30+ Sims 4 Kids CC Earrings That are GORGEOUS

There are so many options for making your sim’s outfits more interesting, but honestly, the best one is a good pair of earrings. These sims 4 kids cc earrings are going to completely change your sim’s look and make sure that they look awesome and their outfits look so put together.

On this list you’ll find all sorts of earrings including hoop earrings, studs and even fun dangly earrings that your sims will absolutely love to wear. If you want to find earrings for toddlers you can find those here!

Hoop Options for Sims 4 Kids CC Earrings

If you want to make your sims look immediately more put together, throw on a hoop earring! There are so many gorgeous styles of hoops made specifically for kids and are so beautiful on your sims. These sims 4 kids cc earrings are going to elevate the look and really make your sims look spectacular!

Pretty Heart Hoops

These Pretty Heart Hoops are such a fun twist on a classic gold hoop. These earrings have a gold heart detail that wraps all around the hoop and adds such an adorable touch. These hoops look amazing with the matching gold heart necklace and a an up-do hairstyle to really show off the detail.

A kid in The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc earrings with hearts around the hoop.

Bellatrix Hoop Earrings

In terms of earrings, it doesn’t get any more classic that these Bellatrix Hoop Earrings. These classic hoops are about 1.5 inches in diameter and come in a variety of finishes such as gold, silver and rose gold to match any look. Since these hoops are so simple, they will look great with any hairstyle, including this space bun look.

A sim wearing a large pair of gold hoop earrings

Kenzie Hoop Earrings

I love the geometric look of these Kenzie Hoop Earrings! These earrings have a bit of a twist on a classic hoop with a diamond shapes along the entire earring. This hoop is for the sim that likes something a little different and isn’t afraid to make a statement with their accessories. These earrings look great with a low ponytail as it doesn’t take away from the cool details.

A sim wearing a pair of gold earrings that match the silver ones to the side of the image.

Fendi Hoop Earrings

Give your kid sim a little bit of luxury with these Fendi Hoop Earrings. These hoops are inspired by the iconic Fendi brand and include the signature ‘F’ logo. They come in a variety of colours, including gold, gold and silver two-tone, and black and silver two-tone. These hoops look great with a low bun and will have the other kid sims wishing they had these gorgeous Fendi inspired hoops.

A pair of sims 4 cc earrings that are inspired by the brand Fendi with the iconic F in the middle

Jovie Hoop Earrings

These Jovie Hoop Earrings are similar to the Kenzie Hoop Earrings mentioned previously on this list, just with a bit of a larger diamond shape. While the Kenzie Hoops provide a bit of a dainty look, these Jovie Hoops are a bold look for any party. I love them in the gold colour but they also come in silver and rose gold. I think they would look best on their own, but they also look cool with a coordinating necklace or even headband.

A sim kid wearing a matching pair of sims 4 cc earrings that match perfectly with their necklace and headband

Moon Hoop Earrings

These Moon Hoop Earrings are for the kid sim who is a bit of a night owl. These gorgeous hoops are in a rounded crescent moon shape and will glow in the light just like the actual moon. These earrings are unique because from the front you wouldn’t immediately know they are a moon shaped hoop until you take a closer look from the side. These earrings look great in silver gold and even rose gold, and are prefect for a night out with friends.

A sim wearing a pair of cc earrings in The Sims 4 that are featuring a crescent moon.

Camelia Hoop Earrings

Your sim will feel the flower power with these Camelia Hoop Earrings. These hoop earrings have a unique flower petal scalloped design and reminds me of the flower prints of the 1960’s. Your sim will bring all the spring vibes with these flower hoops and will pair perfectly with a side braid hairstyle to show off the beautiful design.

A sim looking off to the side who is wearing a pair of cc hoop earrings that look like a cloud in The Sims 4

Marvel Earrings

I love the octagon shape on these Marvell Earrings for kid sims. They are super thin and have a fun geometric shape which adds a fun twist on a classic hoop. These hoops are for the sim who likes to try something a little bit different but still wants a classic look. The Marvell earrings would look great with an up-do, like shown, and a knit sweater for a staple back to school look.

A sim wearing sims 4 kids cc earrings that are hoops with 7 edges

Stud Options for Sims 4 Kids CC Earrings

A common type of earring for kids to wear is definitely a stud earring. These are great because they’re a little less dramatic than a hoop or an intense dangly earring and can definitely be worn with more outfits. These sims 4 kids cc earrings are great because they come in styles that are more formal to even ones that are small flowers or Hello Kitty!

Chanel Inspired Earrings

These studs are classy and chic! The Chanel inspired earrings have the classic ‘CC’ design with ‘Chanel Paris” written along the C’s. The detail in these studs are just beautiful and look so great will a ballerina bun and a matching choker necklace. These earrings would be perfect for a special event your sim may be attending, such as a wedding.

A sim wearing a pair of sims 4 kids cc earrings that are inspired by the iconic CC chanel earrings.

Minnie Earrings

These Minnie Earrings are so adorable and perfect for the kid sim who loves all things Disney! These sparkly studs have a large gem in the middle and 2 smaller gems on top for Minnie’s ears. What is unique about these earrings are the gems for the ears and the gem in the center are different colours, which adds a fun touch. The Minnie earring are perfect for walking through the Disney Parks with your sim!

A sim with pig tails wearing earrings that are inspired by mickey and minnie mouse.

Owl Stud Earrings

These Owl Stud Earrings are totally adorable! Any animal loving sim will love these glitzy owl studs and I love all of the fun gemstones colour you can choose from. These earrings have a gold owl design with three gemstones, two black gems for the eyes and one larger gem for the body. I think it would be very cute if you matched the larger gem in these owl studs to your kid sim’s birthday.

A pair of owl earrings.

Mariposa Earrings

The Mariposa Earrings are all glitz and glam. These studs are an adorable butterfly shape and are full of shiny crystals and a coloured gemstone in the middle. These studs are dainty and would be great for everyday but also have a little bit of shimmer which adds a glamorous touch. These studs are perfect for your sim’s next party or school dance and will have everyone asking, “where did you get those earrings?”

A sim with blonde hair wearing butterfly earrings with different coloured gems in the middle.

Pearl Deer Earrings

The Pearl Deer Earrings are the perfect winter accessory. These studs have a beautiful pearl in the center with reindeer antlers and ears in either gold, silver, or rose gold. A super cute detail are the two little diamonds on the ears of the reindeer, which adds in some sparkle. These studs are both classy and fun and will look great on your kid sim with their hair up to show off the adorable design. Make sure to add these to your sim’s accessory closet this upcoming winter!

A sim wearing pearl deer earrings with black hair.

Sparkly Bow Earrings

The name for these Sparkly Bow Earrings could not be more accurate, they are so sparkly! These studs are in a classic bow shape and I love the little triangle cut out on the bottom that look like they are straight off of a present. The bow is full of beautiful diamonds and you can choose the design in either gold, silver, or both. These earrings give me total Blair from Gossip Girl vibes and would look great with a preppy look like hers on the show.

A sim with red hair wearing a pair of cc earrings that are shaped as a bow and perfect for kids.

Snowflake Stud Earrings

Let it snow with the Snowflake Stud Earrings this Winter season. These sparkly studs have a gold snowflake shape with six arms and four smaller arms coming out of each larger one. While the outline of these earrings are gold, they have a silvery-white inner portion as well as a beautiful gemstone in the middle. These earrings are perfect for any Winter activity, such as looking at Christmas lights or skating at the local ice rink.

A sim wearing snowflake earrings in The Sims 4.

Candace Earrings

The Candace Earrings are an adorable spring accessory your kid sim will love! These studs have a three-petal design that curve inward to give a realistic look and as well as an iridescent finish and gold center. They come in beautiful colours such as pink, blue, gold and silver to match any outfit you pair with these. The Candace earrings look great with hair tucked behind the ear to let the earrings shine but would also look very cute with a high ponytail for the ultimate spring look.

A sim with black hair wearing floral earrings. The Sims 4 CC Kids Earrings!

Sweetheart Stud Earrings

I love these Sweetheart Stud Earrings! These heart shaped gem studs are outlined in either gold or silver and come in a variety of fun colours. These earrings, especially in the blue colour, remind me a lot of the heart-shaped necklace that Rose wears in Titanic. These would also look adorable in pink or red on Valentine’s Day to show that your sim is a romantic at heart.

A sim wearing a pair of stud earrings that are a gem in the middle shaped as a heart with a gold border.

Hello Kitty Stud Earrings

How cute are these Hello Kitty stud earrings?! The popular Sanrio character has always been trendy amongst kids and adult alike, but especially in the early 2000’s. These Hello Kitty stud earrings come in both gold and silver with either a pink or red bow on Hello Kitty’s ear. Each stud is filled with tiny clear diamonds, and there is even a diamond in the middle of the bow. These studs are a fun way to accessorize your sim and lean in to the Y2K trend going on in fashion right now.

A pair of sims 4 cc kids earrings that are inspired by Hello Kitty and covered in small diamonds.

Dangly Options for Sims 4 Kids CC Earrings

Our final category of earring for your sim’s to wear is dangly earrings that are definitely the most fun. These types of sims 4 kids cc earrings are awesome because they add so much personality to your sim’s look and can be super stylized and fun. You can definitely make the perfect fun outfit with these!

Unicorn Sims 4 CC Earrings

Add a touch of magic to your look with these Unicorn Dangle Earrings, because who doesn’t want a rosy-cheeked unicorn wearing a flower crown on their ears? These earrings add the perfect amount of whimsy to your sim’s outfit and will definitely be a conversation piece with other sim kids. They also come in a variety of colours depending on what colour hair or flowers you want your unicorn to have and would compliment a colourful outfit perfectly.

A sim with black hair wearing a pair of dangly earrings with unicorns on them.

Irene Earrings

How dainty are these Irene ribbon earrings! The Irene Earrings look like a loosely tied ribbon with long and wispy strands. You can choose from these dangly earrings in either a gold, silver, champagne or rose gold finish. The Irene earrings remind me of the bows on a ballerina pointe shoe and a have a timeless, elegant feel to them. These dangly earrings would look perfect with a ballerina top knot to complete the look.

A sim wearing a ballerina inspired pair of earrings.

Strawberry Sims 4 Kids Earrings

These Strawberry Earrings might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! They have either a gold or silver mini hoop design with an adorable strawberry hanging off of each hoop. Not only do these earrings scream ‘summertime’, but they look adorable with a sundress or t-shirt. For an ultimate strawberry look, you could even pair these earrings with the viral Strawberry Dress!

Two sims, one a child and one a toddler, wearing matching strawberry earrings.

Star Drop Earrings

Shine like a star in then Star Drop Earrings. These earrings have a smaller star on top of a larger cut-out star and come in gold, silver and rose gold. These earrings give me pop star vibes and would be a perfect accessory for your kid sim to wear to star in their own music video, even if it is just in front of the mirror.

This image has a sim with blonde hair wearing a pair of star drop earrings.

Chunky Triangle Kids CC Earrings

The Chunky Triangle Earrings add the perfect geometric touch to your outfit, and they have that 80’s nostalgia look to them as well. The earrings have an upside-down triangle stud followed by an upside down and cut-out triangle for a layered look. Your kid sim would definitely fit in with the cast of Stranger Things with these earrings, all you need is a teased hairstyle to match.

A sim with black hair and brown eyes wearing triangle earrings that point down.

Bow Earrings

These Bow Earrings are a really unique jewelry piece for your sim’s collection. These gold dangle earrings have a beaded string that comes down about an inch and a half which adds some dimension to the earring when your sim moves their head. What gives the Bow Earrings a unique touch is that on the right earring the bow in on the lobe of the ear and on the left earring it is at the bottom of the beaded string. The asymmetrical design is fun and different and is a cool and effortless look for your sim to walk around town in.

A sim with blonde hair and brown eyes wearing super dangly earrings with a bow at the bottom of one ear and at the top of the other.

Flower Snowflake Earrings

These Flower Snowflake Earrings are a two in one, much like the name suggests. Depending on your view of them they could look like diamond flowers or snowflakes with a dangly gemstone attached underneath. The gemstones come in a variety of colours including blue, green, purple, yellow, pink and red, and are outlined in a beautiful gold. These pair of earrings have a vintage look to them with the dainty flower/snowflake design and the single gemstone coming down. I personally think these earrings look more like flowers, but you could certainly dress them up with a beautiful dress for the Winter season.

A sim looking off to the side, with blonde hair, wearing a pair of snowflake inspired earrings.

Princess Pearl Earrings

The Princess Diaries called, and they want their earrings back. Seriously though, these earrings look like they could have been worn by Mia Thermopolis herself as the princess of Genovia. They come in either gold or silver and have a crown shaped stud with a single pearl attached below. The crown has a loop detail and a beautiful diamond in the middle for that royal touch that is fit for any sim that wants to feel like a princess.

A sim with brown hair and blue eyes wearing earrings that are a crown as a stud with a dangly pearl.

Lulu Earrings

How beautiful are these Lulu Earrings? The Lulu Earrings have vertical layers of gemstones hanging down with shorter layers on the sides and the longest one in the middle, sort of like fringe. These earrings almost look like a sparkly tapestry that you can wear on your ears but much more glamourous. These earrings would look lovely on your kid sim for a formal event such as a wedding or lavish party. Let the earrings shine with a pulled back hairstyle or hair tucked behind the ears.

A sim with medium length hair wearing dangly earrings with tons of gems.

Princess Sims 4 CC Earrings

The Princess Earrings are a gorgeous copper colour and have a double heart design with beads in between the heart layers. These earrings are simple but stunning and unexpected in the copper rose gold colour. These earrings are perfect for your kid sim’s first date or Valentine’s Day celebration since the hearts are so festive.

A sim with red hair and brown eyes wearing dangly heart earrings where there are two hearts.

Shell Drop Kids CC Earrings

How stunning are these Shell Drop Earrings?! They have a clamshell design near the top where the stud is and attached is a circular piece of colourful pearlescent shell. These earrings come in multiple colour combinations, but I love the blue and gold combination shown here. For the full mermaid fantasy, your sim will look great with long beachy waves that look like they have been hanging out in the salt water. These earrings would obviously be perfect for a beach day but would pair great with any summer look.

A pair of earrings that are a shell

Monstera Sims 4 Kids Earrings

The Monstera plant is one of the most popular house plants for a reason. They have huge green leaves with holes all throughout them, so much so that some call them the “Swiss cheese plant.” These Monstera Earrings can bring the beauty of the Monstera plant to your sim’s look in either dark or light gold, silver, or rose gold metals. These earrings are for the sim who has a green thumb and loves being out in their garden, but still wants to look cute at the same time.

A pair of earrings that are a monstera leaf and come in gold and silver.

Macaron Kids CC Earrings

These Macaron Earrings are totally sweet! What is awesome is that you can get these for kid and toddler sims. There are two versions of the Macaron Earring and the first looks like a tiny little macaron hanging from your ear. It comes in many fun bright colours and is sitting right side up.

The second Macaron Earring version looks more similar to an actual macaron in size and colour. You can even see little decorative details on the tops such as sprinkles as this version are hung from your sim’s ears on their side. These earrings are whimsical and fun, and almost look good enough to eat.

Four sims wearing different versions of a dangly earring with macarons.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Kids CC Earrings

These are definitely my favourite types of sims 4 kids cc earrings that are out there. They just make me happy when my sims wear them, they can be worn with so many outfits and they make me love spending time in create-a-sim. You’ll want to use the CAS full edit mode cheat to edit every kid in the world to add a pair of these little cuties. Happy Playing!

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