need bedrooms. This nursery is great for your adorable little infants to live in and the furniture will create the most adorable and cozy rooms to raise your new babies.

This set includes a changing table, crib, toy box, and even a beautiful modern rocking chair to really make this room feel realistic. They even went ahead and added a beautiful mural that can add that final touch to make the room perfect.

six squares that are rounded, inside each square there is an individual piece of furniture from a nursery set.

Corinth Bedroom Set

Next up on our list of beautiful sims 4 bedroom cc is the Corinth bedroom set that has a beautiful matching set of a wardrobe, a bedside table and a cute little dresser. These have a very modern style with small half circle holes that your sims would use instead of knobs.

With this set you also get a really beautiful bed that has draping blankets down the side, some gorgeous pillows that look so cozy, and a headboard with slats that adds a more modern feel.

A room with an armoire, a dresses, a bedside table, and a beautiful bed with mauve bed sheets.

2022 Baysic Bedroom

If you walk into any home across the world there is a high chance that you’ll find at least one item from IKEA. This set of furniture is inspired by that modern look of IKEA furniture and is even displayed as a fun catalog to make the custom content shopping experience more fun.

This bedroom set has a beautiful modern double bed with decorative pillows hanging from the headboard and a matching decorative blanket at the foot of the bed. You also. canadd such beautiful wardrobes that are a staple from IKEA to your homes!

A bedroom cc set for The Sims 4 that is designed and themed after an IKEA catalog.

Pattern Pop Bedding

A lot of the time when people are making beds (even EA beds) they make them rather neutral with muted tones and simple patterns. However, many kids and toddlers are going to want to have more fun patterns that will make their rooms pop!

This set has 32 different bright colour swatches of beautiful furniture that you’re definitely going to want to have in your game.

A room with bright wallpaper, colourful floors and a bright and fun bed spread.

Bertilo Sims 4 Bedroom Set

Our next option is this beautiful set that has everything you need for a beautiful modern bedroom. We start with a really simple headboard with a platform bed with beautiful simple striped blankets.

The rest of the furniture keeps a consistent wood tone with a dresser, wardrobe, ottoman and a beautiful circular side table for you to add some decorations to. They even thought to add a beautiful accent chair where your sims can take a seat after a while.

Six squares on a beige background that all have individual pieces of sims 4 cc bedroom furniture. You see a bed, a desk, a side table, a chair and more.

Aurora Bedroom

Next up we have a nice bedroom set with a very neutral grey headboard and some gorgeous accent details like pillows and a decorative blanket.

My favourite part of this bedroom set is that there are gorgeous floating side tables that give your room a clean modern look and you can even tuck some decorations underneath in the cutest way.

A wall with wood on the back, two floating tables on each side, a nice rug and a beautiful bed with decor pillows.

Tranquil Sims 4 Bedroom

When I was 7 years old my mom decided we were all moving to a new city and made me feel feel better by telling me I could get anything I wanted for my bedroom. I decided on baby blue walls and a gorgeous four poster bed with curtains because I wanted to feel like a princess.

If you add this bedroom cc to your game you’re going to make sure your sims are feeling like royalty. This set is beautiful with nice posters, fabric draping, a beautiful glass desk that could work like a beautiful vanity or a computer desk.

A dark purple wall with gorgeous wood furniture. The bed is a four post bed with fabric draping around the back pillow section.

Master CC Bedroom Pack

If you download just one single set of sims 4 bedroom cc it should be this one. The master bedroom pack is great because it has genuinely every piece of furniture and decor you could need for a beautiful bedroom.

In addition to all the things you’d expect like beds, dressers, and more, you’ll find more unique things like afish tank, a fireplace and wood set, and even a cute little jewelry box to add some decorations. Plus, they made the most beautiful monstera plant!

The cover for the master bedroom pack for the sims 4 that has a bunch of birch wood furniture like. abed, a dresser, a fish tank and more.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Bedroom CC

How do you feel about all these gorgeous pieces of bedroom furniture? You loved them? Oh, I already knew that? Yeah, I definitely did. These beautiful beds, dressers and decor items are seriously beautiful and you’ll have so much more fun in your next build now that you have them.

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