50+ Sims 4 CC Outfits Your Sims Deserve to Wear

When you’re trying to find the perfect clothes for your sims to wear it can be hard to find the perfect matching shirt and pants, but when you focus your attention on download sims 4 cc outfits you can have a much easier time.

These outfits are great because all you need to do is pick the perfect custom hairstyle and a cute pair of shoes and your sims are going to be looking amazing.

The Cutest Sims 4 CC Outfits for Adults

Lexie Outfit

Over the past few years there has been a wild increase in the popularity of athletic and leisure clothing which is something I’m 100% on board with. These outfits make it so that you (and your sims) can look good but still be extremely comfy and cozy.

A Kim Kardashian inspired sims 4 cc outfits option

Love Letter Dress

This love letter dress is such a gorgeous option for an outfit that doesn’t show too much skin. This dress is really great and starts with a frilly neckline that goes down into a button down dress with long sleeves. There is a nice belt around the waist that chinches the dress in.

The colour swatches of this are so great too, with patterns that are floral in bright colours but there are also non-patterned pastel options that are more muted for all sims.

a nice button down dress to add to your sims 4 cc outfits folder

Expectations Top + Skirt

If you were to picture the perfect outfit for an elementary school teacher this would be it. This is such a sweet looking outfit for your sims to wear and can be worn to work or just around the world on a day off.

The blouse is cute with fluttering short sleeves and a deep V coming out of a scoop neckline. This top is tucked into an a-line skirt with buttons going down the front for some added design details.

A cute blouse with a belt and a button down skirt to add to your sims 4 cc outfits mods folder

Makena Outfit

This next outfit is so beautiful made and can be both professional and sassy at the same time. This blazer is worn with nothing underneath showing off your sim’s chest the perfect amount. Your sims are going to have the option to wear the blazer alone or with the matching dress pants, wearing it alone really makes it look like a runway worthy outfit.

This comes in a variety of colours including neutrals like black and white but also bright pops like a mustard yellow and bright pink to really bring out some fun.

sims 4 cc outfits that are a blazer that can be worn as a dress or with pants

Valentines Set

The next options on our list of sims 4 cc outfits is this gorgeous valentines set that is so sweet and beautiful. These are great because they are very on-trend and sweet for your sims to wear on a date, on Valentines day or just on a regular Tuesday if they want!

Two adorable valentines themed sims 4 cc outfits

Himera Outfit

The Himera outfit for your sims is something that just reminds me of a gorgeous woman hanging out in her expensive beach house. The pants are a nice linen-like material and go above the belly button for a perfect high-rise style and come in all sorts of colours that you can mix or match.

The shirt is a half sleeve crop top that ties at the bottom. The neckline gives it a nice elegance and shows off much of your sim’s chest.

A gorgeous sim wearing a white button down tied to show off their stomach with high waisted white pants

Garland Gown

The holidays seem to always be right around the corner, even in the early months like March. This garland gown is so beautiful and is the perfect dress to wear to your sim’s next winterfest party.

There are many Christmas Dresses out there for your sims but this one is definitely top 10 for me. It has puffy sleeves, a nice cinched waist and the skirt is so full and beautiful, not to mention the gorgeous colours and patterns it comes in.

a beautiful festive sims 4 cc outfits dress

Calanthe Outfit

Our next option on this list of sims 4 cc outfits brings in some incredible style and elegance and is very reminiscent of Chanel. This is a great suit outfit for your sims that has black detailing all around and comes in some fun colours like pink, red, blue and then neutrals like cream and white.

This is perfect for a high-powered sim who is looking to rise on the corporate ladder, or just a rich housewife who needs to show off in the hills of Del Sol Valley.

a gorgeous outfit for a sim who is a professional sims 4 cc outfits

Pinafore Your Thoughts

There are so many ways for you to make a dress more appropriate for winter and throwing a dress over a long sleeve is a great way to keep your sim’s warmer all year round. That’s why pinafore dress styles are so great, because they are extremely versatile.

This one is so cute with the undershirt being fun with puffy sleeves and a turtle neck and the dress having a fun floral pattern on the skirt. You can add tights and boots to make your sims look even warmer.

two sims wearing a beautiful pinafore dress that has flowers on the front, a gorgeous sims 4 cc outfits

Rebel Collection Outfit

There are so many different styles of clothing out there and your sims don’t have to only look cutesy. This rebel set is so much fun because it makes your sims look extremely cool, way cooler than I’ll ever be.

This shirt has a tank top with a peek-a-boo cut out right in the middle and this tank tucks right into a mini-skirt that can be worn with tights, boots or even dressed down with a pair of sneakers.

skirts and a cut out top

Breanna Sims 4 CC Outfit

If you have a sim who is currently attending university and you want them to look the part, this outfit may the perfect choice. This just seems like such an elegant spin on a traditional school uniform and comes in colours like pink too!

This starts with a 3/4 length sleeve white collared shirt with a tie which are both underneath a vest with buttons down the front. This whole get up is tucked into a plaid skirt with a belt and this whole thing is just so adorable.

a sim wearing a plaid skirt with a belt and a vest with a collared shirt and tie. a great sims 4 cc outfits for a student

Paruparo Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have this ability to make every single sim look so gorgeous and put together and are definitely not meant for your sims everyday look. This jumpsuit is so perfect for a formal look or to wear to a super nice party on a rooftop.

a jumpsuit for sims

Explorer Sims 4 CC Set

The next option is this super cozy looking explorer set that just seems like the perfect look for going to the library or hanging out in a park in the early weeks of Autumn.

We start at the top with a super cozy looking sweater that comes in patterned and non-patterned variants and is tucked in to a pair of shorts that are cinched with a brown belt with gold detailing.

the explorer set with cord shorts and a sweater

Carnation Top + Dress

The carnation dress is so beautiful and looks so great on all sims. It has a nice V-neck with long sleeves that are puffy at the arm going into a fitted look at the wrist. It’s just such a gorgeous wrap dress for all sorts of sims!

The best thing about this dress is that the creator went ahead and turned the top part of the dress into a gorgeous top. The top has puffy sleeves and a tied ribbon toward the side as well and would look great with a pair of high waisted pants.

a beautiful top and a dress version too

Don’t Give a What Sims CC Dress

This next sims 4 cc outfits option is so unique and gorgeous with a white long sleeve collared button down underneath to add some extra fabric and keep your sims warm.

On top we have a spaghetti strap mini-dress with a small slit that is belted in the middle keeping it looking great. The pattern is covered in moons, suns and other gorgeous imagery.

a collared shirt with a dress over top that has patterns like dragons or moons

1989 Dress & Top

There are a few things in life I love and those things are The Sims, dogs, crochet and Taylor Swift. So of course when I saw this outfit I needed to add it to this list. This outfit is inspired by Taylor Swift’s 1989 era 2016 Gramm’y outfit.

This one is so fun because it comes in all sorts of different colours but the iconic colour scheme of her outfit is there too. You can pair this with an iconic up-do and your sim will look so darn good.

a taylor swift inspired dress from the 1989 era

Agatha Set

There has been an uptick in the popularity of two-piece sets in the past few years and that’s for good reason. They are such a fun and beautiful way to have a cohesive outfit and they just make you look so adorable. This Agatha set is absolutely perfect with a beautiful floral pattern throughout.

The top has puffy sleeves and is a super crop that just covers the chest, there is a tie in the middle for added beauty. The skirt is a mini length with a small slit off to the side and goes right above the belly button, it’s just such a good look for your sims.

an agatha two-piece set with flowers

Dark Academia Sims 4 CC Set

Dark academia is a really popular clothing and furniture style these days and this set is a great choice. You’ll definitely want to add this to your sims 4 cc outfits folder because it’s perfect.

This set has a gorgeous v-neck sweater that just looks so cozy and comfortable and an accessory button down collar shirt that you can choose to add or not add underneath. There is a perfect pair of plaid pants to pair with it too!

dark academia custom content outfit with an accessory shirt

Summer Dresses Collection

The easiest way for you to look so gorgeous in the summer is to throw on a bright coloured or floral patterned dress. Summer sun dresses are the best because you can look so put together while still staying cool since you can get some good air flow unlike if you wear pants.

This collection of summer dresses cover everything you could need, even including some fun custom hairstyles to pair with them.

a collection of beautiful summer dresses and sims wearing them

Mushroom Maksy Dress

Why are mushrooms so adorable? Seriously, this is such a cute dress because the puffy sleeves look like mushrooms and it just makes me so happy. This dress is so much fun and you need it in your game, especially if you have The Sims 4: Cottage Living.

The skirt portion of this dress has nice pleats and goes to the waist, the top has a nice striped pattern and then you have those fun spotted mushroom sleeves. You’ll look so cute walking around Henford-On-Bagley looking for mushrooms!

a fun dress with puffy mushroom sleeves

Sunbeam Set

We’ve already talked about how much I love a two-piece set and this one is such a good option. These pants are gorgeous with a nice striping going down giving them some dimension, and there are two strings coming up across the stomach.

The top is super cute with a halter going around the neck and it’s a crop showing off your sims stomach in the best way. This comes in neutral colours but also with options that have patterns on the top which is beautiful.

a two-piece sims 4 cc outfits option with cut outs

Cloud Sims 4 CC Dress

Are you wanting your sims to frolic in the woods? Or spend some time reading a book in their garden? Well, this cloud dress is probably the perfect option. This is probably the sweetest dress on this list and makes me really happy just looking at it.

This dress has a square neckline, puffy sleeves, and a very puffy skirt. It comes in nice pastel colours but also some really subtle floral patterns. Just imagine your sim wearing this dress and chatting with a bird!

the cloud dress with puffy sleeves and a small bow on the chest

Knit & Fleece Two Piece

Most of the loungewear we have in The Sims 4 is very boring and consists of like plaid pajamas and weird tank tops. This knit and fleece two piece set is a perfect option to have your sims wear around the house, especially in the summer time.

You can pair this with a really fun pair of slippers to just bring the look together.

a two piece knit outfit for your sims to wear around the house

Vintage Summer Dress

This dress is such a gorgeous option and just seems like something a princess would’ve worn years ago in their castle while they have someone else tailoring it for them. It’s so cute with simple straps, tons of lace and even small rose detailing. A must have!

a summer dress with flowers and lace

Hearty Sims 4 CC Set

This next outfit is not for lovers of neutral colour palettes, this sims 4 cc outfits option is going to have all eyes on your sims. The pattern on this one is covered in mostly red hearts with a couple light pink ones sprinkled throughout.

The shape of this set is so much fun with a high-waisted mini-skirt with a small ruffle at the bottom, and the top has a sweetheart neckline with puffy sleeves and it just looks so adorable.

a dress covered in small hearts that's a two-piece

Bianca Sims 4 CC Dress

The Bianca dress is a really gorgeous option for your sims, it has a straight across neckline with a little frill. Under that you have a few buttons going down to the waist and you’ll eventually hit the bottom which is layered ruffle. The patterns on this can have the sky, flowers, or just be a single colour.

the bianca dress with fun patterns like clouds or flowers

Peyton Outfit

The Peyton outfit is a great look for your sims with a turtleneck underneath a button down collared shirt on top, which is a very unique outfit. The pants are great being high waisted and belted which is a vibe and they are cuffed at the bottom to make them extra comfy and cool.

the peyton outfit which is a pair or pants with a belt and a sweater

Snorlax Sims 4 CC Onesie

Most of the sims 4 cc outfits on this list are very professional or just really pretty, this one is just silly and I love it. The Snorlax onesie lets you bring your love of Pokemon into the game and let your sims look extra cozy and lazy in the colder months!

a pokemon inspired snorlax onesie

Acorn Apparel Set

The acorn apparel set is a great choice for sims who just want to be comfortable in the weeks where the weather can’t make up its mind. We’ve got a pair of shorts with a long sleeve which is perfect for months like September and October.

a pair of shorts that are belted with a long sleeve shirt tucked in

Strawberry Sims 4 CC Dress

A while back there was a phenomenon on Tiktok with this strawberry dress and thankfully, your sims can enjoy this look too. The dress is perfect with puffy sleeves, nice string design and a gorgeous strawberry pattern. They even made it for masculine sims with a button down and kids with a fun dress too!

a family wearing matching strawberry dresses

Susan Sims 4 Outfit

The Susan outfit is a great option for a sim who wants to be a little more modest on top, but still show off some leg. It has a paper bag waist skirt with a large belt across it. The top is a gorgeous long sleeve sweater tucked into the skirt and it just look so cozy and warm.

a paper bag waist skirt with a long-sleeve shirt

Align Inspired Pant & Top

Lululemon is a Canadian (me too!) company that has taken the athletic world by storm. The align leggings are some of the softest things you’ll ever wear and you won’t regret it.

This align inspired outfit is so great and comes in all sorts of colours and styles for your sims to wear. It’s great for your sims spending the day at home, or going to the park or gym!

a lululemon inspired active wear set

Delicate Sims 4 CC Dress

As we discussed with the 1989 two-piece set, I’m a certified Swiftie. This outfit comes from Taylor Swift’s delicate music video which is such a fun option and such a cool dress for your sims to wear. It comes in two styles, one being floor length and the other going right above the knee.

It has mesh, sparkle, and even a ruffle so it has something for just about everyone and looks great on all sorts of sims.

a sims 4 cc dress inspired by the dress worn in Taylor Swift's Delicate music video

T-Shirt Dress

The next outfit on our list is a gorgeous dress that has a simple shape but looks amazing on your sims. This dress has short sleeves with a cuffed style, a rounded neck and buttons that go down to the waist.

The swatches of these are so beautiful with light solid colour options or even bright flower patterns that make your sims look so sweet all the time.

A dress with t-shirt sleeves that are cute with buttons going down until the waist

Dynamite Sims 4 CC Jumpsuit

Okay, who wouldn’t want to wear this? This dynamite jumpsuit comes in such fun colours and patterns that your sims are going to look so cool when they walk around Willow Creek. You can wear this by itself or with a long sleeve shirt underneath, depending on the look you’re going for.

A gorgeous outfit that's a pair of overalls in fun patterns and colours

Break My Heart Set

There genuinely isn’t much cuter than a two piece set, how many times can I say that? This one is just so fun and adorable. The skirt of this has a fun colour houndstooth pattern with two small pockets on the hips, plus a white rim at the top.

It’s paired with a button down crop top with a very deep v-neck. It’s a really great look that can be paired with sneakers or heels and will just look so beautiful!

a cute houndstooth pattern skirt with a crop top

Fireside Fancy

Our next dress on the list of sims 4 cc outfits is this gorgeous pinafore dress with fun line detailing and adorable buttons around the waist. The dress part comes in bright colours and neutrals and it will look so good in game.

Underneath the dress portion is a gorgeous turtleneck with 3/4 sleeves and a precious floral pattern in a neutral palette.

a fireside fancy dress

Night Dress

If you have The Sims 4: Get Together and want your sims to go out to the club with their friend, this is the perfect dress. This dress has tons of string detailing across the chest, as well as on each leg as a slit.

The patterns can be bright colours, neutral or go absolutely wild with fun sparkly options that will be show stopping.

a sequinned dress with strings

Sims 4 CC Outfits for Children

We don’t just want cute sims 4 cc outfits for our adult and teen sims, children deserve the love too! These outfits are great for making more interesting and adorable kids, rather than using the boring and repetitive EA clothing that we use all the time!

Melita Sims 4 Outfit

The first outfit we have available for children is this really adorable Melita outfit. This look is a fun play on a school uniform but can be worn for everyday too. It has a cut long sleeve sweater with fun cuffs on top of a fun pleated skirt.

The best thing about this outfit is that it’s available for both toddlers and children which means you can have different age groups match. Plus, who wouldn’t that adorable purse for their sims to wear?

Two sims wearing sims 4 cc outfits that have a purse

Ina Kid’s Sims 4 Outfit

There is something so adorable about throwing a dress on top of a sweater or t-shirt and it really just makes it look more interesting and dynamic. It just feels like the look a child who loves to read books and draw would wear, a very adorable kid.

This outfit has a simple straight down dress that ends at mid-thigh and underneath there is a slightly puffy sleeved sweater. The sweater has a fun design with stripes and polka dots and it’s just so fun!

a sim wearing a cute choice for sims 4 cc outfits that's a cute patterned sweater underneath a dress

Casey Outfit

These may be the absolute cutest overalls I’ve ever seen! This outfit has a gorgeous white long sleeve sweater that is tight at the wrists underneath a super cute overall dress.

The overall dress comes in colours like dark grey, blue, pink and white which are all so gorgeous and can be dressed up or down depending on your sim’s hairstyle and shoes.

two sims wearing sims 4 cc outfits that are a white long sleeve sweater with an overall dress over top

Sophie Outfit

Our next outfit has a fun, super comfortable sweater over top of a pleated skirt. Your sims can wear this outfit to school or to a trip to the library or just to hangout with friends during the colder months.

A sim wearing a comfy sweater over a pink skirt

Berta Sims 4 CC Outfit

Our next look isn’t an everyday look, but an adorable option for an outerwear look for your sims. This look has a gorgeous jacket that comes in colours like yellow, pink, maroon and browns and is paired with a matching scarf.

You can add a pair of comfortable boots and even a pair of tights to really finish off this look and make your sims look so adorable for your sims.

A toddler and a child wearing matching jackets and scarves

Valeria Outfit

If you love the skirt look from outfits like Sophie but want to make it work for the warmer months, this is a great option for you. Instead of wearing a long sleeve sweater, we have a cute t-shirt in tons of light pastel colours.

The skirt is adorable with a slight pleating in light colours to make for such a sweet look for the spring.

A sim with two space buns on top of their head wearing a yellow t-shirt and pink skirt sims 4 cc outfit

Renard Sims 4 CC Outfit

This outfit for kids is the absolute perfect outfit for early fall where the leaves are falling and the breeze starts to get a little crisper. It starts with a pair of pants that are cuffed at the bottom which make the sim look pretty cool.

On top we have a long sleeve sweater with a cute design on the chest and has a mock neck. Over top of that sweater is a really cute colour block vest which just makes the sim look so cozy.

A male child in The Sims 4 wearing a cc outfit

Sims 4 CC Outfits for Toddlers

Toddlers are hands down the cutest age group in The Sims, there’s no question about it. However, since we didn’t get toddlers until a few years into the game it’s hard to find awesome toddler clothing without custom content. These sims 4 cc outfits for toddlers are so much fun and really let you create the absolute cutest little ones.

Jero Set

Sometimes custom content creators make outfits that are much cooler than anything I could wear IRL and this is one of those outfits. This is so adorable with an adorable white t-shirt with a bear design tucked into a pair of medium wash cuffed jeans.

To make the outfit even cuter there is a flannel that is tied around the sim’s waist which just makes the outfit so fun and adorable.

A really cool option for your sims 4 cc outfits for toddlers with a graphic t-shirt, a plaid shirt tied around the waist and a pair of blue jeans

George Outfit

Where can I get a pair of these shorts in real life? Genuinely, I need these shorts for my personal collection. This outfit is so fun with a striped shirt that has a dinosaur that starts in the center and their tail goes all the way around the back.

The shorts go down to right above the knee, have strings to keep them up, and have small dinosaur spikes going off each side in bright colours.

A sim standing in an adorable sims 4 cc outfits option that has a dinosaur on it and even dinosaur spikes on the shorts

Annabel Dress

Dresses are my favourite thing to wear because you can throw them on and immediately look so gorgeous and put together. This fun toddler dress is so adorable because of that darn collar. This collar makes your sims look like the top of an adorable strawberry and they come in all sorts of bright and fun colours.

The rest of the dress is super subtle in light colours with a very subtle dragonfly pattern. This could be a perfect dress for toddlers attending a wedding, or going to a party to dance their little butts off.

Two sims wearing matching dresses that have a cute collar that makes them look like they're a fruit

Dragon Sims 4 CC Outfit

Why wouldn’t you want your sim to dress like a baby dragon? This is such an adorable toddler costume for your favourite little ones to wear. This reminds me of the super fun costume chest from The Sims 3: Generations where your toddlers are able to dress up and play make believe.

This outfit comes in twenty-five colours which is awesome because you can choose the design based on your sim’s colour preferences and some even have polka dots!

sims 4 cc outfits option that's a baby dragon

Holly Outfit

The Holly Outfit is possible the perfect Sims 4 CC Outfits option for your toddlers in the summer. This outfit is perfect for your toddlers spending a day at the beach or hanging out at the park in the warm weather.

This outfit has a cross back tank top that comes in bright, fun colours and tucks into a cute pair of shorts. These shorts are so fun with bright patterns and having ruffles around the leg at the bottom which is such a fun detail.

A sim point toward their mouth whiel wearing a cross pack tank top and floral shorts, a perfect option for a sims 4 cc outfits

Fluffy Friend Set

Winnie The Pooh is such an iconic and adorable character, so why not bring them into The Sims 4? This is such a fun outfit with the sweater looking like such a cute fluffy bear with Winnie’s face being so precious. This perfect sweater is paired with a comfy pair of tights for a perfectly cozy outfit.

A toddler in The Sims 4 wearing a sims 4 cc outfits option that has winnie the pooh on the sweater

Henry Outfit

There isn’t much that is cuter on a toddler than overalls and these are a great choice for the warmer months. We start with a nice brightly coloured t-shirt that looks great on the toddler on its own.

Then we add some fun, brightly coloured overalls that have gold buttons and a large pocket in the middle of the chest. These are so perfect for a day spent at the park, or just a fun day at home.

a male toddler in The Sims 4 wearing a pair of overalls over a pink top

Heart Sims 4 CC Dress

Most of the outfits I add to my game for toddlers are more mature but this one just screams adorable to me and I couldn’t help it. We start this one with a long sleeve shirt with puffy sleeves and the shirt has a heart right in the middle.

Then, in the middle a gorgeous skirt starts that is also covered in hearts that just really bring the look together. This one comes in thirty different colours too!

a cute toddler dress with red hearts on the skirt

Ciki Hoodie Set

If you’re looking for a more cozy outfit for your toddlers to wear, you definitely need this hoodie set. This one comes in all sorts of cute colours and just lets your toddlers play around the house without having to worry about getting their nicest clothes dirty when they’re painting all over the floor.

This is a perfect hoodie and jogger set, with the word YOU in all caps across the chest with two small hoodie strings on either side of the word. It just looks so cozy!

a sim wearing a jogger set that is brown with white shoes

Catherine Sims 4 CC Outfit

I can’t even begin to describe how cute this outfit is. We start with a long sleeve shirt underneath that is in light colours like a pale yellow. Then, overtop we have an adorable dress with ruffle detailing and cute floral designs across the chest and on the small pockets that are on the skirt.

This is such a fun look for your toddlers to wear on a play date, for family photos or just on a day when you want them to look extra cute.

A toddler sim with curly hair and one hand on her hip wearing a sims 4 cc outfits option

Kimi Onepiece

Why wouldn’t you want this in your game? Don’t you want to make your toddlers look like young school children? I know I do!

This outfit has a gorgeous plaid skirt when paired with knee high socks just makes your toddlers look so adorable. Then we go to the top which has a gorgeous sweater doing a french tuck into the skirt, with a cute collar popping out the top.

It’s such an elevated look for your toddlers, you’ll absolutely love this one.

A sim who is a toddler wearing a very cute cc outfits option for The Sims 4 with a sweater over a collar with a plaid black skirt

Gloria Sims 4 Toddler Outfit

Sometimes when I see custom content for The Sims 4 I don’t even know what to say. It’s just too cute to comprehend. This one starts with a long sleeve mock neck sweater in a fun colour and over top there is a precious plaid dress.

The dress is a v-neck that cinches at the waist and goes down mid-thigh on your toddler. This is the perfect look for your toddlers to wear in the fall, especially if you’re celebrating Harvestfest in the game.

A toddler in The Sims 4 with red hair wearing a long sleeve yellow shirt with plaid dress over top

Jona Jumpsuit

There is something so charming about this adorable shorts jumpsuit for your toddlers. It starts off with a super cute striped t-shirt underneath which is cute enough on its own, but then you add the jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit starts with two straps with large buckets made of metal, that make it look like the outfit is adjustable. The jumpsuit has a small pocket detail on the chest with a little design on it of an animal making it so cute. Then, we cinch at the waist and the shorts are puffy and just so adorable.

A sim leaning in one direction while wearing a sims 4 cc outfits option with a striped black and white shirt

Sailor Sims 4 CC Romper

Have you ever wished your toddler could look like a sailor all the time? Well, with this adorable toddler romper you can make that happen easily. This is just so adorable.

This perfect toddler outfit comes in tons of different colour swatches allowing you to truly customize the look. The little anchor on the chest shows off their nautical side and the ribbon around the neck just bring it home for you. It’s truly so perfect.

A toddler in The Sims 4 wearing a sailor romper cc outfit option in blue and grey

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Outfits

After making this list of the cutest sims 4 cc outfits I really just want to go spend hours in create a sim making the best characters to wear them. These are honestly all so cute, and it’s hard not to want to shop for clothes IRL after looking at all of these for hours. Pairing them with the cutest custom hairstyles is the way to go when creating your sims too. Happy Playing!

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